15 Most Expensive Motorcycles In The World (With Pictures)

If you are reading this, you must be a bike lover. So, you must be wondering what the most expensive motorbikes in the world look like? How much those motorcycles might cost you? For you my friend, I have made this list.

We all have ridden bikes in our life. The ratio of a bike owner per person is increasing day by day. Some use it for daily needs and many use it for passion. Normally, the price of a motorbike of 100-150cc is in range of common people. However, many people have a predilection to a good quality bike for show-up, or from passion. 

Have you ever wondered why the most amazing bikes are so expensive!!! Or what are the features of the most expensive motorcycles in the world? You don’t have to look everywhere as I bring you 15 costliest motorcycles in the world. 

In this list, I have included features such as engine built, body, breaks etc. 



Suzuki AEM Carbon Fiber Hayabusa

Value: 200000 USD

Suzuki AEM Carbon Fiber Hayabusa

Although this bike is no. 15th  on this list, this is my second most favourite bike. This bike was said to be the fastest on-road motorcycles in the world which was launched by Suzuki in 1999. 

It can easily reach a speed of 188 kilometres per hour with its 1300 cc engine. This bike has a very cool looking sporty body which is made of carbon fiber mainly that gives it a low weight. 

Although the bike is specialized in speed, the producer did not compromise with the other parts for example, handling, comfort, fuel economy, suspension, engine noise, wheel, braking system, etc. 

This satisfied the experts in the bike world by gaining the ‘fastest production motorcycle’ which is the phrase to push more of Hayabusa’s performance for the satisfaction of the rebels.

You can find this bike in three colors- black, white and grey- according to your choice, but if you ask me, I would go for the black. This is a perfect bike for any bike lover.


Ducati Testa Stretta NCR Macchia Nera

Value: 225000 USD

Ducati Testa Stretta NCR Macchia Nera

This Italian bike looks so stunning that it works as a magnet for anyone passing by. The aggressive look, excellent sitting position and awesome design done by Aldo Drudi, will make you want to ride it at least once in your life. 

Despite its price, which is 225000 USD, this bike is lightweight (135 kg). The power generated by its engine (Ducati Testastretta 998R) is 185 horsepower that is 136.067 kilo watt!!! 

A 320 mm sized Disk brake is used on both wheels featuring the Ultra-Exclusive MotoGP Brembo brake system. This race type bike has a telemetric suspension on the front and the rear suspension is hydraulic.The body is made of titanium and carbon fiber is used to build the gas tank which has a special titanium gas cap. 

Really!!! Aldo Drudi gave his best effort to make this Italian bike one of the most appealing looks and thus, it takes the 14th place in this list of the most expensive motorbikes in the world. You must want to have this in your collection.


Ducati NCR M16

Value: 235000 USD

Ducati NCR M16

Here is another Ducati special just for you. This stunning looking sport-bike has a 989 cc V-four engine that can create 197.3 hp (147.1 kW) at 13800 rpm and can reach upto 303 km per hour!!! Its maximum torque is claimed to be 116 N⋅m at 10500 rpm.

Its wheelbase is 1,430.2 mm. The front wheel has two disks on each side which are 330 mm semi-floating and the rear wheel has a  240 mm Single disc. A dual 4-piston radial-mount Brembo monobloc callipers system is used in the front and an opposed 2-piston calliper is used in the back. 

With 15 L fuel capacity, Ducati Desmosedici D16RR NCR M16 weighs 171 kg. The body is mainly made of carbon fiber that gives it a lightweight but a very strong built. Also, several parts of it are made in combination with aluminium, avionic and titanium. 

Trust me, you want this bike. You can bring this bike on the street as it is made completely legalized. 


Ecosse Founder’s Edition Ti XX

Value: 300000 USD

Ecosse Founder’s Edition Ti XX

Well friends, this bike must draw attention for the classic lovers as I bring you the very special Ecosse FE Ti XX that has an space-grade Titanium body that you can sit on for 300k USD!!! 

The supercharged American V-twin engine is made by Aluminum which is 2,409cc and can create a horsepower of 228 having maximum torque of 285 Nm. To reduce the weight, carbon fiber is used in several parts and has ceramic media shot-peened finish on them. The bike weighs 475 lbs. 

The bike has an ISR custom radial brake system equipped with carbon-ceramic discs. It has adjustable Öhlins MotoGP-grade TTX fluted gas forks for suspension which is equipped with titanium front axle. The carbon fiber tank can hold 15.8 liters of fuel.

Price doesn’t tell its real worth as only 13 of those were made, so only real classic-looking bike lovers with wealth could keep them and they are in an exclusive class. Each motorcycle is custom made which is why two bikes are never identical. 

This aesthetic baby has a beautifully handcrafted leather seat and also inconel exhaust with titanium mufflers. The designer is Donald Atchison, also the co-founder of ECOSSE. Moto Works.


Legendary British Vintage Black

Value: 400000 USD

Legendary British Vintage Black

Well, if the  Ecosse FE has a classic look, then the British VIntage Black is the classic bike. It is truly legendary as the design reminds of the bikes after WW2. 

The 250cc engine was the fastest bike of its time having a 3.5 liter fuel capacity. 

This 1945 bike is also a limited edition as only 33 of them were made. So now, this bike is more of an antique than a race bike. 

The 400k USD price does justify the value of this legendary bike and will make your house look aesthetic.


Yamaha Roadstar Nehmesis

Value: 500000 USD

Yamaha Roadstar Nehmesis

If you want to feel like a king, then this bike is just for you!!! This truly gorgeous cruiser with very low ground clearance is not meant for any road but the royal ones. The whole body of this ferocious looking bike is plated with 24-karat gold. 

The owner Sam Nehme from BMS Choppers customized the Yamaha Roadstar with 6 months of hardship, gold plating, and giving custom deep 3D rims that makes its $500K worth. Hate to break it to you friend that this bike is not for sale!!! 

The original Roadstar has a V-twin engine with 1.7 liters of fuel. The front wheel has a one-sided single fork suspension and has a big tire for the rear wheel. The seat is like a king’s position having a saddle of red velvet with gold studs. 

Of course, this bike is not for racers but to show up.


Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike

Value: 550000 USD

Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike

If I were to say only one word to describe this bike, it would be ‘The Beast’. Why? Because, this four-wheeler look is so aggressive and although the heaviest in this list, it is one of the fastest bikes in the world. This monster weighs 680 kg and can gain speed of  480-600 km per hour. Whoa!! You can actually escape a nuclear blast with this bike.

The bike uses a V10 Dodge Viper engine with a four-stroke cylinder that can generate 500 horsepower (370 kW). It has a 12.7 L capacity fuel tank. It has 2*16 piston disks break in the front, and 8 piston disks in the rear. 

The maximum torque is 712 N⋅m and has a 2-speed gearbox. Horizontal double suspension fork is used in the front. This beast is 2,600 mm long and 700 mm wide and the height is 940 mm. 

Clearly! You are not allowed to bring this extravagant exclusive monster on the road. But, if you want to go on a war or some apocalypse were to occur, authority wouldn’t mind if you ride it!!!


AJE E95 Porcupine

Value: 675000 USD

AJE E95 Porcupine


Here is another legendary bike following the British VIntage. With the 500 cc porcupine engine, the AJE E95 is the first successful british race bike. This bike is the only one that has a 2-speed gearbox to have won a world championship. 

You must be an aesthetic lover if you want this in your collection.

Well guys, we are now gearing up to the million dollars bike. Trust me, upcoming bikes are going to blow your mind.


Lauge Jensen Goldfinger

Value: 850000 USD

Lauge Jensen Goldfinger

By the name and look, this bike is indeed made of gold. The parts of this bike are coated with 24 karats of gold which is why this bike is the 7th most expensive bike in the world.  Not only this, small diamonds totalling 7 karats, give it an extravagant look. This cruiser type of bike also have 

Lauge Jensen gave his best effort on this cruiser by using gold everywhere from the body to the kick pedal and even the cables are plated with gold except the tires and some essential parts. 

Really!! This bike is a unique model. However, Lauge Jensen didn’t reveal the identity of the buyer or where the bike is now, but it is said to be sold for 850000 usd.



Value: 1 million USD


You may find this two-wheeler dusty but trust me, this is fancy in its own way and is one of the most expensive bikes in the world. Don’t go for the look, as Tarhan Telli gave his best effort to make this beauty which took a whole year. He decorated the bike with a massive amount of gold that is believed to worth almost a million.

The bike has a 1,801 cc v-twin engine that can create 125 HP using a 6-speed transmission system. The 318 kg bike got the distinctive name for her design resembling the Greek legend Medusa. The fuel tank is the Medusa’s head and the frame and rear fender are the snakes. 

Trust me, if you have a good look on her, you might become stone for a while as she is so gorgeous. But sadly for the collectors, this bike is not for sale, only the worth is estimated which got the sixth position in my list.


Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship

Value: 1.5 million USD

The Yamaha BMS Chopper

As the name says, this bike is on the cosmic level compared to the previous bikes. The Harley Davidson gave their best effort to make this motorbike which will surely give you a total Americana feeling. This is really exclusive because you will find only 37 of those roaming around the world. 

The frame has lots of acrylic painting with 37 coats of clear coat on top done by none other than Jack Armstrong who has 3 decades of experience in painting. This is why this bike is the sixth most expensive motorcycle in the world. The original V-rod engine of the 2002 Harley V-Rod itself is a precious part in this bike. 

Other than that, the bike has traditional Harley Davidson design with twin disk brakes on the front and a single disk break in the rear wheel. Telescopic suspension is used on the front and the rear has hydraulic shock absorber. 

The 1,131 cc engine can create 125 horsepower with a maximum torque of 113.9 Nm. It can speed up to 144 kph using a 5-speed gearbox. 

But my friend, you don’t want to scratch this bike while riding on the road as the painting is valuable. Although the value is reported at 1.5 million, rumor is that it might be worth 3-3.5 million. If that is true, then this bike will rise to no 3 or 4 position on this list. Really, this bike is a magnet to any one. 


The Yamaha BMS Chopper

Value: 3 million USD

The Yamaha BMS Chopper

Well friend, we have another unusual bike customized by Yamaha but this time, this bike is the 4th highest priced bike in the world. 

Why is this so costly??? Well, you cannot race this bike on the road as it is not as fast as other bikes in this list. However, this beauty is covered in authentic 24 karat gold with a royal design. This bike represents royalty itself. It has an air-ride system having a swing arm rear suspension and upright fork suspension on the front that gives it excellent durability. 

You don’t want to let it run on the road regularly for its gorgeousness rather, your showroom will definitely become the center of attraction. 


Ecosse ES1 Spirit

Value: 3.6 million USD

Ecosse ES1 Spirit


I must say, this bike is futuristic. This baby is predicted to bring revolution in racing bikes. This bike is designed by the eminent Formula One engineers from America and Britain. Engineers  Richard Tyrrell, Richard Glover and Andy le Fleming mainly targeted the weight and frontal area which are very significant in speed. 

The 1000cc engine can create more than 200 horsepower and weighs 265 pounds. But the designers are trying to bring the weight down to less than 100 pounds by deleting some parts. The rear swing-arm suspension is attached to the gearbox and the frontal twin A-arms suspension is with the engine. This bike can speed more that 370 kph. 

The sitting position is designed in a way that the biker will not be uncomfortable while riding for a long time and the handlebar is also built as an upward-projected steer axis so that a better control can be achieved. 

This two-wheeler has never disappointed the experts yet, with its aerodynamic design, it can avoid wind friction to the maximum. Trust me, you really want this bike in a bad way if you are a speed freak.

Hate to break it to you friend, there are only 4 units of this sports-bike known to be produced and yet not industrially produced. The value is thought to exceed 3.6 million usd.


1949 E90 AJS Porcupine

Value: 7 million USD

1949 E90 AJS Porcupine


This motorcycle is a post world war 2 model but was way ahead of its time. Until now, this is one of the fastest bikes and has become a legend. This is the best bike that AJS coud make and now the second most expensive bike in the world.This is the ultimate voice of a classic lover.

The 1949 world champion has the body of aluminium alloy, an open frame design that makes it lightweight. The DOHC twin engine with 500 cc power has a horizontal cylinder. For suspension it uses the teledraulic race forks. 

After resting in the museum for more than 20 years, the bike was again made available for the aesthetic lover. 

You have to spend 7 million for this cold war survivor for its history. Later, the bike was given a refined look that is simply awesome.


Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter

Value: 11 million USD

Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter

Well, guys, this is our ultimate bike. This unique design is the most expensive bike in the world by being sold at 11 million usd.

You must be thinking that the value might be insane for the limited edition Neiman Marcus Fighter but trust me, this is worth every penny. The look seems very dangerous but also at the same time, extremely appealing. You will feel like a superhero on this two wheeler. 

The body is made of an ultra-light carbon fiber frame with some touch of Aluminium and Titanium which makes it lightweight. The bike is given the title, ‘Evolution of the Machine’. The rear has a single hydraulic suspension. A 120ci 45-degree V-Twin engine which has an air-cooling system, powers up the bike  which can speed upto 300 kph with its excellent custom braking system. 

Neiman Marcus is the manufacturer of this superbike and unlike the monster Dodge Tomahawk, you can legally ride him on the road. You will find numerous high-tech gadgets in this bike that give it a high value.

I hope you enjoyed my list of the most expensive motorcycles in the world. It’s true that most of you cannot afford to keep them in your garrudge, but if you are a bike lover, you cannot simply ignore this list as I myself, as a bike lover, could not but help to make it just for you. But friend, I hope you will tell me about your favourite bike.

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