Why Are Dyson Vacuums So Expensive? (9 Facts Explained)

Dyson is one of the most influential and celebrated vacuum brands in a very competitive market of the world. And with a series of awards and recognitions, Dyson has already proved it so many times.
James Dyson, the founder of Dyson, started to think of a new idea to create a history in the vacuum market in 1978. Then, he succeeded to launch the first cyclonic vacuum cleaner in 1983 after so many years of painstaking research and laborious processes.
James Dyson
The vacuum is, generally, known as G-Force. It was predominantly sold in Japan and won the International Design Fair prize in Japan. By this, James Dyson became successful in resourceful invention and got its reward. Very soon, the vacuum got appreciation among consumers vastly.
From the year of the creation of G-Force, James Dyson continued to manufacture wonderful household appliances. Consequently, he went on to organize Dyson Ltd. in 1993. In that year, Dyson invented another impressive vacuum named DC01 (Dual Cyclone) that again brought huge success and introduced the company to the world.
Today, Dyson is an ideal name for vacuums and some other necessary appliances. Dyson’s machines are found in over 65 countries around the globe.
Thousands of engineers and scientists from Britain, Singapore, and Malaysia, along with other countries are working here with great enthusiasm. And Dyson intends for combining dynamics, technology, and microbiology to manufacture the best consumer products available.
Hence, the price of Dyson vacuums is quite expensive and outrageous. In general, a vacuum costs between $300 and $1,000. Some of the most substantial vacuums can cost more than $1,000.

Why are Dyson Vacuums so Expensive?


It was the middle of summer and I was at the mall with my mom, looking for a new vacuum cleaner. We had just moved into a new house and I wanted to make sure our carpets were clean before all of our friends came over for the Fourth of July party.

After walking up and down every aisle in every department store, we still couldn’t find a vacuum that fit our budget. That’s when my mom saw it. The Dyson vacuum. She had always wanted one but never wanted to spend the money on it.

But this time, she didn’t hesitate. She grabbed the vacuum off the shelf and took it to the checkout.

I was so excited to get home and use our new vacuum. I knew it would be worth the money once I saw how much dirt and dust it could pick up. And boy, was I right!

Since then, I’ve been wondering why Dysons are so expensive. Surely, there must be a reason why these vacuums cost hundreds of dollars more than other brands.

So, I did some research and here’s what I found:

Forerunner in the industry:

Why Are Dyson Vacuums So Expensive
Dyson is recognized as the pioneer of the vacuum industry that has invented such a kind of vacuum which creates cyclones to separate dust with suction power 100% of the time. When the first vacuum was released in the market during the 1970s, no other vacuums were capable of providing remarkable service like Dyson. Only for this reason alone, Dyson vacuums are worth the money very much.
Dyson vacuum brought out an explicit dual cyclone technology for the first time that inspired other manufacturers to follow its technology. Some manufacturing companies started making their cyclonic vacuum cleaners by imitating Dyson’s design.

Research and Development:

Dyson is always cautious to invent high-end machines in favor of customers and allure them. As a result, it invests a lot of money in researching and developing to get more efficient technologies, designs, and products.
Broadly speaking, Dyson takes several years to scrutinize every machine it brings out in the market. It researches the materials and other basic issues regarding the products that include how to create standard machines, how to hold the position, prestige, and class in the market, how to develop the quality more efficiently, and so on.
Thus, Dyson spends billions of dollars every year behind its research and inspection to keep long-timed glorification and improve value.
In fact, at the end of 2020, Dyson announced that it has invested an additional $3.7 billion into research and development and more for the new products over the next 5 years.
So, it can be deduced that Dyson spends a huge amount of money in this case. As a result, its vacuums become very pricey and superfluous.

Innovative Technology:

Dyson Innovative Technology
Dyson is well-known for the use of new and innovative technologies for vacuum cleaners, as well as other beneficial home appliances. Over the years, it has been maintaining the same features in manufacturing top-notch vacuums.
As an instance, Dyson vacuums are constructed with Cyclone for separating dust that ensures no experience of losing suction power of the machine. This innovative technology has upheld the value of vacuums around the world.
Besides, Dyson vacuums include some other wonderful technologies that are advanced and innovative in this certain industry. These are the Flexible hose for tight corner cleaning, Ball feature for improved maneuverability, Cinetic Science technology, Transparent bins, Dynamic Load Sensor technology, Anti-tangle technology, Convenient stick, and Bladeless fans with an unusual and unconventional look.
All of these parts of technology come with a perfect combination and make the vacuum brilliantly executive. And thus, the price should be extravagant to evaluate the features.

Exceptional High-quality Materials:

Another essential reason for which Dyson vacuums are so expensive is the use of exceptionally high-quality materials in the manufacturing of the machine. And for this particular aspect, Dyson vacuums are widely popular and sought-after.
Specifically, the use of lightweight materials in terms of functionality and suitability is much more measured and efficient. As a result of the infliction of such components, Dyson vacuums look sleek and glossy. What is more interesting is that on account of these materials vacuums show how durable they can be.
In particular, Dyson vacuums involve high-powered motors and filter technology. They also feature Cyclone, Flexible hose, Bladeless fans, etc. All of these functions provide an impressive experience of work and bolster viability and sustainability.
Apart from the integral mechanical elements, the Dyson vacuum comes with some other additional components to simplify the functionality of the machine. It includes a connecting shaft, a docking station, a charger, several attachments, and the torque drive head.
Choosing the fundamental materials by Dyson is quite interesting too. Dyson carries an exceptional method named the ‘Finite Element Analysis’ in this case. The system allows the brand to pick and choose the perfect and authentic materials that are acoustically and structurally best for manufacturing superb vacuums.
However, due to the application of outstanding materials and durable segments in manufacturing, Dyson vacuums become strong, prolific, and proficient. Thus, they claim a large sum of money in return.

Flawless dust Detection:

Why would you buy a vacuum? What is the function or use of this appliance? Of course, it is to clean dust and particles. Isn’t it? Okay, what could be the best in this case without Dyson vacuums? They are the best ones to make your things properly and deeply cleaned and keep them dazzling.
In general, every vacuum executes the same job and function. But Dyson vacuums are superior to others and distinguished regarding the part of suction. These vacuums deliver powerful and consistent suction to clean various floor types, surfaces, carpets, or hardwood furniture very genuinely.
Moreover, the sucking technology and bagless system are the other excellent features that confirm flawless dust detection. Plus, the system of dust detection in some vacuums finds out the particles that you cannot see normally. Hence, the laser dust technology ensures your home has been perfectly and flawlessly cleaned without leaving any particles.

Effortless Maintenance:

One of the brilliant features of Dyson vacuums is that their maintenance is quite effortless. As ease-of-use is a crucial consideration in purchasing a vacuum, Dyson vacuums are impressively capable of pleasing the demand.
Cleaning the Dyson vacuum is a very simple job. You don’t need to bring a Dyson vacuum to the repair center, instead, you can yourself clean the filters. To clean it properly, you should wash it in cold water and let it dry.
In addition, a Dyson-vacuums customer gets a five years warranty for which if you have any problems with any parts of the machine, you can repair or replace it without difficulties.


No one wishes to pour money by buying vacuums every year. An ideal vacuum should serve for at least 2/3 years before it gets any kind of replacement of the battery or filters. In this case, Dyson vacuums are completely exceptional and unparalleled. The lifespan of a vacuum may puzzle you for a while.
As I have signified before, Dyson vacuums are technologically advanced with a consistent suction for a longer time, and a bagless system to slow down the airflow. These systems ensure suction and no filters to worry about that results in a longer lifespan. Therefore, it is seen that a Dyson vacuum can last up to 10 years without the need to replace the battery or filters.
What is more surprising is that one of the latest cordless vacuums of Dyson, the Cyclone V10 is capable of lasting nearly 15 years before it gets any kind of replacement or repair.
That means a high-performing machine will always give you many years’ worth of service. Therefore, the high price of the Dyson vacuum is truly reasonable and pointful.

Sealed System With HEPA Filtration:

Dyson has patented an exact filter technology that is called HEPA Filtration. That stands for the High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. This particular feature is completely advantageous in preserving the quality of indoor air and reducing allergic reactions resulting from microscopic dirt particles.
A genuine HEPA vacuum sets itself with a sealed system that assures the prevention of dirty air from leaking out before it gets filtered. That means the air passes through the filter when it goes into the vacuums. And the Dyson vacuum surely features this system.
It is a wonderful fact that all Dyson vacuums are inscribed not only with an authentic HEPA filtration but also are built with a sealed system. Dyson vacuum has heavy rubber seals where the different segments of the vacuum join together. Moreover, they are also built out of heavy-duty elements that will not crack easily, another positive evidence of high integrity.

Focus on the Future:

Dyson is not concerned not only about the present position of the brand but also about the future. With a lot of charitable works, it has been supporting so many students and teachers worldwide. Specifically, it encourages the young generation to pursue science, technology, and engineering. To inspire the youth, it has established the James Dyson Foundation.
Besides, it has started the James Dyson Award to bring the next generation into the shadow of creative work and elevate them to the global platform with honor. The best and brightest new minds are rewarded for their illustrative contribution in their respective fields.
Therefore, to maintain the cost of everything, Dyson imposes a high amount of money on its appliances as well as vacuums.

Why Dyson Is Different?


Is the Dyson vacuum worth it?

Final Statement:
Hence, these are the principal reasons that play a significant role for which the Dyson vacuums are so expensive. As a well-known and prominent brand, Dyson is mostly a favorite one for its exclusive vacuum cleaners in comparison to other vacuums found in the market.
Delivering one of the most cleaning capabilities, Dyson vacuums can be characterized by excellent work efficiency, heavy-duty materials, meticulous performance, longevity, filtration, and some other advanced features. As a result of these landmarks, their price is somehow expensive. But believe it, it is worth the money honestly.
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