Why Is Baccarat Crystal So Expensive? (Top 9 Reasons)

Baccarat Crystals are one of the renowned and most expensive glass crystals manufactured by a French manufacturer located in the city of Baccarat in France.

That is why the company is also known as Baccarat.

The glass crystals made by this renowned company are pretty pricey and expensive and people usually think why a mere glass Crystal Company has so expensive products.

why is Baccarat crystal so expensive?

There are several reasons exactly why Baccarat crystal is expensive.

In this piece, we will look at the various reasons to find the answer to this question.



The first thing to know about Baccarat Crystal is its uniqueness, it cannot be reproduced because each piece is hand-crafted from start to finish.

This means there are no duplicates or near replicas.

Handcrafting results in variations within pieces which can make them even more desirable as collectors’ items or gifts with sentimental value–and hence, pricey!

It also requires an immense amount of skill, time, and effort on behalf of the artist who creates these pieces.

Has a Rich History and Legacy


Some things are timeless and precious due to the rich History and Legacy they carry with their name.

Baccarat crystals date back to the eighteenth century when the Bishop of Metz established the Baccarat Glass factory in 1765.

This was started to encourage industry in the small village of Baccarat.

This factory survived the French Revolution, struggled through the Napoleonic Wars, and exists today the way they are.

People buy these Baccarat Crystal products as a sign of history and the rich heritage they belong to.

Things of historical importance always have a cost attached to them.

As such it is this rich history and timeless legacy attached to these glass crystals that add to the value and the price of it all.

Chemical Composition Makes It Sparkling and Dense

Chemical Composition

Usually, crystals are nothing but a higher class of glass that are made out to shine more look brighter and decorative and for specific purposes.

Usually, crystal-making companies across the world use soda-lime to make crystals.

But that is not the case with Baccarat.

Baccarat Crystals use lead oxide instead of soda lime and so chemically they use lead oxide in excess of 24 percent creating a crystal density of more than 2.9 gm per cubic cm with a refractive index that is higher than 1.5454.

This makes the Baccarat crystals highly attractive with a sparkling effect that other crystals lack.

This makes the Baccarat crystals all the more expensive and worth the price.

Has Unique Designs and Craftsmanship

glass Craftsmanship

If you look at it most of the crystals are attractive but their beauty is only superficial.

For instance, usually, the crystal chandeliers are made well from the outside but on the inside, the finishing is pretty poor.

But with Baccarat it is different.

Not only are the designs very impressive, but the craftsmanship is also simply perfect.

The Baccarat Crystal Chandeliers are known for their beauty and exuberance.

They are beautiful on the outside and amazing on the inside as well.

Everything that you can think of about these amazing crystals is simply perfect.

And such a level of uniqueness and craftsmanship comes for a price that is worth it.

A sign of Prestige, Pomp, and Splendor


You can get a wide range of other types and brands of glass crystals but having a Baccarat Crystal is always a class apart.

The reason being a Baccarat crystal is always a thing of great prestige for the owner.

For all the rich history, culture, and craftsmanship that these crystals are known for, the Baccarat crystals are a great sign of prestige.

Many people include the Baccarat Crystal chandeliers and other products in their prized possessions.

As such these glass crystal products are a sign of prestige and splendor.

It is a sign of luxury and grandeur which only the rich and the influential like to possess.

As such, there is always a high price tag with the Baccarat range of glass crystals and products.

Baccarat Crystals Are Unique and Different

Unique and Different

When it comes to other glass crystal products and allied items there is a kind of greenish tinge to the crystals.

But when it comes to Baccarat crystals, there is a thing about them that is different from all other crystals that you may have seen.

You can easily tell the difference between a Baccarat crystal and any other crystal.

That is because of their chemical composition, which makes a Baccarat glow with a silvery-white shine that you can find with no other crystal.

It is because of this uniqueness that the Baccarat crystals are so popular globally and are in high demand and so they are extremely high priced and expensive.

Baccarat Crystals Are Long Lasting and Easy to Restore and Repair

Restore and Repair

In terms of the build quality as well, the Baccarat crystals are built to last long.

They do not lose their value with time and even if there is wear and tear, they are repairable.

The same may not be true for other glass crystal products and brands.

As such, Baccarat glass crystals are priced high for their sturdiness and re-usability.

It Is Labor Intensive to Shape It

Labor Intensive to Shape It

Nowadays, most crystal has been made by machine to cut down on production costs.

However, Baccarat Crystal is hand-blown and shaped.

Every piece takes a very long time to make due to the hand-shaping process.

The exquisite craftsmanship in Baccarat Crystal also means it is more difficult to produce than other types of glassware.

It Is Expensive Due to Its Appearance


Baccarat is expensive due to its appearance, not only its chemical composition.

Its unique diamond cutting gives it a very special look that cannot be reproduced by machine or other techniques.

The diamond-cut texture is achieved by putting the hot glass into ice water, then using diamonds to cut into it.

Baccarat also uses lead crystal which helps the light refract in a rainbow of colors when put under ultraviolet light.

Baccarat Crystal is not only beautiful and sparkling but is extremely durable as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is baccarat crystal worth it?

worth it

That’s the question you’re probably asking yourself if you’re looking for a crystal chandelier, vases, or something else that was made out of this glass.

Is it worth paying more than what common glass items usually cost? Is it really different?

If we take a look at some of the qualities that distinguish this kind of glass from the others, we would realize that it’s worth its price.

Baccarat crystal is glass that has been manufactured by Baccarat, France.

Different techniques were used in order to give this delicate and fragile glass its shape and it also takes lots of time before the final product is ready for usage.

The very first step in creating baccarat crystal items was conducted using a technique called “cane”.

The cane technique is when glass is blown into a thin bubble and then immediately shaped.

Some of the most popular baccarat creations are vases, chandeliers or even small decorative items like plates or candleholders.

Baccarat uses this technique in order to create its products, but it also has other techniques that are used for other purposes.

Once the vases or other items are completed, lead is used in order to ensure that they don’t break too easily.

This way the glass ended up being stronger than usual, and it also has a nice shine, so definitely worth its price!

Does Baccarat crystal hold its value?

hold the value

Baccarat crystal is an amazing value if properly cared for.

It will hold its value over time because it remains so rare.

There are limited resources of these crystals in the world, but they can be found at auctions and antique stores.

Before buying, ensure that nobody has dropped the piece or any stickers have been added to the label for resale purposes (which can devalue it).

Cracks should not appear on large pieces after minimal usage as this could destroy the whole piece’s worth.

Final Thoughts

So – if you love crystals, Baccarat Crystals would be the best thing to get.

Yes, they are expensive but with all the amazing qualities these crystals possess they indeed are worth every penny.

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