10 Most Expensive Types of Caviar (With Pictures)

It is a wonderful issue to speculate how the roes of fish can be an expensive and luxurious food item. Though it sounds incredible, it is a real and accurate matter. The eggs of sea-fish namely Caviar is one of the most sought after and valuable food items in the world.
Caviar is a delicious and tasteful food. Real caviars come from the sturgeon fishes. This fish has different species, including Ossetra, Sevruga, Beluga Sturgeon, Persian Sturgeon, Russian Sturgeon, Starry Sturgeon, etc. These species belong to The Caspian Sea and some parts of the Black Sea. Henceforth, the Caspian Sea is called the homeland of the Caviar.
There are three colors Caviar generally found which are black, white, and golden. But from them, black Caviar is the most known and familiar one. White and Golden are infrequent, and for this, they are very costly.
However, here in this article, I’m going to introduce at least 10 of the most expensive caviars in the world. So, let’s begin.

The list of the 10 Most expensive Types Of Caviar:

10 Iranian Pearl Caviar $3K
9 Russian Ossetra Caviar $3K
8 Iranian Imperial Wild Caviar $3K
7 Classic Gray Sevruga Caviar $3.7K
6 Imperial Ossetra Caviar $4K
5 Fresh Imported Sevruga Caviar $8.3K
4 Sevruga Caviar $9K
3 Golden Ossetra Caviar $10.4K
2 Almas Caviar $35K
1 Strottarga Bianco $100k

Iranian Pearl Caviar

 Value: $3k
Iranian Pearl Caviar
Iranian Caviar is always one of the most expensive caviars in the world. From several species of Iranian Caviars, Pearl Caviar is one of them.
Pearl Caviar is very flavorful food. This buttery and succulent caviar has a stern nutty flavor. You can eat it in your breakfast and take it with any meal.
Caspian Fisheries and Management Authorities and their team of Artisanal Salt Masters harvest this caviar under their guidance. Through a refined process, they bring it to the market. But, the only way you can get it is by ordering online.
The grade of this caviar is 000. The price of this food is almost $3000. But, this price is reasonable according to its worth.

Russian Ossetra Caviar

 Value: $3k
Russian Ossetra Caviar
This prima Russian Ossetra caviar is cultivated from an Ossetra fish namely Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii Sturgeon. It is also called Russian Sturgeon.
For the authentic and classic caviar lover, the Russian Ossetra Caviar is the best option indeed. This caviar has a wonderful delicacy with a nutty flavor.
After a long process and subtle innovation, many online-based bands bring out this caviar in the market. If you want to taste this delicious caviar, you have to pay more than $3000. But the price is nothing to its taste, smell, and premium quality.

Iranian Imperial Wild Caviar

 Value: $3k
Iranian Imperial Wild Caviar
Iranian Imperial Wild Caviar is known as the connoisseur’s caviar. People who love eating caviar without any thoughts will surely enjoy this one.
The wild caviar looks bigger than a pearl. It has a combination of gray and black color. Hence, it evokes a creamy, mild, and soft taste of nuts.
Wild Caviar comes from an Iranian Beluga Sturgeon harvested in the Caspian Sea. As common caviar, its price is not out of range. It demands $3000 for a kilogram. Though the price seems to be expensive to the unusual consumer, a serious caviar lover can easily afford it.

Classic Gray Sevruga Caviar

 Value: $3.8k
Classic Gray Sevruga Caviar
Because of its different color from the other familiar caviar and wonderful taste, this caviar is essentially enlisted in the terms. It has a smooth buttery flavor. Being neat and small, the caviar looks like pearly grains.
This caviar is produced from Sevruga, a small and tiny species of the Sturgeon family. This is found in the Caspian Sea. As sevruga is a common fish of the Caspian Sea and is found in a huge number, its caviar is not so rare.
Among caviar lovers, this is one of the most favorite ones. So, the price of this caviar is also expensive. Its price is higher than the previous three caviars. You have to offer around $3800 for this delicious item.

Imperial Osetra Caviar

 Value: $4k
Imperial Osetra Caviar
Imperial Osetra is another delicious caviar having a great flavor of nuts and a sweet aroma. It is medium-sized caviar, and it is another best option for the connoisseurs.
Imperial Osetra is produced from a mature Ocetra Sturgeon. During the process, this caviar covers a golden color.
The caviar is so exceptional. Because it is served to the kings and Czars of Russia. Consequently, it is one of the most expensive caviars in the world. Even, this is also one of the rarest caviars.
Imperial Osetra presents $4000 per kg. On some websites, it demands up to $5000.

Fresh Imported Sevruga Caviar

 Value: $8.3k
Fresh Imported Sevruga Caviar
Then comes the name of Fresh Imported Sevruga Caviar. Harvested from a tiny progeny of Sturgeon, this caviar also comes in a small size. But the taste is appetizing and exceptional.
Fresh Imported Sevruga is a French item. The elite society of the French and other aristocratic families enjoy this caviar at different parties and occasions.
Because of its distinct quality, aromatic flavor, and natty feel, the price of this caviar is so luxurious. You have to pay more than $8000 per kilo for this. So, it is induced in the list of the most expensive caviars.

Sevruga Caviar

 Value: $9k
Sevruga Caviar
Sevruga Caviar has numerous varieties. From these, the Siberian sturgeon is a common source of the Sevruga caviar. It is nourished in the Caspian Sea and some parts of the Black Sea.
Besides, the Sterlet sturgeon is another resource of Sevruga Caviar. This caviar is known as the Sevruga Imperial.
The size of this caviar is also small. Even it is smaller than Classic Gray Sevruga Caviar that has been introduced above. Though gray and small grains, it has a stunning aroma and a subtle oiliness. Thus, this caviar is more valuable and delicious than all other Sevruga Caviars.
Hereafter, the price of this caviar is also so expensive. It goes for around $9000 per kg.

Golden Ossetra Caviar

 Value: $10.4k
Golden Ossetra Caviar
Ossetra is a common name for caviar. From many other Ossetra caviars, the most precious and remarkable caviar is Golden Ossetra. It comes from an instance of the Ossetra family.
Golden Ossetra has a beautiful color, palatable taste, and creamy delicacy. Its freshness and aroma will honestly captivate you. For the attractive qualities, the caviar is called Royal Ossetra.
The popularity of Ossetra caviar is so prevalent. Because of its worldwide demand, it is surmised that within a few decades this caviar may get even vanished.
This caviar ranks in the third position on the list of the most expensive caviars in the world. If you want to have it, you must spend more than $10000.

Almas Caviar

 Value: $35k
Almas Caviar
Apart from the different varieties of Ossetra and Sevruga caviars, Beluga caviar is the most outstanding caviar. This caviar is called Almas caviar. In Russian words, Almas means ‘Diamond’.
Almas Caviar comes from an Iranian Albiano Sturgeon fish aged about 100 years. This specific sturgeon is familiar as Beluga. The eggs of this fish are found in diamond-gold color.
This Iranian Caviar has a unique and rare quality. The golden-colored caviar produces a nutty fragrance with its smooth delicacy.
You will be surprised that Almas Caviar is officially the most expensive caviar in the world until now, according to the Guinness Book World Records. It takes almost $35000 per kilogram. Even more, the caviar is packed with 24-karat gold fixtures. Thus, this luxurious caviar is not for everyone, rather it is preferable only for the wealthy and elite family.

Strottarga Bianco

 Value: $100k
Strottarga Bianco
And the final name goes to Strottarga Bianco Caviar. This precious white gold caviar is very unusual from the others.
This caviar is also harvested from a rare Albiano Sturgeon Fish like the previous one. But it is more special because, whereas the eggs of Almas is diamond-gold colored, this is white-gold colored. Moreover, this is coated with a 22-karat gold pack.
It is produced by a Salzburg fish farmer in Austria. Through a neat and careful process, this caviar is harvested. Because of the rarity of fish, special white roe of the eggs, and length of the method, this caviar demands a shocking and incredible price.
The price of this white-gold caviar is out of your imagination. This is ridiculously the most expensive caviar in the world. Even, it is the most luxurious food item too. The price is more than $100000 per kilo. Additionally, in some Austrian websites, it takes $110000 to $120000. Think, how pricey this caviar is!
Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Beluga Caviar so expensive?

Sometimes, Beluga Caviar namely Almas is regarded as the best and most expensive caviar. The opinion is about pointful. Apart from the White gold caviar, Beluga caviar is now the most expensive caviar recorded in the Guinness Book World.
Beluga Sturgeon is a very rare lineage of the Sturgeon family. This is found in the Caspian and the Black Sea. Because of its universal demand and rarity, this Sturgeon is going to be disappeared. For this reason, Beluga caviar is so worthy and pricey.
What is more notable is that it takes almost 20 to 30 years for the Sturgeon to be compatible to produce eggs. This long-winded and painstaking process, hence, has magnified the price of it.
Hereafter, its taste and flavor have made it exceptionally palatable and unique. It is quite luxurious and praiseworthy caviar. All of these matters in the price of this caviar.

What is the rarest Caviar?

The most expensive Beluga Caviar is also the rarest caviar. For worldwide demand, this special Sturgeon is now critically exposed to danger. So, it is becoming scarce day by day. As I have illustrated the Beluga caviar above, hopefully no more is needed further.

What is the cheapest caviar?

True Caviar comes only from Sturgeon Fish. So the price of caviar is always high and luxurious. But there are so many species of Sturgeon Fish that are almost available and inexpensive. Shovelnose Sturgeon, an American Sturgeon, is one of them. Its caviar is known as Hackleback Caviar. As being the caviar of Sturgeon fish, it can be entitled as the cheapest caviar in the world. The price of this food is in your range and affordable.
But, if we proceed to mark out the cheapest caviar, we can mention the non-sturgeon fish. Preservative and salted caviar viz Lumpfish, Capelin, and Tobiko cost a cheap price. These caviars are the cheapest of all kinds of caviars. These present only $1 for an ounce.

Is caviar worth the price?

This question depends on some matters. As it is said that actual caviar is produced from Sturgeon Fish. This fish is coming to be very unusual. Besides, many species of Sturgeon take a long time to be suppurated to bear roe. For this, the authorities have to maintain a lot of liabilities and expenses. Moreover, the manufacturing process is also so complicated and profligate. After fulfilling a long cycle, genuine caviar comes on the market.
So, it is a very reasonable cause that the price of the caviar would be high and costly. Concerning these matters mentioned above, caviar is worth the price. Nonetheless, there are many types of caviar that are obtainable at a cheap price according to their quality.
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