Why Are Diptyque Candles So Expensive? (Top 5 Reasons Illustrated) 

Everything luxurious and highly desirable is somewhat extravagant and the price may seem completely incredible to someone.

One such expensive brand is Diptyque which candles are truly exorbitant that some people become dazzled at the price.

But it is considerable to mention that Diptyque is such a brand that is worth every penny spent behind its candles.

Hence, the consumers should not be concerned about their high prices.

A French brand, Diptyque was founded in 1961 by three enthusiastic friends, Christiane Gautrot, Desmond Knox-Leet, and Yves Couslant.

But now, it has been owned by a London-based private fund, Manzanita since 2005.

Amongst different products, Diptyque candles are one of the most after-sought outcomes of the brand.

The candles are so expensive that the minimum amount ranges from $65 making the brand highly exclusive.

Thus, one may wish to know the facts that are responsible for making the candles completely superfluous.

Hence, this article contains the reasons explained in detail with some other relevant issues. 

Why are they so Expensive?

Researching the brand thoroughly, it is found that Diptyque is one of the most dominant brands of manufacturing candles.

The candles of this brand are made from special materials that are outstanding, manually manufactured by individuals to ensure the quality and make them flawless, made with natural fragrance for offering genuine scents, designed excellently to offer an aesthetic look, and only for some classy people who are with a sense of luxury.

On account of such features, the candles are at the zenith of public demands, and consequently, the price is expensive, in all respects.

However, the reasons responsible for this high price are elucidated there. 

High-quality Ingredients

High quality products

Enlisting the reasons that swell the price, the first one is the use of high-quality ingredients to make Diptyque candles.

The quality is truly outstanding that changes the value of the candles. 

Candles are a special concern of the brand Diptyque.

As a result, its quality is hard to match.

There is nothing artificial in the candles.

These candles are made from pure paraffin wax which is exceptionally luxurious and used by only elegant brands.

The oil used in the production of these candles is another top-quality element.

Moreover, the container also comes with exceptional quality that seems quite impressive.

They even can be used for different purposes when the candle is burnt.

Diptyque uses various kinds of materials that are creatively blended with maximum sincerity.

Every candle is made from different materials and with cotton and lead-free wicks to have variety and different fragrances.

For example, the Diptyque Coriandre candle is made from blended bergamot, pepper, blackcurrant, violet leaves, and amber.

Thus, Diptyque candles usually contain blended notes of flowers, smoky bark, musk, and herbs. 

The present CEO of Diptyque, Fabianne Mauny told Business Insider that they use very specific raw materials to produce top-notch candles that can allure consumers.

So, the materials are developed with the utmost care and commitment. 

Therefore, it is noteworthy to understand that the mixture and use of these high-quality materials increase the value of Diptyque candles, and consequently, make them extravagant. 

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

After that, it is the manual manufacturing process that is responsible for making the candles outrageously expensive and taking them beyond touch. 

According to the CEO, it is not a simple cooking recipe that is easy to carry out.

Rather, it takes a lot of time to produce the right wick and wax mix to ensure the best quality of the candles.

Thus, the manufacturing is carried out manually and the production can be done in small batches. 

Speaking in a broader sense, it is factual that Diptyque candles are made manually.

The workers take absolute care and vigilance during the production.

To make them straight and organize the wicks, the candles are hand-poured.

They are carefully formulated by individuals so that they can find out the faults and make them immaculate and distribute the ingredients perfectly. 

That is why Diptyque candles are capable of providing fragrance for long hours that is a supreme landmark of them.

Consequently, the price is raised to justify the manual production process of the candles.

Natural Fragrance

Natural Fragrance

Already said, Diptyque uses the highest quality materials that are not synthetic, rather natural.

Every candle comprises an alluring fragrance that is enough for captivating anyone’s mind. 

It doesn’t matter how expensive the candle is if it is made from synthetic materials.

They are toxic and harmful for humans due to chemicals.

And Diptyque is unique in this case since it has made itself distinguished with the recognition of using natural elements.

When you burn a Diptyque candle, you will get a mind-soothing smell at the very first moment.

Another interesting fact is that they even provide aroma for some times when they are not burning. 

The most popular fragrances of Diptyque are Pomander, Figuier, Feu de Bois, Baies, Tubereuse, Coriander, etc.

The Pomander candle combines orange and cinnamon fragrances for a warm scent.

The Baies has a rose fragrance with the scent of black currant leaves.

Blending the aroma of oak wood, moss, and greenery, the Diptyque Chene candle offers a fresh woodsy scent. 

Therefore, Diptyque candles deliver unique natural incense using unfeigned materials.

This brilliant feature has upheld the value of the brand and influenced the price to be incredibly expensive. 

Vast Popularity


The popularity of Diptyque is another noteworthy factor that makes its candles excessively superfluous.

Since its appearance in the 60s, the brand has established worldwide recognition and ranked as one of the best companies.

Among numerous products, its candles continue to be the leading product. 

As the modern world is concerned about fashion and style, Diptyque takes the notion cordially.

Its candles are designed with an aesthetic outlook.

The candles come with gorgeous black lettering and a bold glass jar that creates a sense of luxury.

As a result, the people who maintain aristocracy and lead luxurious lifestyles are mostly fans of Diptyque. 

Besides, famous figures such as celebrities, interior decorators, fashionistas, adore Diptyque candles for their unique characteristics.

Hence, Diptyque candles are popular and celebrated among consumers.

That is why their price is somewhat ridiculous. 

Target Audience

Target Market

Since Diptyque is cautious enough about the ins and outs of the candles, they are produced with significant quality.

So, the brand intentionally keeps a targeted policy of marketing the product.

That is why you will not find candles here and there like other brands.

To reflect the targeted audience, Diptyque candles are available only in a limited number of stores to provide the customers a hard-to-find impression. 

Diptyque candles are mostly found in Paris in several flagship boutiques.

But they are unavailable and hard to find in other countries.

Some of the luxurious shops of Diptyque candles are located in the UK, US, Spain, UAE, etc.

There are only 20 Diptyque showrooms around the US.

Moreover, they are sold on different online shops including Amazon, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Space NK, John Lewis, and of course the Diptyque website. 

One should keep in mind that wherever they are found, the locations are elegant and luxurious.

Diptyque produces these candles targeting the wealthy people who can afford them.

Considering this matter, the candles are sold at a hefty price that seems outrageous to other-class customers.


What are Diptyque candles made from?

What are Diptyque candles made from

Diptyque candles are made from high-end ingredients that make them unique and durable.

Diptyque uses natural elements to manufacture the candles manually ensuring the best quality.

The principal material of the candles is solid paraffin wax.

Another fundamental material is the mixture of lead-free wicks that are straightened carefully.

To offer different scents, every candle is made with different types of flowers and other natural herbs.

They include rose, tuberose, musk, bergamot, pepper, blackcurrant, violet leaves, amber, etc.

Where are Diptyque candles made?

Where made

As Diptyque is a French brand, its candles are predominantly made in France, specifically in Paris.

Argenteuil and Château de Haut-Serre are two prominent factories that are famous for producing high-end candles.

Are Diptyque Candles Worth It?

worth it

I’ve already clarified the reasons for which Diptyque candles are so expensive.

These reasons show how the candles are made, what kinds of materials are used, why they are so popular, and which group of people can buy them.

Thus, it is clear that the candles are truly unique, fantabulous, celebrated, and popular.

That is why it can be drawn that Diptyque candles are worth every penny spent behind them because of the top-notch elements, the manual manufacturing process, and natural fragrance. 

Is Diptyque a luxury brand?

luxury brand

Indisputably, Diptyque is a luxurious brand.

Due to outstanding features, Diptyque candles are consumed by celebrities, classy and wealthy people.

The price is so hefty that not everyone can afford them.

Diptyque targets a particular audience as the business policy.

As a result, the price is increased to meet the target.

Moreover, the classical design and excellent outlook of the candles are the other features that add a touch of luxury.

Above all, they are also hard to find because of the limited stores.

How long do Diptyque candles last?

How long last

The duration of lasting Diptyque candles varies according to some factors.

It mostly depends on the existence of the wax used in the candles.

Generally, an ounce of wax is capable of providing 7 to 9 hours of burning.

As Diptyque candles contain 10-12 ounces of wax, they last for 50 to 60 hours offering intoxicating scents.

In addition, Diptyque has a massive candle weighing more than 50 ounces that can last around 200 hours relentlessly. 

Are Diptyque candles toxic?

toxic dangerous

Since Diptyque candles are produced from super-quality materials such as wax wicks and oils, they are not toxic.

No artificial ingredients are there that are harmful and detrimental.

Instead, natural fragrances make them harm-free and they peacefully burn for hours.

So, consumers don’t have to worry about the Diptyque candles of Diptyque. 

What to consider before buying a Diptyque candle?

consider before buying

Before buying Diptyque candles, you should consider some things.

First of all, you have to be conscious about the space for which you are going to buy candles.

Since Diptyque candles are suitable for a small area and capable of illuminating a specific area, buy the ones with the appropriate size.

Besides, it is better to have different candles for different rooms.

The fragrance is another fundamental fact to consider before buying.

If your room is of blues and grays, you should buy something herbal, and if your space has brick and other shades of red, you might choose woody.

Overall, you have to be mindful regarding scents if you have allergic problems to particular scents.

Moreover, as Diptyque is a luxurious brand, considering the high price is a crucial fact.

How To Save On Diptyque Candles?

save money

As Diptyque candles come with a hefty price, everyone wishes to save money on them and looks ways in this purpose.

However, there is very little chance to save on them since they are rare and in high demand.

Nonetheless, you may be able to save by claiming loyalty points or using a cashback credit card during purchasing candles.

In addition, if you use the candle prudently, you can prolong its life.

In this way, you can save by allowing a few numbers to burn for months and lessening the purchase.

Is Jo Malone or Diptyque better?

Is Jo Malone or Diptyque better

Jo Malone and Diptyque are two of the best brands well-known for candles.

If you are to differentiate them, you can’t go wrong with both of them.

Because both are of high-quality materials, natural scents, and distinctive aroma.

Both of them produce different types of candles such as floral, woody, spicy, and fruity.

After all, both of them are almost the same in terms of their prices.

Nonetheless, if you think which one is better, Diptyque is somehow better than Jo Malone regarding durability.

On the contrary, in terms of scent, Jo Malone can be better than Diptyque.

However, both of them are definitely excellent and worthy. 

What is the most popular Diptyque fragrance?

most popular fragrance

Diptyque produced its first fragrance in 1968 with L’Eau EDT.

Since then, it has launched several types of fragrances.

Amongst them, the most popular fragrance is the Diptyque Do Son Eau de Toilette.

This classic scent includes different kinds of aromas following tuberose, orange blossom, jasmine, and marine accord.

The fragrance is simply mind-blowing and adorable.

In terms of price, it is accessible at around $200. 

Are Diptyque candles safe for dogs?

safe for dogs

It is an interesting matter that dogs have an incredibly severe sense of smell.

So, they can sense the aromatic scents deeply.

But it is significant to mention that the smell of Diptyque candles does not pose any health risk to them.

Thus, candles are safe for dogs and other pets, too.

Nonetheless, it should be stated that some candles contain synthetic fragrances that may harm them remarkably.

Since Diptyque does not use any kind of synthetic materials, they are certainly safe for dogs. 

What is the best-Diptyque candle?

What is the best

All Diptyque candles are sumptuous and adorable because of their manifold features.

From various kinds of candles, Diptyque Baies is the most popular and the best one that has captivated consumers.

It is the best-selling candle of the brand.

With a mixture of blackcurrant leaves, buds, and then topped with ambergris, this candle is made.

It offers a floral and fruity fragrance that is fascinating.

The price of this candle ranges from $50/60. 

Where To Buy Diptyque Candles?

Where To Buy

It has already been discussed that Diptyque candles are found in a limited number of places around the world.

Usually, they are easily found in Paris, France.

Then, they are sold in some luxurious showrooms in the US, UAE, UK, Spain, and some other countries of the world.

Moreover, you can buy them from some online shops including Amazon, eBay, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, John Lewis, Selfridges, etc. 

Final Remarks:

At the end of the article, now it’s time to draw the line.

The explanation hopefully may help you learn some necessary factors about Diptyque candles.

Acknowledging the worth of the brand, it is quite easy to comprehend why Diptyque candles are much more expensive in comparison to most other brands.

Due to top-class materials, outstanding quality, particular fragrance, true luxury, and huge demand, the candles are magnificent to claim a ridiculous price.

And because of these exclusive landmarks, the candles are worth the money.

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