10 most expensive Pocket Knives in the World (With Pictures)

Knives are essential tools in our regular life. Every kitchen needs some basic knives. And some knives can be carried even in your pocket.
Pocket knives(2-6 inches) are usually much smaller than regular kitchen knives (6-12 inches). But that doesn’t make them any less necessary in our lives.
Pocket knives are used for opening envelopes, cutting ropes, slicing a piece of fruit, and many more. It can be used for self-defense too.
Since a pocket knife is an everyday tool, we don’t imagine it to have a high price tag. But there are quite some pocket knives that are as expensive as any diamond jewelry.

The reasons behind the expense are – higher quality, hard labor, ancient history, bejeweling, demanding designers, and so on.


Some knives are sold even for thousands of dollars. I have enlisted the top 10 most expensive pocket knives below to please your eyes.


let’s have a look at the most expensive pocket knives :

10 Benchmade TI Monolock Family $400
9 Boker Mother Of Pearl $550
8 CRKT XOC $750
7 Benchmade 535-191 Bugout $750
6 Spyderco Paysan $800
5 Lancet Ouroboros knife $5,500
4 Black Panther Knife $8,150
3 Gentak Makara Knife $12,500
2 Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knife $18,500
1 Searpoint Lace Knife $25,000
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Let’s get into the details of the top 10 most expensive Pocket Knives in the world

Benchmade TI Monolock Family

 Price – 400$
Benchmade TI Monolock Family 
The TI Monolock is one of the titanium folders of Benchmade. It is a 400 dollars expensive knife, and it is said to be worth every penny.

The blade is made of Austrian M390 stainless steel. It gives the satin finish touch. The handle is made of titanium. It has a pocket clip attached to it. This knife is known for its sharp performance.

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Boker Mother Of Pearl

 Price – $550
Boker Mother Of Pearl
The Boker Mother Of Pearl is the most popular knife of the Scout series.

It is made from a piece of nickel silver. The blade is made of real Ladder Damascus Steel. This knife was hand-forged by Chad Nichols. This beautiful cutting item is specially made for hunting. The price of this knife is $550, and it is worth it.

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 Price: $750
CRKT XOC is a limited edition knife designed by Flavio Ikoma. It’s a combination of strength, clarity & usability. The blade is made from CTS-XHP steel and gives a satin-like finish.

The steel is inferred as Alloy, which is made of silicon, carbon, manganese, vanadium, nickel, iron, chromium & molybdenum. The elements protect it from rust for a long duration. Its handle is engraved with carbon fiber. It is portable & solid.

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There’s a large pocket clip that jumps against the handle. It mainly helps it to remain in your pocket.


Benchmade 535-191 Bugout

 Price – $750
Benchmade 535-191 Bugout
The 535-191 Bugout is a special addition to Benchmade’s collection. Its handle is crafted from Carbon fiber, and it is outlined with C-Tek inlays in the color blue.

It also has a pocket clip, grey PVD covered liners, and hardware. Mostly the blade is coated with Damasteel. Barrel spacers and Blue titanium thumb bars complement this knife.

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Spyderco Paysan

 Price – $800
Spyderco Paysan
Spyderco Paysan is the most costly knife Spyderco has ever released. It is Peter Rassenti’s one of the custom made knives.
Paysan, which is pronounced as Pie-zaan is the French word for “peasant” or “farmer”.
Its elegant and uniquely designed blade is formed from 4 mm wide CPM S90V stainless steel. Its pure steel interface in the latch ensures its long life span.

Lancet Ouroboros knife

 Price – $5,500
Lancet Ouroboros knife
The Lancet Ouroboros knife is a hand engraved knife by Mike Norris. It has copper and 24k gold inlays designed by Jake Newel. The blade is forged from the Hornets Nest Damascus steel.
This knife has a bag to protect it for decades. It’s shipped in a wooden box to ensure its safety.

Black Panther Knife

 Price – $8,150
Black Panther Knife
The Black Panther Knife is a decorative kind of knife. Its blade is forged by Damascus steel. The handle is made of Walnut, and an image of Black Panther is carved into it. The Black Panther is colored silver, and it is set with gemstones.
It comes with a decorative cover that has a Black Panther and a pair of wings on each side curved into it. The cover is hand engraved and has potations of silver in it.

Gentak Makara Knife

 Price – $12,500
Gentak Makara Knife
The Gentak Makara Knife is another creation of William Henry. It also has a hand-forged knife by Mike Norris. The “Hornets Nest” Damascus steel is used to forge its blade. Its handle has 24k gold layers by Joanne Ryall. She’s also a knife maker of William Henry’s.
It has a one-way button lock and thumb stud decorated with spinels. The knife comes with a leather case and a stainless steel pocket clip. It is shipped with a wooden presentation box.

Monarch Steampunk Dragon knife

 Price: $18,500
Monarch Steampunk Dragon knife
The Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knife is a hand engraved knife by Mark Hoescht. Its full body has layers of 24k gold, silver, and copper. The blade is made of “Hornets Nest” Damascus steel by Mike Norris.
Like other William Henry knives, this knife also has a one-hand button lock and thumb stud. They are decorated with spinel gems to add extra glamour. This knife comes with a leather carrying case and is shipped in a wooden box. This one of a kind pocket knife is an example of elegant and superlative artistry.

Spearpoint Lace Knife

Spearpoint Lace Knife
The spearpoint Lace knife is the most gorgeous. Its 24k gold body is fully hand graved. The blade is made of Damascus Boomerang Steel by Chad Nicolas. It was created by Mario Terzi, a craftsman from William Henry. It has a one-hand button lock system that makes it work. It took hundreds of hours to complete the hand engraving.
The hand engraving is microscopic, which is a significant step of Willam Henry. That means this piece will last for generations.
The knife comes with a leather case. And that is shipped in a wooden box.
Frequently Asked Questions

➤ What is the oldest pocket knife?


A pocket knife is smaller than a regular knife. It can be foldable and can be kept in a pocket. It might have one or more than one blade that can be folded inside the handle.
Oldest Pocket Knife
The oldest pocket knives are from the early Iron age. A pocket knife was discovered in 500-600 BCE at the Hallstatt in Austria. The knife contains a blade with a handle made of bone.

➤ What pocket knives are worth money?

A good pocket knife is something you carry every day for years, and after that, you pass it to your children. A good quality pocket knife is costly. But some pocket knives are a little bit more costly than usual. Why should we buy them? Because their quality is worth taking a shot.
Here are 8 pocket knives that are worth the money –
1.SOG Arcitech – Jigged Bone
SOG Arcitech - Jigged Bone
The SOG knives are mostly known for the best quality blade in the world. It’s an 8 inches long knife. The blade is titanium bolsters and mirrors polished san Mai blade, and it’s attached with a real jigged bone handle.
2.Buck Knives TOPS/Buck CSAR – T Knife
Buck Knives TOPS Buck CSAR T Knife
The Buck Knives TOPS/Buck CSAR – T Knife has a 154 cm blade, and a Rocky Mountain Treat G-10 handle. This pocket knife will last forever, and you won’t have to spend a real fortune.
3.Cold Steel Knives And Tools Espada
Cold Steel Knives And Tools Espada
The Cold Steel Knives And Tools Espada is a stunning knife by Cold Steel. The blade is forged from Carpenter CTS XHP Alloy steel. Its handle (6.75 inches) is made from polished G-10. If you spend $440 bucks for it, you can have it forever.
4.DPX Gear Hest/F Urban TI
DPX Gear Hest F Urban TI
The DPX Gear Hest is a small, modest knife carved in the USA, A.CPM S35V martensitic stainless steel & Aerospace grade titanium was used to create it. It comes with an integrated hex drive, a tri-gauge cable stripper, a glass breaker, and a completely reversible pocket clip.
5.Victorinox Work Champ XL
Victorinox Work Champ XL
The Victorinox Work Champ XL is famous for its multifunctional blades. It has 31 tools in total. A bottle opener, hoof cleaner, three screwdrivers, wire stripper, a large blade, seatbelt cutter & metal fire are included in that. It’s more likely to be a toolbox than a knife.
6.Zero Tolerance 0850
Zero Tolerance 0850
Zero Tolerance knives are high-quality knives. Their 0850 knife is a collaboration between Dmitry Sinkevich and Todd Rexford. It has a CPM 20CV stainless steel blade, and a handle made with carbon fibre. It comes with the guarantee to last lifelong.
7.Case Trapper knife
Case Trapper knife
The Case Trapper Knife is one of the most valuable trapper knives that are ever made. Trapper blades were mainly prepared for creating tiny creature capturing traps. This knife has two blades, a Spey blade, and a clip. Its blade is made from Tru-sharp steel. And the handle is made from an Orange Mother Of Pearl. It’s a regular knife for your daily life.
The Katsu is a Japanese knife. The blade of this knife is made from one kind of stainless steel, VG-10 steel. This particular steel is made in Japan and it gives the guarantee of staying the same shiny, sharp knife for ages. The handle of this knife is made from a combination of Carbon fibre and Titanium. This is why it’s rust-resistant and portable and gives an impressive grip. A one-hand thumb stud is attached to regulate the knife. These characteristics take the knife to another level.

➤ What is the oldest knife company?

Knives are men’s best friends from the beginning of the time when people first started inventing things.
Camillus Cutlery Company is known as the oldest knife manufacturing company. It was established in the USA in 1976. This company made thousands of knives until it was bankrupt in 2007. The name of the company and the property was bought by Acme United Corporation. Anyway, they relaunched the Camillus Cutlery Company in 2009.

➤ What is the best knife ever made?

Knives have always been used for different purposes like cutting, hunting, camping, or even just collecting. Some people like to collect extraordinary knives, even if those cost hundreds of dollars.
Here are five extraordinary or the best knives that are ever made:
1.Russel Canadian Belt Knife:
These knives are not only good to look at but useful as well. You can showcase or use these as regular knives in the kitchen, that depends on you. The blades are a little offset elliptical, and the handles are made from rosewood. There is plentiful replication of these knives, but not a single one can beat the original one.
2.Marine Corps Fighting Knife:
The Marine Corps issued a fighting knife to its members in 1943. The knife has a 7 inches long Bowie blade and a handle made with leather. This was the most successful tool the Marine Corps has ever issued. These knives were so popular that people often tried to steal them.
3.Loveless Drop Point:
Loveless knives were everyone’s favorite in the 1950s. People used to buy and collect R.W loveless’s handcrafted knives.
Drop point knife was one of his most prominent knives. Its blade was made from 154 CM steel which is also used for making jet engine tires.
4.Ron Lake Folding Knife:
Rain Lake is well known as a knife maker for 30 years. His knives are unique, sharp, elegant, and last forever.
5.Busse Battle Mistress :
This knife is well-known for its combination of weight, sharpness, and strength. It’s a two pounds knife that has a 10 inches blade, and it’s so sharp that it can cut anything that comes in its way.
Hope you find the information helpful.
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