Why Are Honda Generators So Expensive? (Top 6 Reasons)

Honda is a renowned brand all over the world.

It has been leading in the portable generator market for over six decades.

They make their generators using the latest technology, build them with quality materials.

But customers get disappointed when it gets to buying them.

Why? Because Honda generators’ prices are high.

Various reasons lead to the premium costs.

They include are brand’s quality, reliability, portability, versatility, and durability.

However, in this article, we will discuss the reasons deeper, so make sure you read mindfully to the end.

Why are Honda generators so expensive?

Honda is a reputable brand that has existed for over six decades.

It produces the best generators worldwide.

Amongst many reasons, there are the top five well-discussed reasons.

These reasons influence the outrageous prices of honda generators.

Thus the reasons are:


Quality and durability

Honda generators are made using high-quality materials that can withstand different environmental conditions.

They are solid and compactly designed to stand the test of time if you take good care of them, for example, by running them dry before storage.

They might serve you for many years without any complications.

Also, they are very dependable, and you can experience very minimal downtime with them.

Yet, it is good to be careful when buying to choose the suitable model to enjoy everything they offer.



Honda generators are known to offer exceptional reliability to everyone who purchases it.

They keep their value even after using it for many years, and you can still start on command.

Honda generators are long-lasting, so there is no point in buying a  brand that keeps breaking down.

With no reliability.  Due to their high-reliability levels, they also come with premium price tags.

Most people want to buy a reliable product, so they are willing to pay more money to get them.



These generators are very versatile and not limited to what they can do.

They can perform almost every duty assigned.

You can use them to operate home appliances, campsites, and workplaces.

But it depends on the model that you buy.

These generators support both solid and rugged devices.

And also the most sensitive electronic devices.

So this influential factor in considerations increases its final price.

Portability and silence

Portability and silence

One unique factor about Honda generators is that they are portable.

So you don’t need to worry about moving them.

You can find some very light models, and you can carry them with less effort.

Also, other models are pretty heavy, but the good thing is that they have wheels, so moving them is not a big deal.

Honda generators are compatible with home settings.

It is because they use four-stroke engines with low decibel levels.

Honda’s super quiet generators have impressive features.

They also have an enclosed body for a more subdued performance.

Brand Popularity

Brand Popularity

Honda is a worldwide known brand for producing high-quality products.

So the brand has to keep the prices of their items high to maintain its customers’ views.

Also, being a famous brand, there are so many people willing to buy from them.

And due to increased demand, they limit the number of products they manufacture to increase the prices.

Almost half the price of honda generators goes to the brand name.



Honda generators meet all the CARB emissions requirements.

So that you can use them anywhere freely.

Also, their commercial generators are certified by OSHA, LA-ETL, and ANSI.

Most of their models have GFCI outlets.

Thus getting a honda generator that meets all the requirements of your home and work needs is very easy.

These certifications influence the prices of the generators.

Are honda generators worth the money?

worth it

Yes, honda generators are worth every coin.

They are very reliable, durable, cost-effective, and dependable.

Also, they are vital to stand the test of time.

But for you to enjoy all the services they offer you need to choose a suitable model.

There are so many fake brands in the market.

So it is good to be careful when buying, and if you are unsure, make sure you consult experts.

Also, consider factors like cost, portability, and fuel efficiency for a suitable model.

Despite being so costly, you will notice they are worth it when you put all the factors in place.

How reliable are honda generators?

How reliable

Honda generators are very reliable and trusted.

They keep their value even after using them for a very long period.

Some functions like commanding them to start still work well.

Due to their silence factor, these generators don’t struggle to perform their duties.

You can use them everywhere. 

Also, you rarely experience downtime while using them.

Their resale value is also you can sell it at almost ¾ of its original price.

Advantages and benefits of expensive honda generators

Advantages and benefits

You can spend so much money on expensive Honda generators, but they are worth every penny.

They come with so many advantages and benefits.

Below are some of them.

High-quality output

High quality output

The technology applied ensures that power is closer to line power compared to the cheap ones.

They produce reliable energy that is equal to the power that you get in your household outlets.

Light and small in size

Light and small in size

Premium honda generators tend to be lighter and smaller.

Honda engineers use technology to integrate parts of the generator and engines.

It makes them smaller and lighter than other inexpensive models.

High fuel efficiency

fuel efficiency

It has an eco throttle that allows the generators to adjust the engine speed.

And produce only the power needed during the particular operation.

Because the engines don’t have to operate at a full-speed, it reduces the fuel consumption by 40%.

Also, it helps to reduce emissions.



Expensive honda generators have slow operations compared to the cheap models.

Honda engineers use unique sound dampening materials and silent engines.

They reduce the noise. You can use these generators everywhere.

Parallel capability


Some generators get paired with identical-sized units to double the power capacity.

It allows you two use two light generators to perform the work of a much colossal generator.

What factors to consider before buying a honda generator?

consider, think, what to check

When you decide to buy a honda generator, there are some factors you need to consider.

Thus these factors are


Portable generator

There are so many types of honda generators.

Some are portable, and others are not.

But if you want a generator that you can use to move from one place to another, you should buy a portable one.

It’s so light and weighs less than 46 pounds.

Also, they are so quiet, and you get assured of less noise.

But some heavy generators have wheels that you can push and move around.

Generator durability


When buying a generator, you want something that can last for years without breaking down.

So ensure that it is made using high-quality materials.

You can also try to compare with other competitor brands.

A good generator should have minimal downtime in years of use.

Some generators come with reinforced legs.

They prevent them from having direct contact with the surface and tear and wear.

User friendly

User friendly

Some honda generators are so complex to operate.

So make sure that you look for something that you can work with so much ease.

It is advisable to look for a generator with electric ignitions.

They start automatically even after a power outage, and you don’t need to apply any manual force.

Noise level

Noise level

Most generators are known for their high noise levels.

They can be disturbing during the night and are not ideal for camping or outdoor events.

So when shopping for one, make sure you check the decibel rating of a honda.

For example, for every 10 decibels, the generator’s noise is more than ten times powerful.

Honda Super quiet EU models have slow operations.

Fuel type

Fuel type

Before buying a generator, the emergency fuel type is an essential factor to consider.

The most common generators are propane, diesel, and natural gas.

Cost is another factor that comes with a generator.

The fuel capacity of your generator determines the amount of fuel you are going to use.

Also, it would be best if you looked at the availability of the fuel in your locality.

Again there are some places where some types of fuels are prohibited.

So it would help if you considered all these factors before settling for a model.

Service and support

Service and support

Before buying one, you should consider how you can access support and service when you wish.

It’s good to buy a model to connect with a technician if you experience a problem.

Also, you need to buy one whose spare parts are easy to get when you need a replacement.

Generator transfer switch

Generator transfer switch

Transfer switches can either be manual or automatic.

Energy honda generators have mechanical switches.

The best thing with Honda Eu and UM is that they work seamlessly with transfer switches.

So you can power all your home appliances. So they are a good choice.

How much does it cost to run a honda generator?

Much Should Cost

Running a honda generator cost gets determined by the type of fuel you use.

Gasoline is the most common fuel used in generators.

A standard honda generator with  5 kilowatts will consume 0.75 gallons per hour with an estimated $ 2.89.

So it means if you run your generator the whole day, it will consume 18 gallons at an average cost of $52.

For diesel generator’s prices of diesel vary from time to time.

A 20-kilowatt generator will consume 1.6 gallons per hour.

So if you run it the whole day, it will; cost you $122 at an average cost of 3.71 per gallon.

A 20-kilowatt honda generator that uses propane will cost you 3.45 gallons at an average cost of 2.0 in use.

So if it runs for 24 hours, it will burn 83 gallons at an estimated cost of $200.

Natural gas is becoming the choice of many people, especially in the US.

The cost of the gas is $3.45 per cubic meter.

A 7-watt generator will use 118 per cubic meter if you spend 0.82 per hour, not too expensive.

Some reviews on honda generators


Honda brand has maintained a good reputation for producing the best generators.

They have worked hard to ensure that they give the best services to their customers.

Their handwork and sincerity are seen through customers’ reviews on Amazon.

Below are wonderful reviews left by customers.

Read this the customer got satisfied with their services.

Also, this other customer left a positive review that honda has the best generators ever.

How to save money on Honda generators?

save money

In general, Honda generators are expensive.

But there are some strategies you can use and save some money on them.

Below are some tricks that you can apply.

You can buy a second-hand honda generator at a lower price.

Because they are durable, you get a well-maintained one.

It will serve you the same as a new one.

Learn some maintenance basics like changing oil.

When you learn this, you don’t need to keep calling a technician to change your oil, and you will end up saving some money.

Also, you can buy a Honda generator when they are offering discounts at a lower price.

Also, you can buy using coupons.

There are online stores that offer free shipping when you buy honda generators from them.

You can take it as an advantage and save the shipping fees.

When buying, make sure that you buy a fuel-efficient model to save on fuel costs.

Less expensive alternatives to honda generators


Honda being a reputable generator manufacturer, has indeed increased its competitors.

These alternatives are cheaper options.

You can buy from if you find honda not affordable.

Thus Top 8 choices are

  1. Yamaha
  2. WEN
  3. Duromax
  4. Generac
  5. Westinghouse
  6. Pulsar
  7. Champion
  8. Firman


As we end this article, we can now easily understand why Honda Generators are expensive.

 These powerful machines are reliable, versatile, dependable, and durable.

So, these factors influence their ultimate prices.  

Many people complain that honda generators are costly.

But despite that, the brand has continued to record high sales.

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