Why Are Dyson Fans So Expensive? (Top 5 Reasons)

If you are a genuine consumer of Dyson, a British brand, you know well how impressive it is.

From household appliances to electric devices, Dyson has a dominating influence over other brands in terms of manufacturing super-quality products.

Dyson fans are among the supreme innovations of the company that are eye-catching, worthwhile, and durable.

They come in different designs, colors, and styles including bladeless fans, tower fans, pedestal fans, personal fans, etc.

When it comes to purchasing a Dyson fan, it is highly expensive, which may be unusual.

For example,  a Dyson bladeless fan may range from $500 to $800 regarding particular factors.

If you wonder why the price is ridiculous, you should know that these fans are highly advanced with innovative features, well-efficient to provide excellent benefits, aesthetic with ordinary color-combination and design, and long-lasting because of potential parts that have backed up the price to be excessive.

Why are Dyson fans so expensive?

Recapitulating elaborately, this article contains the reasons that push Dyson fans to be exceedingly expensive.

Hence, let’s explore the reasons. 

Advanced Technologies


Today, modernity is prevailing in everything.

With the advancement of technology, everything is being facilitated for the convenience of human life.

Thus, from household appliances to electric devices, everything is here to reduce human difficulties.

Accordingly, Dyson’s household appliances, specifically, Fans are also replete with lots of benefits that are technologically abundant, advanced, and improved. 

Dyson Fans are of various types including hot and cool purifier fan heaters, tower fans, personal fans, smart fans, cloak fans, cool humidifiers, etc.

All of these models come with advanced technologies that can excite anyone to buy them. 

All Dyson fans are characterized by side-to-side oscillation and magnetic remotes.

They are easy to clean because of nouveau features which is another fantastic quality of the fans. 

The most brilliant feature of Dyson fans is the lineup of bladeless fans.

Dyson purifier cool heater, hot and cool heater, and pure humidify cool are some of the recent innovations that are bladeless.

They are completely outstanding with technological features.

Amongst them, Dyson hot and cool heaters, containing air purification, can sense gas and particles by capturing them and producing pure air.

They have a screen on the body to show pollution levels, a voice control feature, and a night mode.

Dyson purifier cool fans feature a HEPA filter, three sensors, a remote control, voice control, etc.

Then, pure humidify cool fans are three-functional representing more advanced features. 

Moreover, Dyson smart fans and cloak fans also show some creative characteristics that are praiseworthy.

Therefore, it is seen that Dyson fans are technologically innovative.

They come with stunning features that ennoble their value.

As a result, they are splendid, worthy, and expensive.

Excellent Performance

Excellent Performance

One of the most impressive matters of Dyson fans is their excellent performance.

When you buy a thing at a hefty price, you do that only to get satisfactory services.

Dyson fans are so precious that they fully justify your money. 

All of the improved technologies of Dyson fans provide brilliant performance.

Purifier hot and cool fan heaters contain 10 different speeds that are customizable according to needs.

Its air setting is magnificent and it can cool air very speedily.

Due to the air purification feature, they produce pure and fresh air. 

Humidifier cool fans provide noiseless sleep because of the night mode.

They keep the house smell-free and dust-free throughout the day.

They are more notable in terms of humidifying and thus, making the rooms safe, cool, and static.  

Dyson air-go smart fans are amazing with cooling ability even though they have no air purification technology.

Dyson cloak fans are also remarkable as they are affordable and customizable. 

Hence, Dyson fans are quite excellent in providing meticulous performance.

With a lot of attributions, they are capable of satisfying you by offering the utmost efficiency.

For this reason, Dyson fans are ridiculously superfluous compared to other standard fans.

Aesthetic Design and look 


Another striking reason that makes Dyson fans unique and incomparable to others is their aesthetic appearance with distinctive design.

Worth mentioning, Dyson fans’ bladeless design is truly unique and creative that makes them more than a fan, and has impressed everyone.

With a simple color combination of white, golden, silver, and black, they look solely stunning.

Amongst bladeless fans, the Dyson purifier fan heater is one of the most attractive designs indeed.

These fans come with a golden finish.

And the remote control is embellished on the top of the fan with a magnet to be fixed.

Then, Dyson pure cool me purifier fans look like futuristic-looking silver and white models. 

Therefore, one can easily deduce that it is the unique design that pushes the price to be higher than average.  

Magnificent Durability

durability of the Products

If you want to have more durable fans at a huge amount of cost, then Dyson fans can be a better option for you.

They are not only adaptable but also durable on account of the assortment of high-end technology and improved features. 

Dyson fans are very fast to make the room cool and fresh.

They are potentially enough backed up by the prolific features.

You can keep them on for hours after hours incessantly.

Typically, they can be run for more than 12 hours at a stretch.

To get longevity, you should take care of fans.

You must not leave them for continuous running, rather, you have to give them rest for hours.

You should charge on time and control them with proficient hands.

The more you will take care of, the more days they will last. 

Well, this advantage again adds more money to the cost.

Therefore, Dyson fans become expensive. 

Brand Value

highest Brand Value

Dyson has a significant brand value throughout the world because of its different kinds of appliances.

Manufacturing and producing vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, dryers, fans, and heaters, Dyson is one of the most renowned brands at now. 

It is analyzed that Dyson has more than 8 billion dollar revenue at the end of 2020.

In that year, the net income of Dyson was nearly $2 billion.

Now, more than 15,000 employees are involved with this brand directly and indirectly. 

Moreover, the founder, James Dyson has inaugurated James Dyson Foundation and Charitable trust that accomplish beneficial works. 

In this way, Dyson is a forwarding brand moving beyond catch.

Overall, it has placed itself at the top position and turned out to be a valuable company.

As a result, the price of its products is sold at a high price indicating the value of the brand.

Consequently, its fans as well as other devices and household appliances are very extravagant. 


What makes Dyson fans so good?


Dyson fans boast lots of fantastical features that make them so good and even better than average.

One of the best features of them is their bladeless technology.

They don’t have fast-spinning blades like others, which is an ordinary feature of those typical fans.

These bladeless fans look beautiful and work excellently.

Having elevated features, they purify the air and provide fresh humidity.

Some of them also have a heating function for winter use.

Thus, the bladeless feature makes Dyson fans unique in a true sense. 

Is a Dyson fan worth the money?

worth it

Whether Dyson fans are worth the money or not depends on the types of fans you buy.

As Dyson releases different kinds of fans with different characteristics and features, they vary from one form to another.

As said earlier, Dyson fans are attributed with modern technology, they are obviously admirable.

They have a remote control system, voice control system, monitoring screen, air purification, etc.

Thus, they are very expensive in defining the worth.

But saying that, some of them are not worth the money.

However, most of the consumers express that they are happy with Dyson fans because of their high-end proficiency.

How efficient is a Dyson fan compared to traditional fans?


In a word, Great! Dyson fans have a lower power consumption rate in contrast to regular fans.

They consume less than half of the amount of electricity the traditional fans consume.

In particular, its bladeless fans are more efficient than the other fans.

They cool the rooms early, heat and purify air exactly.

They are powerful, smooth, and viable.

They look aesthetic with excellent design.

Hence, a Dyson fan is more efficient and remarkable compared to traditional fans.

What are the advantages of buying a Dyson Fan?

Advantages and benefits

Having a Dyson fan takes some beating.

With lots of advantages, a Dyson fan is capable of satisfying your desire for which you buy a great fan.

A bladeless Dyson fan is efficient enough to be less power-hungry.

It is stylish and looks elegant and splendid.

It is wholly noise-free that enables you to sleep serenely.

The air provided by it is cool, smooth, and breezy.

Because of the air purification system, the air is fresh and refined.

It has a magnetic remote control and voice system.

Moreover, it is simple to clean.

Thus, a Dyson fan is exclusively advantageous.

Do Dyson fans hold value?

hold the value

Yeah, Dyson fans hold the value with their versatile characteristics.

It has been already disclosed that Dyson fans are full of good qualities.

They are beneficial and convenient due to multiple features.

Although they are expensive, they are worth the money.

They come with elevated technologies that uphold their value extremely.

What to consider before buying from Dyson fans?

consider, think, what to check

You should keep these things in mind before buying Dyson fans.

First of all, size is a great matter of concern.

All Dyson fans are not the same in size.

Its bladeless fans are two types such as tower and table fans.

You have to decide which type is necessary for you according to your scope.

Then, oscillation is another crucial fact that must be thought about before buying a fan.

Consider how much the fan can oscillate allowing it to rotate.

Last but not the least, thinking about the price of Dyson fans is a must for you.

You have to spend a huge amount of money behind a Dyson bladeless fan.

As fans are replete with various technological features, they will justify your money.

How much does it cost to run a Dyson fan?

Much Should Cost

You already know that Dyson fans are mostly expensive compared to its other typical fans.

Thus, when it comes to the cost to run a Dyson fan, the amount varies according to different types of fans.

In comparison to air conditioners, a Dyson fan consumes less electricity.

Therefore, you can cover a summer costing about $30 to run a Dyson pedestal or tower fan.

Hence, if you run your fan the entire year, the cost may go up to $80.

Is a Dyson fan better than an air conditioner?

What to choose

Despite having distinctive features to cool a room with fresh and pure air, a Dyson fan can not be better than an air conditioner.

Because a Dyson fan does not bear Freon.

While an air conditioner directs the whole temperature of a particular room, a Dyson fan can cool the room by directing the air around the room.

Therefore, an air conditioner is a better option in comparison to a Dyson fan regarding its huge area of air circulation and some other fundamental features.

Why are the bladeless fans so expensive?

bladeless fans so expensive

Dyson bladeless fans are the most expensive among the other fans of the brand.

These fans are innovative creations of the brand embellished with lots of magnificent features.

They contain advanced technology and advantageous options.

They are efficient in providing the utmost service.

They feature side-to-side oscillation, a magnetic remote control, voice control, air purification process, noise-free air, etc.

With creative design, they also look fantastic.

Thus, their outstanding characteristics make them so expensive.  

How to save money on a Dyson fan?

save money

Despite being so expensive, you can save money on a Dyson fan by following some strategies.

The first and foremost way to save money is getting discounts.

Dyson often offers discounts on certain products.

You can save money by buying a fan when the discount is offered.

Besides, you can buy Dyson fans on other online shops that demand lower prices than Dyson itself.

Some Reviews of Dyson fans

Some reviews

A positive review of Dyson fan where the consumer is delighted for having a great fan.

According to him, it is worth the money.

Then another good review of Dyson Fan.

This user is pleased with his Duson fan. 

This lady is another consumer of Dyson fan who are satisfied with the admirable customer service of Dyson. 

Dyson fans alternative


If you can not afford to buy Dyson’s expensive fans, there are multiple options for you that you can follow.

Hence, these alternatives are there:

  1. Meaco 
  2. Swan
  3. Voxon 
  4. Dreo
  5. Bionaire
  6. Lasko
  7. U Ultty
  8. Air Choice
  9. Conbola 
  10. Ocean Loong

Final Thoughts:

All in all, Dyson is a prominent brand of household appliances and electronic devices.

It is very familiar because of excellent innovations that are effective, proficient, and essential.

In particular, its fans are highly technological with advanced features that uphold their value.

Come with wonderful design and subtle outlines, they are completely exceptional.

Besides, their durability makes them magnificent.

For their unique features, they are at the top of the customer’s choice.

Therefore, Dyson fans are outrageously expensive in comparison to other fans.

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