Why Are Mirrors So Expensive? (Top 5 Reasons)

Are all mirrors expensive? The answer is ‘No’.

There are both cheap and expensive mirrors available.

Now the question may arise in many of our heads what actually the reason is of some mirrors being expensive and others cheap.

If we answer briefly, it is the quality and types of glass, the craftsmanship, embellished and high-end frame, size, and shapes of mirrors, time-consuming handwork, high-end coating, etc – all these work together to make a mirror more expensive.

Nowadays, mirrors are being used not only to see reflections or images but also to decorate the house.

A mirror is always an asset for every home as it illuminates even the darkest of rooms and makes the abode inviting.

So, choosing the right mirror is very important and in that case, there is no comparison of the expensive one.

Why are mirrors so expensive?

It is not that all mirrors are expensive.

There are mirrors from $10 to even above lakhs.

By what causes this massive difference in pricing? Let’s know: 

Quality of glass 

Quality of glass

A higher-quality glass tends to be more durable and provides a more realistic reflection.

On the contrary, cheap glasses, most of the time, tend to be blurry and they distort the actual image. 

That’s why higher-quality mirrors are supposed to be more expensive.

Type of Glass

Type of Glass

Mirrors can be of different types.

There are first surface mirrors and second surface mirrors.

The former one with a silver backing ensures a longer service as well as a more accurate reflection than the latter one with an aluminum backing.

Added Technology

Added Technology

The more days are passing, the more revolutionized mirrors are being invented.

Over time, mirrors have been embellished with lights, touchscreens, anti-fog technology, etc, that add an extra price to the mirror.

Mirror Size

Mirror Size

It is obvious that a large mirror would be costlier than a mirror of smaller size.

For, a spacious mirror needs more labor, custom cutting, or maybe professional installation. 

Frame Costs

Frame Costs

Again, a mirror with a frame or beveled edge bears more cost than a frameless mirror.

Sometimes you will purchase a mirror that is frameless.

Moreover, a framed mirror’s price can also vary depending on the material used for the frame, i.e. wood or metal frame.

What makes mirrors so expensive?

makes mirrors so expensive

Apart from the reasons we have shown above, there are some other factors that make a mirror more expensive.

Some say that it is the duration of time and labor that adds an additional cost.

You may notice that the expensive mirrors are more smooth and precise that rarely match the cheapest ones.

To be sure that the surfaces of the mirrors are as good or perfect as they can be, there always works some professional optician, whose hand figuring and continuous measurement help to get the quality of the mirror to a distinguished level.

In other words, high-end mirrors claim a good deal of handwork besides machines.

Again, there is also a variation in materials.

Expensive mirrors are usually composed of fused quartz, Borosilicate glass, or Ultra-low expansion glass (ULE) types that can be 10 to 20 times more expensive.

Did mirrors used to be expensive?

mirrors used to be expensive

Long ago, when there were no mirrors, people used to see their blur reflection in the pond or river water.

Then people started polishing metal and dark stones, made them shine, and used them as mirrors.

In the ancient period, mirrors were also made of bronze, copper, tin, silver, or even gold.

But as the surfaces of those mirrors were not smooth, the reflection seen used to be distorted.

Later, after the invention of glass, people started making mirrors with black glass backed with foil.

After several years, mirrors of different colored glass, such as red, blue, green, or amber were invented.

But all these mirrors failed to reflect the accurate image.

However, the first colorless glass was invented in Italy, which finally succeeded in giving a somewhat accurate reflection, but they were not flat yet. 

At that time, only Venice knew the secret of mirror making, and they refused to share it with other countries when they longed to learn the artistry.

Well, as making mirrors was a tough task, and their making process used to be kept secret, mirrors were rare in the ancient period.

That was the reason that mirrors used to be very expensive, and only the rich could afford them for a certain period. 

Are expensive mirrors worth it?

worth it

Without any doubt, expensive mirrors are worth it. 

The first and foremost reason is that a high-priced mirror is more likely to give you an accurate reflection or image that you might not get from a cheap mirror.

Next, there comes the longevity of the mirror.

The more expensive a mirror is, the longer its lifespan is supposed to have.

Again, a mirror is not only functional, it’s decorative as well.

Mirrors’ prices can be varied according to the frame decoration.

If you are a fashion lover, mirrors with ornamental frames will definitely be worth their price.

What is the average price for a mirror?

average price

Well, mirrors’ prices can vary based on their types, weight, design, finishing, sizes, and so on.

Considering the types, a basic dresser mirror can cost approximately $50-$ 150.

Likewise, Framed mirrors may cost you $13-$1818, mirrored walls from $ 250 to $2061, two-way mirrors – $38- $287, pivot mirrors- $68- $1167, extending mirrors- $33- $ 573, smart mirrors- $345- $1882, ledge mirrors- $63- $434.

Now, let’s see the average cost of a mirror according to size. 

Mirrors smaller than 16” may bear $10 – $350, medium size mirror ( 16” – 30”) may fetch $15 – $400, large ones from 30” – 50” bear $20 – $525, and mirror larger than 50” may cost $50 – $680.

How Much Should a Mirror Cost?

Much Should Cost

It completely depends on how much you can afford.

If you are eligible enough to buy an expensive mirror, at the same time you are a thrifty person and don’t want to unnecessarily spend extra pennies on a mirror, I would suggest you follow our previous question titled “ What is the average price for a mirror?” where the reasonable costs of mirrors have been mentioned.

Are there different grades of mirrors?

different grades of mirrors

Yes, of course.

We all know that in the current world mirrors are not only used to see one’s reflection but it is also used for the decorative purpose to make our abode more aesthetic.

But there are so many types or grades of mirrors and not all of them can help you in that purpose.

However, let’s proceed and see those grades of mirrors and what suits our house best.

At first, there are two most common types of mirrors. They are 

  1. plane mirror and 
  2. curved or spherical mirror. 

The curved mirror can be further classified into 

  • Concave mirror and,
  • Convex Mirror

Plane mirror – The plane mirror has a flat surface.

If you stand in front of this mirror you will appear to be of the same height. 

Concave mirror – It is carved inwards.

The images it reflects appear inverted and smaller.

If you are so close to the mirror you will look magnified.

Convex mirror – This mirror is opposite to the previous one that is the concave mirror.

In this type of mirror, a person always appears to be smaller.

And the image is always diminished and upright, no matter how close or far you are from the mirror.

Again, considering thickness there are ⅛, 3/16, and ¼ inch thick mirrors, and the thicker mirrors are supposed to be the higher quality.

Moreover, if we consider the function, style, frame material, and shape of a mirror, there are no less than 20 types of mirrors; among them, wall mirrors, decorative mirrors, full-length mirrors, and pivot mirrors are considered the best. 

How do I choose a mirror?

How do I choose

To choose a right mirror there are a lot of things to be considered, such as the shape, the materials, size, frame, and so on.

Let’s discuss one by one:

Consider types of mirror

types of mirror

First of all, you have to consider what type of mirror you are looking for.

Are you looking for a wall mirror, a Full-length or dressing mirror, or a Leaner/ freestanding mirror?

Wall mirrors: as the name suggests, the wall mirror is to be hung on the wall.

Full-length mirrors/ dressing mirrors: Again, hopefully, you can guess what a Full-length mirror is.

This type of mirror can be mounted on the wall or you can leave it unhanging.

Leaner/ freestanding mirror: This type of mirror doesn’t need to be mounted on the wall. 

Consider the space in your room

Consider the space in your room

What should you get? Should you get a wall mirror or a floor or freestanding mirror? 

To get rid of this confusion, I will suggest you consider how much space you have in your room.

A freestanding mirror generally needs a spacious room as you can not hang it on the wall.

If you are lacking space, I will recommend you a wall mirror.

Consider mirror size

Consider mirror size

 A single or small mirror will look unsuitable on a large wall, so if your wall is somewhat spacious go for a big one. 

If you are thinking of installing the mirror above a piece of furniture, the mirror should be two-thirds to three-quarters of the measurement of the object below it. 

Mirror Shape

Mirror Shape

Choosing the right mirror shape in accordance with your space is essential.

Select a mirror that will complement your room along with serving its purpose. 

Rectangular Mirror:

Rectangular Mirror looks eye-catching along a plane.

This elegant design mirror is most commonly placed in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and hallways. 

Square Mirrors:

This shaped mirror changes the whole look when installed in a gallery or used with framed art or photographs.

They look great in cozy spaces, especially when the room holds elegant furniture, or abundant artwork in round frames, and create a visual balance in the apartment.

Round Mirror: 

This is a mixture of whimsy and elegance.

This mirror looks outstanding in modern and contemporary rooms.

If you are to choose a mirror for decorative purposes, round mirror is the best – especially when you’re trimming your room with geometric frames.

Oval Mirrors:

Oval mirror looks elegant above a small dressing table or bathroom cabinet, or in a hallway.

If you are thinking of making it stand alone then choose one with a frame that will enhance the grace. 

Arched Mirror: 

This exceptionally stylish one suits best in entryways, bedrooms, actually in almost every space.

Geometric Mirror:

In my opinion, it is the most graceful one 

These mirrors can be a focal point in the entryway, living or dining room.

What to choose: Flat or Beveled?

What to choose

While choosing a mirror, most people ignore this very crucial factor.

They don’t consider it important.

But these two mirrors individually provide a quite different look.

Why choose a Beveled mirror?

Beveled mirror is more aesthetic than a flat one.

Its edges are polished to a particular angle or size that create an elegant, framed look.

The edges refract both the artificial or sunlight and create a rainbow-type effect.

Now one thing is clear that this kind of mirror is more artistic than a flat mirror, and it can stand alone beautifully in any space.

 But beveled mirrors may sometimes distort the actual image.

Why choose a Flat mirror?

Flat mirror has a plane reflecting surface, and it looks aesthetic only when it is framed.

As it is not Beveled, the light reflects clearly in it.

This type of mirror is more contemporary and popular.

It can be customized, unlike the beveled one.

So there you have more creative freedom.

Now, the preference is absolutely yours!!

Cheap mirror vs expensive mirror ( Which one you should choose )

Which one you should choose

No doubt, we should choose expensive mirrors as they serve us accurately.

But if you have financial issues, you can go for the cheap one, but honestly, you can not expect an accurate result in that case.

Cheap mirrors

Cheap mirrors are usually constructed with plate glass that is claimed to be less shatter-resistant and can not prevent heat or sound very well.

So over time, they will break easily.

Cheap glasses are usually given a very thin coating, and consequently, their reflection ability is lost day by day.

End of the day, you end up getting a blurred image.

Again cheap mirrors are comparatively less thick, and their back has an aluminum polish that also lessens the lifespan of the mirror.

expensive mirrors

On the contrary, expensive mirrors always contain high-quality glass.

Their back gets coated with high-end silver that helps provide a perfect reflection.

There is something to be noted that silver tarnishes faster than aluminum.

So, to prevent the silver from being tarnished soon, the silver is further coated with tarnish-resistant polish, hence, it gets a comparatively longer lifespan.

Some popular mirrors that are worth Money

popular mirrors that are worth Money

It seems that you are about to buy a mirror and want to be fully informed about the ins and outs of mirrors.

Hopefully, so far, we have been able to serve you well with proper information.

But how about easing your trouble a bit more by suggesting three of the popular mirrors that are worth money? 

Well, let’s have a look…

NeuType Full Length Mirror

This 65″x22″ mirror is large enough to see the entire figure of an adult.

It comes with a black-colored Aluminum alloy frame, very elegant in appearance.

The frame is very thin which is only 0.16″ wide on the front.

Instead of the black one, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold frames are also available that are odor-free,  environmentally friendly, and safe.

It is a burst and explosion-proof mirror, hence very safe and protective.

Again it is a multi-layered mirror, coated with silver nitrate, which is completely rust and Copper-free.

It further includes Original edge-sealing technology.

NeuType Full-Length Mirror is an HD mirror that provides 1:1 real reflection, and there is no possibility of distortion.

The more interesting thing is that you can install the mirror in three ways, by leaning it to the wall, mounting it on the wall, or by free-standing.

For free-standing, there is a detachable one-piece bracket.

Surprisingly, if you find any damage on arrival, Neu-Type assures 100% REFUND/ or REPLACEMENT.

Check the mirror on Amazon

What do we need more?

NeuType Full Length Mirror 

Like the previous one, it is an HD mirror, and also provides 1:1 real reflection with zero distortion.

This mirror can stand alone in any space whether it is a bedroom, living room, corridor, clothing shop, or bathroom.

It is not only a mirror but an ornament.

It is a 65″x22″ mirror where you can see your entire figure.

It comes with a golden color aluminum frame that is odor-free,  environmentally friendly, and safe.

It is also rust-free, and waterproof.

Moreover, the mirror is Shatterproof and explosion-proof, hence very safe and protective.

You can install the mirror in multiple ways.

It can be leaned against the wall, hung on the wall, both horizontally and vertically.

It also looks pretty cool while free-standing.

Check the mirror on Amazon

LVSOMT 63″x20″ Full-Length Mirror

It is a multi-layered mirror embellished with 21 LED beads strip with a lifespan of 50,000hours.

It further includes Original edge-sealing technology.

The frame is composed of aluminum alloy.

The mirror allows you to change and adjust the light color.

You can change the color into white light, yellow light, and warm light by pressing the smart touch button.

And to adjust the brightness long press the same button for seconds.

Like the other two mirrors, it is a high dimension explosion-proof mirror, and it can be used as a wall mirror, leaning mirror, or floor mirror.

You can also get a 100% refund or replacement if any damage occurs during arrival.

Check the mirror on Amazon

Why are bathroom mirrors so expensive?

bathroom mirrors so expensive

We cannot deny that there always exist cheap versions of every object.

Mirror is also not different in this regard.

Not all bathroom mirrors are expensive.

There are varieties of bathroom mirrors available in the market.

But there is one thing to note that you can not use a regular mirror as a bathroom mirror.

Because the humidity of a bathroom will eventually cause the backing to break down.

So, bathroom mirrors need to be produced considering the moisture and humidity of the bathroom that may need extra labor, hence the cost increases.

We were talking about varieties of mirrors in the opening paragraph.

Yes, as there are plain, simple mirrors, there are also mirrors embellished with LED lights or technology. 

Certainly, we all are aware of the plane mirror.

It’s better to switch to the Other categories. 

Well, the mirror that comes with LED light is called ‘illuminated bathroom mirror’, as it illuminates the whole room.

There the lights are placed around the sides of the mirror.

In some, they may be seen at the top of the glass that provides proper lighting for all the tasks done in front of the mirror.

Next, we have Bluetooth bathroom mirrors.

This mirror is eligible to sync our phone or music device.

It also contains LED lights.

The more interesting thing about this mirror is that it allows you to play songs at any moment without getting your device wet.

Some mirrors also come with digital clocks.

So, yeah, all these advanced technologies make the bathroom mirror expensive.

Why Are Round Mirrors So Expensive?

Round Mirrors So Expensive

As I said, mirrors can be both expensive and cheap.

Expensive mirrors whether they are round or of any other shape have some extra features, for instance, magnification or lighted mirrors, that make them costly.

They contain high-cost glass, need considerable time, craftsmanship, or machinery that add extra value.

Why Are Ganador Mirrors So Expensive?

Ganador Mirrors So Expensive

These mirrors are claimed to be the replacement of standard mirrors in their lightweight and elegant appearance, highly suitable for luxury vehicles.

They consist of high-grade ABS plastic and come with wiring plugs, same as the original ones.

You can manually fold the mirror body.

Ganador mirrors are mainly meant for two-door vehicles.

They are designed for RHD and not suitable for LHD vehicles.

Why are full length mirrors so expensive?

full length mirrors so expensive

So many factors perform behind it and one of them is the oversize of the mirror.

It also depends on how well decorated the frame is and what quality materials have been used.

Moreover, the installation of a full length mirror is also costly.

Installing a floor mirror may cost you at least $295.

Why Are Vanity Mirrors So Expensive?

Vanity Mirrors So Expensive

Vanity mirrors are usually used to check our appearance, to arrange hair, or to apply makeup.

As a whole, it is a personal grooming glass.

You can get a small vanity mirror within your range, but a big model may cost you high. 

The most probable reason for its being expensive is the LED lights placed around the mirrors.

Why are Hollywood Mirrors So Expensive?

Hollywood Mirrors So Expensive

Hollywood Mirrors and Vanity Mirrors are almost of the same category.

Hollywood Mirrors are also used for makeup purposes.

They too come with LED lights which are adjustable; some even come with BlueTooth service.

And these make the mirror somewhat expensive.

Final thought:

So, finally, I would like to say that before buying a mirror always consider its reflective quality and flatness first.

High-end mirrors reflect almost 90-95% light and the precise reflection of images depends on how flat the mirror is.

Another thing that is to consider is the silvering of the mirror that ensures longevity.

Hopefully, you are fully informed and can buy the best mirror yourself.

Looking forward to watching the best version of your house.

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