Why Are Air Purifiers so Expensive? (Top 5 Reasons)

You might be wondering why air purifiers are so expensive. The truth is that they’re not really all that expensive when you think about the benefits of using one. They can purify the air in your house, making it safer for you and your loved ones to breathe indoors. You no longer have to worry about dust or odors because an air purifier will take care of those problems!
LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Allergies Pets Hair in Bedroom
This means less coughing, sneezing, and other symptoms related to allergies and asthma! So stop thinking about how expensive they are – start thinking about how much better life would be with one!
In this blog post, I will explain why air purifiers are so expensive and share with you Five reasons why it is worth investing in one now.

Why are purifiers so expensive?

When you analyze various aspects, you realize air purifiers are so expensive. Just like other items, their prices vary because of many factors.
Here are well-explained reasons you need to test before deciding on buying one for your home.


Manufacturers often use high-quality materials like fiberglass, which captures molecules. They are made with scientifically proven methods to collect and capture microbes. It will lead to an increase in their prices.


Their prices vary in size. The larger the size of an air purifier, the higher the price will be. And the smaller the size of the air purifier, the cheaper the price will be.
Most air purifiers come in an enormous size to ensure optimal efficiency and excellent performance.
Also, consider your room size. For large and medium rooms, buy a large purifier and an expensive one. If you have a small space, you can buy a cheaper one. It can also serve you better.


Technology is the vital factor that makes air purifiers to be costly. Technology integration determines the value of filters for clean air.
Developing air purifiers requires a lot of technology and expenses to make a quality one. This factor will make the final products to be so costly.


Most people fear for their health. So, they prefer buying an air purifier rather than having frequent doctor visits. So, companies take advantage of desperate people and hike the prices of air purifiers.

Air-quality monitors

Expensive air purifiers have air quality monitors. They help you know if your air purifier works effectively. Premium purifiers can detect pollutants and purify the air as soon as they sense some pollution.
Costly air filters have quality sensors that have software supported by electronics to process information. Some air purifiers also have digital displays that can show real-time indoor quality with the particles.

Are expensive purifiers worth it?

Good quality air is essential for you and your family. The key thing that gives this quality indoor air is an air purifier. When your Ac system in your home heats or cools, it sucks all the air through the filter.
Dirty and clogged air is not safe for your system, and you must change your filters regularly. A good filter will block you from any air bone diseases.
If you or any member of your house has any respiratory disease, invest in a quality air purifier like HEPA. Your homes should be a priority.
Expensive purifiers have advanced HEPA filters that trap the tiniest molecules. They also have strong odor absorption filters and a long-lasting odor and gas absorption that filters a wide range of chemicals.

What is the difference between cheap and expensive air purifiers?

Expensive air purifiers have high-quality materials that filter air better than cheaper ones.
Cheap air filters are made using spun fiberglass. Fiberglass filters very little air compared to materials like paper cotton and polyester. Expensive filters have materials like cotton polyester and paper that are very efficient. Woven substances are more costly than spun fiberglass.
Expensive filters have more folds, which increases the surface area. And the more the surface is, the more it can filter an extensive amount of air. For folded filters, you don’t have to change regularly compared to the ones without folders. You can change after three months, unlike others which you change monthly.
Cheap air purifiers have a low performance, and sometimes they cannot absorb odors. They also produce a lot of noise. They have very poor-quality user manuals.
Expensive filters produce low noise and can absorb strong odor. They also offer advanced filtration.
An expensive air purifier that has HEPA filters has better components, like a powerful fan. Expensive ones have a high CADR rating and can cover large rooms and spaces.
Premium purifiers have extra cleaning components, such as negative generator ions or cold catalysts filters.
Some expensive air purifiers come with more features, like quality sensors and automatic modes.

Do expensive purifiers make any difference?

Yes, they do. Expensive air purifiers have so many extra features compared to cheap ones. Expensive air purifiers can serve a large part of the room. They can also come with additional features like sensors and automatic mode.
Expensive ones are made of high-quality materials that can absorb dirt in your house and cleanse the air. But cheap ones are made with spun fiberglass that does not remove all the dust. When you buy a low-cost air purifier, it may break down after a few months, but an expensive one has a longer lifespan.
An expensive air purifier will also have more components, such as cleaning systems and negative ion generators.

How long do expensive Air Purifiers last?

It is a common question that you may ask yourself if you are thinking of buying an air purifier. Most purifiers need filters to remove contaminants from the air. Their longevity is equally significant.
Different purifiers work differently and have different lifespans.
Large air purifiers may last up to 5 years when you take good care of them. But the average period they can last is 3-5 years. You should make sure that you read the user’s manual to understand how to use it or when to replace the filters.
Filters may attract pollen, and dirt may accumulate over time. So it’s always good to change them regularly.

What is the average cost of an air purifier?

The price of air purifiers varies because of different types, sizes, and quality. The size is also a primary factor that determines the prices of air purifiers. A large size air purifier will cost more than the smallest one.
When analyzing the general price of air purifiers, I realized they are not cheap at all.
Their price ranges from $200 to $900.

Some best and most affordable air purifiers

Amongst many types of air purifiers in the market, some are worth your money. These different air purifiers can give a pleasant experience when you use them. Their prices go in hand with their quality. Below are some air purifiers worth mentioning.
The first type of air purifier worth mentioning is the Germ True HEPA Filter air. It is a brand of GermGuardian.
It is a 4 IN 1 air purifier home True HEPA air filter. It reduces up to 99.97% of harmful germs like dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and other allergens. This air purifier also traps allergens, pet hair, and other large particles. It extends the lifespan of HEPA filters.
Gem Guardian contains activated charcoal that reduces odor from pets and smoke.
It produces low noise that is as gentle as night noise. This air purifier kills germs and reduces airborne infections, such as influenza and rhinovirus.
Germ guardians can filter the air in both medium and large rooms. The current price of this air purifier is $xx.xx
LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home
This purifier is a brand of Levoit. It is 100% ozone-free and does not use UV-C light. Research has also shown that it produces harmful ozone and also secondary pollution.
Its performance is powerful and has a CARD A of 130 CfFM/221m3/h. It is perfect for living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.
Levoit air purifier has low noise, and you can sleep comfortably with no disturbance.
It comprises three stages of filtration. A washable pre-filter filters large particles, like fur. High efficient activated carbon filter for toxic fumes and unpleasant odors. It also carries a 13 True HEPA filter which captures 99.97% airborne particles o.3 microns in size. It is user-friendly. You can set a timer whenever you feel like it. Also, you can check the filter indicator to know when to change the filter.
It does not consume a lot of energy. For a week, you need only $1.66 to use it all day when there is high pollution. You can place it anywhere because of its compact design. You can change its filters every 6-months.
To buy one will cost you $xxx.xx
This air purifier is also a brand of Levoit. It is ozone-free and does not produce harmful ozone or secondary pollution. It has a high performance, and it refreshes air 5x per hour in rooms as large as 219ft/m
This air purifier gives you relief from sneezing, congestion, and other allergic symptoms caused by airborne contaminants like dust, smoke, and pollen.
It is the most silent air cleaner in the market. When you choose sleep mode, you forget the air purification during the night. This Quiet KEAP technology reduces the noise levels to almost silent.
Levoit air purifier has many filter choices to choose from that meet your needs.
It has a sleek design. You can hang it anywhere in your bedroom and blend it with your decor.
It has a quiet operation. You only need to put the timer on and enjoy your sleep without the effect of the light. Levoit Air Purifier is a certified brand for indoor cleaning devices.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Are Dysons Air Purifiers So expensive?

Dysons are one of the most expensive air purifiers available in the market. It has unique features that make it so pricey.
Dyson’s air purifiers can display real-time data for four pollutants, including PM 2.5, VOC, NO24, and PM 10. These filters can automatically detect harmful substances through their pack sensors.
Dyson air purifiers are very easy to set up and install. If you can afford to buy, then these are the best affordable you can buy.
I can recommend Dyson air purifiers for three main reasons:
They are easy to use, good at what they do, and have durability.

What is the best inexpensive air purifier?

GermGuardian AC4100 Air Purifier is the best inexpensive air purifier in the market.
It has a 3in 1 air cleaning system with a combination filter. You only need to replace it once. So, it is cost-effective and highly effective at cleaning the air. It is a tabletop device and comprises various filters.
It has a True HEPA Filter that removes small particles like dust and other tiny substances. Also, it has activated carbon and UV light. They eliminate all indoor odors and kill toxic bacteria and viruses.
It comes in 2 packs which cut costs. It covers a maximum rating of 78 square feet and is perfect for those who want it for personal use.
It is also portable. You can move it from different rooms or even carry it when traveling.
Final Thoughts:
The price of an air purifier can be a dealbreaker. People don’t want to spend that much money on something they may not even need. But when it comes down to your health and well-being, is there really a better investment you could make?
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