Top 15 Most Expensive Bedrooms In The World ( Latest )


Expensive Bedrooms Of  The Villa Leopolda, France

For certainty, we spend one-third of our life slumbering. It is our bedroom where we always come for the relaxation of our body and mind. so, there is no reason why the bedchamber shouldn’t have our full attention.

Everyone dreams of sleeping in a bedroom with deluxe designs that would cause guests to admire them. But, the dream of many of us shatters when it comes to money. However, the tycoons always tend to go all out when it comes to their private accommodations.

Who doesn’t want to take a peek at the lavish bedchambers of high society? For your relief, I round-up the world’s 15 most expensive bedrooms that are going to blow your mind. Let’s get snooping!!

Here, have a quick view of the luxury bedrooms:-

  • Kourtney Kardashian’s Bedroom.
  • Mark Badgley’s Bedroom.
  • Alec Baldwin’s Bedroom.
  • Brian Atwood’s Bedroom.
  • Michael Bay’s Bedroom.
  • Lindsey Buckingham’s Bedroom.
  • Angelina Jolie’s Bedroom.
  • Lady Gaga’s Bedroom, Malibu.
  • Shambhu Prakash Suite, Taj Lake Palace, India.
  • Tata Suite’s Master Bedroom, Taj Mahal Palace.
  • The Muraka Underwater Bedroom, Maldives.
  • The Opposite House, Beijing.
  • Villa Les Cèdres’ Historic Bedrooms.
  • Most Expensive Bedrooms Of  The Villa Leopolda, France.
  • Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia House, India.


Kourtney Kardashian’s Bedroom

Kourtney Kardashian’s Bedroom

Designed by the renowned designer Jeff Andrews, the dream house of Kourtney Kardashian is situated in California, USA.

The master bedroom of Kourtney Kardashian features two cabinets, an end table, and a spacious black bed with white bedding.  Above the bed, there is a neon wall sculpture by Curtis Kulig. On the left side of the room, a wooden self is installed whereas a large flat tv is placed on the right wall. The ceiling of the room is wonderfully decorated with wallpaper by Osborne and Little. 

The room further contains two nightstands, designed by the owner herself. Apart from this, Kourtney designed the custom pop-up TV cabinet herself. The lamps and the vintage sculpture on the table provide the room a complete look.



Mark Badgley’s Bedroom 

Mark Badgley’s Bedroom 

Painted in modern grey color, the master bedroom of Mark Badgley is full of furniture of antique design. There is a customized bed in the room by Shaka Studios. Besides, there are sheets and coverlets by Badgley Mischka Home and monogrammed pillows by Leontine Linens.

There is a long couch in front of the bed. Two bedside tables with table lamps on top are also visible in the given picture. On the right side of the bed, there is a shelf filled with books of various writers.



Alec Baldwin’s Bedroom

Alec Baldwin's master Bedroom

Alec and Hilaria Balwin’s private farmhouse is located on Long Island. In the house, there is a gorgeous master bedroom of off-white color, customized by different designers.

The couple has a box bed of $10000.On both sides of the bed, there are two nightstands from Profiles. There stands a set of blue velvet club chairs on the left side of the room. And on the right side, there is a big fireplace on which many antique showpieces are placed. 

A large door is set up between the balcony and the living room. The off-white matt tiles flooring and the chandelier hanging from the ceiling provide the room a timeless and high-end look.



Brian Atwood’s Bedroom 

Brian Atwood’s Bedroom 

Designed by Nate Berkus, the house of the shoe designer Brian Atwood is located in Milan. Brian Atwood and his husband Dr. Jake Deutsch call it ‘townhouse in the sky’.

The main bedroom of this couple features an antique white color bed with simple bedding. There are two shelves on both sides of the bed, filled with books, showpieces, and table lamps. In one corner of the room, a hand-shaped chair of antique design is installed. 

Additionally, the walls of the room are decorated with marvelous paintings and expensive wallpapers. Besides, there is a large door that opens a way to the terrace. 



Michael Bay’s Bedroom


The three-story house of Michael Bay (a legendary filmmaker) is located in California, USA. In the villa, there is a macho-minimalist master bedroom designed by Lorraine Letendre. It is a see-through bedroom that provides incredible views of  Los Angeles and Santa Monica. 

The most expensive bedroom contains a custom platform bed, setting up against a concrete surface. There is a painting of Michel Mouffe and a Thai Buddha head, placed on the integrated headboard of the bed. Apart from these, the room contains a pair of Alison Berger lamps from Holly Hunt and a set of white Flexform sofa. 

The floor is covered with a mat by Mansour Modern. On the left side of the room, there is a glassy wall with motorized curtains through which you can see the entire city from the room.



Lindsey Buckingham’s Bedroom 


Lindsey Buckingham Bedroom

The Los Angeles home of Lindsey and Kristen Buckingham was designed by Kristen and architect Kevin A. Clark.

The main bedroom suite of this house is full of antique things. For instance, the rock star has decorated his master bedroom with a queen bed, a wardrobe, several lounge chairs, two 20th-century chandeliers from Chameleon Fine Lighting, a neoclassical desk, and an antique ballroom chair. Furthermore, the room has a fireplace above which a mirror and two wall lights are placed. 

Besides, there are curtains in the room of linen-cotton Bennison Fabrics. Although the room is decorated with antique things, it costs 59k USD as a whole and wins a position in the list of the most expensive bedrooms in the world.



Angelina Jolie’s Bedroom

Angelina Jolie’s Bedroom

The 8,300-square-foot Hidden Hills rental of Angelina Jolie is sited on a 1.14 acre land in California. Jolie has to pay $30,000 per month for the residence.

Angelina is a soft color loving person and this characteristic of her is perfectly portrayed in the decoration of her bedroom. This Hollywood actress fills her bedroom with soft pastels for a lovely relaxing atmosphere. 

The room contains a white bed of medium size that has a peach color background. On both sides of the bed, there are two nightstands on top of which two table lamps are installed.

The room has two windows covered with curtains of light peach and white color. In front of the large window, there are two small lounge chairs of the same light peach color. On the opposite side of the bed, there is a medium-size lounge chair and an end table of mint pastel color. The ceiling lights take the lavish flair of the room to the next level.



Lady Gaga’s Bedroom, Malibu

Lady Gaga’s Bedroom, Malibu

Lady Gaga bought her six-acre property in Malibu for $22.5 million in 2014. The estate was designed by the famous interior designer  Madeline Stuart.

Gaga has a spacious master bedroom upstairs, opening up to a private terrace. The terrace is a terrific lounge that provides an exquisite view of the Pacific Ocean.

Inside the bedroom, the pop superstar has a large white bed surrounded by sheer curtains of the same color. Beside the bed, there is a nightstand with a table lamp. Furthermore, the room features several lounge chairs and stools.

The wall is decorated with paintings and several wall lamps. The chandelier hanging from the ceiling makes this expensive bedroom more elegant.



Shambhu Prakash Suite, Taj Lake Palace, India

Shambhu Prakash Suite, Taj Lake Palace, India

The Shambhu Prakash suite of the Taj Lake Palace was named after the Maharana Shambhu Singh who is remembered for his progressive reforms undertaken in the 1860s. 

The suit has a master bedroom with high curved arches. The luxury bedroom features a king-size bed, a dressing table with a stool chair, a closet, and two nightstands placed on both sides of the bed. In front of the bed, two lounge chairs, and an end table are installed. 

As you can see, there are two table lamps placed on the nightstands and a wall lamp beside the dressing table. Besides, there are two framed prints of a king and a queen, hanging on the wall behind the bed. 

The crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling enhances the luxuriousness of the spacious room.  The mesmerizing draperies and the lush carpet provide a traditional look to the room. 

Shambhu Prakash Suite, Taj Lake Palace, India

As there is no separated wall between the living room and the bedroom, the full living room can be seen from the bedroom. Finally, there is a balcony joined with this luxury room that offers panoramic views of the lake and hills.


Tata Suite’s Master Bedroom, Taj Mahal Palace

Tata Suite’s Master Bedroom, Taj Mahal Palace

The Taj Mahal Palace hotel is one of the most prominent landmarks of Mumbai, India. The presidential suite of the hotel, named the Tata Suite, is an exquisite delight that offers the ultimate in luxury and elegance.

The suite features 15 rooms with a gigantic bedroom. The most expensive bedroom of this suite is decorated with high-priced paintings and colonial-designed furniture that make the visitors feel royal. It is equipped with a luxury bed, a 40- inch television, two nightstands, a digital clock with alarm features, and lounge chairs. Additionally, The room has mesmerizing hand-woven silk draperies and upholstery with gold and silver embroideries.

The floor is made of white Makrana marble set with marquetry timber. The stunning hand-knotted lush carpet provides a traditional look to the room. Furthermore, the crystal chandelier enhances the luxuriousness of the spacious room.



The Muraka Underwater Bedroom, Maldives

The Muraka Underwater Bedroom, Maldives

The Muraka is a luxury two-level residence, sitting five meters below sea level in the Indian Ocean. It is a part of the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. The villa is considered as the World’s First Underwater Villa that costs US$50,000 a night.

The residence has an underwater master bedroom suite with a 180-degree curved acrylic dome. The room is surrounded by turquoise water. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow visitors to get up-close with marine life. Besides, the bedroom has a king-size bed and a walk-in closet. Among the most expensive hotel bedrooms, the Muraka bedroom suite wins the top position.



The Opposite House, Beijing

The Opposite House, Beijing

Designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, The Opposite House of Beijing has a striking 5.1000-square-foot penthouse. The two-story suite spreads over two palatial floors and a wide roof terrace.

It has a lavish bedroom, featuring a king-size bed, an LCD TV, floor-to-ceiling windows, a small couch, and a writing desk. The walls of the room are painted in white color, and the floor is made of wood. Furthermore, it has a balcony that provides an exquisite view of the city. 


Villa Les Cèdres’ Historic Bedrooms

Villa Les Cèdres’ Historic Bedrooms

The Villa Les Cèdres is a 187-year-old mansion, set on 35 acres of prime real estate in the south of France. Selling for £308million, the villa earned the title of the Most Expensive House on Earth in 2017. The current owner of this historic villa is 53-year-old Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov.

Once occupied by King Leopold II, the villa has 14 bedrooms furnished with antique furniture. The luxury rooms contain carved bed frames, enormous portraits, expensive wallpapers, and numerous Belle Époque furniture. The Mediterranean is visible from the bedroom terrace.

The portraits in ornate frames and the panelling on the wall invoke one to get back to the 19th century.



Expensive Bedrooms Of  The Villa Leopolda, France

Expensive Bedrooms Of  The Villa Leopolda, France

Located on the French Riviera of France, the Villa Leopolda is considered as the world’s third-largest home. Its present value is estimated at $750 million.  

Designed by the famous American architect Ogden Codman Jr., the villa was built in 1902 by King Leopold, hence its name. At present, Lily Safra, the widow of Edmond Safra, is the owner of the estate.

This 18 acres massive property has 19 master bedroom suites, beautifully furnished with grand and luxury pieces. Each room features a king-size bed with sheet and pillows, lounge chairs, curtains, and two nightstands with table lamps. All the embellished furniture and showpieces of these rooms are of antique design.

There are adjoining balconies and terraces, offering the most wonderful view of the waterfront and the surrounding hillsides.  


Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia House, India

Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia House, India

Mukesh Ambani’s house ‘Antilia‘ is titled “the world’s most expensive private residential property”. Often valued at $1 billion, the 27-story mansion is located on Altamount Road in South Mumbai.

The main bedroom of Mukesh Ambani has a king-size bed that provides a royal touch to the bedchamber. The luxury bedroom also features lounges with soft cushions, bedside tables, an end table, and a nightstand with a flower vase on top. 

Besides, the wall is decorated with crafted mirrors and numerous paintings. The ceiling lights and chandeliers take the luxuriousness of the room to the next level.

Here, I am concluding with a little advice. Don’t lose heart if you can’t afford a luxury bedroom. Work hard, who knows if tomorrow brings you the most expensive bedroom in the world.


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