Why Are Apple Wheels So Expensive? (Top 5 Reasons)

Apple is a reputable luxury brand in the tech industry around the world.

When most people hear of it, they only think of their top-selling products like iPhones, iPads, Mac, and iPods.

But most people are not aware of apple wheels that are available on their website and are pretty costly.

Apple pro mac wheels go for $700, which is very expensive.

The materials used in making them have a considerable impact on their premium prices.

Stainless steel is costly compared to materials like plastics.

Also, the fact that Apple is a high-end brand affects the wheels’ price tags.

But, after looking at all these factors, we have listed the top 5 reasons that make Apple wheels so expensive.

Why are Apple wheels so expensive?

Apple wheels were designed to be used with the mac pro CPU to make it portable.

So it makes it easier for you to move the CPU around without so much lugging.

But just like any item, there are reasons behind their premium prices.

Here are well compiled top 5 reasons why apple wheels are so expensive.

Brands reputation


Apple is historically known for charging more money compared to other brands.

They are also known to have well-designed products in the tech industry.

Its high sales are partly because of its reputation as a luxury brand.

When most people buy products from a high-end brand (known to have inflated prices), they feel they own something so expensive.

Also, incredibly wealthy people want to buy expensive items to maintain their class.

So the brand takes the advantage to sell at premium prices.

This way, Apple gets to convince people to buy less expensive products like iPod and iPad.

Despite Apple wheels’ low sales, the brand still records high sales from the other products.

So the brand’s reputability plays a significant role in the premium prices.

Apple accessory tax

Kindle books get taxed

Most people get shocked when they go to the Apple stores to buy replacements or accessories.

Replacements or accessories like chargers for their iPad or iPhones are pretty expensive.

And you might end up spending more money than you expect.

If you compare their prices with androids, devices since they are way above them.

So the apple accessories tax causes all this disparity.

They get taxed heavily, and so they pass the premiums costs to their consumers by giving high price tags.

Low supply and demand

lack of demand

Apple wheels demand is deficient, so it affects their price.

When a product has low demand and supply, the manufacturers increase their prices.

It is to compensate for the costs.

It is a significant factor that makes the apple wheels to be expensive.

Most people can not afford the mac pro, which means the people who will buy it will be less.

So, the brand takes advantage of the few who can comfortably buy them by charging the premium prices.


High end, quality, Materials, ingredients, components manufacture

Apple wheels are made using premium materials like stainless steel.

You can compare stainless steel with the one made from plastic.

The difference is notable, and they are also long-lasting due to the quality materials.

Anything made using premium material will be costly.

So premium materials influence Apple wheel’s high prices.


Target Market

When you look at most Apple products, you will realize they have memes.

Apple makes their prices ridiculous to get people talking and making memes out of them.

So these memes circulate the internet, and millions of people get to see them making the brand famous.

So this links Apple with potential customers who love luxury brands, so they make more sales.

Also, they market their products in magazines and other paid channels.

They are equally costly.

So after considering the costs, they increase the ultimate prices of Apple wheels.

Are Apple wheels worth it?

worth the money and price

The worth of Apple wheels depends on a personal perspective of the wheels.

Like a coin has two sides, some people will find them worthwhile others won’t.

But if you need and can afford them, they are worth every cash.

They help you move your mac CPU from one place to another freely.

It eases your work compared to carrying it, considering it’s also heavy.

Also, wealthy people who want to maintain their class find it worth it.

It is because they want to remain relevant.

Some people criticize apple wheel prices.

But if you look at the positive side, they are worth every dime.

How to save money on Apple wheels

save money

Apple wheels are pretty expensive, but you can still save on them by applying tricks.

Here are some of the ways you can save on apple wheels.

Buy second-hand: If you don’t need new Apple wheels, you can buy used ones.

You will find them well maintained and in good shape since Apple techs retain their value.

You can look for second-hand wheels from sites that deal with them, like eBay.

Buy certified refurbished wheels: If you don’t have enough money; you can buy refurbished apple wheels from Apple.

They sell them at 15% off the price of new ones.

Also, they give you a warranty on them if they become faulty.

Apple ensures that they do vetting on the refurbished wheels before releasing them.

Go back a generation: When Apple releases new products, they reduce the price of the immediate models.

So you can look for the previous generation model, and you will save yourself some dollars.

Get a military or veteran discount: Apple gives a discount plan to the military and veterans active on duty.

If you live with someone who qualifies for the discount, you can ask them to buy Apple wheels for you at a lower price.

Trade-in: Apple accepts trade-ins. So you can go with your previous Apple wheels, and you will top up with some cash to get new ones which will save you money.

You can shop at mac dealers: Apple does not have sales often, but you can shop from their dealers who give discounts.

You can also check the best buy outlet bargain: Some stores sell more costly than others.

So if you are not in a hurry, you can visit several local stores and compare the prices.

You may buy Apple wheels at a lower price and save some dollars.

Apple wheels alternatives

Best alternatives

Apple wheels are pretty costly.

But if you cannot afford them, you can decide to buy from it alternatives that are a bit cheaper.

Below are the top 5 best options for Apple wheels.

  1. Inline skate wheels
  2. A skateboard or dolly
  3. Casters like the mac pro wheels
  4. Shopping cart
  5. Smart car


As we conclude this article, we can easily understand why Apple wheels are costly.

The materials used in making Apple wheels play a significant role in the prices.

Also, Apple being a luxury brand affects the cost of the Apple wheels.

However, despite the high prices of apple wheels, the brand has continued to make more sales.

Some people are willing to pay more money just to be associated with the luxury brand.

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