Why Are Birkenstocks So Expensive? (Top 6 Reasons)

Established in 1774 in Germany by Johann Adam, Birkenstock is now one of the oldest brands existing on the planet.

Although it is a very aged brand, it has ranked as one of the most famous and trusted brands for its exclusive products.

Apart from everything, the price of Birkenstock is somewhat very expensive, making it a name of luxury and a sign of aristocracy. 

Birkenstock is basically celebrated for footwear.

This footwear is tremendously expensive because the brand produces unique shoes and sandals that are made from high-quality raw materials.

On account of using outstanding materials, they provide pleasurable comfort.

They also have a colorful design and stylish outlook that make them more captivating and desirable.

What is more, they are long-lasting and wearable for several years constantly due to the distinctive craftiness of high-grade and premium materials.

However, I’m here to provide you with the reasons in this article that impact the price of Birkenstocks to be exceedingly expensive. 

Why Are Birkenstocks so Expensive?

So, here are the reasons elaborately discussed below.

Let’s explore them carefully. 


High quality

The first reason included in my list is the excellent quality of Birkenstock.

The brand is stolid in ensuring outstanding products that are produced from high-quality materials.

It puts a great emphasis on sustainable sources for making high-end outputs.

Birkenstock uses different types of top-notch materials in their sandals, shoes, and other kinds of footwear.

Their materials include natural leather, nubuck leather, suede, canvas, ethylene, birko flor, wool felt, felt, mesh, fabric, cork, latex, etc.

Leather is a prominent, powerful, and durable material inevitable for quality footwear.

Birkenstock uses distinctive natural and nubuck leather that is visibly exceptional and incomparable regarding quality. 

Suede is another high-quality material that offers a wonderful touch and feels while wearing it.

It has a high moisture-absorption power that is a unique property of the material. 

Besides, Birko flor is a synthetic element that looks like leather in most ways.

Along with these particular materials, high-quality wool felt, synthetic fiber felt, and the three-dimensional fabric is applied by the brand in their different models of sandals. 

Whatever types of materials Birkenstock uses in the manufacturing of the footwear, all of them are crafted with an elaborate production process to ensure the best quality. 

Hence, the stunning quality of Birkenstock is the top-must reason that has increased hype among customers and made the brand exceptionally expensive.

Production Cost 

Production Cost

Since Birkenstock uses high-quality raw materials, most of them are ridiculously pricey to be manufactured and formulated.

They draw an expensive production process to make their products. 

Birkenstock has employed a good number of laborers and advanced technology in the production process.

The ultimate goal of the brand is to innovate extraordinary and quality products that can satisfy consumers. 

Besides, the brand ensures natural materials are used in their footwear that is eco-friendly, organic, renewable, and harmless.

They reuse and recycle several materials.

All of these raw materials must go under some processes to be used in the products. 

Consequently, it is a great matter of cost for the brand.

In order to bring out these processes and continue using eco-friendly materials, Birkenstock has to spend a large sum of money annually.

Hence, the price of their products is reasonably exorbitant. 


Satisfactory Comfort

It is another big reason that makes Birkenstock extremely expensive.

As Birkenstock footwear is manufactured from high-quality materials, it can provide a lot of exclusive benefits.

Among them, comfort is a mentionable advantage that makes Birkenstock really extraordinary.

The footwear of Birkenstock is made in such a way that completely conforms to the shape of your foot.

Thus, they are amazingly comfortable.

Regular wearing of sandals or shoes makes them more comfortable day by day. 

Birkenstock footwears have an orthopedic insole that provides beneficial stability and cushioning for the feet.

As a result, their footwear provides impressive support and protects the feet from pain, reduces stress on the legs, ankles, spine, feet, etc, and checks bunions, calluses, and other foot-health problems. 


Product Design

The next reason that is notable for making Birkenstock highly extravagant is its stylish outlook and multiple designs.

Keeping pace with the fashionable trend, Birkenstock brings out stylish footwear that is tremendously gorgeous.

Birkenstock footwear is designed in such a way that it can be worn on different occasions that can be either a workday at the office or a typical afternoon outing with your family or friends. 

They are also stylish that can give you a fresh and exceptional outlook, and can make you different from others at a function.

Some most famous and expensive stylish footwear of Birkenstock are Arizona, Gizeh, Madrid, Yara, Kairo, etc. 


durability of the Products

Next comes durability which is another striking feature of Birkenstock.

You buy a pair of shoes or sandals with a hefty price tag so that they will last a long time and can be worn constantly.

In particular, you need a pair of quality, potential, and perdurable shoes when you are traveling, or on an adventurous trip. 

Consequently, having a pair of Birkenstock shoes means you are going to get your desired demands.

Because they are exclusively long-lasting and can tolerate any rough condition. 

The materials used in the construction of Birkenstock footwear are highly potential that they make them distinctly durable.

The footbed made of natural latex and cork is not easily damaged.

Although any part of the sandals or shoes is damaged, you can repair it and wear it again for a long time. 

Particularly, a pair of high-quality Birkenstock shoes or sandals can last for 10-12 years fairly.

Some special models even can go more than this figure.

Different sizes and colors 


You should keep in mind that Birkenstock footwears are available in different sizes according to your needs.

They are typically versatile.

Besides, they fit men and women because they are unisex.

When you are going to buy from outside Europe, remember the size since Birkenstock uses a European sizing system. 

Apart from this, this brand produces its footwear in different colors whether they are individual or combined.

Their fun-colored footwears include bright reds, flashy snakeskin, white, black, grey, pink, etc. 

Are Birkenstocks worth the money?

worth the money and price

Obviously, Birkenstocks are worth the money.

It is wonderful to know that Birkenstock is a world-popular brand for footwear that produces high-quality products using premium materials.

Because of the top-notch materials, the footwears are exceptionally comfortable and suitable for any occasion.

They are versatile and unisex.

They are accessible in different sizes and different colors.

With fashionable design, Birkenstocks look excellent and eye-catching.

What is more, they can provide tremendous longevity.

Therefore, purchasing Birkenstock footwear means you are getting what you look for and what you actually want. 

Are Birkenstocks overpriced?

Higher prices

The price of Birkenstock footwear is a surprising matter of concern.

When someone notices it firstly, he can be overwhelmed seeing the price tag of a pair of sandals or shoes.

The average price can range from $100 to $150 whereas it can go up to $1000 depending on the models.

But honestly speaking, Birkenstocks are not overpriced as the brand ensures the best quality of the products.

Its products are made from powerful raw materials that are enduring and can last a long time.

They also offer outstanding comfort that consumers need.

Thus, the brand is worth it that justifies the price. 

How to save money on Birkenstocks?

save money

Birkenstock may seem to be expensive for some people since the price is sky-scraping.

But it is a pleasing matter to know that you can save money on Birkenstock if you keep your eyes on it before buying.

So, let’s get some tips to save money on Birkenstock. 

  1. The most remarkable way to save money on Birkenstock is the Sale. The brand often goes on sales when it offers the products within a reduced amount of money. But beware of fake sales because you can be deceived. Sometimes, miscreant sellers offer fake sale advertisements with eye-catching headlines. Hence, find out the authentic source and visit the Birkenstock website and other reliable sponsored websites of the brand to get sale news and discounts. 
  1. Birkenstock has some legitimate online shops like Nordstrom, Rakuten, and Zappos that give cashback offers on Birkenstock products. If you buy from them, you will get a certain amount of cashback that will save you money. 
  1. Happy Feet Plus, Footwear Express, Shoes.com, and 6 PM are some sponsored online shops of Birkenstock. These companies sell Birkenstock products at a reasonable price that can help you to save money. 
  1. Another big method to save money is shopping from stores physically. It will help you to buy more quality products because you can examine the products well and choose the best one as your need. And especially, it will save your shipping cost.
  1. And lastly, Birkenstock often has discount offers and coupons for customers. Moreover, it gives a discount of a certain percentage during the off-season. Thus, you can buy at that time and save money.  

Birkenstocks alternative

Best alternatives

Are you overwhelmed by the price of Birkenstock and looking for any alternative brands that are more affordable? Okay, then there are some alternatives to Birkenstock for you. 

  1. Bioline: An Italian brand, Bioline has produced stylish, high-quality, and versatile shoes that are really unique and praiseworthy. These can be one of the best alternatives to Birkenstocks.
  1. Alexandre Birman: It is a Brazilian company that offers wonderful shoes at a reasonable price tag. It can be a good option for those who look for quality footwear. 
  1. Madden Girl Brando: This brand is less expensive than Birkenstock. But it has introduced some excellent pairs of footwear that can be your perfect choice.
  1. Eastland Shauna: It is also a budget-friendly brand that offers high-quality footwear. 
  1. Freedom Moses: With some affordable pairs of shoes and sandals, Freedom Moses is another true alternative to Birkenstock. Its footwears are colorful, stylish, enduring, and overall excellent. 
  1. Northside Bindi: Probably, it is the least expensive alternative to Birkenstock that has wonderful footwear under $20. 

Things To Know Before Buying Birkenstock Sandals

innovative features, great and good review

Before Buying a pair of Birkenstock, you should keep some facts in your mind.

These are mentioned below.

  1. First, you have to know that the price of its footwear is more than the average cost. So, if you think that you can afford the price, then you can move forward. 
  1. The sizing of Birkenstock may confuse you because the brand follows a European sizing system. Thus, if you buy from other countries outside Europe, be aware of the size that fits you, and accordingly, order the product. 
  1. Birkenstock has introduced numerous models of footwear that are popular among consumers. Therefore, you should buy the best-reviewed pair if you want to get a quality item. Hence, read the feedback of the customers from websites. 
  1. If you want to save money, you should purchase when sales go. Besides, there are discounts, coupons, codes, etc that can help reduce your cost. 
  1. And finally, beware of fake companies that market duplicate Birkenstocks. So, observe the quality of products when you are buying. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Birkenstocks last?

calendar year, time

It completely depends on how you use or wear Birkenstock shoes or sandals.

Nonetheless, it is very common that a pair of Birkenstock can last more than 10 years on average.

Some of them may last more than this period also.

You should take into consideration that Birkenstock doesn’t offer a warranty but gives a guarantee of quality.

You can return the product under its 30 Day Return Policy if you do not like the product or are not satisfied with them.

However, to get the lengthy longevity of your Birkenstock, you ought to keep them out of the heat and protect them from the water stain. 

Does Birkenstock have discounts?


Yes, Birkenstock frequently offers different types of discounts for customers.

It has several coupons, promo codes, and goes for sales when it gives the products at a reasonable price.

For example, it gives a %30 discount on the next purchase using a coupon code.

What is more, it has Black Friday deals offering discounts on certain products. 

What is better than Birkenstocks?


It has been reported that Chaco is much more appreciative than Birkenstock in terms of several conditions.

While Birkenstocks are not water-friendly, Chaco footwear can endure water since they are suitable for hiking and traveling.

Besides, chacos have unstrapped and are made from high-end materials that make them unique from the other brands.

Their footwear is more stylish and aesthetic.

In terms of price, Chaco is less expensive than Birkenstocks.

Therefore, if you look for quality footwear, Chaco can be a good choice at a fair price. 

Why do podiatrists recommend Birkenstocks?

Why is powerful

According to podiatrists, it is very crucial to notice the fit and arch support along with the materials used to make footwear.

It should be ensured that the shoes or sandals are comfortable and wearable for a long time without pain.

Thus, Birkenstocks are approved by podiatrists since it has a nice deep heel cup in most of the footwear, specifically, Arizona sandals.

This brand’s footwear can provide the utmost comfort due to raw materials.

They are not harmful to the foot as they can help protect feet from pain and other problems that I’ve already pointed out above. 


Arriving conclusion, now it is apparent why Birkenstocks are tremendously expensive.

The brand is a name of quality footwear that produces the best products with high-end raw materials.

Its footwears are entirely comfortable, enduring, and organic.

They can last for several years that ennoble their features.

Although they are expensive, it should be kept in mind that they are worth the money due to versatile benefits.

Hence, you can buy Birkenstocks without worrying about the quality. 

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