Why Are Pendleton Blankets So Expensive? [Top 11 Reasons]

If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen Pendleton blankets in catalogs and wondered why they are so expensive. After all, they just look like a bunch of colorful stripes.

But once you learn about the history and craftsmanship that goes into making these blankets, you’ll understand why they cost so much.

Keep reading to learn more about Pendleton blankets and why they are worth the price tag.

Why are Pendleton Blankets So Expensive?

Pendleton Blankets are expensive because they are made of high-quality materials, have a rich history, and the company has a strong branding and marketing strategy. The blankets are also sustainably made and have a loyal customer base.

Let’s look at the reasons behind Why Are Pendleton Blankets So Expensive in further detail.

Pendleton Blankets have a Rich American History

Before starting Pendleton woolen mills in 1863, Thomas Kay was a weaver by trade.  So when he passed the company to his grandsons, they were aware of the quality of wool to use. The brand has a rich history for the native blankets, with different patterns representing all the tribes of America.

The blankets have been passed from wealthy generations making the brand associated with value and class. People often give Pendleton blankets as gifts during special occasions like weddings and baby showers. When customers buy Pendleton blankets, they are aware that they are getting value for their money.

A rich history of a product drives value and uniqueness. It is difficult for other competitors to copy the product. The identity and trust created by consumers make Pendleton’s blankets more expensive.

High-quality Raw  Materials

Pendleton blankets are made using high-quality American materials. They are constructed from 100% wool. The company gets its fabric from domestic suppliers like the Krebs family.

Krebs takes their sheep to places where they can feed and get good nutrition to produce high-value wool.

Wool is expensive if harvested from merino sheep, which is known to produce high-quality wool that gives a soft and durable material. Also, wool is measured by microns. The small the macron, the smoother the material will be.

They are made with renewable wool, which is more costly. Due to the high-quality materials used in Pendleton blankets, they are soft, warm, durable, and non-itchy.

Pendleton purchases the best fabrics in the market to manufacture their blankets. It is why you will pay for the high price tags. The higher the cost of the raw materials, the more money you are likely to pay..

The Cost to Process Pendleton  Blankets

The cost of producing Pendleton blankets is a long one. Once the wools are harvested, so many stages follow, which are equally expensive. It is because of the products and labor force involved.

The workers start by shearing, grading, sorting, and cleaning it. They then turn it into another fleece through a process called scouring. Also, there is carding, spinning, weaving, and finishing.

For most of these steps to succeed, you need to have costly machinery and skilled labor management. You also need cleaners and workers to help in cleaning and scouring, and it comes with an additional price.

The finishing process is costly, too, because it is where you interlock and dye the fibers. In one year, Pendleton spinned almost 2 million pounds of yarns used in creating a variety of its iconic patterns.

The type of dye used causes additional cost. Also, when processing, there is a quantity of wool that is not processed well, resulting in waste.

It can affect the profits, and also, the amount of yarn will be small. So the brand will increase the prices of the blankets to compensate for the costs involved in creating them.


Pendleton is a reputable brand that has been in the market for over 100 years. It has maintained its reputation, which makes it to be worth more. Pendleton is a synonym for quality, elite craftsmanship, and premium materials.

Pendleton blankets are from a high-end brand, and so they are expensive. Also, their quality offers specific benefits to the brand’s reputation. They are warm, soft, and not itchy, making them more desirable to the target market.

When customers get value for their money, they are willing to pay more for the items. So the brand raises its prices because they understand its target customers.


Marketing is another factor that makes Pendleton blankets to be expensive. The brand employs national sales people to do marketing in its major product divisions. The sales team work alongside the accounts across the globe. 

Also, they maintain close communication with the management at the company’s headquarters. They also develop comprehensive marketing and public relations programs every season.

Marketing helps in creating awareness among consumers about their products. Paying the marketing team and advertisement platforms is expensive. These costs are compensated through hefty price tags you see on Pendleton blankets.

Pendleton has the Best Craftsmanship

Pendleton blankets are expensive because the brand uses skilled workers with years of experience. They are keen to detail, and a single Pendleton blanket can pass through several hands that play a particular role in creating it. This also results in high pricing of the product.

Pendleton takes manufacturing very seriously, and they don’t compromise with quality. Before releasing their blanket on the market, they conduct quality checks. They start with impurities in the wool sample and dye fleece.

Each blanket is checked multiple times to ensure that they meet the required quality. The brand relies on its workers to clear, sort, scour and refine the wools and fabrics. These processes are labor-intensive and time-consuming, resulting in the final products’ high prices.

Celebrities Love Pendleton Blankets

Celebrities play a vital role in any brand. It is because they help create awareness and desirability. Also, they make the product look more expensive and classy. When you spot a celebrity using a Pendleton blanket, you will get a desire to search the brand and purchase yours too.

It is because you admire them and want to look like them. Also, when the brand see celebrity flaunt their products; they tend to increase the prices of the products. Others pay celebrities to market their goods, and the costs incurred are compensated through high price stickers.

Some of the celebrities spotted wearing Pendleton blankets include Jeniffer Garner, Justin Timberlake, and top American models.

Pendleton Blankets are Durable and Sustainable

Pendleton blankets are made using high-quality fabrics, making them long-lasting. They are naturally sustainable because of the properties of the wool.  A single blanket can serve for many years, and you can end up passing it to your next generations.

Wool can resist tearing, and you can also bend it more than twenty thousand times and still won’t break. Products made from high-quality wool can last four more times than the other natural fibers. It is the reason why Pendleton blankets stay for decades.

They are durable which makes them costly. It is because the brand needs more time to produce, process, and manufacture the blankets.

Pendleton has a High Demand

Pendleton blankets’ brilliant colors and sharp details make them be demanded by people all over the world. The brand produces blankets that people can use during the summer and spring seasons.

So the demand is always high all year. When the market is high, and the supply is low, the prices go up. Mainly it is caused by the production of limited editions, and almost everyone wants to grab a piece before they get out stocked.


Pendleton woolen mills create symbols and stories of American natives on Pendleton blankets. These symbols and brilliant colors make them attractive, and their demand is high.

Also, the brand makes customized blankets for their customers to meet their preferences. When they get customized, the price goes up.

Also, the designs get created by expert in-house designers who have years of experience in the industry.

Creating these narrative designs takes alot of time and is also labor-intensive. Paying expert designers is expensive. So the costs are passed to consumers through high price tags.                                                    

Loyal Customer Base

Pendleton has a loyal customer base for their blankets. Most people purchase from a brand because of its outstanding customer experience.

So if people want unique blankets with American native designs, they buy them from Pendleton.

When a brand knows that they have loyal consumers, they charge more. It is because consumers have no problem paying high prices.

Final Thoughts On Why are Pendleton Blankets so Expensive?

In conclusion, there are a number of reasons why Pendleton blankets are so expensive. From their rich history and high-quality raw materials, to the cost of processing and branding, Pendleton has built a reputation for luxury and quality that is unrivaled in the industry.

Additionally, the company’s commitment to durability and sustainability has made them a favorite among celebrities and everyday consumers alike. With a high demand and loyal customer base, Pendleton is poised to continue their reign as one of the world’s most sought-after brands.

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