When Was L’s Real Name Revealed? [Answered]

L Lawliet’s real name was revealed in Death Note 13: How to Read. The story gives some additional background information on L, including his full name, his birthdate, and where he was born. This information had been kept secret up until this point in the series, adding to the mystery surrounding L. While some fans had speculated that L’s real name might be Light Yagami, the story confirms that this is not the case.

However, the revelation of L’s identity does not diminish his character; if anything, it makes him even more fascinating. L remains one of the most popular and enigmatic characters in Death Note, and fans will no doubt continue to speculate about his past.

How did light find out L’s name?

When Light Yagami finds the Death Note, he is immediately intrigued by its power. He soon learns that if he writes a person’s name in the notebook, that person will die. Eager to test out the notebook’s power, Light decides to kill a criminal by the name of L. However, he soon discovers that he does not know L’s full name.

In order to find out, Light enlists the help of a shinigami named Rem. Shinigami have the ability to see a person’s name and lifespan, and Rem is able to tell Light that L’s full name is “Lawliet.” With this information, Light is finally able to kill L. However, the death of L is just the beginning of a long and complicated battle between Light and the world’s greatest detective.

Which episode is L’s name revealed?

L’s name is never revealed in the anime. Light Yagami knows his name, as he wrote it in the Death Note, but the name is never shown onscreen. In the manga, L’s full name is L Lawliet, but this is not mentioned in the anime. It is possible that L’s name is never revealed in order to keep him as an enigma. By not knowing his name, viewers are unable to learn anything about him other than what they see onscreen.

This makes L a more enigmatic and mysterious character, which can be seen as one of his main strengths. Additionally, not revealing L’s name may also be a way of protecting his identity. In the world of the Death Note, L is one of the few people who knows how to use the notebook safely.

If his name were to be made public, it would put him at risk of being targeted by those who wish to use the Death Note for evil purposes. Therefore, it is possible that the creators of Death Note chose not to reveal L’s name in order to protect him from harm.

How did L get the name ryuzaki?

L’s true name has never been revealed in the Death Note series, so fans have been left to wonder how he came to be known by the alias “Ryuzaki.” In the original Japanese manga, L is actually named after the famous singer/actor Hideki Ryuga, who was popular at the time of the story’s publication.

When Light Yagami and L first met, Light quickly deduced that L had given him this name deliberately in order to catch him using the Death Note. The Task Force that was tracking the Death Note case was told this name by L himself, and it eventually became the name that everyone knew him by.

While we may never know L’s true identity, it’s clear that the name “Ryuzaki” holds a special meaning for both L and the fans of the Death Note series.

What is N’s real name Death Note?

Near, whose real name is Nate River, takes L’s place as the head detective after L dies. He leads an organization called the SPK with the goal of catching Kira. Near is a prodigy and is able to see through people and deduce their intentions.

He is also incredibly intelligent and resourceful, able to find Kira even when everyone else has failed. Near is calm and collected, even in the face of danger, and this allows him to think clearly in high-pressure situations.

He is also quite manipulative, often using other people to achieve his goals. In the end, Near is able to outwit Kira and bring him to justice. While he may not be as enigmatic as L, Near is nonetheless a brilliant detective in his own right.

Does light know L’s real name?

Light never figured out L’s name. Instead, Rem utilized his shinigami vision to determine L’s identity and subsequently killed him by recording his name in the note. While this may seem like a simple act, it is actually quite complicated.

First, shinigami can only see the names of people who are about to die. Second, even if Light had known L’s name, he would not have been able to kill him with just a note. The Death Note can only kill people whose names are written in it by the owner of the book. Therefore, it was ultimately Rem’s intervention that allowed Light to succeed in killing L.

How did light kill L?

The Shinigami Rem killed L at Light’s request in order to save Misa’s life. Misa had been Light’s unwitting accomplice in his scheme to become god of the new world, and he was convinced that if she were to live, she would be in danger.

In order to protect her, he implemented measures to incriminate her as Kira and had the Shinigami Rem kill her. L’s death was a turning point in the battle against Kira, and it ultimately led to Light’s downfall.

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