Why Is Arc’teryx So Expensive? (Top 5 Reasons) 

Every luxurious brand is expensive due to some specific reasons.

But some brands are so expensive that it is somewhat incredible.

Arc’teryx is such a brand, renowned for outdoor clothes and backpacks, that comes with a hefty price. 

Arc’teryx, a Canadian company formerly founded by Dave Lane as Solid Rock in 1989, was renamed in 1991 referring to a prehistoric bird namely Archaeopteryx, which means an evolution representing innovative creation of the brand.

From different accessories including jackets, backpacks, footwear, it is predominantly recognized for its unique and luxurious jackets for climbing.

Nonetheless, all the products of Arc’teryx are surprisingly superfluous.

It seems astonishing that a standard jacket of Arc’teryx comes with more than $700 fairly.

Why is the price tag so high and ridiculous? To know the answer to this question, you have to go through the article gradually.

So, let’s dive into the reading.

Why is arc’teryx so expensive?

Studying the reasons that make Arc’teryx quite expensive, it is found that there are particular factors in this case.

Primarily, Arc’teryx products come with unique quality, high-end raw materials, creative designs and the finest styles, and a long-lasting lifespan.

All of these factors along with the brand’s popularity influence the price to be more expensive and luxurious.

Hence, now let’s start the discussion elaborately. 

Outstanding Quality 

best quality

The very first reason that makes Arc’teryx very expensive is the outstanding quality of the products of the brand.

It is a renowned fact that Arc’teryx products are well-made with high-end materials and it is a magnificent landmark of the brand. 

Only the quality of the products can justify the hefty price of Arc’teryx.

Its jackets are made of high-quality materials.

The Alpha SV jacket can be the perfect example of what quality means.

If you are on a hiking trip and wear this jacket, you can experience how efficient the jacket is.

While the typical jackets lose their waterproofing after just a couple of days, this jacket will keep you warm and fit for several days.

Thus, it can offer super weather protection during needs. 

Arc’teryx uses the best materials to ensure the utmost quality.

It predominantly uses fabric and insulation materials that are of solid quality.

It has several sources on which it relies for quality materials.

The most intimate partner of Arc’teryx is Gore-Tex which is a leading and popular name for peerless materials for weather protection.

Besides, Arc’teryx uses Polartec fleece in the construction of its products.

ThermaTek and Coreloft synthetic insulations are also asserted by the brand that delivers high performance. 

All of these potential materials enhance the quality of the products and make them truly appealing.

Hence, it considerably adds velocity in raising the price and making it superfluous. 

Innovative Design and Styles

Innovative Design

We live in a time where people are very conscious of fashion and style.

With the improvement of technology, everyone prefers luxurious life.

Following this basic point, Arc’teryx is aware of innovating fantastic jackets with new designs and styles that is a major selling point of the brand. 

Arc’teryx innovative designs are well-thought.

Most of the jackets and other garments carry this particularity.

Its design and shape pay great attention to athleticism and functionality.

Consequently, all the jackets come in a new style that captivates fashion lovers.

They are colorful and give an aesthetic look. 

With a slim cut, watertight underarm zippers, chest pockets, left bicep pocket, and cohesive hems, the jackets are tailored for climbing and are sustainable in any rough condition.

They fit comfortably and are easy to layer with enabling one to free movement. 

Because of the fashionable design and stylish outlook, Arc’teryx jackets are worn by many celebrities including Frank Ocean, Virgil Abloh, Drake, etc.

Its other products like backpacks and bags are also very creative and praised by fashion enthusiasts.

Therefore, it is another dominant cause that increases the price of Arc’teryx incredibly. 

Manufacturing Cost 

Manufacturing Cost

As I mentioned before, Arc’teryx uses high-quality materials to produce its products.

Fabrics and insulation materials coming from expensive sources make it difficult to maintain all the things regarding manufacture. 

Almost all the innovations of Arc’teryx appear with creative features that are technically complicated.

To satisfy customers, the brand ensures everything regarding quality, design, style, and fit.

Thus, it manufactures the products with the highest care. 

All the jackets contain design criteria freeing them from hazardous chemicals.

They are made with DWR, Durable Water Repellent, to repel moisture including oil, water, grease, and dirt.

Some jackets like Beta SV, Beta AR, and all the Alpha models come with RECCO Reflector and StormHood.

The weather jackets are embellished with Gore-Tex layers that keep you safe during rain and high-speed wind.

Besides, some other models of jackets including Atom SL, Alpha SV, Radson Insulated are color-preventive because of being dope dyed.

Moreover, the jackets are waterproofed with technical zippers. 

In this way, Arc’teryx makes its products with high-end features that are technological.

These manufacturing outlines need a handsome amount of cost.

That is why Arc’teryx demands a lavish price to meet the expenditure. 

The durability of the Products

durability of the Products

When it comes to the durability of Arc’teryx products, it is completely wonderful.

Due to the top-notch materials used in the construction, the jackets of the brand can last for decades ranging from 15 to 20 years.

Doesn’t it sound quite impressive?

What is more astonishing is that Arc’teryx offers a warranty and customer service policy with free replacement and reasonable-priced repairs.

That means when you buy a jacket, you will get a certain period of warranty. 

Then, if you find anything wrong, Arc’teryx will replace it for free, and if your product damages accidentally, the brand will repair it at an affordable cost. 

And these factors make Arc’teryx unique and it is loved by consumers.

A long-lasting product is always appreciated by customers for longevity because it minimizes expenses.

However, as the products of the brand are durable and last for several years, they are sought-after and so desirable to people.

As a result, the price goes high.

Brand Value

highest Brand Value

Arc’teryx is a worldwide renowned brand for its quality products.

Focusing on innovative and improved products, the brand represents a reference to evolution.

From the very beginning of the brand, it has been manufacturing excellent outdoor clothes, especially for mountain climbers.

It has gained a remarkable position among the best brands in this respect and continues to be one of the greatest. 

Now, Arc’teryx has more than 80 branded stores globally and over 3,000 outlets in total.

Besides, nearly 1500 employees are involved with the brand.

In addition, its revenue at the end of 2020 was more than $200 million.

Hence, Arc’teryx has a great brand value.

On account of this, its popularity is magnificent.

Eventually, the price of its products is much more expensive. 


Is Arc’teryx worth the money?

worth it

Without denying, Arc’teryx is worth the money.

By spending behind Arc’teryx, you buy more than average.

The jackets are completely outstanding in terms of quality and durability.

High-end raw materials are used in the manufacturing of these jackets.

They can last in any severe condition by protecting you.

Some of the best models may last for up to 20 years.

Besides, they are comfortable to wear.

And, other accessories also come with excellent features.

Is Arc’teryx a good brand?

good and top brand

Yes, not only good but also one of the best brands in the outdoor clothing market.

From its establishment till now, it is committed to producing innovative clothes and accessories with top-notch materials.

Combining superb designs and the latest fashion, it manufactures exclusive cloth items specifically jackets.

All the products are long-lasting, warranted, and unique.

Therefore, it has been acknowledged as one of the prominent brands.

Who can afford arc’teryx?


Not everyone. As Arc’teryx is an expensive brand, its clothes and other accessories come with a hefty price tag.

I have already asserted that a jacket of Arc’teryx costs more than $700.

Although it sounds crazy, Arc’teryx truly claims such an outrageous price.

So, what do you think? Can everyone afford it? It is affordable only to the elite class who are wealthy and lead a luxurious life. 

Is Arcteryx sustainable?


Sustainability is a major concern that Arc’teryx pays special attention to.

It is a fundamental aspect of the brand.

To participate in environmental protection and sustainability, Arc’teryx uses Bluesign materials that are eco-friendly.

Thus, this step enables the brand to select sustainable raw materials and to pay attention to sustainability.

What to consider before buying from Arc’teryx?

consider, think, what to check

As Arc’teryx is a top brand, its products are sometimes copied by others.

So, you should be careful before buying from Arc’teryx whether you get the right product.

The first step is to observe the model name as Arc’teryx jackets are available in different models.

Then, take care of the zipper, see the seam tape and look at the fabric and layer.

Consider what kind of jackets you need.

Does Arc’teryx have a lifetime warranty?


No, Arc’teryx doesn’t have a lifetime warranty.

Rather, its warranty time is limited and specific.

It provides up to 2/3 years of warranty on its different products.

But, it has an admirable customer service policy including free replacement and repair.

If you find any issue with any products, Arc’teryx offers free replacement.

And if you get damaged, you will get the repair at a minimum cost. 

How to save money on Arc’teryx?

save money

On account of being expensive, customers often look to save money during purchasing from luxurious brands.

Followingly, Arc’teryx customers can also save money by taking some options.

The most notable technique of saving money is discounting.

Arc’teryx often offers discounts from 30% to 50%.

You can buy products to save when discounts are offered.

Moreover, there are deals, Pro programs, and promotion codes offered on the website.

Sometimes, if customers pay in advance, they get more discounts.

Moreover, if you shop from local outlets, you may get the product at a less expensive price.

Arc’teryx vs The North Face: Which Brand is Better?

Best alternatives

The North Face is another reputed brand for outdoor products like Arc’teryx.

It is older than the later one founded in 1966 in America.

Both of them are famous for manufacturing high-end clothes and accessories with raw materials.

In terms of design, they are also fashionable, and so comfortable.

When it comes to comparing them, both are arguably outstanding for good reasons.

Arc’teryx may outmatch the North Face regarding the question of protection.

Because it’s jackets comprise waterproof and weatherproof, and they can last in any harsh situation.

Besides, they last for several years because of their long-termed durability.

Hence, Arc’teryx can be said to be better than the North Face. 

Norrøna vs Arc’teryx: Which Brand is Better?


Norrona is a Norwegian brand inaugurated in 1929 by Jorgen Jorgensen.

Besides outdoor equipment and clothes, it also has other areas of production like garden furniture.

With the use of standard materials, its manufacturing process is flawless.

When it is compared to Arc’teryx in different aspects, it is less expensive than the latter one.

As a result, Arc’teryx comes with better quality products and high-performance textiles.

Again, considering style and innovative design, Norrona outdoes Arc’teryx because its jackets are more fashionable.

Overall, both of them are distinctive.

Is Arcteryx better than RAB?

What to choose

RAB is a sports brand established in 1981, by Rab Carrington, a Scottish climber.

It uses superb materials and makes PFC-free water repellent products.

The materials are mostly eco-friendly and they are recycled.

The products are also stylish, durable, and comfortable.

In comparison to Arc’teryx, RAB is less expensive.

But, both of them are outstanding in excelling at certain products.

All in all, Arc’teryx is better than RAB.

Does Arcteryx have a military discount?


Nope. Arc’teryx does not have a military discount at this moment.

But, there are other ways of discounts that may help you save money.

To get these discounts, you should visit its website and find out the deals, promotion code, and Pro Program.

Does Arcteryx have a black Friday sale?

black Friday sale

Yes. Arcteryx has a Black Friday Sale when it offers deals on several products.

Its products include backpacks, clothes, footwear, and other accessories.

Recently, it has offered these products on Black Friday Sales such as Mark Ryden Waterproof Laptop Backpack with USB, Osprey Porter 30 Travel Backpack, Bird Trucker Hat, and Blade 6 Backpack.

Does Arcteryx have a boxing day sale?

boxing day sale

Yes. Like Black Friday Sale, Arcteryx has a boxing day sale deal on World Boxing Day.

At this time, it offers discounts on Altitude Sports accessories including gloves, Head toque, conveyor belt, Venta mitten, etc.

Cheaper alternative to Arc’teryx: 


If you find Arc’teryx expensive and cannot afford it, don’t worry.

There are various alternatives to this brand that may help you get quality products.

  1. Patagonia 
  2. Helly Hansen
  3. Marmot
  4. Norrøna
  5. Mammut
  6. The North Face
  7. Salomon
  8. Norrøna

Final Thoughts:

To surmise the article, it can be anticipated that Arc’teryx is a renowned brand that ensures high-end quality in the products.

The manufacturing process is also technical and thus costly.

Moreover, the brand is very popular to customers for which it has gained worldwide recognition.

Accordingly, every landmark of the brand has made it one of the most reputed and expensive brands on the planet.

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