Why Are Cornish Hens So Expensive? (Top 5 Reasons)

In contrast to regular broiler chickens, Cornish hens are quite expensive when they are compared.

Therefore, you may have wondered why they are so expensive!

It is absolutely wonderful to think that Cornish hens are a crossbreed of different chickens farmed by a woman more than 70 years ago in England.

Since they are hybrid and miniature, they look tiny.

They are easily cooked and can be served with so many food items appropriate for a single man.

Why are corninsh hens so expensive?

Conspicuously, multiple reasons influence the price to be costly.

Examining the facts, it is found that the popularity of Cornish hens is seen remarkably in recent years.

It is significant to reveal that the extraordinary delicacy of the hens is also a noteworthy factor that plays a vital role in increasing the demand.

Moreover, the hens are affluent with nutritious substances that are essential for the human body. 

However, in this article, the reasons that make Cornish hens so expensive are unfolded one by one.

Hence, go for a look at a glance. 



Predominantly, Cornish hens are widely popular in England, France, America, etc.

These hens are known by such a name that people think of them as game birds or wild.

But it is actually wrong. Although the name itself sounds something related to hens, they are not egg-producers, rather, they can be male or female.

It is discovered that the origin of these hens is quite fantabulous.

The credit of being the breeder goes to Tea Makowsky who settled in Connecticut with her husband to flee from the Nazis during the Second World War.

In 1949, a fire destroyed her farm and she started cross-breeding chickens.

The combination of White Plymouth Rock hen and the Malayan fighting cock ended up producing the Cornish hen.

These new breeds quickly became a hit and popular and epicurean guys admired them. 

Now, these hens are extensively recognized among customers worldwide.

Most of the luxurious restaurants offer different types of dishes of Cornish hens.

This reputation has made them more desirable and followingly so expensive. 



The taste of cornish hens is extraordinary.

Although some people think its flavor is like typical chicken, there is still a difference.

They are really delicate, tasty, and juicy than the regular chickens.

The meat of cornish hens is soft, tender, and smooth.

Their bones are also very soft.

The biggest thing that makes the hens so flavorful is their presentation and how they are served.

Since cornish hens are small, they can be served as the whole, or as the half.

When they are presented with a dish on your plate, it reveals a sense of luxury indeed.

They can be a great option at a dinner party. 

Moreover, there are numerous recipes possible with Cornish hens.

Roasters are one of the most palatable items among them.

Besides, they can be grilled or chicken stew with a combination of some vegetables.

Every kind of dish of Cornish hens is superbly delicious and appetizing.

The unique delicacy shows how expensive they can be. 



Abundant nutrition in Cornish hens is another principal factor that increases the potentiality to make them superfluously expensive.

Cornish hens are sufficient with different means of nutrition. 

Cornish hens contain lower fat and calories than regular chickens as they are smaller than them.

They have more white meat than dark meat.

While the white meat contains niacin, the dark meat is affluent in riboflavin. 

What is more, Cornish hens are exuberant with different vitamins including vitamin A at 4%, vitamin B6 at 25% and B12 at 9%, vitamin C 1%, Magnesium 8%, Zinc 13%, Phosphorus %24, Copper 4%, and so on.

All nutrition is essential for the human body.

They help prevent several types of diseases like skin diseases, heart disorders, cataracts, etc.

They strengthen the bone and improve eyesight.

Moreover, they can boost our brain function. 

Therefore, the price of Cornish hens is notably outrageous.

This nutritional value has influenced to demand such a hefty cost.



While many people unknowingly regard Cornish hens as similar to regular broiler chickens, it is a misunderstanding of them.

Breeding from England, they are a variety of chickens.

Hence, there are some differences between the Cornish hens and regular chickens. 

Top of all, it is the size that substantiates them differently from the regular chickens.

The general size of Cornish hens is about one to two pounds whereas the normal chickens weigh around 4 or 5 pounds. 

Cornish hens are grown within 4-6 weeks.

At that age, they become mature and suitable to eat.

In contrast, regular chickens need nearly 7-13 weeks, and roaster chickens 3-5 months to be perfect for eating. 

Another thing to mention is that the layer or skin of Cornish hens is much thinner than regular chickens.

That is why it is easy to tear up the skin. Moreover, as they are tender, they need not be deboned. 

Thus, it is clear to understand why they are pricey.

Since the price of regular chickens is reasonable, the Cornish hens are extravagant due to having differences from them. 



Regular chickens are farmed available throughout the world because of the various poultry.

On the other hand, Cornish hens are very rare on account of limited farms. 

As they are a special type of hybrid chickens originating from different chickens, they are unavailable to supply.

For this reason, their limited supply has made them more sought-after.

In addition, the marketing tactics have also helped increase the demand widely.

And consequently, the price has gone up in recent years. 


Are Cornish Hens Worth It?

worth it

Speaking the truth, they are worth the money.

Since the reputation of Cornish hens is high, they are widely desirable.

The supreme delicacy of the hens is just outstanding.

They are appetizing and attractive.

Besides, the nutritional value that they contain is simply plentiful.

Their health benefits are innumerable.

That is why their demand is just increasing.

Hence, the investment behind them is justifiable because it is worth the cost. 

What Is The Difference Between A Chicken And A Cornish Hen?


I’ve already pointed out the differences between a regular chicken and a Cornish hen.

The prominent difference that is noteworthy is the size.

A Cornish hen is a miniature form of a hybrid chicken weighing around 1 or 2 pounds.

On the other hand, a chicken is big enough with a weight of 4 or 5 pounds.

Then, while a Cornish hen becomes mature at 4-7 weeks, a regular chicken takes 7-13 weeks.

In terms of tenderness, a Cornish hen is softer than a chicken.

Next, the skin of a Cornish hen is slimmer than a chicken and easier to tear up.

What is more, their nutritional value is also different as a Cornish hen contains various vitamins, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, niacin, etc, and a chicken contains protein, more fat, and calories.

And finally, the taste of both of them is also distinctive.

Are Cornish hens better than chicken?


Analyzing so many facts, it is reasonable to say that Cornish hens are better than chickens.

As chickens are affluent with calories and fat, they should be avoided as much as possible.

On the contrary, Cornish hens hold different types of health benefits.

Besides this, Cornish hens are really delicious and appetizing as they are thin and soft.

They are edible with various kinds of dishes.

Therefore, Cornish hens are truly better than chickens.

Do Cornish hens come in different sizes?

Cornish hens are very tiny.

They become mature to eat at the age of 4 and 7 weeks.

Therefore, their size is limited. The size remains within 1 or 2 pounds.

Depending on the age, the size stays within this range. 

What’s the average price for a Cornish hen?

average price

The price of Cornish hens varies according to the place from where you purchase them.

It also depends on the size of the hens as they come in different sizes ranging from 1 or 2 pounds.

Generally, a Cornish hen of 1 pound can be purchased at between $2.50 and $5 on average.

The price can go high on account of different shops and places. 

Why is cornish hen small?

Light and small in size

Cornish hens are noticeably small.

They are even smaller than the typical chickens.

The reason is that they are hybrid and cross breed originated from two different kinds of chickens namely White Plymouth Rock chickens and the Malayan fighting cocks.

As a result, they grow within a single month and become mature enough.

Their size ranges from 1 or 2 pounds. 

Is Cornish hen the same as Turkey?

same and equal

No Cornish hens are not the same as Turkey.

While Turkey is big, Cornish hen is small and tender.

Besides, the price of them varies depending on their different sizes.

A Cornish hen can easily be made because of its tiny size.

But Turkey is time-consuming, taking too much time to be prepared.

Next, their taste is also distinctive on account of their varieties.

The delicacy of Cornish hen is just scrumptious. 

Is Cornish hen healthier than chicken?


Yes, Cornish hens are healthier than chickens.

As I’ve already mentioned above, Cornish hens have fewer calories and fat than chickens.

That is why they are more desirable than chickens.

Moreover, Cornish hens contain vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C.

They also have Niacin, magnesium, phosphorus, Zinc, Copper, and so on.

In terms of preventing diseases, they prevent cataracts, heart and skin diseases.

They are also effective in strengthening the bones of the human body and enhancing eyesight. 

What to serve with cornish hens?


As Cornish hens are flavorful and delicate, they can go with several kinds of recipes.

For example, Cornish hens are savory enough with Mushroom Rice.

They also can go with different types of vegetables including Glazed Carrots, potatoes, broccolini, brussels sprouts, eggplant, fresh salad, etc.

Cornish hens are also served with mac, cheese, corn pudding, fried onion rings, coleslaw, lemon garlic paste, cranberry sauce, butternut squash gratin, and so on.

Whatever, they are really palatable with other possible dishes. 


In the end, it is time to draw the line of the article.

In the meantime, it is crystal clear why Cornish hens are typically more expensive than regular chickens.

On account of their huge reputation, unmatched delicacy, nutritional value, and scarcity, they are superfluous compared to chickens.

Since they have enough differences with chickens, they are more after-sought.

However, Cornish hens are truly excellent in terms of distinction.

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