Why Are Aluminum Lawn Chairs So Expensive? (Top 8 Reasons)

Furniture, whether it is outdoor or indoor, is always expensive.

Since you buy with a significant amount of money, it is an investment for you.

But if you look for aluminum lawn chairs, you will find that they are really costlier than most other metal chairs. 

It is acknowledged that aluminum is a high-quality metal that makes the chairs sturdy and enduring.

On account of durability, they can resist any rough environment.

Besides, they are very lightweight and you can bear them at any place wherever you wish.

What is more, they can offer the flexibility and perfect comfort that you actually need.

And along with these features, they can deliver more benefits for which their demand is very apparent. 

All of these landmarks are basically responsible for making aluminum lawn chairs highly expensive.

Hence, all the reasons are studied and elaborated in this article.

So, let’s delve into the passage minutely. 

Why Are Aluminum Lawn Chairs so Expensive?

Several reasons are there that obsess the market of aluminum lawn chairs.

Therefore, these reasons are enlisted here. 

Versatile Features

Versatile & multiple Features

Aluminum Lawn chairs are very expensive because they come with a good number of versatile features.

This piece of outdoor furniture is entirely different from interior furniture.

Honestly speaking, Aluminum Lawn chairs are a resourceful and all-around item.

It can be used at any outdoor place according to your need.

You can carry it with you wherever you like to sit since it is portable.

For example, you can take this chair with you at any outdoor function like sporting events, parade show, tailgate, party, beaches, etc.

That means you have a wonderful chair that can provide you with versatile advantages. 

On account of this remarkable use, Aluminum Lawn chairs are sold at a lavish price tag. 



It is worthy to remark that aluminum lawn chairs are not only versatile but also very convenient.

As they are lightweight, they take very little space when they are unraveled.

Because of this landmark, you can put them in the corner of your house when you do not use them.

When you are on the go, you can take a chair comfortably.

That is why you should not bother about fitting it in the car.

Moreover, you can roll it up and get it in the bag.

This easy-to-use convenience of aluminum lawn chairs makes it very exclusive and consequently, extravagant. 

Corrosion Resistant

Corrosion Resistant, preventing, saving something, proof

Because of prevailing aluminum, these chairs are highly corrosion resistant.

It can also resist rust and peeling paint and keep the chair fresh.

Due to this feature, the outlook of the aluminum lawn chairs remains attractive for years even after continuous use.

Thus, one can think that it is a new year although it is many years old. 

It is known that aluminum contains a chemical-resistant material.

As a result, aluminum-made equipment can withstand rough use without fading up, staining, rusting, and tarnishing. 

That is why aluminum lawn chairs are stronger than other metals-made furniture.

Eventually, the price of these chairs is more expensive than those normal chairs. 


proof, features available

It is another crucial factor that impacts the price of an aluminum lawn chair.

As outdoor furniture should be made with such materials so that they can withstand any weather, aluminum lawn chairs fulfill this demand. 

Considering the sunshine, UV radiation of rain, and the change of weather, aluminum lawn chairs are manufactured heat-resistant for hot sunny days and water-resistant for rainy days.

For this reason, they do not rust, stain, or pale if they are kept outside for a long time. 


Quality and durability

It is very inconvenient for people to replace their indoor or outdoor furniture every year or two since it is a matter of cost and affordability.

Actually, sun, rain, snow, dust, wind, and even insects can damage your furniture whether they are indoor or outdoor.

While indoor furniture perishes very slowly if they are left for several days, outdoor furniture is more perishable than the previous one in this case.

They will be severely damaged if they are left outside for some days.

That is why one must have such outdoor furniture that can subsist on the outside for some days and is durable.

And, Probably it is the most valid reason that makes aluminum lawn chairs outrageously expensive.

Aluminum is considered one of the sturdiest metals due to its heavy-duty steel frame, reliable structure, solid armrests, and significant capability of withstanding heavy use.

Based on these features, these chairs can last a long time without a doubt. 

Aluminum lawn chairs are powder-coated for which they can tolerate sunshine.

Due to the extreme heat of the sun, the color does not become pale or bleak. 

Thus, an aluminum lawn chair can last for many seasons of enjoyment.

Eventually, the price has become noteworthy. 

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Indoor or outdoor furniture needs a minimum type of maintenance cost if you want their durability.

Outdoor furniture especially needs more care than indoor furniture.

Other outdoor furniture that is made with iron, steel, or wood requires sufficient care and attention and consequently a maintenance cost. 

But when it comes to aluminum lawn chairs, they do not need any maintenance cost.

They do not require much attention.

You should frequently clean or wash them with your regular detergent, and oil for an excellent performance.

It will definitely reduce your cost, save your time, and reduce your toil. 

Well, that is enough! Yes, this minimal maintenance of aluminum lawn chairs makes them more advantageous.

And that is why their price has been increased gradually. 

Stylish Design


Now, everyone wants to stay in style because of fashion trends.

And this thing is greatly considered by the designer of aluminum lawn chairs.

They design the chairs in such a way giving them a new look so that they can fit everywhere and adjust to the new trends in the market. 

With evolving fashions, aluminum lawn chairs come in different colors and sizes.

On account of distinctive color and design, they look simply amazing.

And their look makes them appealing and so desirable.

You can choose according to your particular choice and demand. 

Production Cost

Production Cost

And lastly, it is the production cost of aluminum lawn chairs that influence the price to be exorbitant.

Aluminum is always regarded as one of the most precious metals in the world. 

It is noteworthy that the popularity of aluminum is increasing globally.

On the other hand, it is very costly to produce aluminum.

It is estimated that 25 tons of bauxite ore, 15 tons of caustic soda, 8 tons of charcoal, 760 kWh of electricity, and 50 cubic meters of water are obviously needed to produce 1 ton of raw aluminum.

That means a normal-sized aluminum chair requires 1.52 tons worth of materials to be manufactured completely.

Therefore, it is quite deducible why aluminum lawn chairs are very expensive.

To meet up the production cost, aluminum companies drive up the price of the furniture that is made of aluminum. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to save money on aluminum lawn chairs?

save money

Since aluminum lawn chairs may seem to be extravagant for some people, they look to save money on buying them.

Therefore, you can follow these to save money on them. 

  1. Purchase quality chairs. It is a great option for saving money because quality furniture lasts for a long time. As a result, you don’t have to buy them frequently. If you buy low-quality chairs, they will be damaged within a short time and you have to buy new ones. Thus, it will be more extravagant for you. So, if you buy high-quality aluminum lawn chairs, they will be durable and you can avoid buying them again and again. 
  1. Purchasing during the sale season can reduce your expenses. When shops go on sale, they sell products at a reasonable price offering discounts. Hence, you should buy aluminum lawn chairs during the sale to save money. 
  1. Most of the time, there are special discounts on certain products. Moreover, brands often offer codes, gift vouchers, coupons to sell their products. If you buy at that time, you can save a good amount of money indeed.

Are aluminum lawn chairs really worth it?

Are worth the higher prices

An item of outdoor furniture, an aluminum lawn chair is portable anywhere and easy to carry.

These chairs are long-lasting and can subsist rough weather.

They are rust and corrosion-resistant.

Besides, they can deliver satisfactory solace.

They are robust on account of heavy material.

They also come in numerous colors and patterns.

All the reasons make them very exceptional.

And consequently, they are very expensive.

However, despite a hefty price tag, it is mentionable that aluminum lawn chairs are worth the money. 

What is so special about an aluminum lawn chair?

so special

The most important specialty of aluminum lawn chairs is their exceptional features.

It is anticipated that aluminum is a strong metal that is used in many outdoor and indoor furniture.

Due to the powder coat used in the chairs, they can survive in any harsh condition whether it is hot sunny days or continuous rainy days.

They also can resist any corrosion or rust.

They do not become discolored or fade because of the weather.

Therefore, this outstanding quality of aluminum lawn chairs makes them very special and precious. 

Is an aluminum lawn chair overpriced?

is overpriced, costly, money, price, value

It has already been revealed that aluminum lawn chairs are really extraordinary in terms of various features including high-end quality, durability, comfortability, weather-resistance, stylish design, etc.

Owing to versatile characteristics, their price is more than average and, thus, expensive.

Nonetheless, although they are expensive, they are not overpriced. 

What to consider before buying an aluminum lawn chair? 

consider before buying

Every piece of furniture is an investment.

So, if you are going to buy an aluminum lawn chair, you must consider some factors before buying it. 

  1. Beware of the fact whether it is really aluminum or not. As aluminum is very precious, expensive, and popular, there are now so many companies that produce fake things that look like aluminum. Thus, you have to be careful about this fact. 
  1. Purchase the best quality aluminum so that it can last a long period fairly. Therefore, you don’t have to buy furniture very often and it will reduce your cost.
  1. Sometimes, brands go on sales and offer discounts on specific products. At that time, you will get your desired piece of furniture at an accessible price. 
  1. What is more, you should think of your budget and fix a certain amount according to your capability. Then you have to go shopping and buy the best one within your budget.

Aluminum lawn chairs alternative

Best alternatives

As aluminum lawn chairs are expensive, consumers pursue alternatives that may be somewhat affordable to them.

However, if you look for aluminum lawn chairs alternatives, there are some for you.

  1. Serena & Lily Teak Sling Chair: This chair comes with remarkable longevity. It is made of teak wood frame and weather-resistant fabric. It appears with different-patterned colors and shapes. 
  1. Telescope Casual Original Mini-Sun Folding Aluminum Beach Chair: It is another good alternative that is affluent with prolific features. It is easy to carry due to being lightweight and comfortable.
  1. MoMA Design Store Classic Lawn Chair: This chair comes with aluminum-frame folding. It is also easily portable to anywhere. 
  1. Zero-Gravity Patio Chair Recliners: It is one of the best options replete with wonderful features. Made from mesh fabric, it is heat-resistant. 
  1. Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair: Due to being lightweight, you can carry this chair on road trips, camping trips, or parks. It provides convenience and adequate comfort.

Where is an aluminum lawn chair made?

Where made

The aluminum lawn chair is an American innovation that first appeared after WWII.

Since then, the popularity of this chair has increased globally.

Consequently, the chair is made in the country for several years.

The country has various factories that manufacture a notable number of lawn chairs. 

How can I tell if my aluminum lawn chair is real?

How do I choose

Aluminum is one of the most renowned and popular metals due to its outstanding features.

Since aluminum is very appropriate for outdoor furniture, it is necessary to recognize real aluminum.

You can tell whether your lawn chair is made from aluminum or not by observing its finishing.

Aluminum lawn chairs contain a polyester powder coating that can resist dirt, rough weather, and water.

You will notice that they are typically lightweight and easily portable. 

How long does an aluminum lawn chair last? 

calendar year, time

One of the fundamental reasons and benefits that make aluminum lawn chairs expensive is their durability.

As aluminum lawn chairs are water, corrosion, and weather resistant, they can survive in any condition without much care. 

It is reported that aluminum outdoor furniture can last for a long time that may be several years.

Their longevity can range from 15 years to 20 years depending on the models.

Some even can last nearly thirty years if they are well-maintained. 

What time of year is best to buy patio furniture?

time of year

Furniture is an essential thing for home.

Therefore, people buy it at any time of the year when they need it.

Most of the patio furniture is generally expensive.

But buying at a certain time of the year can save you money.

Basically, patio furniture goes on sale from August to October due to the necessity of clearing out summer items.

At that time, it offers discounts from %20 to %70 on occasion.

Thus, it is the best time to buy patio furniture because you can reduce your expenses remarkably. 


Upon discussion, it is now conspicuous that aluminum lawn chairs are affluent with a lot of wonderful features that impact the price to be extravagant.

On the one hand, this metal is very precious and popular, on the other hand, it is very sturdy and durable.

Besides, due to their powerful capability, they can withstand harsh conditions.

They are also very comfortable and easily portable at any place that may help you a lot.

Therefore, these lawn chairs are worth the money.

Hence, you can buy them surely according to your individual choice. 

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