Why Are Dumbbells So Expensive (5 Facts Explained)

People around the world are being more concerned and aware of the working outs to keep the body fit and healthy. Some join the gymnasium while some do the same job at home.
Bowflex SelectTech 5.52 Dumbbells
But wherever you work out, dumbbells are quite essential equipment. To be surprised that this necessary equipment is not now accessible at a reasonable price. Instead, the price of dumbbells is accelerating and it has reached an apex in history.
So, why are dumbbells so expensive now? What reasons function behind this? Let’s find out some matters that are responsible for making dumbbells outrageously expensive.

The reasons for which dumbbells are expensive :

Analyzing various aspects, it can be said that dumbbells are predominantly expensive because of their higher demands. Besides, their unique raw materials, standard quality, durability, and shipping difficulty are the other reasons that enable the price to be increasing. Hence, these factors are illustrated elaborately.

Higher Demand

When the covid-19 pandemic affected the whole world and lockdown was imposed on occasions, the demand for dumbbells as well as other home gyms equipment increased so much as gyms were closed. Many men are now preferring working out at home to the gym after the lockdown. As a result, the demand for dumbbells is noticeable. Due to this reason, dumbbells are widely sold out whether it is online or on the market.
Nevertheless, it should also be remembered that dumbbells have always been in demand. As indispensable equipment for gyms, dumbbells are always popular. Since the workout and fitness industry is an ever-growing trend, it has been increasing gradually over decades. And it is estimated that the popularity of workouts has increased almost 33% each year. And it is now the first and foremost reason for which the price of workout materials, specifically dumbbells, is rising persistently.

Heavy Materials

One of the rudimentary reasons for which dumbbells are very expensive is the use of heavy materials in them. They are not only pretty big and bulky but also very heavy. They are often made from cast iron heads, stainless steel, rubber, or plastic.
Although iron is not the most expensive material, it is not the cheapest either. Rather, it is more valuable than other elements such as metals and steel. However, some dumbbells are also coated with rubber to make them more flexible and potential. Therefore, on account of the use of these components, dumbbells become so hard. And this aspect matters in the superfluous price of the dumbbells.

Best Quality

Products that come with the best quality will demand the highest price. If you are willing to get and enjoy more quality and satisfactory products, you have to be ready to spend more money.
Consequently, most of the dumbbells are now manufactured from standard components and strong raw materials. If the materials are not strong, dumbbells can be broken when they fall on the ground as there is a frequent chance to fall unmindfully.
Besides, the castings of the best dumbbells are well furnished and beautifully made so that there are no sharp edges that can create trouble and hurt yourself. Moreover, to make the handle plainer and smoother, more processes should be done during manufacturing. Some highest-quality handles carry some type of coating for corrosion protection as well.
So, it can be assumed that dumbbells that are made of standard and the best quality will demand a high amount of money in return.


You have bought a product, and you observe that you can not use the product as your demand, and it has been broken or spoiled. That means you have been deceived or have wasted your money by not buying a durable product.
Is it good or desirable for you? Surely, it is not. So, every time you buy a product or any piece of equipment, you must carefully notice the durability and functionality of the device. Similarly, you have to be careful when you are going to buy a dumbbell. There are so many dumbbells that are available at a cheap price as well as expensive. You should bear in mind that, the more durable the dumbbell is, the more expensive price it holds.
Dumbbells made of extraordinary materials are very efficient and durable. They can last for years after years and even your whole life if you can take care of them properly. In this case, you should keep them out of water and dust so that they can not be rusted.
However, durability is another reason that impacts the high price of dumbbells. Being potential and durable, dumbbells can survive a long time which is pretty convenient for you. For this reason, you don’t have to buy a pair of them so many times in your life if you buy an expensive pair only once.

Shipment Charges

Mostly, China is one of the prominent countries popular for manufacturing dumbbells. As I said earlier, dumbbells are heavy because of the strong and bulky materials used in them. As a result, they take extra inconvenience to be transported to other countries. It is hazardous to pack, take aside, bring on the ships, and finally consign to customers.
Consequently, there are extra shipping charges for dumbbells. This again costs a huge sum of money to recover disadvantages. Thus, customers get them at a hefty price.

Are expensive dumbbells worth it?

An ideal set of dumbbells manufactured from a reputed brand is worth it. As I’ve already said enough about the reasons for which dumbbells are very expensive, they take some painstaking work before they come into markets.
They are designed, manufactured, and finally shipped to different countries. Besides, careful packaging to prevent damage in transit is an indispensable job that should be maintained properly. Moreover, the materials are pricey and durable. Therefore, all of these factors make dumbbells expensive and in return, you get a piece of superb equipment for workouts. Thus, the expensive dumbbells are worth buying.

What is a good price for dumbbells?

The price of dumbbells varies according to different types and sizes. Primarily, weight is the major concern that makes the difference between the cheap and high cost. Besides, it is another thing to consider whether you will buy a pair of dumbbells or a full set. In general, analyzing different factors of the dumbbells market, it is seen that the average price of all dumbbells is $1.67 per pound.
However, since the market for dumbbells is surprisingly outrageous, the normal price is more extravagant than previous. The fair price of a 5 lbs dumbbell now stays between $12 to $15. Then, a 15 lbs dumbbell costs almost $30 on average. Again, 50 lbs dumbbells demand more than $80. After all, the weight according to the sizes fixes the price of dumbbells.

How to Save Money When Buying Dumbbells?

As we know, dumbbells are made from a combination of different materials such as iron, steel, aluminum, plastic, and synthetics. Concerning this, they come at different prices. So, if you want to save money when buying dumbbells, you should buy an adjustable pair of dumbbells that are not heavy and large.
Another way to save money is buying used dumbbells. Although most people may not like it, you will see several used dumbbells in good shape in many online shops or any other places. By purchasing used dumbbells, you can save hundreds!

Are There Cheaper Alternatives to Dumbbells?

Yes, there are numerous cheaper alternatives to dumbbells that can help you very much. If you are unable to go to a gymnasium or buy dumbbells, you can use these alternative weights to continue your workout.
The best and most useful alternative is a filled water bottle or gallon with any other liquids. This heavyweight will help you to gain a proper objective. Besides, bags of sand may be another option while working out. Moreover, heavy textbooks are also an effective alternative to dumbbells.
But, if you are more professional and want alternative equipment, you can buy ankle weights at a cheap and comfortable price. Resistance Bands are also a substitution for dumbbells that are flexible and easy to carry.

Most popular dumbbells That are worth Money:

Amongst multiple pairs of dumbbells, there are so many of them that are worth the money. Manufactured by world-famous brands and companies, these dumbbells can offer you a satisfactory workout experience. At the same time, their price is reasonable in contrast to their quality. However, there are three sets of dumbbells that are worth mentioning.
The first pair of dumbbells that is worth the money is the Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbells. A product of the Bowflex brand, Nautilus Inc. marketed a few years ago.
Accommodating from 5 to 52.5 pounds with a 2.5-pound increase up to the first 25 pounds, these dumbbells help you go from one exercise to another. Because of having an exceptional dial system, it can combine 15 sets of weights into one. Moreover, the metal plates with strong molding deliver a solid and smooth lift-off and quieter workouts.
The price of these dumbbells is more than $400 regarding their uniqueness.
Manufactured by iFIT Health & Fitness, this pair of dumbbells can provide a powerful strength-training workout in a comfort zone. Having 2.5, 5, and 10-pound increments to dial in the perfect resistance during exercise, you can train your whole body with these wonderful, excellent, and adjustable dumbbells.
These dumbbells include 15 possible assortments of innovation that work as 30 particular dumbbells. Due to the high-end materials used in the body, these are most durable and potential.
In terms of price, one pair of these dumbbells will set you at $330.
One of the very dumbbells, they were brought out by Flybird, a promising brand, in May 2021. These adjustable dumbbells are very suitable for advanced weight trainers and also an ideal choice for those who want to modify muscle lines and strong muscle fibers.
Made from quality materials, they are exclusively beautiful and endurable. The weight plate is covered with a frosted powder coating to avoid abrasion. Besides, a black plastic-coated handle ensures comfort and increases friction.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are adjustable dumbbells so expensive?

Considering so many aspects relating to raw materials, quality, design, and shipping of dumbbells, adjustable ones are generally less expensive than the fixed dumbbells. Nonetheless, adjustable dumbbells seem to be very expensive in contrast to certain other dumbbells.
One of the main reasons for this is different selection mechanisms that make them adjustable and customizable according to your needs. The materials include so many small parts in this case. And for this reason, the design is also a major factor as it should be equipped flawlessly.
Moreover, the construction is also intricate and offers durability. And after all, shipping of all kinds of dumbbells matters in increasing the price tag.

Why are urethane dumbbells so expensive?

Urethane dumbbells are another type of pricey dumbbells when you compare them with many other pairs. You should bear in mind that urethane is a higher expensive material than rubber.
Regarding engraving capabilities and higher resistance to degradation, urethane is more preferable and durable. It is harder, resistant, and looks smooth. Therefore, urethane dumbbells are found expensive and extravagant redeeming their high-end features.

Why are Bowflex dumbbells so expensive?

Bowflex is a widely celebrated brand for its unique and quality dumbbells. Most of the dumbbells or Bowflex are adjustable and come in different pairs of weights. They feature a locking mechanism, built-in dial, premium grips, molding around the metal plates, easy dial mechanisms, etc.
These pretty features of Bowflex make their dumbbells durable, potential, and more importantly expensive.
Final Thoughts:
Well, now it’s time to make the end. In the long run, you know that dumbbells are now very expensive because of worldwide demand, top-notch raw materials, best quality, durability, and shipping complexity. However, besides these reasons, there are some questions answered for you that may help know the necessary information about dumbbells.
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