Why Is Aritzia So Expensive? (Top 7 Reasons)

Aritzia is a high pricey women’s clothing brand that has grown incredibly successful and highly recognized globally.

However, it is the most costly fashion house option amongst its competitors. So why is Aritzia so expensive?


Aritzia is an innovative design house and fashion boutique that mainly focuses on producing unique, super-duper, trending clothes made from premium fabrics designed by expert tailors.

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Their materials are always durable, and they have high demand.

These factors have caused their prices to increase.

For over four decades, they have maintained their reputation by producing quality service to their customers.

This article will discuss these reasons more detailedly, so make sure you read the end.

Why is Aritzia so expensive?

Why is Aritzia so Expensive_

Before getting to the main reasons, let’s start with a concise history of Aritzia to have a clearer picture.

Aritzia is a Canadian women’s fashion house started in 1984 by Brian Hill in Vancouver in British Columbia.

It sells a variety of fashion apparel in its various stores around the U. S, Canada, and online. 

Below are the top seven reasons why the Aritzia brand is so expensive.

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Premium fabrics

Premium fabrics

Aritzia fashion house makes sure they go for high-end materials to make their products.

They ensure that they design the fabrics using their house guideline to produce nothing but the best.

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Buying these premium fabrics is so expensive, and so it affects the ultimate price of the products.

 Expert tailoring

Expert tailoring

When making their products, they go for expert tailors who have experience in the design and fashion industry.

It has enabled them to maintain their reputation, and none of their competitors have beaten them in the fashion game. 

Hiring a skilled tailor can be pretty expensive, and so this will lead to high price tags to the consumer so that the company can pay the tailors and still make some profit.


high engage Marketing

 To grab the attention of buyers, Ariztia uses influencers like celebrities to wear their clothes.

For example, they paid Kendall Jenner to wear their clothing: a supper puff parka worth $250.

It is one of its marketing strategies to attract more customers to its brand.

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There was a time Meghan Markle wore their product that left too many comments on her Instagram post and made the brand famous.

Paying celebrities like Kendall Jenner is so costly, so the cost of the products will also be high.



The demand for Aritzia products has increased over the years.

People associate it with a luxury brand since few people can afford their products.

Also, when people see public figures like the Duchess of Sussex wear this brand, they think it’s for rich people.

Also, rich women go to Aritzia stores to buy high-end products to maintain their class.

Aritzia also carries select products from leading designers like Adidas. 

Despite it being so expensive and its prices being almost twice those of other brands, their products get sold quickly because of the high demands.

Quality and durability

Quality and durability

Due to the high-quality materials used in making their fabrics, their products are of high quality.

They use the house guidelines when making them and ensure their products undergo the durability test before releasing them.

As we all know, durability and quality come with a high price tag.

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Most of the customers’ reviews show that their products are of high quality, and Aritzia has ensured that they have maintained this quality for over 40 years now, making it a successful veteran brand.

Individual styles

Individual styles

If you love trendy products, then Aritzia got you covered.

To ensure this, they make products that never go out of trend.

Most of their clothing is unique and unfamiliar, a secret that has led it to success. They just don’t produce anything.

Their policy is to make a few items of the highest quality, spending more money on that.

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It also leads to increased prices of their products.

Brand name

Brand value

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Aritzia is a famous brand worldwide, and it’s known for its unique and high-quality clothes.

Another reason that makes the brand products expensive is that the consumers have to pay for the brand name.

You pay for the brand name, and you pay for designs, elitism, and recognition.

Most brand owners take this advantage to hike their products because they know that many people want to be associated with the brand and are also willing to pay any amount.

Is Aritzia a luxury brand?

luxury brand

Yes, Aritzia is a luxury brand. It is placed amongst the upper-class end of the mass consumer market.

When we compare its prices to some well-known brands, they position it way above famous brands like The Gap and H&M.

Their prices are slightly below those of European luxury designers regarding price brand and quality perception.

It is the best-in-class fashion retailer and has a long runway growing in us, trading at a reasonable valuation.

 What is so special about Aritzia?

so special

According to the Aritzia brand, it is all about individual style.

It is about producing high-quality products that are unique and meet the costumes expectations.

They strike a strong balance between the prices and quality of their goods.

Most of its clothes appeal to a wide range of people around the world.

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They have the right mix of premium quality products, and customers are willing to pay high prices to get their products.

They concentrate on getting their products right rather than leading in the market.

Is Aritzia worth it?

worth it

Aritzia is a famous Canadian women’s fashion brand.

When you look at the quality and super trendy products they make, you will quickly conclude that it’s worth the premium prices.

 They focus on giving consumers the right products of high quality rather than competing with its alternatives.

It has made them set the bar high such that none of its competitors has been able to beat it.

The quality of their products matches their prices.

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What to consider before buying from Aritzia

consider before buying

If it’s your first time shopping at Aritzia, there are things you need to consider before making a purchase.

These factors include Aritzia style selection, sizing and fitting, and pricing.

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Aritzia offers all types of clothes with different styles.

For example, if you want to buy pants from their stores, you need to pay attention to their names as each type has different sizes.

The second thing you need to consider is their sizing and fitting.

Most of Aritzia clothes seem to have a smaller fitting, so before you place an order, make sure you read and understand their online sizing chart.

It will save you from returning the clothes for exchange if you live in a state with an Aritzia store.

It’s good to visit their store in person to fit your clothes. Lastly is the Aritzia pricing.

Their prices depend on the type of item you purchase, and the cost ranges from average to higher end of the price spectrum.

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Despite the higher prices, their products are of high quality, and they can serve for many seasons.

 However, you can get identical pieces costing much lower when you purchase from their competitors.

Some reviews of Aritzia- Trustpilot

Some reviews

Aritzia is a famous brand all over the world.

It has worked so hard to maintain its reputation by providing quality services to its customers.

They are a luxury fashion house that deals with all ladies’ apparel and accessories.

Most customers have left reviews on online sites such as amazon that other customers rely on before buying from them.

Here are excellent reviews left by customers on the trust pilot and Jabber site.

Read this review. The customer got impressed with the quality of T-shirts he purchased from Aritzia.

Aritzia Review 1

Here is another positive review left on trust pilot by a customer who got satisfied with the hoodies from Aritzia.

, Why Is Aritzia So Expensive? (Top 7 Reasons)

How to save money on Aritzia

save money

Although the Aritzia brand is quite expensive, you can save some money while buying your clothes.

Below are some of the strategies you can use to save money on Aritzia.

You can buy clothes during the sale season.

They always have discounts on most of their stores and the end of seasons or black Fridays, and here you can save yourself some dollars.

But they don’t have a return policy when you buy items at a discount from their stores.

Secondly, you can subscribe to their newsletters.

Here you will always be getting notifications when they are having crazing offers on their items.

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Another important strategy that can save you some money at Aritzia is to make sure you spend $50 to qualify for free shipping, and you are going to save the shipping fee.

 If you can’t afford to buy new Aritzia goods, buy second-hand items from online thrift stores like Poshmark or Marcari and save tons of dollars.

You can also visit outlets offering discounts on their items.

Here you will get quality items at a lower price.

Lastly, you can use the After Pay method.

Here is when you love an item and you don’t have enough money at the moment, so you pay in installment until you complete the whole amount.

The best thing is that Aritzia doesn’t charge interest.

Best alternatives and stores like Aritzia that you should try

Best alternatives

On account of having a vast reputation, Aritzia has increased its competitors.

These can be your alternatives if you find Aritzia unaffordable because of its high prices.

Here are the top 10 Aritzia best alternatives that you should try.

  1. Chic me
  2. Zaful
  3. Rosegal
  4. Dresslily
  5. Frank and oak
  6. Reformation
  7. Everlane
  8. Romwe
  9. The Frankie shop
  10. Go, Jane

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Conclusion on Why Is Aritzia So Expensive

Why Is Aritzia So Expensive? As we get to the bottom line of this fantastic article, I’m sure you have understood why the Aritzia brand is quite expensive.

It has been able to maintain its reputation for four decades by providing high-quality fashionable women’s outfits.

They make sure their goods are super-duper, and they value quality over everything.

They have the right mix of products, which has been the secret to their success, and despite their premium prices, many people are willing to even higher prices to get their products.

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