10 Most Expensive Fruits In The World (With Pictures)

      Ruby Roman Grapes

Who doesn’t love to taste the bites of yummy fruits? Of course, we do. Fruits are called nature’s edible gems. Or you can say sweet candies setting on trees. Pick them and put inside your mouth as many as you want. Wait, I am going to tell you about such 10 most lavish fruits that you can’t pick so easily. For that, you have to empty your wallet to spend huge amount of dollars. 

You must keep fruits in your daily diets as they are best sources of vitamins, minerals, folic acid and dietary-fiber to keep you disease-free. Low fat, low calories in fruits are good enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But how much dollar usually you spend to buy your daily fruits? I can challenge it won’t be more than the cost mentioned below.

Here I am going to show you some hefty price tags of the world’s costliest premium fruits.


The Buddha Shaped Pears

Price:- $9

The Buddha Shaped Pears

The Buddha Shaped Pear! Sounds strange right? This is the first in my list to explore the pricey fruits.

Well, this shape is not natural. Don’t worry this fruit is not artificial too! In 2009, a Chinese farmer, Gao Xianzhang introduced this baby Buddha shape on pears in his orchard in Northern Hebai. He brought this shape using special molds.

Chinese people even believe that those pears are symbols of fortune, peace and after eating you may achieve victory over death. Well that’s impossible but these cute, smiling baby pears are damn pretty that you may not want to use a knife over them for cutting. 

 This shape creates an eye-attraction for people who chase upon different, unusual things. That’s why customers always rush to purchase the baby Buddha shaped pears with no care of spending $9 per piece!



Sekai Ichi Apple

Price:- $21

Sekai Ichi Apple

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’, is a very common proverb we all know. That’s why we love apples to have proper nutrition. But when we talk about the Sekai Ichi apple, it’s really out of ordinary. This special apple was first appeared in Japan and a cross variety from Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apple.

These large, light-toned pink/red apples have red stripes on its round body with little yellow shade. The most gripping fact of those apples is its extra-large size. A single apple weights up to 2 pounds! And the apples are even washed in honey to ensure no fault. 

In America, you can have 1 kg apple very easily spending only $5-$6 dollars. But $21 for a single apple is really a little bit harsh!



Dekopon Orange

Price:- $80 (Pack of six)

Dekopon Orange

People say that this is one of the best fruits in Japan. This is not the normal orange you are used to have. In 1972, Japan released this hybrid, seedless variety of orange from Kiomi and Ponkan. Dekopon is the sweetest of all citrus fruits with hundred percent value of vitamin c. 

These juicy large citrus have characteristic large bump on its top and the skin is very thick. You can easily peel this delicious orange. The unique flavor is so refreshing and gives a feel of orange icecream that you will forget about the high price.

Dekopon is now available in US also and they call it ‘Sumos’ where in Japan this is known as ‘Shiranuhi’, ‘Hallabong’ in Korea.

This mouthwatering, fleshy combination of mandarin and orange is really so different that once if you have experienced, you will come back for more.



Sembikiya Queen Strawberry

Price:- $85 (a pack of 12)

Sembikiya Queen Strawberry

This is the next in this list. But it’s the number one strawberry in the whole planet. If you are a strawberry lover, you must try this once in your life. 

Japan’s majestic fruit store Sembikiya is well known to all for its crazy collection of fruits and it’s the oldest fruit shop in Japan. This strawberry is available here but only 500 strawberries are produced in every year. 

The strawberries are grown under proper care and observation that the size is almost same for all. Each strawberry takes 45 days to grow. These strawberries look like glowing red diamonds that you may not resist to eat. These perfect strawberries are too sweet and too good that Japanese people love to give them as gifts.



Square Watermelon

Price:- $800

Square Watermelon

Can someone ever imagine that a watermelon may have a shape of square? Perhaps the answer is no. Let me tell you the shape is not natural and this novel product is produced through molding. To make this watermelon very attractive to the rich buyers, Japan made them so artistic. 

Square watermelons are so perfect that can easily fit in your fridge. $800 dollars is really a big amount to pay for a single watermelon but this would be a best one to present your beloved one on your special moments. 

But the taste is not so yummy as compared to the price. That’s because these watermelons are picked before ripening to put inside the mold for square shape.



Pineapples from the Lost Gardens of Heligan

Price:- $1500

Pineapples from the Lost Gardens of Heligan

This is not a regular pineapple we eat. These pineapples can be grown only in the lost Garden of Heligan in the UK. It needs very hard labor to grow the pineapples that mostly they are gifted to the farmers. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy them. If you are lucky and can afford the money, you may certainly taste the bites of this rare, exceptional pineapple. 

These six inches sized pineapples need almost 2 years to get maturity and weight up to 13 pounds each. And the special thing is the Victorian cultivation technique which the farmers apply with intense hand care. 

Prince Charles gifted this pineapple to Queen Elizabeth ɪ ɪ on her 50th marriage anniversary. These exotic pineapples are so rare that it deserves the hefty price tag.



Taiyo No Tamago Mangoes

Price:- $3000

Taiyo No Tamago Mangoes

There would be hardly any person who doesn’t love mangoes. Being the king of all fruits mangoes are taken as the world’s most delicious fruit with no doubts. And I keep this mango in my first choice because I am crazy for mangoes.

Taiyo No Tamago means ‘Egg of the Sun’ and is the world-class variety of mangoes. These expensive mangoes grow at Miyazaki in Japan. You may think why these mangoes are so pricey that even the wealthy people will think twice before buying? 

Well, this is because of the additional care given to the mangoes during growth. Those Miyazaki mangoes are never collected from trees using hands. Each mango is enclosed in a small net bag and the mangoes fall automatically after full ripening. This also ensures proper sunlight on every portion of the mangoes equally giving uniform ruby red colour. 

These premium mangoes are very light in weight and have little fibrousness that you will fall in love with it. These mangoes are well-sold in Japan for giving presents on occasions.



Densuke Watermelon

Price:- $6100

Taiyo No Tamago Mangoes

This black, spotless watermelon grows only in the island of Hokkaid in Japan. Well this is available in the Sembikiya flagship store in Tokiyo. Each watermelon weights almost 11 kg and has unique sweet, flavor and taste. 

But you can’t easily buy this watermelon even if you are ready to pay the price. It’s because each year only 100 lucky people can buy those watermelons after participating in auctions. 

People can buy a whole car on its price but still, they crowd in the auctions to buy this expensive watermelon.



Ruby Roman Grapes

Price:- $8400

Ruby Roman Grapes

These grapes are in the second position in this list. Because these are not ordinary grapes you can think. They are a variety of table grape and grow in Japan. Ishikawa Prefecture is the place where people have to participate in auctions to have a single bunch of these grapes. Ruby Roman grapes are so expensive and rare that the rich people could hardly find them.

These grapes look like a red ping-pong ball. It’s surprising to know that those grapes can’t be sold so easily. There is strict protocol for selling those grapes. When a grape weights over 20g and contains 18% sugar, it gets a certificate for selling. In 2010, only six bunches of grapes were certified to sell. And in 2011 no grapes were sold for not reaching the requirements. 

Even for a single grape, you have to spend several hundred dollars. They are used for gifting mostly. Though the grapes are so expensive, you will realize the reason behind it after a single bite. The growers don’t compromise with its taste and quality that it really deserves its hefty price tag.



Yubari King Melon

Price:- $30000 (a single pair)

Yubari King Melon

So finally we reached at the end of this article to discover the most expensive fruit in the world. And it is Yubari king Melon from Japan again! You may buy a car or even a beautiful diamond ring with this price. So should you spend such huge bucks for this melon? 

These melons grow under greenhouse in Yubari, Hokkaid. This top-graded hybrid melon has smooth skin with perfect round shape. Yubari melon is mostly prized for its extra sweetness which is unparalleled to other fruits. This melon grows under extra-nourishing and each in separate boxes. 

Yubari melons are famous in Japan for their gift-giving trends. They are sold in auctions after a strong competition at a very high price. When luxury has no bounds, people run after exploring new things.

It’s true that the prices of all those expensive fruits are ridiculously high. In Japan, fruits are best gifts to give and thus made them so demanding. But the high price tags are mainly due to the unique flavor, taste and sweetness of those rare, luxurious fruits.


Here’s a quick recap of the 10 most expensive Fruits in the world:

1. Yubari King Melon – $30000 (a single pair)
2. Ruby Roman Grapes – $8400
3. Densuke Watermelon – $6100
4. Taiyo No Tamago Mangoes – $3000
5. Pineapples from the Lost Gardens of Heligan – $1500
6. Square Watermelon – $800
7. Sembikiya Queen Strawberry – $85 (a pack of 12)
8. Dekopon Orange – $80 (Pack of six)
9. Sekai Ichi Apple – $21
10. The Buddha Shaped Pears – $9




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