Why Are the Missing 411 Books so Expensive? (Top 4 Reasons)

For something that is almost entirely rare, the missing 411 book exorbitant prices are partly understandable. However, several factors have over time contributed to David Paulide’s books being so expensive. Below is a comprehensive guide on why the missing 411 books are so expensive.

Why Are the Missing 411 Books so Expensive?

One of the main reasons the missing 411 books are so expensive is perhaps the nature of the information being sold in these books and how readers globally are constantly seeking truth in every unexplainable incident. Therefore, it would make sense that one should overprice such information. Here are reasons why the missing 411 books are so expensive.

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Books containing the earliest known mention of an important theory, idea, or character in print carry plenty of significance to readers. The missing 411 books point to conspiracy theories that most readers fear would be adulterated or edited to remove significant information.

Sellers selling these missing 411 books understand the importance of receiving and protecting raw information before reprints and new editions. Generally, as in life, it pays heavily to be first. As such, people are willing to pay a premium for the missing 411 books to avoid later buying contaminated information.

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The Nature of the Content

The missing 411 books contain real-life information gathered from months and possibly years of research of the mysterious disappearance and reappearance of individuals in several areas. The author has established the truth and sensitivity of such information.
Accessing such information is not always easy, perhaps due to the fear that the perpetrators may influence the different media channels to protect themselves from further probes. Due to the high-value nature of such information, it is only reasonable that it should be expensive and probably overpriced.

Different Book Vendors and Price Inflation


The author provides a platform where readers can purchase the book at a reasonable $25 cost. However, several vendors, including Amazon, eBay, and individual sellers, tend to overinflate the prices in an attempt to make a profit. One of the popular books vendors, Amazon, is common for inflating book prices if only one or a few books are left in stock, hoping that impatient buyers will chuck out the extra bucks.

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Some sellers take advantage of the rarity and sensitivity of the information contained in the missing 411 books to sell them as high as $600. Therefore, if you are looking to buy and wondering why the missing 411 books are so expensive, chances are you buying from the wrong place.


Demand and Supply

Generally, demand and supply go hand in hand, each one affecting the other in one way or the other. The demand for these missing 411 books is extremely high, with the supply being below expectations.

Therefore, it would make sense that different vendors take advantage of this situation to inflate prices and make significant profits. The more people get curious to access such highly sensitive information; the more likely this information will be overpriced.

Common Questions About Why Are the Missing 411 Books So Expensive

These are the most common questions on Why Are the Missing 411 Books So Expensive

What Does Missing 411 Mean?

Why are the missing 411 book so expensive
The term “missing 411” refers to the name of a series of non-fiction books and a documentary film by former cop David Paulides about the individuals who suddenly disappeared under strange and unexplainable circumstances in North American parks.
In almost all cases, these disappeared people were found dead or never found at all. Those found showed strange anomalies, including partial or full memory loss, the unwillingness to share their immediate past experiences, and other strange phenomena.
These missing 411 cases differ heavily from traditional missing person cases in different ways, including:
● The similarities in all cases
● The strange circumstances revolving around these cases
● David Paulides being denied access to the list of missing persons in the North American parks for flimsy reasons.

Why is it Called Missing 411?

The stories revolve around the mysterious disappearance and missing of people from several North American parks.
Generally, “411” is an internet slang that people use in a chat as a means to talk about communicating information. The number “411” is the extension used for information in US telephone exchanges. In a nutshell, “411” is the relevant information or the truth.
The books essentially provide 411 into the missing cases of the people from several North American parks. In addition, they provide information as to the nature surrounding the mysterious disappearance of people as reported by one of the park rangers who grew concerned over the incidences.

Who Wrote the Missing 411 Books?

The missing 411 books were written by David Paulides. David PAulides is a former police officer, currently an investigator and a writer. David Paulides is famous for his self-published books, including his Missing 411 books series and one book dedicated to proving the reality of Bigfoot.
In the Missing 411 book series, David Paulides documents the mysterious disappearance of individuals in national parks and different places.
The author received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of San Francisco. In 1977, David Paulides started his 20-year career in law enforcement, moving to San Jose Police Department in 1980. He worked in the patrol division on the SWAT team, the Street Crimes Unit, and several assignments in the detective division.

How Much Are the Missing 411 Books?

The prices of the missing 411 books vary greatly from one seller to another. When you purchase the book from the author’s website store, expect to pay a minimum price of $24.99, excluding shipping costs. However, different vendors, including Amazon, may price the books higher than the originally intended price.
Most of these sellers purchase the books from the author’s website store and markup the prices as high as $200. Most readers do not entirely find the information worthy of the extremely high prices and would rather pay the standard $25 for the missing 411 books.
The author provides an avenue to people interested in his work to purchase not just the missing 411 books but also his entire book collection.

Is Missing 411 Based on a True Story?

Years ago, there was an increased case of people missing from America’s national parks under unclear circumstances. In his Missing 411 book series, David Paulides claims that the National Park Service obstructed attempts to investigate such incidences.
Under the Missing 411 label, the author has classified over 1,400 missing person cases. On the base level, Missing 411 is the claim that something strange is happening related to the deaths and disappearances in national parks. This concept has been rooted in the setting of conspiracy, and the supernatural since the author frequents paranormal-oriented podcasts and radio shows to talk about it.
Surprisingly, David Paulides has constantly avoided providing explanations for the causes of such supposed strange disappearances. The author has remained evasive when pressed for a causal explanation. He views his role as an investigator, pointing to a challenge and not the cause. Possible explanations for such mysterious disappearances may include faerie kidnappers, ghost involvement, and alien abduction, among others.
However, proper skepticism requires readers to entertain the Missing 411 claims independently of the author’s beliefs and history. Readers should not dismiss this idea outright since it contains some truth.
Everything about David Paulides’ work appears genuine and sincere. The common interpretation is that Paulider genuinely believes something strange is happening. The author is genuinely factual in most of his reporting and genuinely believes something is happening.
Moreover, cases of disappearances have since been reported, giving the author’s claims credibility. Therefore, it stands without reason that the missing 411 cases are actually based upon true happenings and reportings.

How Many Missing 411 Books Are there?

Currently, the Missing 411 Book series contain ten books by David Paulides. These Missing 411 books include:
1. Missing 411-Montana (2020)
2. Missing 411-Canada (2019)
3. Missing 411-Law (2018)
4. Missing 411-Off the Grid (2017)
5. Missing 411-Hunters (2016)
6. Missing 411-A sobering Coincidence (2015)
7. Missing 411-The Devil’s in the Details (2014)
8. Missing 411-North America and Beyond (2013)
9. Missing 411-Western United States and Canada: Unexplained Disappearance of North Americans that have not been solved (2012)
10. Missing 411-Eastern United States: Unexplained Disappearance of North Americans that have not been solved (2012).

Where Can I Buy the Missing 411 Books?

One of the most affordable and reliable sources for the Missing 411 books is the author’s website store www.nabigfootsearch.com where the book goes for roughly $25 excluding shipping costs.

However, you can also buy the Missing 411 books from Amazon or eBay, but be prepared to pay a much higher price for the book. The author also advises interested readers to check or request copies of the Missing 411 books from their local stores.

Where Can I Listen to Missing 411?

There are a few ways you can listen to the Missing 411 podcast. The easiest way is to head over to Audible.com, where you can sign up for a free trial and listen to the first episode.

If you’re not interested in signing up for Audible, you can also find the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play. Just search for “Missing 411” and you should be able to find it easily.

Regardless of how you choose to listen, I think you’ll find the podcast fascinating and eye-opening. It’s definitely worth a listen if you’re at all interested in the disappearances of people in national parks.

Which National Park Has the Most Disappearances?

Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Nevada has the most documented disappearances of any U.S. national park.

Since the area was established in 1936, there have been more than 563 reported cases of people vanishing without a trace. The most famous case is that of Harold Holt, an Australian prime minister who disappeared while swimming at Lake Mead in 1967.

Holt’s body was never found, and the lake has been searched many times since then without any success. While the exact number of disappearances at Lake Mead is unknown, it is clear that this national park is the site of more vanishings than any other in the country.

There are several theories about what might be responsible for the high number of disappearances at Lake Mead.

Some say that the vast size of the lake makes it easy for people to get lost and never be found. Others believe that there are underwater caves or tunnels that lead to other parts of the world and that people who enter them are never seen again.

Still, others believe that the disappearances are the work of aliens or other beings from another dimension. Whatever the cause, there is no doubt that Lake Mead is a place where people have mysteriously vanished without a trace.

How Many Missing 411 Movies Are There?

As of 2021, there are two documentary films about the Missing 411 phenomenon: The Lost Kids and The vanishing.

Both films explore the stories of people who have gone missing in remote forests and wilderness areas, and both suggest that there may be a pattern to these disappearances.

The Lost Kids is the first film in the series, and it focuses on the cases of five young children who vanished without a trace.

The film interviews the families of the missing children, as well as some of the search and rescue teams who looked for them. It also includes footage of interviews with David Paulides, the author of the Missing 411 books.

The vanishing is the second film in the series, and it explores more recent cases of people going missing in the wilderness.

It includes interviews with the families of the missing, as well as experts on search and rescue. Like The Lost Kids, The vanishing also features footage of interviews with David Paulides.

At the moment, these are the only two documentary films about the Missing 411 cases. However, given the growing interest in the phenomenon, it is likely that more films will be made in the future.

Are There Feral People in National Parks?

There has been no proof or evidence that wild people live in National Parks. Every now and then, someone reports seeing a feral person in a remote area of a park, but these sightings are unconfirmed and there is no concrete evidence that feral people actually exist.

In all likelihood, the stories of feral people living in national parks are nothing more than urban legends.

There are many reasons why people might want to believe in the existence of feral people, such as the appeal of a hidden society living off the land, but there is simply no evidence to support these claims.

So while it is fun to imagine the possibility of feral people living in national parks, it is important to remember that there is no factual basis for these stories.

Who Is the Most Famous Missing Person?

Marvin Clark is one of the most famous missing persons in American history. A businessman and prominent member of the community, Clark disappeared without a trace in 1926.

His sudden disappearance sent shockwaves through Portland, Oregon, and a massive search was launched to find him. However, despite an intensive investigation, no trace of Clark was ever found.

To this day, his disappearance remains a mystery and his family continues to hope that he will be found alive.95 years later, the case of Marvin Clark remains unsolved.

What Percentage of Missing Persons Are Found Alive?

According to the National Crime Information Center, there are over 600,000 missing persons reports filed every year in the United States.

The vast majority of these cases are quickly resolved, but a small percentage of people remain missing for extended periods of time.

While the circumstances surrounding each case are unique, there are some common factors that often contribute to a successful outcome.

For example, children and adults with cognitive disabilities are more likely to be found alive than those without such impairments. In addition, people who go missing in rural areas are more likely to be found than those who disappear in urban areas.

This is due in part to the fact that there are fewer places to hide in rural areas, and search efforts tend to be more focused and effective.

Ultimately, the chances of being found alive after going missing depend on a variety of factors, but the vast majority of people are ultimately located.

What City Has the Most Missing Persons?

Alaska has the highest rate of missing persons in the United States. 41.8 people out of every 100,000 go missing in Alaska.

This is five times the rate in California and three and a half times the rate of Arizona, which is in second place. The most likely explanations for the high rate of missing persons in Alaska are its large rural area and its large indigenous population.

Indigenous people are more likely to go missing because of violence, and they are also more likely to be misidentified when they are found.

The vastness of Alaska’s rural areas makes it difficult to search for missing persons, and the cold climate means that bodies are not as likely to be found.

If you go missing in Alaska, your chances of being found are unfortunately lower than in other parts of the country.

Why Do So Many Hikers Go Missing?

Every year, hundreds of hikers go missing in national parks across the United States. While some are found safe and sound, others are never seen again.

So what causes so many hikers to go missing? There are a number of possible explanations. One is simply that national parks are vast and wild places, and it can be easy to get lost.

Hikers may also fail to take proper precautions, such as letting someone know their itinerary or carrying enough food and water.

In addition, many national parks are home to dangerous wildlife, and hikers who are not familiar with the area may be unaware of the risks.

Whatever the cause, missing hikers are a serious problem in our national parks. And while there is no easy solution, increasing public awareness of the dangers is a good place to start.

What Is the Oldest Unsolved Cold Case?

Cold cases are crimes that have gone unsolved for a significant period of time. In some cases, the trail of evidence has gone cold, making it difficult to identify a suspect.

In others, the suspect may have died or been imprisoned for an unrelated crime before authorities had a chance to bring them to justice. The oldest cold case to go to trial in the United States is the 1957 abduction and murder of 7-year-old Maria Ridulph.

Maria was abducted from her home in Sycamore, Illinois, and her body was found five months later in a wooded area near Galena.

Despite the passage of nearly 60 years, authorities were able to apprehend the suspect, Jack McCullough, in 2011 and he was convicted of murder in 2012.

What Is the Most Mysterious Disappearances in History?

Throughout history, there have been many mysterious disappearances that have baffled investigators.

One of the most famous is the case of Benjamin Bathurst, a British diplomat who vanished in 1809 while on a journey from Perugia to Vienna. To this day, no one knows what happened to him or where he went.

Another famous case is that of the Mary Celeste, a ship that was found abandoned in the Atlantic Ocean in 1872. The crew and passengers were nowhere to be found, and the only clue was a single lifeboat that was missing from the ship.

Louis Le Prince disappeared in 1890 while working on a new type of film camera. His body was never found, and the camera was never seen again.

In 1900, three lighthouse keepers vanished from their posts on the Flannan Isles, leaving behind a partially eaten meal and a logbook with strange entries.

And in 1947, an entire plane full of people disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle.

These are just some of the most famous cases of mysterious disappearances in history.

Why Do Most Missing Persons Cases Get Resolved?

Most missing persons cases are resolved quickly because the vast majority of people who go missing do so voluntarily.

They may run away from home, take a trip without telling anyone, or get lost while hiking or camping.

In these cases, the missing person is usually found within a few days. If the missing person is a child, they are often located by law enforcement using Amber Alerts and other resources.

In cases where the missing person has a cognitive disability, their caregiver or support system is typically instrumental in helping to find them.

The majority of missing persons cases are resolved quickly and without incident.

What Happens to People Who Are Never Found?

In some cases, missing persons are never found. This is often due to the fact that they were never actually missing, but instead chose to disappear.

In other cases, the missing person may have died, and their body was never recovered. It is also possible for a person to go missing and never be found due to foul play.

If a person is kidnapped or murdered, their body may be hidden so well that it is never found.

In these cases, it is often the family and friends of the missing person who continue to search for them, long after law enforcement has given up.

Unfortunately, there are many people who go missing and are never found.

What Can You Do to Help Find Missing Persons?

There are a number of things you can do to help find missing persons. If you know someone who has gone missing, tell law enforcement about it as soon as possible.

The sooner they are aware of the situation, the better their chances of finding the missing person.

You can also search for missing persons yourself. If you are looking for a child, check with local law enforcement to see if there are any Amber Alerts in your area.

You can also search online databases of missing persons, such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

If you think you may have seen the missing person, or have any information about their whereabouts, you can contact the police or the family of the missing person to let them know.

What Should You Do if  You Become Lost?

If you become lost, the first thing you should do is stay where you are. It may be tempting to try to find your way back to civilization, but this can often make things worse.

If you are in a remote area, it is best to wait for rescuers to find you. If you are in a more populated area, try to find a landmark that you can use to orient yourself, and then call 911.

Let the dispatcher know where you are, and they will send someone to help you. It is important to stay calm and follow the dispatcher’s instructions. Remember, if you become lost, the best thing you can do is stay where you are.

If you or someone you know goes missing, it is important to act quickly. The sooner law enforcement is notified, the better their chances of finding the missing person.

You can also search for missing persons yourself, or provide information to law enforcement if you think you may have seen the missing person.

Remember, if you become lost, the best thing you can do is stay where you are. By following these simple tips, you can help bring missing persons home.

 Final Thoughts On Why Are the Missing 411 Books so Expensive

Why Are the Missing 411 Books so Expensive? David Paulides is a former police officer and currently an investigator, as well as a writer interested in demystifying the strange disappearances of people, especially in North American parks. He documented his findings in his Missing 411 book series.

Unfortunately, these books happen to be so expensive for readers purchasing from different platforms. Part of the reason why the Missing 411 books are so expensive is overinflation.

Most vendors, for example, Amazon, purchase the book at a reasonable price and increase the retail prices by almost seven-folds. Finally, ensure you conduct due diligence before paying an unreasonably high amount of money for the Missing 411 books.


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