Why Are Lol Dolls So Expensive? [Top 13 Reasons]

If you’re wondering why LOL Dolls are so expensive, you’re not alone. These toys have become wildly popular in recent years, and as a result, their prices have continued to increase.

There are many factors that contribute to the cost of these dolls, but here we will discuss the Top 13 Reasons why they are so pricey. Keep reading to find out more.

Why are LOL Dolls so Expensive?

LOL Dolls are expensive because of their accessories, high-quality wigs, packaging, and high demand. Their surprise unboxing experience is also a contributing factor to their high price tag. In addition, LOL Dolls have a secret skin design that takes a lot of time to create. Furthermore, quality control checks are another reason why these dolls are so expensive. Lastly, limited editions make these dolls even more expensive.


LOL, dolls come with so many accessories. They have doll clothes, wigs, glasses, handbags, doll-sized smart gadgets, dollhouses, and also sleepover accessory sets. Just to mention a few. Also, they have surprise picture books that teach children many things.

They have books that children can color and have fun with them. These accessories are beneficial to children in many ways. It shows that the brand values their thought and ideas. Also, it helps the children to be more creative, especially during playtime.

All these accessories have made lol dolls popular and increased their demand. So many people want to grab them for their children. So the brand takes advantage and raises its price tags. They know that the consumers are willing to part with any amount to buy them.

High-quality Wigs

LOL dolls have premium quality wigs that come as part of the accessories. These wigs are of different colors, and you can use them to match different types of clothes.

The wigs are easy to style, making the dolls attractive and unique. Also, other lol dolls can withstand hot styling sessions with blowdryers and straighteners.

Making them different and outshine their competitors. High-quality wigs come with premium price tags, so lol dolls get expensive.

Lol Dolls Packaging

Little Outrageous Littles surprise dolls come when they are well packaged. They get covered with seven layers of paper and wrapping. When you buy for your children, they will have to go through all these layers one at a time before getting the surprise, which is a small doll inside.

Most children get delighted after this vigorous opening process. Also, the accessories come when wrapped separately with a container to open. So the brand uses a lot of packaging material on a single doll package.

The packaging materials are equally expensive. The brand compensates for the cost of buying them by increasing the price of the Lol dolls.

High Demand

LOL dolls have become popular over the years and thus increased demand. The demand for these toys is usually high during festive seasons like Christmas when most parents gift their children.

They were featured as the hottest toys in 2021 by Amazon. Also, they were Walmart’s 2021 top-rated kids toys. It means that their demand surged by a high percentage. The suppliers can deliver 65% of the order.

So it is clear that the supply does not meet the demand. So when the supply is low, the demand is high, and the product’s price goes up, which is why lol dolls are costly.

Surprise Unboxing Experience

Another reason that makes lol dolls expensive is the surprise unwrapping experience. These toys come when they are packed inside opaque packaging material.

So after buying, kids can not guess what is inside the pack until they fully open it. Each accessory is numbered from seven to nine, but can go to dozens hidden in its packaging layer.

It makes the unwrapping experience memorable and fun. LOL dolls company mainly targets children aged 4 to 14 years. However, the surprise unwrapping experience comes at a price, thus increasing the dolls’ price.

LOL Dolls have a Secret Skin Designs

LOL dolls manufacturers use a specialized formula to create secret skin designs. You can only discover the surprise designs by placing them under the water. Building these features requires skilled personnel and machines and other components so that they can work.

The parts are unique, and it is hard for the counterparts to copy. Buying these specialized machines and paying the skilled workers comes at a cost. So when the brand adds these costs to the cost, the prices of the dolls go up.

They have a Movable and Durable Body

LOL dolls are made using high-quality materials and well-qualified personnel. Their body is soft, and their limbs are well-connected. They have a neck cord that connects their body to their head.

So it’s hard for the toys to get disconnected, especially when children are having a rough play or quarreling over the same toy. The central connection makes lol surprise toys’ limbs move quickly.

It acts as a spinal cord, so the owners can move them in whatever direction they might wish. Buying raw materials for these parts is expensive, and the costs get reflected through the high price tags.

It takes A lot of time to Create LOL Dolls.

Manufacturing a single doll may take a very long process to complete. You have first to prepare the raw materials to create all the body parts of the LOL doll.

The procedures need to have a high-end machine for quality outcomes. Also, there is labor enforcement required to speed up the process.

After manufacturing the dolls, they are packed by hand to ensure they are given the final check before being sealed. After that, the boxes get packed in shipping cartons.

The process is time-consuming, and time is money. On top of other costs, the company has to compensate for the time taken to manufacture these surprise dolls. So they increase their prices and make more profits.

Quality Control Checks

Apart from checking any defects on the lol dolls’ parts during the molding process, they must meet the required toy safety regulations. These rules are set by the United States consumer product safety commission.

The brand has to ensure that the suppliers test all the raw materials. Before packing any lol doll, it has to go through a metal detector to ensure no metal contaminants are present.

The brand spends money on the quality control process because they need to purchase machines to do the equally expensive process. Also, they pay for licenses to operate their company, which is also costly.

When the brand adds all these expenses, they pass the cost to the consumers by setting high prices for the lol dolls.


In most instances, when you order lol dolls, there are go-betweens involved, especially on online platforms. Their work is to convince you to buy products, but they don’t have any of the products.

They partner with the sellers, who pay them on a commission basis for every product sold. When there are more people involved, the price of the LOL dolls goes up so that the seller can make a profit.

They are Educative

When you buy a doll for your child, it helps them with imaginative play, emotional development, resilience, and literacy. Also, most parents consider them to be worth investing in because their children spend a lot of time in creative playing.

When you bring them a lol doll, they don’t know what is inside. They only imagine. So before they get to the last layer, they will have developed resilience. LOL doll also helps children learn vocabulary and storytelling skills from the lol dolls books.

When children play with dolls, they help them express what they feel. Its value justifies the high price stickers of lol dolls to both the parents and children.

Limited Editions

The other reason that makes lol dolls expensive is the limited editions. There are lol dolls that are limited editions. The brand manufactures a specific number, and once they get out stocked, they don’t bring them back to the market.

It makes them of high value and costly compared to others. Sometimes the company might decide to get them back, but the prices remain unchanged.

Lol Dolls are Highly Detailed and Well Designed

One of the main reasons lol dolls are expensive is the level of detail that goes into their design. Compared to dolls from other brands created with very little attention to detail, each lol doll is crafted carefully with a lot of precision and keenness.

The attention to detail is seen in features like the gigantic eyes and eye-popping colors attractive to people. Also, the high-quality materials used.

These factors not only make them expensive but also sought after by both children and parents.

Final Thoughts On Why LOL Dolls are so Expensive

In conclusion, There are several factors that contribute to the high price tag of LOL Dolls. Firstly, the accessories that come with each doll are of high quality and include items such as high-quality wigs and clothes.

Secondly, the packaging of LOL Dolls is very well-designed and includes a lot of detail, which adds to the cost. Thirdly, there is a high demand for LOL Dolls, which means that manufacturers can charge more for them.

Fourthly, the unboxing experience is a big part of the appeal of these dolls, and this also adds to the cost.

Finally, LOL Dolls are very well-designed and made from high-quality materials, which also contributes to their high price tag.

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