Why Are Bonsai Scissors So Expensive? (Revealed)

If you want to own a bonsai plant someday, you should be ready to spend a good chunk of money. Some tools used in maintaining this plant are not cheap at all, especially the bonsai scissors.
Other regular scissors are cheap and affordable, but prices of some Bonsai Scissors aren’t budget-friendly. You will need to stretch your budget to get one.
Why are Bonsai Scissors so expensive
These are crucial tools you must have for trimming and pruning purposes as a beginner or an expert.
Experts who know this don’t argue about the prices. They are always willing to pay even more to get the best.
Since COVID-19 hit, we have been indoors. I’m sure most people have tried different indoor activities.
But If you have nurtured a bonsai plant, you will agree with me that its maintenance is quite expensive.
Here are some reasons bonsai scissors are expensive

Why Are Bonsai Scissors So Expensive?

Bonsai scissors are some of the most expensive scissors in the whole World.
Let’s jump in and see what makes these scissors to be damn expensive
➤ They are handmade- these scissors are handmade. There’s a lot of labor force and mastery required.
➤ Consume a lot of time- an artisan will need at least a week working 10 hours in a day to complete a single pair.
➤ Quality- Materials used in making this scissor are of high quality. If an item is of outstanding quality, then its price will increase automatically.
➤ Method – they make this type of scissors using ancient skills and testing. Very few experts can craft one. In Japan, only one artisan is alive by the name of Harawaski.
➤ Longevity- because of the type of its materials, it has a lifetime guarantee.

Are expensive bonsai scissors worth it?

Expensive Bonsai scissors are simply unparalleled in terms of Effectiveness, the benefits that come with them are worth every penny.
They are handmade, meaning that, unlike other popular scissors. expensive bonsai scissors are durable compare to other standards bonsai scissors, once you purchase them, they will serve you for a lifetime. They can be used for anything from food to trimming Bonsai.
They are sharp-they cut clean without tearing plants.

How much does the average Bonsai Scissors cost?

When you visit a store selling bonsai scissors, they will spoil you for choice. They have many bonsai scissors with different prices and manufacturers. But, with on average $20 – $100, you will get standard quality bonsai scissors.
They are available in most farm machinery stores. You can check them out.

How much should bonsai scissors cost?

As we had said earlier, bonsai scissor prices vary. Although Bonsai scissors are expensive, there are still affordable ones in the market.
From $20, you can get standard bonsai scissors. Currently, to own the best of the best pair, you will have to pay $35000.
If you want to keep a bonsai plant and don’t have enough cash, you can get an inexpensive one for a start.
Specialists don’t compromise quality; they will go for the most expensive ones.

Differences between Bonsai scissors and regular scissors

There are so many differences between bonsai scissors and regular ones.
Bonsai scissors are sharp and cut clean compared with regular scissors. They are always accurate when trimming trees and other foods.
Bonsai scissors handles have a wide grip compared to regular scissors, which are uncomfortable to use and might also cause bruises.
They have a butterfly-unique structure that makes them easier to cut. You only need to apply minor force while cutting plants.

Cheap or expensive, which do you choose?

If I were to choose, I would choose the most expensive ones. But many people will go for the cheapest one because of the price of the most expensive one.
But experts will always buy the most expensive ones no matter the price.
There are so many benefits that come with the expensive ones.
They are sharp, flexible, durable, and of the highest quality.

What are the three essential bonsai tools for a beginner?

As a beginner, you may wonder which tools to use in your bonsai plant. Keep reading as we are going to discuss them.
Here are the essential tools to have as a beginner:
Bamboo chopsticks:
They are as important as other tools. We use bamboo sticks in measuring moisture levels.
To do so:
You insert the stick in the soil. When it comes out dry, then you need to water your plant. When it comes out muddy, then your plant has enough moisture.
Bonsai scissors:
One of the most essential tools for beginner Bonsai lovers
It is a must-have for any bonsai owner. We use them in pruning and trimming plants.
The best thing is that you can use them in other plants and foods.
Materials carbon: steel or stainless steel:
You need materials to use for making shears. There are two types of materials: carbon and stainless.
Carbon is cheaper but rusts easily. Stainless steel is expensive but doesn’t rust at all. As a beginner, you might choose to buy carbon for a start, but it’s good to upgrade with time.

Popular and Budget-Friendly Bonsai Scissors that are Worth your money

There are so many bonsai scissors in the market. We have the three most popular things that you will buy and don’t regret.
Here are some bonsai scissors that are worth your money

Gonicc Professional 7.3 Bonsai Scissors

If not all, some of us have heard of gonicc professional bonsai scissors. They make it of high carbon steel gonicc brand, weigh 0.5 ounces, and alloy steel. We use them in trimming plants, arranging flowers, and indoor plants.
About this item
  • Durable and stable- made of a high-quality cabin that ensures that they last longer. You may not buy another one.
  • Quality blades. Their blades are of high-quality carbon and are sharp.
  • Ideal for bonsai pruning – have thinner blades that are perfect for flower arrangement and cutting narrow openings.
  • Comfortable -Have a strong handle that is light and thus easier to use. You can use it for a lengthier period without getting joint stiffness.
  • They are also multifunctional for daily use. Also, you can use it in cutting fabric papers and trimming foods.

Shear Perfection Stainless Steel Bonsai Scissors, 2.4″ Straight Blades

They are one of the most common blades available in the market.
Its current price is $11.78. It is green and made of stainless steel.
About this item
  • It has a blade length of 60 millimeters.
  • They make these scissors handle with a rubber grip that makes one comfortable when pruning and trimming plants.
  • It is perfect for both right and left-handed persons.
  • It comes with an additional length that can make one easily adjust it.

Kebinfen Bonsai Tree Pruning Trimming Starter Tool Kit – Set of 3

This Bonsai tool comes as a package of three items. Its cost is $10.68.
About this item
  • In this toolkit, you will find three items:1 pair of pruning scissors, one bonsai scissors bud and leaves trimmer, and a bamboo rake.
  • The bamboo rake is 4 inches and purely handmade. Also, it has some adjustable gaps.
  • Bud and leaf trimmer- it’s made of high-quality material with a blue-coated handle.
  • Pruning scissors.
  • They have a length of 5 inches. They are sharp and make a clean cut.

Popular and Budget-Friendly Bonsai Scissors:

Here is the most popular online store to buy Bonsai Scissors

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should you always use scissors in your bonsai?

For pruning, it’s good to use bonsai scissors for a clean cut. The regular scissors are blunt. They tear rather than cut and may destroy your plant.

Do I need bonsai scissors?

Yes, this pair of scissors is essential despite you being an amateur or expert. They are the best with pruning and taking care of your plants.
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