Why Are Under Cabinet Can Openers So Expensive? [Top 7 Reasons]

When it comes to small kitchen appliances, there are a lot of options available. But, when it comes to can openers, there don’t seem to be as many choices and the prices can be pretty high. So, why are under cabinet can openers so expensive? Let’s take a look at the top 7 reasons.

Why Are Under Cabinet Can Openers So Expensive?

Under Cabinet Can Openers So Expensive because they are Smart Operated, have a long-lasting motor, are space-saving, versatile, made of quality materials, and easily maintained.

Let’s read the reasons together to find out the answer to your question

The Smart Operation

The Smart Operation is one of the most important features when it comes to Under Cabinet Can Openers.

The reason being that this feature can sense when a can is placed underneath them and start automatically, saving time and energy in the process.

As an added bonus, it also has a safety lock built into its design so that children cannot use these openers without parental supervision.


Under Cabinet Can Openers are long-lasting compared to other can openers on the market.

This is due to the heavy-duty materials and construction that are used in the manufacturing process.

Because they last longer, they tend to be more expensive than other types of can openers.

Space-saving Design

Another reason Under Cabinet Can Openers are more expensive is because of their space-saving design.

This design feature allows you to mount the unit underneath your kitchen cabinets, freeing up valuable counter space.

If you have a small kitchen or want to declutter your counters, this is a great feature to look for in a can opener.

Versatile Usages

Under Cabinet Can Openers are versatile. This versatile feature allows you to open various types of cans with ease.

Whether it’s a pop-top can or a small child-proof container, these units can handle it all.

This is a great feature if you have a lot of different types of canned goods in your pantry.

Made of Quality Materials

Under Cabinet Can Openers are made of quality materials, which is why they are more expensive than other can openers on the market.

This durable construction ensures a long life-span for the unit. Unlike other can openers that may be made of plastic or cheap metal, these units are made of durable stainless steel.

This quality construction is worth the extra expense for many people.

Easily Maintenance

Under Cabinet Can Openers are also easy to maintain. Unlike other can openers that may require special cleaning or lubrication, these units can be simply wiped down with a damp cloth.

This makes them easy to keep clean and looking great. This easy upkeep is worth the extra expense for many people.

Rare to find

Under Cabinet Can Openers are also rare to find. They are not carried in every store and must be ordered online or through a specialty retailer.

This makes them more difficult to find and purchase, which contributes to their higher price tag.

Frequently Asked Question:

Are Under Counter Can Openers Outdated?

Whether or not under counter can openers are outdated is a matter of personal opinion. They were once in high demand, but today many people feel they are no longer necessary.

That said, they do offer a lot of convenience and some people may find them valuable even in today’s world. Under counter can openers are a neat (but outdated) gadget to own.

One of the main reasons under counter can openers are seen as outdated is because regular machine can openers are much more common today. They are also seen as less convenient because they require counter space, which is often in short supply in modern homes.

However, some people may find them more reliable than electric can openers, which can sometimes jam. Overall, the decision of whether or not to own an under counter can opener is up to the individual.

They are no longer in high demand like they were years ago, but they still have their benefits.

If you’re on the fence about getting one, ask yourself the following questions:

-Do I have enough counter space for a regular machine can opener?

-Do I want a manual or electric can opener?

-Am I worried about my electric can opener jamming?

-How often do I open cans?

If you answer no to most of these questions, then an under counter can opener may not be the best choice for you.

However, if you answer yes to most of them, it may be worth considering this retro appliance. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference.​

Which Brands Make Under Counter Can Openers?

There are a few companies that sell under counter can openers, and Black & Decker is the most famous one. Other brands of can openers are more difficult to find, but they might have some at sites like Amazon.

If you’re looking for an under-counter can opener, Black & Decker is definitely a great option. They’re a well-known and trusted brand, and they make some of the best models available.

However, if you’re not interested in their products, there are a few other brands that sell similar devices. Just be prepared to do some digging to track them down!

What Are the Different Types of Under Counter Can Openers?

There are three different types of under counter can openers- the manual, electric, and battery operated.

The manual type is the most common and it is operated by a crank. The electric type is powered by electricity and it is the most popular type of can opener.

The battery-operated type is the newest kind and it operates with a battery.

Can You Install Under Counter Can Openers Yourself?

Can openers can be installed under a cabinet with a little help from a second person. The can opener is held in place by drilling it into the underside of the cabinet with a screwdriver or drill.

Make sure to read reviews on the product before you buy it to make sure that it is something you can install on your own. If not, you may have to set aside $50 to $100 for a handyman to help you install it.

Is Getting An Electric Under Counter Can Opener Worth It?

Under counter can openers are convenient because they’re out of the way and don’t take up any precious counter space. But there are some reasons why one might be worth the investment.

For example, if you have carpal tunnel syndrome or other mobility issues that make it difficult to use a manual can opener, an electric under counter can opener would be a wise investment.

Additionally, if you have young children and want to childproof your kitchen, an electric under counter can opener is a good way to do that.

And finally, if you just love having all the latest and greatest gadgets in your kitchen, an electric under counter can opener is a great way to show that off!

In conclusion, while an electric under counter can opener may not be necessary for everyone, it does have its benefits. So if you’re considering purchasing one, weigh the pros and cons to see if it’s the right decision for you.

Are Under Counter Can Openers Reparable?

In most cases, the answer is no – under-counter can openers are not as durable and tend to break much sooner than other types of can openers. However, under-counter can openers are covered by a warranty in most cases.

Make sure to get the proof of purchase and to know how long the warranty is good for, so you can have your under-counter can opener repaired or replaced if it breaks.

If you’re looking for a durable can opener that will last, we suggest purchasing an electric can opener. Electric can openers are more reliable and tend to have a longer lifespan than other types of can openers.

You can find a wide variety of electric can openers on Amazon.com, so be sure to check them out!

Should You Get An Under Counter Jar Opener Instead?

Jar openers are a fraction of the cost of electric can openers and last longer because they have fewer moving parts.

They are also easier to use, more stable, and better for the environment. If you are looking for an easy way to open jars, an under-counter jar opener is the best option.

Under counter jar openers have a few key benefits over electric can openers. First, they are much more affordable. You can pick up an under-counter jar opener for as little as $10, while electric can openers can cost $30 or more. Second, under-counter jar openers are more stable.

They won’t wobble on your counter like electric can openers can. This is important because it means the opener is less likely to slip and injure your hand. Third, under-counter jar openers are easier to use.

You don’t have to awkwardly reach up to open a can like you do with electric can openers. Finally, under-counter jar openers are better for the environment. Electric can openers use a lot of energy, while under-counter jar openers don’t.

If you’re looking for a more sustainable option, an under-counter jar opener is the way to go.

When were electric can openers invented, and do some still work?

Many people believe that electric can openers were invented in 1950 and that they no longer work. But while it’s true that the invention of the electric can opener led to a wider availability of canned foods and opened up new homemaking possibilities, even earlier models are still functional today.

Despite their longevity – many cans didn’t even have a way of being opened until the electric can opener was invented – electric openers are susceptible to rust, which can cause them to break down over time.

So if you’re looking for an electric can opener from a previous era, make sure to inspect it for rust before purchasing it!

The first electric can opener was patented in the United States on July 18, 1950. It was called the ‘Armstrong’.

However, electric can openers were actually invented a few years earlier in Australia. The earliest known electric can opener patent is from 1935 and was filed by an inventor named Ernie Cyr.

Interestingly, there are still some electric can openers that work today from the 1950s and 1960s. These openers are made of high-quality materials and have been well taken care of, so they’ve lasted long past their intended lifespans.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these vintage electric can openers, you’ll likely find them at flea markets or antique stores.

Just be sure to inspect them for rust before buying!

Can you sharpen a can opener?

Yes, you can sharpen a can opener! All you need is some sandpaper – just run it through the rough surface a few times and it’ll be as good as new.

Handheld can openers are especially easy to sharpen this way, but electric openers can be sharpened too with a little more effort.

Be careful not to cut yourself while sharpening, and make sure to wash the can opener afterwards.

How long does an electric can opener last?

Although electric can openers are not designed to last a lifetime, most countertop versions will only endure three to five years with a normal maintenance plan.

They’re only slightly more durable than a coffee machine or scale when compared to ordinary coffee makers and scales.

While electric can openers may not be the most durable kitchen appliance, with proper care and maintenance they should last for several years.

By following a few simple tips, you can help to ensure your electric can opener lasts as long as possible.

First, it is important to keep the electric can opener clean. Regularly wiping down the blades and body will help to keep it free of dirt and grime. It is also important to keep the gears lubricated. You can do this by spraying a small amount of lubricant onto the gears every few months.

Finally, it is important to keep an eye on the condition of the blades. If they start to become dull or rusty, it is time for a replacement.

Blades that are in good condition will open cans quickly and smoothly. Dull blades can cause the can opener to struggle, resulting in a lot of noise and potentially causing damage to the can.

By following these simple tips, you can help to prolong the life of your electric can opener. With a little bit of regular maintenance, your can opener should last for several years.

How expensive are can openers?

While not a particularly expensive appliance, a can opener will usually cost you between $10 and $40 and depend mostly on quality.

In general, manual models are cheaper while electric ones are more expensive – around the same price as an electric kettle would be.

Battery-operated openers are typically the most affordable, but some of the more heavy-duty manual ones can be pricier.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a specific feature – like a built-in bottle opener – that will drive up the price.

Ultimately, it’s important to consider what you need in a can opener and find one that fits both your budget and needs.

Does Black and Decker still make can openers?

Yes, Black and Decker still makes can openers. Their can openers are widely available across the country.

Their openers are reliable and easy to use, making them a popular choice for consumers.

Additionally, Black and Decker offers a wide range of can opener models, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional manual can opener or a more advanced electric model, Black and Decker has you covered.

So if you’re in the market for a new can opener, be sure to check out Black and Decker’s offerings. You won’t be disappointed.

Do electric can openers have knife sharpeners?

No, they don’t. But while electric can openers don’t have knife sharpeners, they do come with a slew of other helpful features to make your life easier:

➥ Smooth Edge Can Opener – Perfect for people who are unable to use their hands well or prefer a stable grip on the can opener.

➥ Cordless Design – This means you can take it with you wherever you go without having to worry about a pesky cord getting in the way.

➥ Cord Storage – Keeps cords tidy and organized, so they’re not cluttering up your countertop.

➥ Knife Sharpener – Keeps your knives razor sharp, so you can cut through whatever you need with ease.

➥ Automatic Shut-Off Feature – Keeps you and your family safe by automatically shutting off the can opener after it has completed its task.

So, while electric can openers don’t have knife sharpeners per se, they do come with a variety of features that make them just as handy in the kitchen.

Whether you’re looking for a smooth edge can opener, a cordless design, or a knife sharpener, there’s an electric can opener out there that’s perfect for you.

Who makes the best quality can opener?

The question “who makes the best quality can opener?” is vague because it’s unclear which parameters are being used to define what a ‘good can opener’ would be.

Ease of use? Durability? Value for money? Something else altogether?

If you want an easy-to-use can opener that’s inexpensive, then U.S. Shelby Co. makes a good option. The can opener is simple to operate and doesn’t require any batteries or electricity, making it a good choice for camping or traveling.

If you’re looking for a durable can opener that will last for years, then the OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener is a great option. It’s well-constructed and features a comfortable, soft grip.

If you’re after a high-end can opener that will make a statement in your kitchen, then the Kuhn Rikon Auto safety LidLifter is a great choice. It’s an expensive option, but it comes with a range of features that set it apart from other can openers, including a serrated blade and automatic lid-lifting mechanism.

So, who makes the best quality can opener? It really depends on what you’re looking for in a can opener. But, in general, OXO, EZ-DUZ-IT, Kuhn Rikon, and U.S. Shelby Co. all make some great can openers.

Something that is often overlooked when it comes to can openers is the issue of safety. Many can openers have blades that are exposed, which can be dangerous if you’re not careful. The OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener is one option that takes safety into consideration. It has a blade that’s concealed when not in use, which minimizes the risk of injury.

The Kuhn Rikon Auto safety LidLifter is another can opener that features a safety mechanism. It has a serrated blade that cuts through cans with ease, but it also comes with a locking system that keeps the blade in place when not in use. This prevents injuries and makes it safe to store in a drawer or cupboard.

So, if you’re looking for a safe and easy-to-use can opener, then OXO, Kuhn Rikon, and U.S. Shelby Co. are all great options.


Black & Decker Spacemaker Electric Can Opener

Black & Decker Spacemaker Traditional Multi-Purpose Can Opener

Black & Decker EC950 Slimline Spacemaker Can Opener

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why Under Cabinet Can Openers are more expensive than other can openers on the market.

They are made of quality materials, have a long-lasting motor, space-saving design, and versatile usages.

These features make them worth the extra expense for many people. If you’re looking for a high-quality can opener, be sure to consider an Under Cabinet Can Opener. You won’t be disappointed.

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