Why Are Coogi Sweaters So Expensive? (Top 6 Reasons) 

Sweaters, typically with long sleeves that help cover the upper part of the human body, are an amazing way to reveal oneself in winter.

With a little bit of effort, if one can understand the language sweaters speak, they can make one look really snappy and trendy.

A lot of rich people have the ardent hobby of collecting branded sweaters to add interest to their wardrobe. 

One such Australian fashion brand is Coogi, well known for its exclusive and colorful knitwear collection, founded in 1969 by Jacky Taranto originally named Cuggi.

After massive failures and setbacks in the early ’00s, Coogi made its return to the fashion market in 2014 with mens’ wear that induced mixed feelings in the fashion industry worldwide.

Regardless, Coogi sweaters are regarded as one of the costliest and extravagant clothing items.

Let’s find out why it is so! 

The reasons for being expensive

Coogi sweaters are very expensive because of a good number of reasons.

Amongst them, there are some most-top reasons described elaborately.

They are: 

The Coogi Pattern

The Coogi Pattern

Coogi has its own signature pattern always true to its Australian origins.

Vivid color gamut, knotty textured knits have made Coogi unbeatable in the fast-growing pop culture market. 

One of the remarkable reasons for Coogi sweaters being too expensive is their artistic three elements:

  1.  Asymmetrical brandish shapes 
  2.  Diverse textures 
  3.  Brilliant shades of bright colors

These traits give the Coogi sweaters an energetic harmony.

Though they wanted to convey the colorful experiences of visiting Australia, their metamorphosis with grace, made it to the American hip-hop culture paving to the high price. 


Multi color

Winter colors are more or less gloomy.

But with Coogi around, time to break cozy sweaters and light up your closet with a splash of color.

The bold color palettes, the amount of dye that is imperative for the perfect knitting are full of rich ingredients so that they don’t fade after years of using or washing.

Promptly noticeable for its rainbow of snarls and swirls, proper maintenance is a big challenge here which ultimately makes the price go high for the Coogi sweaters.

Distinctive layout

Distinctive layout

Parallelly keeping pace with the trends, Coogi sweaters usually come with unique patterns and designs focusing on the Australian Aboriginal artwork.

In the beginning, the brand intended to produce sweaters for tourists as souvenirs. 

With the growing popularity, later it planned on exploring the rich and exotic landscape and culture of Australia to the people worldwide.

All these schemes require the very best fashion artists, weavers, and seamstresses who of course won’t be available without high payments.

Also, the basic components and materials are pretty cool in Coogi sweaters which is why the hefty price of the clothes. 

Always In Vogue

Always In Vogue

To win the heart of the youths, Coogi keeps assimilating their core elements into new and present-day 21st century lines.

One such latest compilation is labeled as “Reimagined”. 

The collection is quite pricey because of its iconic bold pieces that impeccably combine retro hallmarks with an advanced touch and slender fit.

As they bring forth creative ways of presenting oneself in an aesthetic way that too through sweaters, Coogi never goes out of style.

With their brand value, qualities, and other notable stuff, the constant relativity with the fashion industry increase the demand and price of sweaters.

Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity Endorsement

Coogis are the clothing hot shot of 90’s culture.

Back in the days, renowned celebs like rapper Notorious B.I.G., comedian Bill Cosby, etc wore the brand’s clothes in their stage shows or studio performances that actually helped big time in the initial promotion of the brand making its sweaters pretty expensive. 

In addition, their latest collections coupled with their signature clothing pieces, are adopted by today’s top-rated artists like Drake, Riff Raff, Snoop Dogg, which continues to assert Coogi as a pop culture symbol.

Thus this brand stands as one that celebs will pick more or less making it a lavish one for the commoners. 

Fusion of retro and vintage

Fusion of retro and vintage

Going back to the roots is a new luxury.

Over the years people are more into old ways of putting on clothes and nailing them with absolute boldness. 

Coogi sweaters can be said to be the best regarding this matter.

The makers haven’t really shaped the designs to match with modern outfits; rather the present flow of “romanticizing the old” made their sweaters more attractive to the generation leading them to stay in trend increasing the brand value and the prices overall.


Is Coogi a luxury brand? 

luxury brand

Obviously. Coogi is one of the nicest brands available for outstanding knitwear. 

Their designs and layouts are extraordinary that can be regularly affordable only by the people with bank accounts loaded with cash.

Even then, this luxurious brand has enjoyed decades of global appreciation and a steadfast market as rich folks never really got tired with their apparel rather embraced its prototypes wholeheartedly. 

What is so special about Coogi sweaters?

so special

With diversified color flavors, Coogi has its own specialty which mostly attracts the pop or hip hop lover generations.

Staying true to its Australian roots, Coogi sweaters have remained timeless with styles that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. 

There’s a whole array of Coogi lovers due to their ways of knitwork.

Moreover, the brand’s quality hasn’t been messed up as they resist compromising with the machinery and other significant factors and are handled correctly in terms of distribution as well. 

How much is a Coogi sweater?

How much does cost

Coogi as an expensive brand provides vintage sweaters that come with hefty prices.

Brand new coogi sweaters’ price range starts from $200 and can extend up to $1000!! As they are generally luxury products the price is determined based on its consumers. 

In certain thrift shops, gently used Coogi sweaters can be found at a cheaper or discounted price which can be less than $100.

It is considered as a big scope for middle-class Coogi lovers to buy their dream Coogi products through second-handed but is usually in good shape with enough life left to be useful. 

Are Coogi sweaters worth the price? 

worth it

A lot of people claim that Coogi sweaters are overpriced as vintage-focused clothes should be available at cheaper prices. 

However, Coogi as a lavish brand has never compromised with the quality, design, pattern, and everything related since their early days which is a noteworthy fact to be considered while going through the high price.

Also they never really went out of elegance and managed to mingle with current trends protecting their retro traits.

Furthermore, they generally aim at entertainers, flops, and rich dudes.

So, the high price is justified.

Are Coogi sweaters still in style?

Coogi sweaters still in style

Coogis basically come from the late ’60s, being on the pedestal of popularity in the late ’80s and ’90s.

But to this day, look around and you will see, both sellers and consumers are pretty responsive, full of excitement when it comes to iconic commodities from old times. 

It’s because no one can deny the fact that the previous eras built almost everything that’s here today relating to street fashion or streetwear.

On top of everything, so long the hotshot social influencers and entertainers are into Coogi sweaters, they’ll remain in style. 

How can you tell if a Coogi sweater is real? 

confuse, how to tell, asking, question

There will be several interior tags on the sweaters such as on the buttons, pockets, and waistband.

with its original “made in the country” that is Australia and it is generally woven sophistically so that the tags can’t be copied.

The original ones come with the color-coding within the logo itself containing yellow, blue, green, orange, and red. 

Not to mention the spelling in the fake ones are sometimes labeled as Coogi.

Real Coogi sweaters always have price tags attached to them and at times original coogis might have a “C” that is slightly crooked designed on the buttons.

Also the mercerized cotton or wool is different from a fake one.

In its design, you will see stary, sandy beaches, giant versions of insects, and almost every area are different.

They don’t even make specific patterns.

The detailing, the style, you can’t find them in a fake Coogi.

Overall, you need to feel the fabric as genuine ones are hell smooth in texture.

Owning a real Coogi helps the most in differentiating the inconsistency in stitches and designs.

Final Thoughts:

Coogi patterns are highly appreciated and they have made arrangements in dressing for big programs like Commonwealth games, Oprah Winfrey Shows, NBA, etc.

Now isn’t that swanky? They eventually set out to accomplish their mission to compete with another two fashion giants Gucci and Missoni, which has been made literally possible by the cultural icons and current Coogi lovers flexing on social media.

If you give wings to the fantasy that people will find you walking the halls in a kind of the holy grail of urban luxury, trust me nothing can beat the Coogi’s and you need to spend a hefty amount no wonder.

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