What Is The Most Expensive Fish In The World That We Can Eat?

Is there anyone who never eats fish? The answer might be, “No”. Fish is a staple food around the world and provides an ample range of health benefits. It supplies our diet with some essential proteins and omega-3 fatty acids.
Again, in the case of expensive fish, the answer might be, “Yes”. Eating the most expensive fish is not everyone’s cup of tea. The sea fishes come at a very high price. Well in this article, we will introduce you to the ten most expensive fish to eat, which may astonish you!
The high-end fishes like a variety of Bluefin tuna, Pufferfish, Swordfish, wild King Salmon, Yellowfin tuna, etc. are popular all over the world. This high-end fish per pound price can be $20 or more, depending on the size of the fish. Let’s be familiar with these expensive fishes:


Cod is a mild flavor, white flesh, popular fish. The fish has high economic importance, and this delicious marine fish is mainly cold-water fish. The fish remains near the bottom to deep water.
Cod is a migratory fish. You can find this fish basically in the Atlantic, the Pacific oceans. Year-round, you can find it in the market. It has a dark-spotted fish with three dorsal fins, a chin barbel, and two anal fins.
The fish varies in color from grayish to brown, greenish, blackish, and dull to bright red. This fish usually is caught about 25 pounds. But the fish can reach a maximum of 201 pounds.
The length is about 6 feet. Per pound, codfish is $ 3.60. Cod liver provides cod liver oil.
This fish is an excellent source of vitamin D, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids. Atlantic cod is cooking for scrod, fish, and chips.


It is one of the expensive saltwater fish, and this fish is vital in fishery species. Haddock fish is delicious to eat.
It is a slightly sweeter taste. It has a tapering and elongated body shaped with a small mouth. Again, there are some different colors in the body.
The upper part is dark grey color, and the lower part is dull silver-white. Haddock fish will sell fresh, frozen, or smoked. The weight of this fish is a minimum of 24 pounds.
Mainly, it can get in the Atlantic oceans. Per pound of this fish will cost $45. Haddock is an excellent source of protein.
This fish helps prevent cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

American Eel

American eel
Eel is the extraordinary seafood obtainable in the USA. This expensive food price is estimated to be $ 2000 per single pound, which is not reasonable for everyone. Eel is one of the most expensive seafood in its history and one of the USA’s healthiest meals.
It is considered as an endangered species in some parts of the world. The eel fish supply is not enough; the world faces a vast shortage of large eel. Some countries are trying to add much in specie. The juvenile eels are sold after they are fully grown up.

Freshwater Polka dot Stingray

Freshwater Polka dot Stingray
You might not have anticipated that a stingray should even be on this rundown. however, this is no customary stingray. This extraordinary and staggering stingray can run customers over 100,000 dollars.
This fish is also called a white-blotched waterway stingray or the Xingu River beam, live in the Brazilian stream’s rough bottoms. Some believe this beam to be the most costly fish species.
They have oval formed bodies, which are canvassed in white spots, while their underside is dim without any spots. They have jutting eyes that permit them to perceive what’s above them. They also have uncommon detecting organs around their mouths and nose, which allows them to distinguish electric fields created by different creatures.

These fish accompany an astounding sticker price, primarily because the way that sends out from Brazil is presently illicit. Instead, the business needs to fundamentally depend on hostage reared beams, which extensively ups its cost.

A significantly more costly assortment of this fish is an uncommon variation, where the beam structures rings with dark focuses instead of spots.
platinum arowana
What is your thinking? What amount is Platinum Arowana? This exclusive inception gets a vital position in the rundown of the most costly fish sphere.
Procuring itself the best position in the most costly eatable fish is the platinum Arowana. All Arowanas accompany huge prices in contrast with other fishes, yet the expense of this fish assortment is off the diagrams. At $400,000, this perfect Platinum fish is the aftereffect of an uncommon hereditary transformation.
In the Asia region, individuals accept that this Platinum fish supports wellbeing, success, and karma while killing negative impacts.
Again, these fishes are beasts of the fish planet. They can grow as big as humans in length. There are a couple of things that make them so novel. You will also find their gigantic bodies and metallic-like scales.
You may find many other shading varieties of the Arowana; the most well known and promptly accessible are the Silver Arowana. Anyway, it is the Platinum assortment that has gotten the most searched after.

Wild King Salmon

Wild King Salmon is the most popular and expensive fish. Moreover, fish is the largest and richest flavored and fat. This fish is great for grilling or eating raw.
The wild king salmon is found north Pacific oceans. The fishing process is complicated and challenging. Every year, a limited number of salmon are offered for sale. However, it can be caught during the summer.
This salmon can cost $20 per pound. Per steak/fillet can charge $15 to $22. You can find it year-round.
This fish helps to improve your health. The delicious fish provides you with vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids. It also contains high-quality lean meat.
You can get higher minerals, including iron and zinc.

Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna is an excellent alternative to the more expensive Bluefin tuna. Locally people know it as Ahi fish. It is an important fishery species.
This is stronger predators and the fastest fish. This fish is torpedo-shaped with a silver belly. Anyway, Yellowfin Tuna has long anal, finlets, dorsal fins that are bright yellow. This fish can live up to six or seven years.
This highly migratory fish is found in the tropical and subtropical zone of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. It enables to breed year-round. The length of this fish is probably 7 feet.
The minimum weight is 400 pounds. A fresh, sashimi-grade steak can cost $17 to $30 per pound. Non-sushi will be $8 to $15 per pound.
The significant difference between Yellowfin Tuna and Bluefin Tuna is size. Yellowfin tuna is smaller than Bluefin tuna. One 4 oz. Serving of this fish provides about 25g protein, 120 calories.
Zero carbohydrate makes it an ideal food for the people. This tuna is the source of vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acid, magnesium, phosphorus, and selenium.


Swordfish is one of the expensive fish. Some people call it Broadbills. Again, Swordfish are large, predatory, and highly migratory.
It is a long, pointed bill and flat. Swordfish is also popular sport fish for the billfish category. Again, the fish has elongated and round-bodied. It losses all teeth and scales by adulthood.
Mostly, these fish are found in temperate parts of the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans. It can be found near the surface to a depth of 550 m of the ocean. This fish is approximately 9.8 feet in length, and the maximum size is 14.9 feet.
Weight is about 650 kg. The fish can be caught from August to October. You can get it year-round, but that will be frozen.
When you purchase fresh fish, it will cost a minimum of $11 to $24 per pound. The cost depends on whether it is new or frozen. The fish is expensive because of the enormous demand and the difficulty in catching them.
The fish is perfect for grilling and broiling. 50 to 200 pounds Swordfish can serve a lot of people. The fish provides you an excellent source of selenium.
This micronutrient has effectiveness in cancer-fighting and heart health. Again, it has low fat and calories. This fish is also protein-rich.

Puffer Fish

Puffer Fish
Pufferfish is also known as fugu in Japan. Additionally, it’s popular as a deadly member of the fish family. It is the ultimate delicacy for thrill-seekers. Just a drop of poison from the Pufferfish can leave you dead in a second.
The deadly fish contain tetrodotoxin, which makes the fish lethal. The tetrodotoxin is up to 1200 times poisonous than cyanide. A pufferfish is a toxin enough to kill 30 adult humans in a matter of seconds.
The nerve-racking part, the antidotes are unknown yet. The most expensive and poisonous amid the puffer family is the tiger puffer. Nevertheless, of all, it is sought in Japan as a delicacy.
In fact, The FDA issued a warning to consume only from renowned restaurants. To sever the Pufferfish, the chef has a three-year rigorous training session. Nationwide 50 restaurants are authorized to serve the Pufferfish.
The price will depend on where it was farm caught or wild.
Bluefin Tuna
Bluefin tuna is the top contender on the list of most expensive fish. This controversial fish is renowned for its popularity in sushi traditions and Japanese foodies. A Japanese sushi restaurant made news for procuring a costly 1.7 million dollar fish in 2013.
No doubt, this expensive fish has a very pronounced flavor, and it is also a part of a healthy diet. Bluefin tuna can live up to 40 years, and it has three species- Atlantic, Pacific, and Southern. Atlantic tuna is recorded at up to 680 kg in weight. It is the most massive and endangered tunas, among others.
However, the supply of Bluefin tuna is not ample, which makes it on the endangered list.
Bluefin tuna from the Pacific is a very plentiful supply. The most legitimate US fish sellers claim that they are only selling this more good variety of fish.
The Pacific Bluefin tuna is easier to get and also conservation-friendly.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the most eaten fish?
Fish carries significant levels of supplements and protein, especially sleek fish, for example, salmon fish. Fish regularly has less cholesterol and immersed in fat than meat, and it is a staple of the wholesome Mediterranean eating routine. Considering the health benefits, Wild-caught salmon is the most eaten fish.
A wide range of salmon contains omega-3 unsaturated fats, which are gainful for heart wellbeing. This fish is likewise a decent wellspring of nutrient D and calcium. Again, it is smarter to pick wild-got salmon for more effective supplements than cultivated salmon.
How to cook
1. Hack up and sauté a few vegetables, for example, carrot.
2. Construct a layer of the vegetables on the head of the material paper.
3. Spot the salmon filet on the head of the vegetables and sprinkle new spices over the top.
4. Overlap the paper to seal the bundle.
5. Heat the bundle in the broiler at a high temperature for 9 to 11 minutes or until it drops with a fork.
 What is the most expensive white fish?
Turbot is considered as the most expensive white fish.
However, you may know that Whitefish isn’t a kind of fish — they are speedy cooking fish that usually isn’t extravagant. Mainstream sorts of white fishes are tilapia, cod, bass, grouper, and haddock. These fishes are extraordinary for burning, utilizing in soups and chowders, and heating.
2 Tips for Buying White Fish
1. Mention to the individual at the counter what you’re making, and they can, for the most part, control you to the correct sort of fish.
2. Fish is an amazingly transitory fixing, so if there are two or three choices accessible, ask which one is the freshest or give the options a quick sniff and pick the one that smells the un-fishiest.
Why Bluefin tuna is so expensive?
One factor that makes bluefin fish so costly is the law of flexibly and request. Japan as the greatest buyer of Bluefin, has confronted global analysis due to the catch of Bluefin.
Specialists state the interest for Pacific bluefin has caused overfishing, causing fish stocks to drop to just 2.6 percent of their chronicled numbers.
Why do the Japanese pay so much for tuna?
Perhaps the best site to get the best, the fattiest fish on the planet, is Hokkaido and Honshu, the principal island. So they have a reputable new source directly in Japan. By considering the health benefits and taste, the Japanese pay so much for tuna fish.
You will find numerous reasons why these are the most expensive fish to eat, particularly the Bluefin or Pufferfish. For Bluefin, it is a prevalent fish in Japan, and for the Pufferfish, the cook needs to go to a three-year instructional course to fix it so they can charge what they need for their administrations!
When you have the cash, I will suggest attempting these costly fishes from the above list.
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