Why Are Scallops So Expensive? (Top 7 Reasons)

If you are a seafood lover, Scallops are indisputably on the top number of your list.

But their price is remarkably extravagant that some taste buds hesitate to eat them in spite of having an intense interest.

Scallops are basically a type of shellfish that are harvested underwater in the sea.

With different species, they are exclusively coveted among people for their exquisite texture, delicate taste, and nutritional value.

Apart from these landmarks, Scallops are laborious to harvest as much as their demand is seen globally.

On account of these facts, the price of Scallops is exclusively expensive.

Therefore, there are the leading reasons explained gradually that make Scallops outrageously hefty.

So, delve into the article. 

Why Are Scallops so Expensive? 

Several reasons are responsible for making Scallops so pricey.

Among them, the top-must be here for you.

Different Types of Scallops


The first reason that has been enlisted here is the different species of Scallops found in the world.

All the Scallops are not the same, rather they have different types of species.

The most common species among more than 400 species of Scallops are Sea Scallops and Bay Scallops.

Bay Scallops are typically less expensive than Sea Scallops because they are easier to gather.

However, Sea Scallops are found in the deep surface of the sea that is more than 50 feet below the water.

These Scallops are better than any other species in terms of texture and flavor for which they are more familiar. 

Some other renowned species of Scallops are Patagonian Scallops, Calico Scallops, Alaskan scallops, etc.

Nonetheless, different types of Scallops make them very desirable and consequently, sought-after.

People love to eat different tastes for which the price also goes high gradually. 

Difficult to Cultivate 

Difficult to Cultivate and Need the Right Environment and Care

It is a very crucial factor that influences the price of Scallops.

Practically, Scallops are very hazardous to cultivate in the deep of the sea.

If you notice the process of cultivating Scallops, you will be surprised at the methods.

Since Scallops are farmed under the water, farmers require lots of strategies to cultivate them.

Generally, three problems are there that hamper the process.

Firstly, the lack of ideal space on the seafloor makes the system more difficult.

Secondly, Scallops need a long period to be matured to eat which creates a hassle for farmers.

And lastly, they need a balanced diet that should be given properly and timely. 

However, in terms of cultivating Scallops, the cultivators have to collect the seeds of the baby Scallops to breed them.

Then, it takes almost nine months to accomplish the procedure.

At that time, they have to carry out several jobs to take care of the Scallops so that they do not die or spoil.

Thus, the farmers must be vigilant and considerate to bring out a successful harvest. 

After a successful harvest, they have to also spend a good sum of money to collect them with a dredging machine or by the divers.

Whatever, there is an issue of cost and labor.

So, it is very comprehensive that Scallops will be sold at a hefty price to meet up the cost of harvest and labor of the farmers. 

Hard to collect 

Combo Kits

Collecting harvested Scallops is obviously costly and laborious as well.

But there is another factor when normal fishermen collect Scallops from the sea that are not farmed.

This process of collecting the Scallops is another reason that increases their price. 

Usually, fishermen collect Scallops physically.

They have to be expert and trained divers to accomplish the job.

In this case, they ought to be careful enough considering so many things in the sea.

They need to stay for a certain time under the water to look for the Scallops and catch them.

While doing the job, they may face different problems after and before.

Therefore, it adds an extra cost to justify the labor of the divers that they perform.

Short Lifespan 

short time

Although Scallops demand a certain period to be mature enough to eat, they can last a minimum time when they are out of water.

They typically go bad and start to spoil if they are left for a long time without any care. 

For this reason, Scallops must be transported to the sellers and refrigerated to keep them cold and fresh as soon as they are collected.

Thus, there is a cost of refrigeration that plays an indispensable role in increasing the price.

What is more, although you can keep them refrigerated for several days, you should eat them because freshness is a great matter.

To have a tremendous flavor, one should purchase or eat fresh Scallops. 

Therefore, you have to pay more if you want fresh Scallops since they lose their freshness very early.

That is why whether you buy them alive or eat their dishes in the restaurants, it demands an exorbitant cost to back up these expenses. 

Worldwide Demand 


One of the biggest reasons that impact the price of Scallops is their worldwide demand and low supply.

Truly speaking, Scallops is one of the most sought-after food items in the world.

Basically, two issues increase the demand for Scallops exclusively.

The first one is seafood because seafood is always expensive and attractive.

People love to taste seafood in spite of retaining an expensive price tag. 

Then, it is another point that Scallops can be served in various dishes since they are exceptional in cuisine. 

Consequently, the popularity of Scallops is widely seen around the world.

This valuable seafood is found in most of the luxurious restaurants served with various dishes. 

Despite having wide demand around the globe, the supply is very low as I’ve said that they are difficult to cultivate, find, and do not last for a long time out of water.

Hence, Scallops are ridiculously expensive due to their lower supply in contrast to their huge demand. 

Overwhelming Taste 

Good to Eat

Now, it is the taste of Scallops that is a significant cause to make the food highly exorbitant.

Needless to say, Scallops are a name of delicacy. 

Scallops provide a pleasant, juicy, soft, and tender texture.

But their texture is stronger than lobsters.

In terms of taste, they are basically sweet when they are fresh.

They have a buttery, nutty, and creamy flavor that is mesmerizing.

No other shellfish can give such a combination of a different taste. 

For its unique and overwhelming taste, Scallops are very common in Japanese and French cuisine.

They can be served with different dishes including mushrooms, potatoes, butter, leek, cheese, carrots, honey, etc. 

Health Benefits

Healthy benefits

Scallops are definitely healthy and beneficial to the human body.

They contain so many nutritious values and a remarkable amount of health benefits that make them highly desirable. 

Scallops have calcium, iodine, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, vitamins PP and B, iron, glycogen, potassium, etc.

They are low in carbohydrates and calories and high in proteins and minerals. 

Scallops are very effective due to lower blood pressure that could greatly minimize the possibility of a heart attack.

They also can help flourish blood circulation, relax blood vessels, improve the nervous system, and prosper muscle functions. 

In Greek and Roman medicine, Scallops were acknowledged as the exquisite dish for their outstanding healing qualities.

Hence, you can expect a lavish price tag since this seafood is replete with various nutritional values and health benefits. 

Are Scallops worth it?

worth it

Why not? Scallops are very famous for their distinctive flavor and flashy texture.

They are highly delicious to eat.

Besides, they contain different kinds of health benefits that make them more desirable among consumers.

Moreover, owing to their limited collections and difficult cultivation, they are also very rare.

So, one has to pay a handsome amount of money to taste them.

Hence, it is justifiable to say that they are worth the money due to their exclusive properties. 

Are scallops good for you?

Positive, Adverse, negative, good, bad

Yes, Scallops are very good for everyone.

As I’ve already mentioned that Scallops are highly affluent with nutritious elements, they have so many health benefits.

They contain several nutritious elements such as iron, iodine, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, magnesium, antioxidants, manganese, proteins, Potassium, Selenium, Vitamin B12, etc.

On account of these sources, Scallops help reduce heart attack problems, prevent stroke, ennoble the nervous system, and flourish muscle functions.

They are also effective in lessening weight and boosting metabolism.

Consequently, they can decrease the possibility of osteoporosis and other mobility-related conditions. 

It should also be kept in mind that Scallops have some negative effects on those who have allergy problems.

So, they should avoid Scallops.

However, aside from the negative effect, it is worthy to remark that Scallops are really good for health. 

How to Save Money on Scallops?

save money

As you know that Scallops are arguably much more expensive, you will want to reduce your cost when you go to buy or eat the seafood.

Thus, there are some tips so that you can save money on them. 

  1. First of all, if you are here to taste Scallops for the first time, you can try Bay Scallops. These Scallops are typically cheaper than Sea Scallops. Therefore, you can purchase them at a low price that will help you save money. 
  1. If you have any local farm of Scallops, you should know the season of the harvest. At that time, you can buy them at a decent price. 
  1. As I said before, Scallops are perishable on the ground. So, when they are brought out at the local farm, you should buy them immediately because the supply is available at that time. Sellers will cut down to sell as soon as they can. 
  1. Moreover, when Scallops are refrigerated for a long time, they are sold at an affordable price. You can purchase at that time to save money. 

Scallops alternative

alternatives for anything

Scallops are so expensive that everyone can’t afford them in spite of having great interest in taste.

However, there are so many alternatives that you can try to satisfy your appetite.

  1. Lobster: Species of marine crustaceans, Lobsters are very familiar among fish lovers. They can be your alternative to Scallops at a reasonable price. 
  1. Abalone: It is almost expensive like Scallops but it tastes very sweet and delicious. You can try it if you want a different taste. 
  1. Shark Steaks: These whitefish are very fresh and tasty to eat. 
  1. Crayfish: Although Crayfish look like lobsters, they don’t come from the same family. They are also palatable ones that can be your Scallops alternative. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average price of scallops?

Changes prices on buying trends, money, cost

Actually, the price of Scallops per pound is different based on location.

In this case, the size of the Scallops also matters greatly.

They can range from 10 to 40 per pound according to their size.

However, Scallops cost more than $10 per pound in the USA.

On average, it is seen that their price can range between $10 to $30 per pound depending on the sizes and species of Scallops, and types of restaurants.

What is so special about scallops?

so special

The scallop is one kind of seafood that has become widely popular due to its unique taste and flavor.

Honestly speaking, its outstanding delicacy is a very special thing to mention here.

Scallops have gained worldwide fame among taste buds for their amazing delicacy and texture.

They have a sweet, buttery, and creamy flavor.

You can make numerous dishes as they can be prepared in various ways to add a distinct taste. 

What are the most expensive scallops?

Why expensive, how to save money

Primarily, it is somewhat troublesome to tag one species as the most expensive because the location and sizes of the Scallops vary.

So, in terms of species, Sea Scallops are the most expensive ones since they are collected or harvested with the utmost care and labor.

Apart from this, it should be noticed that dayboat Scallops are the most expensive scallops.

Basically, they are not any species of fish but it means a harvesting system of Scallops.

When scallops are collected on a boat, they are transported immediately to preserve their freshness.

Consequently, they are sold as soon as possible for which their price stands high. 

Are Bay or Sea scallops better?

what are the reson you need it

Among different species of Scallops, Bay and Sea scallops are two of the most prominent species extensively found in the world.

Between them, Sea Scallops are definitely better than Bay Scallops.

The first one is hardly found and difficult to find and farm.

They also contain so many nutritious values compared to the latter one.

Here, it should be mentioned that many people regard Bay Scallops to be more delicious than Sea Scallops.

However, since Bay Scallops are less expensive than Sea Scallops, they are more popular among people. 

What is the difference between bay scallops and sea scallops? 


As I pointed out before, Bay and Sea Scallops are the most familiar species of Scallops that are very expensive.

Although they are from the same family, they have some differences.

Basically, resembling marshmallows, Sea Scallops are three times larger than the Bay Scallops.

Besides, while Bay scallops are found in the Atlantic estuaries, Sea Scallops are found in the deep ocean below the water.

Then, Bay scallops contain a tender texture and Sea Scallops have a thicker texture.

What is more, the price is another significant fact to be pointed out.

Whereas Sea Scallops are highly expensive, Bay scallops are accessible at an affordable price for which they are more coveted to people for everyday recipes. 


In the long run, the conclusion can be drawn that Scallops are costlier than most other seafood due to their wide demand and exceptional taste.

It is very difficult for farmers to cultivate them and for fishermen to catch them from the deep sea.

This seafood also has numerous health benefits that make them more appealing.

However, despite being so costly, people love to eat them out of pleasure.

Thus, their price remains so expensive and goes higher day by day. 

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