The Top 10 Most Expensive Honey In The World ( With Pictures )

Honey is a sticky, yellow, and sweet substance. Whether eaten directly from a jar or swirled into a cup of warm tea or as a topping on bread, it’s yummy, a bit of like heavenly feelings.
If you are a sweet lover and also health-conscious, honey could be on your list of favorites. Few people do not keep honey in their diet. Since ancient times, honey is getting used as both food and home remedy.
So far, over 300 sorts of honey have been recognized. If you are taking a walk through a honey section in a supermarket, chances that you simply have found varieties of honey with different price tags. Indeed honey often fetches a high price. You would possibly get a number of them by spending a couple of dollars. But some are worth quite your gold jewelry. If you are craving to taste it, you would possibly need to empty your wallet.

You might be wondering, why honey is so expensive? There are several reasons behind it. It is said that a bee spent its tiny life making a spoonful of honey. Besides, the worth of honey is influenced by its climatic region, harvesting process, and its flora and fauna. Here are some names that deserve to be on the list of the top 10 expensive kinds of honey.


Let’s have a glance at the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Honey in the World

10 Toca Raw Organic Chestnut Honey $77.6 per kilo
9 Greek Traditional Golden Thyme Honey from Crete $110 per kilo
8 Lo Mejor del Bierzo $178.13 per kilo
7 Domestic Acacia Honey $195 per kilo
6 Endemic Rize Anzer Ovit Flower Honey $258 per kilo
5 Authentic Yemen Sidr Honey $282.9per kilo
4 Tualang Black Honey with comb $500.19 per kilo
3 Sour Honey $1465 per Kilo
2 Herbesan Manuka Honey IAA 18+ $2272 per kilo
1 Elvish Honey $6800 per kilo

Toca Raw Organic Chestnut Honey

Price: $77.6 per kilo
Toca Raw Organic Chestnut Honey
The name that comes to our list at no 10 is the Toca Raw Organic Chestnut Honey. It is one of the best dark kinds of honey in the world. It is worth $77.6 per kilogram.
Toca Raw Organic Chestnut Honey is mainly produced in the chestnut forest of Northern Greece. Generally, Chestnut Honey is less sweet than usual honey. This intense aromatic honey has a slightly bitter taste. The exclusive taste and aroma make it one of the most varied types of honey. It has a high concentration of metallic elements such as potassium, magnesium, manganese, and fructose which is good for blood circulation. The honey serves as a good source of energy.

Greek Traditional Golden Thyme Honey from Crete

Price: $110 per kilo
Greek Traditional Golden Thyme Honey from Crete 
Greek Thyme Honey is widely known to be the rarest and best honey in the world. It is found at the very top of the wild mountains of Crete which are crammed with wild thyme and hundreds of other indigenous wildflowers and herbs.
The honey is produced in the spring season and is highly renowned for its powerful antioxidant properties. The worth of this honey is $110 per kilogram. As the bees fed wild thyme produce less honey, so this honey is rare and expensive. It comes in a jar of 200 gm and 450gm with a price of $22.80 and $31.39.
Greek Thyme Honey is typically light in color and has a strong flavor. It is one of the nutritional foods which is rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Recently, studies show that Thyme Honey reduces the survival of breast, prostate, and uterus cancer cells.

Lo Mejor del Bierzo

Price: $178.13 per kilo
Lo Mejor del Bierzo
The Lo Mejor del Bierzo is a type of multi-floral honey considered to be one of Europe’s expensive honey. It comes at a price of $165 per kilogram. It is said that over millions of flower is required to produce one-kilo Beirzo Honey. It always has a great demand than supply. Now it has lost its place.
However, it is generated in the village of Camponaraya, which is located in the district of El Bierzo. This honey is certified as Halal which is suitable for use in Muslim communities. People of the Arabian world are always interested in buying this honey.

Domestic Acacia Honey Bottle

Price: $ 195 per kilo
Domestic Acacia Honey Bottle
Acacia Honey is a Mono- Flower honey that is produced from the nectar of the Robinia pseudoacacia flower. It is 100% pure, raw, and natural honey. Generally, it is light in color and has a distinctive aroma. It comes in a jar of one kilogram with a price of around $195. Although it is quite expensive, it is the most popular variety in the United States due to its light-colored mild floral scent and delicious taste.
Acacia Honey is an excellent sweetener as it contained a high concentration of fructose. It can be the ideal natural sweetener for tea, cereals, yogurt, fruits, or drinks. However, Acacia Honey has a high concentration of minerals and vitamins, propolis, pollen, amino acids, enzymes, and antioxidants. It is said that Acacia Honey is effective in treating stress, sleep apnea, and insomnia. However, this honey might not as effective in boosting the gastrointestinal tract as other varieties.

Endemic Rize Anzer Ovit Flower Honey

Price: $258 per kilo
Endemic Rize Anzer Ovit Flower Honey
Turkish Anzer Honey is another most expensive honey along with its creative power in the world. It is produced in Anzer Plateau Rize in the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey. Anzer honey is produced from Endemic and herbaceous plants that are special to Anzer Plateau.
Caucasian bees that are endemic to that region generate this kind of honey. At present, Anzer Honey is worth $258. It comes in the market in a jar of 500gm with a premium price of around $129.
Besides, it contains valuable ingredients coming from 500 different species in Anzer Plateau, and it is hard to find this kind of honey which makes the value of Anzer Honey much higher.
Generally, it is renowned for its medicinal benefits. It is highly beneficial for allergic reactions and plays a crucial role in heart health. It keeps the body strong and helps to relieve tiredness. It strengthens the immune system as it contained phenolic. It also works better for mouth sore. Being a natural antibiotic, Anzer Honey is ideal to heal the inflammation of the tonsils and throat.

Authentic Yemen Sidr Honey

Price: $282.9per kilo
Authentic Yemen Sidr Honey
One can’t have an inventory of the most expensive honey without including Sidr Honey. It is said to be one of the finest and rarest kinds of honey in the world. It has a price of around $282.9 per kilogram. The reason for the high price is its less production. Generally, it is produced twice a year. It comes from the nectar of Sidr trees that are only harvested in the desert areas of Yemen.
The Sidr tree features a unique aromatic smell that easily attracts the bees. It has a smooth and thick texture with a rich, lavish, and buttery sweet taste. It comes with an alluring light golden color.
However, Sidr Honey is renowned for its powerful therapeutic properties. It is full of nutritional values and rich in antioxidants which work as a preserver against kidney toxicities. As an antibacterial, Sidr honey is widely utilized in the Middle East. It can be great antibiotics for coughs, sore throats, and allergies.

Tualang Black Honey with the comb

Price: $500.19 per kilo
Tualang Black Honey with the comb 
Another rare and expensive honey that deserves to get on the list of costliest honey is the Tualang Black Honey with the comb. This precious honey is produced by a special big honey bee ‘Apis Dorsata’.
Tualang Honey is merely available in Southeast Asia equatorial region. It is generally harvested from the Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra. The worth of this honey is about $500.19. Generally, it is available in a jar of 26oz which is worth $368. The reason for the high price is the least harvesting of Tualang tree.
However, Tualang Black Honey is rich in pollen and nutrition. It contains a high concentration of rainforest nectars and minerals. Generally, it possesses a strong and complex fragrance. It has a natural dark black color. The texture of this honey is smooth and creamy as well as the taste is light sweet bitter.
Tualang honey has several benefits. It helps to improve our body tissue. This can be an intense choice for rehabilitation capability enhancement. This precious honey wins multiple awards.

Sour Honey

Price: $1465 per Kilo
Sour Honey
It is believed that sour honey is one of the rarest and costliest kinds of honey in the world. Sour Honey is natural sweet honey that is native to North-East India. It is imported directly from the Brazilian rain forest and produced by one kind of stingless bees. It has a premium price of around $1465 per kilogram. The price of this honey is surprisingly high as the production of it is comparatively less, unlike regular honey.
Generally, it is found in the grocery stores in a jar of 12 ounces which is cost $498.50. It can be used as a skincare ingredient because it helps prevent acne and impart glow to the skin. Sour honey shouldn’t be given to children under the age of 1.

Herbesan Manuka Honey IAA 18+

Price: $2272 per kilo
Herbesan Manuka Honey IAA 18+
When it comes to the list of expensive honey, Manuka honey easily comes to the top choice. Manuka honey is highly known for its medicinal properties rather than its taste.
This honey is produced by the renowned brand Herbesan. It has an MGO level of 698 mg/kg. The IAA indicates the level of unique activity of Manuka honey which has been tested by an independent laboratory. At present, it has a price of around $2272 per kilogram. It is commonly found in a jar of 250 gm which is worth $ 568.
The Manuka Honey comes from the nectar of the flower of Leptospermum Scoparium which is also known as Manuka. The plant is very rare which is only native to the hills and forests of New Zealand. Besides, it is also difficult to harvest because the flower is only open for 12 days; and that makes this honey so expensive.
Aside from its sweetness, it has a sharp taste which makes it unique. The texture of Manuka Honey is not as smooth as other honey varieties. Manuka Honey is the world’s most researched honey that contains plant-derived compounds with unique health properties, beneficial oligosaccharides, and amino acids.

Elvish Honey

Price: $6800 per kilo
Elvish Honey
At present, Elvish Honey from Turkey is the most expensive honey in the world which is worth US $6800 per kilogram. Doesn’t it cost more than gold jewelry or the maximum amount of a small car? The beekeepers who sell it named this honey “the true nectar of the Gods”.
This thick and golden-colored honey is extracted from a cave in the Saricayir valley of Artvin city which is 1800 meters deep situated in northeastern Turkey. A Turkish beekeeper, Gunduz Gunay discovered this cave in 2009. He mentioned that Elvish Honey is 100% naturally produced, and the cave is rich in mineral content which increases the honey’s quality as well as value.
Besides this area is crammed with medicinal plants which also increases the value of this honey. This lavish honey is often utilized in both medicine and food. Generally, it is available in a jar of 170gm and 250gm.
Frequently Asked Questions

➤ Which honey is considered to be the best in the world?

Whatever the taste or flavor is, honey that is less pasteurized and comes directly from the hive is the best. Statistics show that currently Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Raw Honey earned the top place of the best honey overall. This pure, raw, and unpasteurized comes directly from the hive to the jar and riches in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidant properties.

➤ What is the healthiest type of honey?

Research shows that raw and unfiltered honey is the healthiest type of honey as it comes directly from the hive without any pasteurization and retained its antioxidant levels. Usually, commercial kinds of honey are pasteurized to destroy the yeasts and are filtered to remove the moisture which removes bee pollen from the honey. Generally, bee pollen is responsible for most of honey’s health benefits. When honey is pasteurized, it lost those benefits.

➤ Which country is famous for honey?

At present, China is famous for honey among other countries. This country produces the largest amount of honey in the world. It’s true that China indeed produces pure quality and sweetest honey than any other country. Around 650,000-ton of honey is produced in China annually.
Here is the top 10 most expensive honey. All the mentioned honey is so delicious and has alluring colors that will induce you to dip your spoon in the jar twice. But in the case of honey, one thing to keep in mind that honey should not be fed to children below one year of age.
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