Why Are Yankee Candles So Expensive? (Top 5 Reasons)

Yankee candles have been one of the most popular fragrance candles globally for the past four decades.

Also, they are the most costly options among their competitors. 

So what makes them so expensive?

You pay for the brand name, the laborgrounds, the fragrance oils are 100% natural, and seasonal candles.

After considering all these factors, the candle’s final price increases.

However, I will discuss these reasons in detail, so make sure you read through this article to the end.

Why are Yankee candles so expensive?

There are so many reasons that influence the process of Yankee candles.

However, among the many reasons, there are the top five reasons we are going to detailedly.

Thus, the reasons are:

Brand popularity

Brand Popularity

Yankee is a well-recognized brand.

So it is one of the key factors contributing to increased prices because people pay for the brand name.

The brand spends a lot of money ensuring its products are popular in the world. 

They market the brand as the best among its competitors.

Yankee candles are of high quality, which matches its premium prices. 

Since Yankee candles are not the basics in the family, they work so hard to create a good image and convince people about them.

So they ensure they focus on doing top-notch advertisements on their products.

Most people use candles when creating good memories.

Yankee brand also uses them during adverts.

You can use their candles during festive seasons or thanksgiving.

Marketing and brand popularity play a more significant role in fluctuating candle prices.

They are seasonal


If you are keen to look at most seasonal products, you will realize that their prices are always high.

It is because the companies are aware that they will make money during that time of the year.

So they make sure that they get the most out of it by increasing the prices.

Also, people are aware that if the season ends, they will not buy Yankee candles.

Most people tend to buy Yankee candles during special events or seasons.

So if you buy them during august, the prices might be different if you believe in December, which is a festive season.

However, people save money during the year to be able to afford it during the season.

They are non-synthetic

Non Synthetic

Yankee candles are 100% natural.

It means they don’t test them on animals, and so they are better for the environment.

Getting natural products is very expensive, especially for products not tested on animals.

Yankee uses natural products for making its candles.

So the pricing of their candles will be so high.

Yankee candles are made using vegan products, so if you are an avid vegan, you can think of grabbing them. 

To avoid any side effects on people and the environment Yankee brand conduct thorough tests on their products before releasing them in the market.

The ingredients used in making Yankee candles are indicated on their packaging material.

They have a variety of scents

variety of scents

Unlike other candles, Yankee candles have a variety of colors and scents.

Before buying candles, these are some of the factors they consider.

As mentioned above, Yankee candles are used in memories creation.

So, for example, if you want to experience a beach feeling, you only buy a candle with a beach scent.

The fact that Yankee candles burn evenly and slower has made them continue to become more famous.

Yankee produces a variety of scents which make companies that make a few smells compete with it.

The cost of producing many scents is high, and so the price tags will be increased.

Yankee candles burn evenly

Baies candles burn differently from other candles

Yankee candles are built to last long and with high-quality materials.

They have a high performance which makes them stand out among other candles.

You don’t have to the wick by saving some wax, which can be risky since you might lose the whole candle.

Also, these candles burn down evenly, and they can serve you for a very long time if you take good care of them.

They burn in an even manner straight to the top of the jar, which makes them last longer. 

How are Yankee candles manufactured?

Manufacturing Process

Yankee candles are manufactured in a factory that is located in Central Massachusetts.

There are six steps involved in making them.

They include:

Gathering and mixing all the ingredients


The manufacturer fills the giant tanks with wax.

The wax then funnels inside other smaller tanks within the factory, after which they add fragrances and additives, giving each candle different scents.

It is worth mentioning that the factory uses over 175000 wax-making Yankee candles every day. 

Glueing the wicks

Glueing the wicks

The next step is glueing the wicks.

The employees make sure that they glue wicks to the base of the glass jar.

They then conduct a pull test to confirm they are firm.

Wax goes in 

The third step is dropping the wax mixture into the glass jars as they move along the conveyor belt.



After dropping the wax, the other step is cooling it across multiple conveyors.

Topping them

When the wax cools, it shrinks, so you need to add more polish to top it up.

Labelling and Packaging


It is the last step of making Yankee candles.

The machines apply labels on the jars as the employees package them.

After that, they distribute them to different stores.

Are Yankee candles worth the prices?

worth the money and price

Yes, Yankee candles are worth every dime.

Looking at different factors, you will realize prices are well justified.

Starting from high-quality materials to natural products and various scents.

Yankee candles are made better than other candles in the market.

They also burn evenly, which is rare in other candles.

What makes Yankee candles so unique?

Unique and Different

Yankee candles are special because of their ability to burn every.

They have a firm-built wick that makes it last for long.

Other candles tend to lose their wick and may get damaged when looking for it, which is rare in Yankee candles. g.

Do Yankee candles smell good?

candles smell

Yankee candles have a variety of scents.

Their factory has the worst smell because of the mixture of scents and fragrances used in making their candles.

But Yankee candles are known to smell good.

But it is worth mentioning that your candle can lose its smell when you leave the lid open after use.

How do cheap candles compare with Yankee candles?


Yankee candles are incomparable with cheap ones.

They are made using high-quality natural materials.

While cheap ones are made using artificial products.

Also, they have a well-built wick while they make cheap ones using poor wicks. 

Yankee candles burn evenly, unlike affordable candles.

They burn very slow while the cheap ones burn out very fast.

Which candle brand has a better fragrance than Yankee?

Natural Fragrance

According to fragrance candle users’ reviews, Bath and Body Works candles are rated to have the strongest scented candles.

Mahogany Teakwood High-intensity cable is the most smelling candle amongst their many varieties.

It means that they beat Yankee candles in fragrance.

How to save money on Yankee Candles?

save money

Yankee Candles are very expensive, but despite that, you can still save money on them.

There are a few strategies that you need to apply to save some coins.

Below are some of them:

Yanke candles go on sale in various seasons of the year.

During this period, they sell their products at discounted prices.

So if you have a temperature-cooled place, you can store them.

You can buy in enough to use throughout the year. 

Also, you can buy Yankee candles in bulk, and you will buy them at a discounted price.

When you shop at Any Yankee candle outlet, they offer discounts when you buy in bulk, saving some money.

Larger candles are costly, but also they don’t burn out faster.

So they are valuable, and you get to save money since it will last long.

Another way to save you some money on Yankee is to sign up for Coupons at Yankee stores.

When you buy in large quantities, they give you some coupons that you can use on your next shopping trip.

So, they will save you some money.

When you want to save some money, it is good to avoid buying small ornate jars.

These candles are beautiful but so expensive.

Lastly, if your friend wants to give you something like a gift, you can request them to buy you a Yankee candle.

Again, it will save you a lot of money.

Frequently asked Questions

Below are some of the commonly asked questions on Yankee candles.

Which is the most expensive Yankee candle?

Which is more expensive

Baobab collection Gettleman candle is the most expensive Yankee candle.

The candle is huge and burns for over 800 hours, and it weighs 10kgs.

Its size is 350oz. And the price is $713 and also $2.02 per oz.

Are Yankee Candles Toxic?

toxic dangerous

Yankee candles have no toxic substances.

It is because their wicks are made using pure pieces of cotton.

Also, their fragrances extracts and essential oils to scent their candles.

The ingredients in Yankee are 100% natural and thus safe for both humans and the environment.

They use refined paraffin in their candles, which is non-toxic.

What is your favorite scent from Yankee?

most popular fragrance

Yanke has so many candle scents and choosing a favorite one might be tricky.

So, there are so many varieties to choose from, so it depends on a personal perspective.

Clean cotton and pink sand seem to be favorites.

These fragrances can bring an ambiance to the home and can also be used as decor.

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