12 Most Expensive Fabrics In The World (With Pictures)

There is no person in this world who doesn’t prefer the finest fabric. Because through the quality of fabric their personality and class get expressed.
If you want to grab the rarest and finest fabric of the world you have to spend a big sum of money on it. You will get a lot of options for fabric in the world market. It could be tough to find out the best fabric for you.
Baby Cashmere
To make your search easy, we are here to assist you in finding out the best one according to your choice. As the finest fabric demands the highest price, so reading our article you will get an idea of both the finest and the most expensive fabrics holding excellent quality.

All the rarest and the high-priced fabrics are very comfortable and durable and most of them are made in renowned countries who are already known for their quality for so long. They utilize the best designer and their creativity for the quality and look. These best fabrics are hard to produce and very rare to get. This is one of the key reasons for being these fabrics pricy.


Let’s have a look at 12 of the most expensive fabrics in the world:

  • Vicuna Wool
  • Mulberry Silk
  • Leopard Fur
  • Koigu Kersti Cashmere
  • Guanaco Wool
  • Linen
  • Cervelt
  • Shahtoosh
  • Burmese Lotus Flower Silk
  • Japanese Denim
  • Scabal
  • Baby Cashmere 

Vicuna Wool 

Price: $50,000 for a bespoke
Vicuna Wool is the world’s most expensive and luxurious fabric. It is not that easy to produce as it comes from Vicuna sheep of Peru, it is unable to shear in every year. It only can be shorn once in three years.
It takes much time in the hand-looming process and it costs so much. The ingredients of the fabric are not taken from the whole body of the animal rather these are taken only from the back and neck of the animal so it lasts long. This fabric is the best for wearing and decorating your home.
If you are looking for warm, soft, fine, and luxurious fabric then undoubtedly The Vicuna Wool would be the best option for you as it is the best in the world and you have to pay a minimum of $50,000 to get a bespoke vicuna suit.

Mulberry Silk 

Price: $100 per yard
Mulberry Silk
Mulberry Silk is undoubtedly the best silk you can find in the market. It is 100% natural and comes with the cocoons. It has a surprising softness and it is famous for this strong feature. It offers you unique and comfortable silk that you can get today.
In China, local farmers plant Mulberry trees and this is the major thing behind this expensive silk. It also has a glorious history in China. And obviously, Mulberry Silk is good for hair.
If you go for the products of 100% Mulberry Silk then you don’t need to be worried about its durability and luxuriousness. You have to spend $100 per yard as it is one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world. Mulberry silk’s any clothes or products need well observation. It is the rarest and most expensive silk on the market compared to other silk fabrics.

Leopard Fur

Price: $8,000 for a meter of leopard fur
Leopard Fur
Fur has been used as an attractive and comfortable attire for the winter season. Fur has great appreciation around the world to get rid of coldness. Especially for men, fur is favorite and felicitated until today.
You will get many types of fur in the market but leopard is the best and excellent among these. In the world, leopard printed fur is the most expensive and elegant as it provides you the best quality and comfortable feel. It has great durability.
This fur is famous for its luxuriousness and the finest performance over years. People have attraction around the globe for it’s looking and elegant appearance. It is very rare and excellent fur that’s why it costs much.

Koigu Kersti Cashmere

Price: $6 to 8$ for just 50 grams of the fabric 
Cashmere fabric always has a great reputation around the globe. Currently, it is considered the 5th most expensive fabric in the world.
In ancient times cashmere was the first choice for kings and queens and still today it has that great prestige though kings and queens don’t exist. People grab it for its sharp and fine appearance.
From the cashmere goats and other goat breeds, cashmere fiber comes. In many places, it is called cashmere wool. This fabric can provide you very limited colors. And it is not available in every country. Koigu Kersti Cashmere is hand-painted and well-performing fabric and these things made it expensive.

Guanaco Wool

Price: Between $25,000 and $35,000 for a jacket 
Guanaco is made from the llama coat that was found in South America. In genus Lama, it is also a high-priced fabric after Vicuna wool and it is used to make luxurious attires. Guanaco is one of the rarest fabrics of the world hence it costs too much. And It’s inaccessibility and stylish looks make it expensive.
It consumes too much time in the method of gathering guanaco. It has stood in the second position for its expensive raw material. Its jackets are very well, especially for women. Guanaco wool is very soft and warm. It ensures a great feeling while you wear it.


Linen is also an expensive fabric. It provides the best quality and style. It was invented in Egypt about a thousand years ago. From the growing flax plants, the fabric is produced.
It’s best quality depends on the plant. One of its key features is, it can dry within a short period. It has a very rich and glorious history. And still, now it has the same performance which can make you happy. It is very light, warm, and durable.


Price: $1,500 for each pair 
New Zealand is the homeland of Cervelt. New Zealand is situated in a faraway corner of the world that is fighting against the cold winds, coming from Antarctica to lead a comfortable life. On this battlefield, their original and main weapon is a soft and thin coat. Elite class people buy Cervelt to secure themselves from coldness.
The fiber that is taken from the red deer coat is called Cervelt. It is a very rare fabric as only 20 grams can be taken from a deer every year. Cervelt is as thin as cashmere. After wearing it you get a much warmer feeling.
The fabric is utilized by Italian experts. To get rid of coldness and to get a soft and thin feeling this one can be the perfect one for you.


Price: $5,000 for shawls 
Shahtoosh is made by India and Nepal. It is produced from the down hair of rare Chiru or Tibetan antelope. For its durability and cool appearance, it has supremacy around the globe. The fabric is best for shawls that can give you massive luxuriousness. It is considered the king of fine wools.
You will not be able to get shahtoosh fabric everywhere as Shahtoosh is illegal in most of the countries to possess and sell through continuing trade.

Burmese Lotus Flower Silk 

Price:  have to pay more than $6,000 for a Lotus Jacket 
Burmese Lotus Flower Silk is a product of Myanmar. It is a very soft and rare fabric as its supreme element lotus flower silk is the rarest in Myanmar.
It was introduced first by an accident. It was said that a girl was going to a pagoda for worship then she took a lotus flower silk from a Buddhist pagoda to offer it to the temple’s monk. Then she observed a formula of fiber from the flower. After that, she executed her ideas and made this outstanding fabric. It is now one of the best fabrics in the world.
This one is also considered the best fabric according to the softness. It’s not too much available in the market and thus very rare. Burmese Lotus Flower Silk is best for muffler and it has a massive reputation around the world. If you want to use a muffler in the winter period or for good looking then take this product won’t disappoint you.

Japanese Denim

Price: costs around $2,000 for a pair
Japanese Denim
People are fond of Denim for so long. But the Japanese version of Denim offers you something very different.
Not only in the land of Rising Sun but also globally it has a huge number of fans for its great reputation and durability. The company behind this outstanding fabric is The Japan Blue Group. The company supplies its updated and well-performing Denim version to the popular brands worldwide. It ensures you great longevity.
Japanese Denim also produces jeans. Their jeans are the best around the world for its comfortable and durable performance. Jeans from Japanese Denim is a bit heavier for their durable and extraordinary materials. Japanese Denim also has a reputation for its uniqueness and handmade pieces.


Price: $5,759 for per meter and $1,755 for per foot
Scabal is very expensive and luxurious. Since 1938, famous English merchant Scabal has sold this excellent luxurious fabric that was made in their English mill.
It has some special clients such as Bill Clinton, Jack Nicholson, Robert DeNiro, Daniel Craig. This fabric is known for the highest quality of men’s fabric. And it is famous in the world for its luxury. When a guy wears this fabric, then this fabric expresses his luxuriousness.
From England, this expensive fabric is produced and now it has great prestige in most of the countries of the world. It would not be possible if the producing company considered its quality. Very soft and rare Scabal has some special consumers around the world.

Baby Cashmere 

Price: Retail price is  $15.00
Baby Cashmere
Baby Cashmere is also an outstanding fabric for cashmere. It has a huge number of celebrity customers around the world. For its softness and durability, it has extra importance.
This fabric is untouchable for most folks for its high price range. This product can be chosen by whoever has noticed it but not able for everyone for its inaccessibility and higher price.
Centuries ago, cashmere was the first choice for the elite class. Kings and queens of ancient times also used to take this fabric. And till now important people’s choice is cashmere.
Cashmere consumes much time and patience to produce, as it has been collected from the undercoat of goats and then nursed to produce wool. And it takes a lot of money to grab this fine fabric.
Mongolia and northern China are the making places of Baby Cashmere. You will get many types of cashmere fabric in the market but Baby cashmere is the exclusive one.
It is produced from the under fleece of Hircus baby goats. No goat can produce more than 80 grams. And ends up in 30-40 grams after the combing process. And in a goat’s lifetime, this occurs for a single time.
This fiber is undoubtedly fine and soft and it is 20% softer than other regular cashmere.
I hope you find a clear idea of the world’s rarest and the most expensive fabrics. Undoubtedly, the attires made from these luxury fabrics last longer than other ordinary ones.
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