Why Are Lululemon Leggings So Expensive? (Top 13 Reasons)

Lululemon leggings are a favorite of many women for their flattering and slimming qualities.

They’re also one of the most expensive brands out there.

So why exactly do Lululemon leggings cost so much?

We’ve compiled our top 13 reasons below:

Why are Lululemon leggings so expensive?

Quality materials

best quality

Lululemon is a brand that makes high-quality clothing, and their leggings are no exception.

Their leggings are made of the highest-quality materials, which means they’re going to be more expensive than other brands.

However, when you buy Luluemon’s products you know you’ll get what you paid for because they last.

I could go on about how these high-quality materials make them worth the higher price tag.

Quality materials give Lululemon its reputation as one of the most expensive workout wear brands in Canada and America – and with good reason!

Limited edition prints

limited edition

Many Lululemon leggings feature limited edition prints that are only available for a certain amount of time.

You can expect to pay more if you want a pair of leggings with a popular print.

What does this mean?

Well, the first thing is that these leggings will no longer be in stock as soon as they sell out, so you have to buy them right away or risk missing out on your chance at owning them!

The second thing is that the company only produces a limited number of these prints, so you can bet that they’ll be in high demand.

This means that if you want a pair of leggings with a cool print, you’ll probably have to pay more for them.

This also means that if you want to buy a pair of leggings with a certain print, you’ll probably have to pay more than usual because they’re likely already sold out everywhere else.

Exclusive collaborations

Collaboration with big brands

Lululemon collaborations make it more expensive.

Lululemon is famous for its special edition collections, which often explain their higher price tags.

Lululemon places great emphasis on artistic collaboration, both in design and development.

The retailer only collaborates with a select few like: NikeLab, Adidas Originals by Stella McCartney and North Face® X Lululemon® to name a few.

These collaborations have been successful as they have created exclusive products that are not available anywhere else but through the collaboration stores themselves or online at luluemon.com.

In addition to this, these collaborations also create exclusivity as no one can reproduce them.

This exclusivity is one of the main reasons why the brands are so expensive.

Rigorous quality control

quality control

Lululemon leggings are more expensive because they are made with rigorous quality control.

It’s not easy to make sure that every product is up to the high standards of Lululemon, but the company insists on it.

Every single item sold by Lululemon must pass through a series of tests before being approved for sale.

And if you buy something from them and it fails one of these tests? You can bring it back for a full refund or replacement.

That guarantees that their clothes will last longer than most other brands and won’t easily rip or fall apart like some other cheaper alternatives.

Lululemon also has an extensive exchange policy: if you don’t like your purchase, you can return it for another item or store credit.

Highly sought-after design

Highly sought, heart, good in health

Lululemon leggings are made out of a special material that makes them more durable and able to stretch.

Lululemon also uses a specific type of stitching on the inside seams, which makes for an even, smooth fit.

This is why they’re so expensive! It’s because they’re well-made and last longer than most other brands.

It’s worth it in the long run to invest in your workout gear – you’ll get more use out of it and be able to keep up with your workouts better!

Highly trained sales staff

Highly trained sales staff

Lululemon puts its employees through rigorous training programs that serve to benefit the customer by creating an environment where they feel empowered and educated about the product.

The result is knowledgeable salespeople who can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, even if it’s at a higher price point.

expand on this idea to create a blog post section for how Highly trained sales staff of Lululemon making it more expensive.

The employees at Lululemon are highly trained to make sure they can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, even if it’s at a higher price point.

Lululemon puts its employees through rigorous training programs that serve to benefit the customer by creating an environment where they feel empowered and educated about the product.

The result is knowledgeable salespeople who can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, even if it’s at a higher price point.

This means that while Lululemon prices may be on the high end of the spectrum, their products are worth every penny because of how much care goes into making them perfect for your individual needs.”

Expert advice

Expert advice

Lululemon provides expert advice to their customers.

They also offer free measuring and alterations in-store, which is something other brands don’t provide.

The more expensive the leggings are due to these qualities, the better quality they are.

Lululemon offers free measurements for all of its clothing (including leggings) at any time of day or night by appointment only.

It’s a service that you won’t find with most competitors like Nike or Adidas because it costs too much money to have someone on staff 24/7 just taking measurements.

Lululemon wants your business so bad that they’re willing to spend the extra cash just to make sure you’re happy.

In addition, Lululemon offers free alterations on any piece of clothing that you buy from them.

So, if the leggings don’t quite fit right when you try them on, all you have to do is bring them back to the store and they’ll take care of it for you.

This is another service that you won’t find with other apparel brands that also makes Lululemon’s leggings more expensive.

The cost of labor is higher in Canada

Labor Cost

The cost of labor in Canada is higher than other countries.

This means that the leggings made in Canada are more expensive because they’re produced at a higher cost of labor.

In order to produce Lululemon products, they need to find workers who will be able to work for a wage that meets their standards and fit into their company culture, which can be a difficult task.

When it comes time to pay these employees’ wages, the price tag on Lululemon’s clothes skyrockets due to its high Canadian labor costs.

What makes matters worse is that with all this production going on in Canada, there is an increased risk of tariffs being placed on them as well as decreased access to global markets because of the individual country’s economic problems.

fashion statement


Fashion is a major factor in the high price of Lululemon leggings.

Lululemon designs and manufactures its own clothing, and they’re known for making fashionable active wear that’s practical as well as cute.

If you’re looking for a trendy piece of clothing to wear to the gym, Lululemon leggings are a good option.

Fashion-conscious people will pay more than $100 for these leggings because they want to stay on trend with their workout gear.

Others might be willing to invest this kind of money simply because it’s an investment worth making: if you buy one pair now, you can get three or four years’ use out of them before buying another pair.

Investment Worthy

Worthy Investment

Lululemon leggings are worth the investment.

A good quality pair of leggings can last for years with proper care, making them a wise investment in the long run.

Lululemon is known for their high-quality clothing that’s made to last and withstand all types of exercise, which makes it an excellent choice for someone who wants to take part in exercise but does not want to spend money on clothes every few months because they’re wearing out quickly.

They also have plenty of styles and colors available so you’ll never get bored with your workout wear or feel like you need more variety.

All these factors make Lululemon leggings worth the investment!

supporting a good cause


Lululemon is a company that gives back to the community.

For every pair of leggings sold, they donate money to local and global organizations that support health, fitness, and sustainability initiatives.

Supporting these causes makes Lululemon leggings more expensive than other brands because it costs them more for each item.

And with all the different ways you can get involved with their charitable work, there’s never been a better time to buy one!

Helping to keep the environment clean

clean & fresh environment

Lululemon is committed to sustainability, and for every item purchased they make a commitment to help rid the world of unnecessary waste.

For example, Lululemon has recently teamed up with Parley for the Oceans, an organization dedicated to stopping plastic pollution in our oceans.

Together they are working on creating sustainable clothing made from recycled ocean waste found primarily in coastal communities that live off fishing and tourism.

The company also has a Blue Bag Commitment program where customers can bring their old clothes into stores and swap them out for new ones!

Lululemon is making strides towards reducing its carbon footprint by using more environmentally friendly fabrications like hemp-based materials or organic cotton which require less water than conventional cotton production methods.

They’re also committed to sourcing sustainable materials and working with suppliers who share the same dedication to sustainability.

They make you feel good

feel good fresh

Lululemon leggings are expensive for a number of reasons, but one main factor is that they make you look good.

When you’re wearing Lululemon leggings, you feel confident and sexy.

That’s what makes them so expensive – because people are willing to pay the higher price tag in order to have peace of mind.

When you wear a well-made legging that makes you feel good, it’s worth the investment.

How to save money on Lululemon leggings?

Why expensive, how to save money

There are many ways to save money on Lululemon leggings.

The following are the top 11 steps:

Sign up for the company’s email list

When you sign up for the company’s email list, you will receive information about upcoming sales and discounts.

Look for discount codes online

discount codes online

Discount codes are often available online.

Simply do a Google search for “Lululemon discount code” to find a code that will give you a discount on your purchase.

Check out the company’s outlet store

The company has an outlet store where you can find discounted leggings.

Be sure to check out the sale section, as you may be able to find leggings at a fraction of the original price.

Wait for a sale

Lululemon often has sales throughout the year.

Be sure to wait for a sale, as you can save up to 70% off of the original price.

Buy a gift card

Buy On Sale

You can purchase a gift card from the company and receive $20 off of $100 or $30 off of $150.

While this doesn’t apply to leggings, it is another way that you can save money on your next purchase.

Look for leggings on consignment

You can find leggings for sale on consignment websites, such as poshmark.com or online garage sales, such as kijiji.ca It’s important to remember that the quality of the second-hand leggings may not be as good as brand new leggings, but you’ll save significantly by buying them at a discounted price.

Repair your leggings

If your Lululemon leggings have ripped or torn, you can have them professionally repaired instead of buying new ones.

This is a great way to save money and ensure that your leggings last for years to come.

To find someone who can repair your leggings, do a Google search for “Lululemon legging repair” plus your city name.

Shop on Amazon


You can find many different Lululemon items on Amazon, including apparel and footwear.

Amazon often has price reductions on these products, which means that you can easily save money when shopping on its website.

Shop at the company’s physical stores

Lululemon often offers discounts in its physical stores.

Be sure to visit a store near you and see if there are any deals available.

Join the company’s loyalty program

Join The Rewards Program

The company has a loyalty program that offers rewards for spending money on its products.

If you’re a frequent shopper, it may be worth joining this program to receive discounts on your future purchases.

Take advantage of the company’s return policy

If you’re not happy with your purchase, the company has a generous return policy that allows you to return the product for a full refund.

This is another way that you can save money on your Lululemon leggings.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion,  there are many reasons why Lululemon leggings come with a higher price tag.

Some of these reasons include the cost of labor, materials, and the brand’s commitment to quality control and sustainability.

If you’re looking for a stylish and durable pair of leggings, Lululemon is a good option.

And although they may be more expensive than other brands, you’re ultimately getting what you pay for.

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