Top 12 Most Expensive Running Shoes In The World

Running shoes are a top preferred among fitness enthusiasts who never think to start their day without morning and evening jogging. Running shoes are not only suitable for running purposes, but they also can be put on while playing football, basketball, baseball, and so on. There you will find shoes of this kind in the market at a very reasonable price.
However, there are also some shoes that are not inevitably really expensive but fetched high prices just because they were worn and autographed by the legendary sportsman.
In some cases, the shoes’ decked outlook and their limited edition make them extremely pricey.
As you are here, reading our post, definitely you are interested to know about such kinds of the most expensive running shoes. Today in this article, we have gathered the 12 most highly-priced shoes, wearing for running purposes.

Here, a quick outlook of the Most Expensive Running Shoes In The World:

12 The Conceptual Adidas ONE/1 N/A
11 Pure Gold running shoes for Shanghai Golden Grand Prix $24,000
10 Derek Jeter’s Air Jordan shoes Between $40,000 and $50,000
9 Big Boi’s Nike Air Force1 Sneakers $50,000
8 Reebok Question $65,000
7 Flu Game Shoes $104,765
6 Michael Jordan’s shoes worn in the Olympic Game $190,373
5 Diamond Studded Nikes $218,000
4 Roger Bannister’s Sub-4 running shoes $412,000
3 Nike 1972 “Moon Shoes” $437,500
2 Michael Jordan’s record-breaking shoes $615,000
1 The oldest running shoes ever N/A

Below, you will find a brief description of those 12 expensive shoes-

The Conceptual Adidas ONE/1

 Value: N/A
The Conceptual Adidas ONE
The pair was designed by Daniel Coric. It is designed in a way so that the athletes can run swiftly and feel supported. The whole footwear is enwrapped with string-like materials. This design makes the shoes more breathable. Again, the running shoes contain spikes in the sole.
While running by putting on these shoes, the runners need not be too anxious about their gear. They can simply concentrate on their act.

Pure Gold running shoes for Shanghai Golden Grand Prix

 Value: $24,000
Pure Gold running shoes for Shanghai Golden
This pair is made of pure gold of about 620 grams, and it is 26 centimeters long. In 2007, they were unveiled at a press conference for the approaching Shanghai Golden Grand Prix. The reason behind making this pair is to tribute the record-breaker of the match. Their price is almost $24,000.

Derek Jeter’s Air Jordan shoes

 Value: between $40,000 and $50,000
Derek Jeter’s Air Jordan shoes
The shoes were released in 2017 by Jordan Brand in order to pay tribute to Derek Jeter. Precisely, the pairs were made to celebrate the retirement ceremony of Derek Jeter.
On that day, only 5 pairs were displayed at a pop-up store nearby the Yankee Stadium. Each of the interested buyers was given a scratch-off card, meaning they needed to go through a lottery system to win the shoes. And the lucky winners had to count between $40,000 and $50,000 for each pair.

Big Boi’s Nike Air Force1 Sneakers

Big Boi’s Nike Air Force1 Sneakers
The American rapper ‘Big Boi’ is the owner of this pair. Actually, ‘Big Boi’ is his stage name. His original name is Antwan André Patton.
Well, In 2007, The shoes were unveiled at the event “Solitaire Kicks”. Ernel Dawkins of Laced Up, an Atlanta based sneaker boutique, collaborated with P&C Diamonds, a local jeweler, to fix the 13K champagne diamonds and gold to the sneakers. The pair cost a cool $50,000, though the rapper did not have to pay the price.

Reebok Question

 Value: $65,000
Reebok Question
The pair is not only one of the most expensive joggers but also the most pricey basketball shoes as well. Designed by Allen Iverson, the Reebok Question features almost 246 studded diamonds, leather and suede overlays, Hexalite padding, and glassy outsole.
The shoes were designed 19 years ago, but still, its popularity remains the same. The pair was auctioned for a whopping $65,000.

Flu Game Shoes

 Value: $104,765
Flu Game Shoes
MJ wore the shoes at Game 5 of the NBA Finals in 1997. At that time, he was suffering from food poisoning, from where the pair got its name.
Anyways, despite such conditions, Jordan successfully snatched victory against the Utah Jazz.
Before the game started, the former ball boy Preston Truman asked MJ for the shoes. Putting his signature on the pair, the great soul gifted it to that lucky boy.
Later, after some years, Truman auctioned the pair off at Grey Flannel Auctions. And there, the sneakers fetched $104,765.

Michael Jordan’s shoes worn in the Olympic Game

 Value: $190,373
Michael Jordan’s shoes worn in the Olympic Game
These gaming shoes of the Converse Fastbreak Mid were worn by the Chicago Bulls as well as NBA player Michael Jordan. MJ actually wore this pair during the Olympic Games held in Los Angeles In 1984.
In 2017, the shoes were auctioned at SCP auction. Fetching a cool $190,373, it breaks the previous record of the most expensive game-worn shoes. Originally the estimated value was $100,000.
The shoes bear Jordan’s signature.

Diamond Studded Nikes

 Price: $218,000
Diamond Studded Nikes
The renowned designer Luisa Di Marco constructed this pair for Nike. John Terry, a popular English football player, made the shoes more popular by putting them on. Apart from this, what makes the pair overpriced is its being encrusted with diamonds. Yes, the shoes contain 7,444 diamonds, weighing 7 carats. Additionally, they have white gold, sapphires, and precious black diamonds. The shoes were auctioned at “Live the Dream”. It is the foundation of Rio Ferdinand.

Roger Bannister’s Sub-4 running shoes

 Value: $412,000
Roger Bannister's Sub-4 running shoes
The original wearer of the shoes was Sir Roger Bannister. Wearing the pair, Roger ran a mile in just 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds at a race. In 1954, the historic race took place at Iffley Road Track in Oxford. At that time, the record-breaker was only 25 years old and a medical student.
GT Law and Son made the running spikes. It contains thin leather and weighs only four and a half ounces.
From an auction held in South Kensington, London, an unknown buyer bought it for $412,000 which is seven times higher than the expected value. The estimated value was between £30,000 -£50,000.

Nike 1972 “Moon Shoes”

 Price: $437,500
Nike 1972 Moon Shoes
In 1972, the ‘Moon Shoe’ was designed by Nike’s co-founder Bill Bowerman. Bill Bowerman was a track coach as well. The legendary coach designed the shoes’ sole taking inspiration from his wife’s waffle iron.
When the players put on the Waffle Racing shoes, they left a mark on the field. As the mark resembles the astronaut’s moon print, so its real owner named the pair “Moon shoes”.
At one of Sotheby’s auctions, out of 100 sneakers, these legendary shoes fetched the highest price, whooping at $437,500. At that time, a Canadian Collector named Miles Nadal bought the pair. However, the estimated value of the pair of shoes was between $110,000 and $160,000.
The pair were generally produced for the runners of the Olympic Trials held in 1972. That year, 12 pairs of moon shoes were publicized. It is believed that the pair that Miles Nadal bought has never been put on. The buyer decided to display the shoes in his museum.

Michael Jordan’s record-breaking shoes

 Value: $615,000
Michael Jordan’s record-breaking shoes
These Air Jordan 1 High shoes of NIKE were worn by the NBA and Chicago Bulls great Michael Jordan. In 1985 MJ wore this pair during an exhibition game in Italy.
Recently, this year, Sotheby’s sold this pair online where it fetched a staggering $615,000. It is three times more than the estimated value. Sotheby’s refuses to disclose the purchaser’s name.
The shoes come with Jordan’s autograph.

The oldest running shoes ever

 Value: N/A
The oldest running shoes ever
This footwear is thought to be the oldest running shoe ever. The shoe is from the early 1860s, which is now displayed in the shoe museum.
Though it seems to be made for formal occasions, the spikes in the sole indicate its real purpose which is running. Moreover, The shoe has black leather with a stacked heel. Considering its history, I hope we can guess how pricey it could be.
Frequently Asked Questions

➤ Which brand has the best running shoes?

Hoka One One is the brand that has the best running shoes. This company is the largest brand that creates shoes with the motive of making your running quick and swift. The brand’s footwears serve genuine padding for the greatest support.
However, you may experience as though you’re jumping on the air with its lightweight development. By using these shoes, you will realize that you’re doing your absolute best.
Again, the shoe tongue, the bit of the shoe simply under the bands, is joined to the shoe with an elasticized band to give a considerably more noteworthy fit around the instep. The upper has no noteworthy examples other than a couple of HOKA logos.
Hoka One One Carbon X, Hoka One One Clifton Edge are the best products of this brand. These shoes are available broadly in the market.
The following brands also offer the best running shoes:
  • Nike
  • Altra
  • Karhu
  • On
  • New Balance
  • Mizuno

➤ What is the most expensive sneaker in the world?

OVO Air Jordan 10s is the most expensive sneaker in the world, pricing at 2 million dollars.
Toronto rapper Drake is the owner of these shoes. The custom-made pair was designed by the notable designer Matthew Senna.
Surprisingly the footwears are wrapped with 24K gold, and they weigh 100 pounds. Again, they are 1/1, meaning this pair is the only one of its kind in the world.

➤ What is the most sold shoe in the world?

Nike Air Jordan 1 is the most influential and top-selling shoes ever. Check no 2, where we described the original one.
Hope you enjoy the writing piece.
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