Why Is Baby Bjorn Bouncer So Expensive? (Top 7 Reasons)

Babybjorn is a famous brand known for producing high-quality and classy baby accessories.

However, it is also the most expensive among its competitors.

Their baby bouncers are no exception.

They are pretty costly.

Bjorn bouncers are:

  • Light
  • Safe
  • Easy to adjust
  • Have removable fabrics
  • Ergonomic design
  • Come with three different seating positions

These factors contribute to the high price tags.

If you have wondered why it is expensive, find it in the article below.

We are going to discuss the reasons detailedly.
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Why is baby Bjorn bouncer so expensive?

Baby Bjorn bouncer is a flexible baby accessory designed for children to relax and play.

It can help you soothe a fussy baby to sleep, and you can go about your house chores as the baby is relaxed there.

But the big problem is that most parents don’t afford them because they are so pricey. 

Let us see some of the reasons that make their costs high.

Design and shape


Unlike other cheaper bouncers, Baby Bjorn bouncers have an ergonomic design.

The pivot point of the baby Bjorn bouncer is at the front by the baby’s feet.

So when the baby makes a slight movement, the bouncer will start bouncing.

However, it is not common for cheaper models that you have to keep swinging.

In addition, if you have older babies, they can help with bouncing the baby since it is effortless to shake.

However, you should be on the lookout to ensure that they don’t bounce them too hard.

Different height settings

Different height settings

Baby Bjorn bouncers come with three different height levels.

They are named as A, B, and C  where A is the highest, B medium, and C.

It means that you can adjust to the level you want your baby to be.

C is for newborns or babies weighing up to 16pounds.

A baby weighing 16 pounds should ideally be five months can sit upright with little support.

So they may be stubborn if you recline them.

A and B are for babies weighing up to 29 pounds.

So it means that the baby can use it for a long time until they are toddlers.

Safety and comfort

Different height settings

Baby Bjorn bouncer comes with clips on the front where the baby gets strapped.

They resemble buttons, and they are safe compared to clips.

You can accidentally clip a baby’s hand, which can be heartbreaking.

The buttons are safe because you just slip them in their respective holes and that all.

In addition, they have two different holes, which you can adjust if you grow bigger.

It is easy to clean

easy to clean

Cleaning a baby Bjorn bouncer is easy compared to other types of bouncers.

They have a soft cotton fabric that is removable and does not hold stains.

Also, you can wash it using a washing machine.

Removing and putting it back is also simple.

You only need to adjust the two elastic hooks holding it to slide out or in.

baby Bjorn bouncer is easier to take care of and maintain.

Cotton is a premium quality material, so it also influences the price of the Bjorn bouncer.


Longevity, unlimited time, taking long time

Baby Bjorn bouncers give you guaranteed longevity.

You can use it from when your baby is a newborn until they become toddlers.

To turn it into a toddler chair, you only need to pull the fabric off the bouncer and flip it upright.

It becomes a comfy chair, and the toddler can use it for a long time.

You can only use cheaper brands bouncers for up to 6 months, but Bjorn is a different case.

Manufacturing it with these features is costly, so they pass the costs to the consumers.

You can fold the baby Bjorn bouncer to be flat

fold, folding

The bouncer is foldable, so you can easily store it after your baby has outgrown it, and you can use it on your next baby.

Also, you can carry it while traveling on vacations or visiting your relatives. 

It is lighter, so you can take it whenever you feel like it and put your baby to rest as you enjoy it.

This factor also plays a massive role in its premium prices.

Brand popularity

highest Brand Value

Baby Bjorn is a renowned brand whose prices are expected to be high. 

So people pay for the brand name.

The company also increases the costs because they know people will still buy from it because of its reputability.

Also, to maintain their customer view of the brand, prices have to be high.

The value and popularity play a significant role in Babybjörn bouncers’ premium price.

Is baby Bjorn bouncer worth the money?

worth it

Whether the bouncer is worth it depends on a personal experience.

Some have positive views, whereas others are negative ones.

But after looking at the features that come with it, it is worth every coin.

With a Baby Bjorn bouncer, you will have time to rest and go about your house chores without worrying. 

You can get a great bouncer with safety catches to prevent your baby from breaking free.

Also, the baby gets to relax, play, and sleeps comfortably because of the soft cotton fabric.

As a mum, when you look at all these pros, you will realize that it is worth the money. 

A good quality bouncer will give you time to concentrate on other projects while the baby is on the bouncer.

How much should I spend on a Baby Bjorn bouncer?

spend money, giving cost, costly

Baby Bjorn prices vary in colors and materials.

Most of them get sold from $200 to $300.

Also, where you buy from matters since some retailers give discounts, they may be cheaper.

Also, if you are on a budget, you can buy a second one at a lower price, but a new one will always be expensive.

A new one is pretty expensive, but it is worth it.

So it depends on the amount of money you wish to spend.

How to save money on baby Bjorn bouncer

save money

Babybjorn bouncers are pretty expensive, but you can still save on them.

Below are some of the strategies you can use and save some money.

You can buy second-hand baby Bjorn online.

Some online stores like eBay sell slightly used items at a lower price.

You might get to get a Bjorn bouncer in good shape and save some dollars.

If you have a newborn baby and are on a budget, you can wait until Babybjorn has seasonal sales.

You only need to be patient for the period since it will eventually come.

Make sure you buy at major Baby Bjorn outlets you can get a quality bouncer at half price.

Here you will save yourself some bucks.

Also, you can buy from listing sites.

You can get a great bouncer if you browse local listing sites like Facebook marketplaces.

Mothers who have children that have outgrown their baby Bjorn bouncer put them for sale.

Here, you can get well-maintained and can serve you right.

By asking as a gift-If your friend wants to gift you a baby shower item, you can ask them to buy you a baby Bjorn bouncer.

It will save you a lot of money.

Baby Bjorn bouncer alternatives

Best alternatives

Despite baby Bjorn being reputable, its competitors have indeed increased.

But if you are on a tight budget, you can consider buying from competitors who have low prices.

They sell similar products.

The only difference is the brand and price.

Below are the top 10 alternatives:

  • Ingenuity dream comfort
  • Pemberton baby bouncer
  • Fisher-price baby bouncer
  • Baby Delight, go with me, baby bouncer
  • Summer 2in1 bouncer and rocker
  • Ingenuity Boutique rocking seat
  • Bright stars pinwheel baby bouncer
  • Maxi-Cosi rocker seat
  • Nuna leaf grow bouncer seat
  • Fisher-price comfort curve baby bouncer


Baby Bjorn is a renowned brand when it comes to baby products.

However, it is the most expensive among its alternatives.

Higher prices are attributed to unique design, brand popularity, and quality.

While some people believe that the brand is costly, it has continued to record high sales.

It is because of their high-quality baby products.

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