Why Are Baies Candles So Expensive? (Top 4 Reasons)

Baies/ Berries Candles are the most selling in Diptyque fragrance brand. 

And Diptyque is a famous brand when it comes to luxury scented candles.

These candles are a blend of black currant leaves and roses. 

However, most people get disappointed when they go to buy them.

Why? Because they are very costly.

After examining the reasons that make the prices high.

It is found that these are the factors that influence the premium price tag.

  • They make their candles manually and individually.
  • High-quality wax and excellent glass containers.
  • Use natural fragrances.
  • Location of their stores.

We will discuss these reasons in-depth in this article, so make sure you read it to the end.

Why are Baies candles so expensive? 

To understand more about Baies candles, we will start with a bit of their history.

Baies candles are one of the most sought Diptyque fragrances.

 The brand was founded by a trio of friends six decades ago in Paris.

The founders were Yves Couslant, Desmond Knox-leet, and Christiane Gautrot. 

 Baies fragrance was first introduced in 1983.

It is an unofficial ambiance scent of signore Paris.

Also, it is a luxury brand.

As we all know, luxury products come at premium prices.

Below are some reasons for their hefty price tags. 

They are made manually

Baies candles made

Baies candles are made manually and individually.

Manufacturers use their hands when molding them to straighten and adjust wicks.

It makes the candles burn well, unlike other scented candle brands.

Also, they pour each candle to spot any problem when they are still manufacturing.

It takes a lot of time to complete a single candle.

So they produce in small batches and cannot meet consumers’ demands.

So when adding up the care involved, production costs, and time consumed, the price tags will be hefty.

High quality and design


Unlike other scented candles, Baies has no artificial components added to them.

They are naturally made, and their quality is premium.

Manufacturers use high-quality materials like pure paraffin wax, which premium brands use.

They have unique and attractive designs.

When you put them in your home, they add extra beauty and ambiance.

Also, they have magnificent glasses that are of high quality.

The good thing about them is that you reuse the glass after your candle burns out to decorate your house.

And as you know, the higher the quality, the higher the price.


Non Synthetic

Most people buy luxurious candles without considering if they are natural or not.

It makes no sense to buy a luxurious fragrance that will be harmful to your body.

Baies has made a difference by not using any synthetic material in its candles.

The use of natural scents in Baies candles increases their production cost naturally.

So it means that the price tags will be high.

If you value your health, it is worth adding an extra coin and buying non-synthetic fragrances.

For Baies, you can smell its aroma even when it is not burning.

Also, it is worth mentioning that its scents last until the candle is burnt out.

There are other candles, which are scented on the top layer only.

High rents

Exercubarant rents

Diptyque stores are found in prime locations where customers can easily find them.

They work hard to provide the best services to their customers.

Premium brands like Diptyque have a limited number of outlets that give their customers hard-to-find impressions.

Rents in these places are pretty high, which will affect the ultimate price of their products.

What are Baies candles made of?

Baies candles made of

Baies candles do not contain any paraffin or palm oil.

They are made using 100% natural vegetable wax.

Also, they have a pure cotton braided wick and are free from heavy metals.

So it guarantees a clean burn that is friendly to the environment.

They are natural fragrances made from the best areas in the world.

How much wax is in Baies Candles?

wax in Baies Candles

The amount of wax you use in your Baies candle depends on the size of the jar.

So, to get the right amount needed, you should be able to do your calculations.

For instance, there is a rule that fragrance should be 10%. 

So it means if you take a 300 ml jar, you 30ml should be fragrance.

So you are left with 270ml* .83, which is a magic number, so you need 224 wax for a 300ml jar.

Do Baies candles burn differently from other candles?

Baies candles burn differently from other candles

Yes, they do. They are made with a pure cotton wick and free from heavy metals, unlike other candles.

Also, other factors influence how a candle burns.

White candles tend to burn faster than red candles.

Also, but it depends on the size of the candle and the wick.

Big candles burn slower than small ones.

What do Baies candles smell like?

Baies candles smell

Baies is one of the most selling Diptyque candle fragrances.

It smells like an oven-crisped compote with its notes of jammy black currant and Bulgarian roses.

It is the best gift for a newly sparked romance.

Its sharp edges have to get smoothed down, making it cozier.

Are Baies candles toxic?

toxic dangerous

No, they are not toxic at all.

It doesn’t contain synthetic materials; they are purely natural.

Are Baies candles worth it?

worth it

We have discussed the reasons that influence the prices of Baies candles.

If you look at them, you will realize that they are worth every penny.

But opinions vary from person to person depending on their encounter with them.

If you want to enhance the beauty of your home or make your friends go wow when they get in your house, go for Baies candles.

How to save money on Baies candles

save money

Despite Baies candles being expensive, there are ways you can still save on these candles.

Baies candles never go on sale.

So, don’t expect any discount, but you can identify a retailer who gives loyalty points.

You can use them to pay part of the money.

You can also use your credit cashback rewards when buying the candles.

You can not save a lot, but it makes a difference.

Also, if you can take care of your candle, it can increase its longevity and save you money.

Avoid blowing your candle before the entire surface melts completely.

Also, if you don’t want soot, you can trim the wick about a half-centimeter.

Baies Best Alternatives

Best alternatives

On account of Baies having a good reputation, it has increased its competitors indeed.

If you find Baies expensive because of their high cost, you can buy from these alternatives.

Below are the top 5options.

  1. Ex Nihilo.
  2. Le Feu de L’eau.
  3. Bella Freud.
  4. Roja Parfums.
  5. Carrière Frères.


As we conclude this article, we can now understand why Baies candles are expensive. 

There are a lot of production costs, labor, and time involved in manufacturing them.

So it results in an increased price tag.

Despite people criticizing their prices, Baies candles have continued to record high sales.

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