Why Are Bonsai Pots So Expensive? (Top 8 Reasons)

Experienced artisans in the pottery industry make bonsai pots.

They use a lot of skills and effort to bring their designs out correctly.

This making quality bonsai pots to be expensive.

Juniper Bonsai Tree

A quality bonsai pot will increase the beauty and elegance of your homestead.

It will also make your bonsai tree more visible and attractive.

Bonsai plants are easy to take care of when you get the proper pots.

They can give you a lifetime service when you take good care of them. 

But, for you to buy a quality bonsai pot, be ready to spend more money, but it’s worth it.

So, let’s see what makes these pots to be that expensive.
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Why Are Bonsai Pots So Expensive?

Have complex design


It required a person with experience to design a bonsai pot fit for a specific type of tree.

They create them in a way that ensures that plants will not be vulnerable.

While manufacturing bonsai pots, there are three crucial things artisans put in mind. 

  • The appearance of the bonsai plant
  • The moisture of the soil should be good
  • The health of your plant

The pot that you choose ends up determining how the shape of your plant will be. 

Bonsai pots have a shallow design.

This will enable the roots to stretch and get enough nutrients and moisture for your plant. 

This design is perfect for trees like Japanese maple and Hawarin umbrellas.

This tree type requires a lot of moisture. 

Bonsai plants are of different types, so their design varies.

An artisan needs to consider several factors while crafting a particular pot to fit that type of plant.

It will make the bonsai pot so expensive.

Hard to make

Hard, thinking, idea, expert, skill

Most bonsai pots are handmade by pottery experts.

Different plants have different shapes and require different bonsai pots.

Artisans need to make a pot that will fit and meet the needs of the plant.

Making a single quality bonsai pot takes a lot of time.

Time used and skills will push the price higher.

They are unique, not like other regular pots

Unique and Different

Bonsai plants need pots specially created for them.

When you plant a bonsai in a typical pot, survival chances are very minimal.

Regular vessels that don’t have a good drainage or wiring system may make your precious plant wither.

Again, an ordinary pot won’t bring out the beauty of your bonsai tree.

Age of the pot

often need, calendar, time & date

Ancient items are always more expensive than modern ones.

And so are the bonsai pots.

Older bonsai pots are of high quality and made by ancient, experienced artisans.

Rare Species

unique, rare

When you buy a rare type of bonsai plant, you will have a particular pot crafted for you to fit the plant.

Its price is higher compared to that of common species.

If you are not ready to spend a lot of money, it is always advisable to inquire about the type of tree you are buying.

Otherwise, your pockets will run dry.

Quality of the pots

High quality

The materials used in making bonsai pots are expensive, which will raise the price of the bonsai pots.

It’s good to check the quality of the pot.

It may look attractive but of poor quality.

A drainage system should be the first thing to check when choosing a pot.

When a pot has poor drainage and water can’t flow, then it can be dangerous at the same time.

The drainage holes should be big enough for the proper breathing of your plant.

Pots made from mica or ceramic are of high quality and some of the best bonsai pots.

A quality bonsai pot will keep your plant in good shape, and you will enjoy it every bit.

There are still other materials that can make pots.

Quality will go hand in hand with price.

The higher the quality, the higher the price.

Size of the pot


When choosing a pot, size is the primary thing to consider.

You should choose the one that goes with the height of your tree for it to be healthy.

The size of the pot should be two-thirds the height of your tree. 

 A miniature pot will not give your plant enough room for extension and growth.

For your tree to give out the desired beauty, consider buying a large pot.

Larger pots are more expensive than small pots.

The size and shape of your bonsai pot determine how your tree will look.

Experts skills

Experts skills, think, idea

If you buy an old and rare bonsai species, then be ready to spend more.

Have a custom made that will fit the tree.

Most pots are handmade, making them so expensive.

They need a lot of mastery, labor force, time, and skill to create a quality bonsai pot.

Experienced artisans charge for the knowledge and efforts they put in when manufacturing bonsai pots.

It’s the reason they are expensive.

Do bonsai need Special pots?

How do I know

Yes, bonsai plants need pots that will meet all their needs.

A bonsai pot should be large enough to give it adequate space to grow.

Traditional pots don’t have all the requirements for bonsai trees to thrive.

A bonsai pot should be large enough to give enough space for the plant to grow.

Bonsai pots have unique specifications that make the plants grow healthy.

They have a good drainage and wiring system that keeps them moisturized.

Rare tree species pots need special skills to create, which increases their price.

What makes bonsai pots so expensive?

What, asking anything, reason

There are so many factors that make bonsai pots to be quite expensive.

Bonsai pots are handmade by specialists in the pottery industry.

Creating them requires a lot of skills and time.

They have complex designs that only experts can design.

Rare bonsai plants also increase the price since they are also rare to get.

Experts will have to apply unique skills that might cost you an extra coin. 

The age of the pots also makes bonsai pots to be expensive.

The older the pot is, the higher its price.

Experts charge skills plus the expertise used to create the pots. 

Are expensive pots worth it?

worth it

You cannot compare the quality of expensive bonsai pots with cheap ones.

Expensive comes with quality.

Specialists who manufacture them put all considerations in place.

They ensure they are standard and will meet all your plant’s needs.

When you buy an ideal pot for your tree, it will increase the beauty of your homestead, however expensive it is. 

When your plant gets a quality pot, it is sure that it will return the favor by blossoming.

As I’ve said earlier, quality comes at a higher price.

How much does an average bonsai pot cost?

Changes prices on buying trends, money, cost

Bonsai pots are of different types and shapes.

There are other manufacturers, so there are prices.

A plastic bonsai pot will cost less than a ceramic pot.

Vessels from local manufacturers are cheaper than pots made in Japan and China.

Prices will depend on the type of pot.

The average price for a plastic bonsai pot is $15, while an average ceramic pot will cost $20.

How much should a bonsai pot cost?

average price, cost list, money

The price of bonsai pots will vary depending on the size, color, and materials used in making them.

Plastic bonsai pots are the cheapest.

A small plastic pot will cost $15 depending on the color, while a large one will go up to $19.

Ceramic pots are expensive because of the materials used.

A cheap ceramic pot will cost $18, while the most costly pot goes up to$35.

But some locally made bonsai pots may be inexpensive and cost you a few dollars.

Some popular and budget-friendly bonsai pots that are worth money

Here are some popular and affordable bonsai pots that are worth your money.

7.8 MUZHI Round Unglazed Ceramic Bonsai Pot

It is round and made of ceramic material. It’s a brand of MUZHI.


  • Size- it is 7.8 *3 2inch tray 
  • Materials- They make it with high-temperature unglazed stoneware that is more breathable than a smooth pot.
  • Features- it is a vintage rough pottery out with a plain color. It’s solid and massy with a rusty style.
  • Drainage hole- its drainage hole comes with a free wire mesh to prevent the soil from falling.
  • Multifunctional- we can use it for various purposes. You can use it for home or office treasures or gifts for a friend.
  • It does not come with the plants. You buy it separately.

8-inch SQOWLTerracotta Bonsai Planter pot

This pot is brown and made with terracotta material. It’s round and a brand of SQOWL.


  • Description – It has a good circulation of water and air that helps in ventilation and drainage.
  • Quality- Made of high-quality clay baked at very high temperatures.
  • Drainage system – This bonsai pot comes with a drainage hole and a bamboo tray that helps in draining stagnant water.
  • Size-The terracotta pot is 8-inch depth X 3-inch height, the bamboo tray is -6.3inch depth X 0.3 height.
  • Multifunctional -You can use it for decorations of windows, office tables, and gardens.

GROWNEER 3 Packs 9 Inches Bonsai Training Pots

It is medium, made of plastic material and a brand of GROWNEER.


  • Packaging- It comes as a pack of three training pots, with three trays and 15 pieces of plant labels. Labels will make it easier for you to identify your plants by naming them.
  • Size- it has a 9-inch length, 5.8 widths, and 3.2-inch height. It is suitable for small bonsai plants, succulents, and cactus.
  • Quality- It’s made of high-quality plastic that is durable and reusable for many seasons.
  • Design – Has a unique bottom design built with a wire mesh. To ensure there is a flow of air and water. It also helps in drainage of making plants more healthy.
  • Multipurpose – used for different purposes, gardens, patio, decorations, and gifts. They are perfect for bonsai tree training and small plants.

Final Thoughts

Up to this point, I’m sure we have all understood what makes bonsai pots cost a fortune.

Making a bonsai pot requires effort and mastery from experts in the pottery industry.

It will translate to a high price when they charge the labor force.


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