15 Most Expensive Water Bottles (With Pictures)

Water is unanimously called life. It is energetic, spirited, and vigorous. People around the world mostly depend on it. If there is no water in the world, how living would be here is just unimaginable. Regarding it, shouldn’t this inevitable element of the earth be cost-free?
Yes, so many people think that water should be cost-free and easily accessible. But this is not a reality. In so many cities of the world, people have to pay for water to drink.
Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani
There are so many unexpected and unbelievable matters on the planet. This is also one of the wonders that the price of some water bottles is outrageous and shocking. While a maximum price tag at $1 or $2 per bottle is considerable, some water bottles cost up to a million. Can you think about it? Although it is ridiculous and incredible, it is an undeniable truth.
There are some water bottles on the earth which are expensive. Because of some purification and formulation functions and high-end quality, the price of these water bottles goes for a high range. So, let’s have some information about 15 of the most expensive water bottles in the world.

Most expensive water bottles at a glance :

15. Veen water bottle – $30 per 750ml bottle
14. Berg water bottle – $34 per liter
13. BLVD water bottle – $40 per liter
12. ROI water bottle – $48 per liter
11. Iluliaq water bottle – $50 per bottle
10. Lofoten Arctic water bottle – $56 per liter
9. Bling H2O water bottle – $105 per liter
8. Svalbardi water bottle – $165 per 750ml bottle
7. Nevas water bottle – $190 per liter
6. Fillico Jewelry water bottle – $345 per bottle
5. Kona Nigari Water bottle – $575 per bottle
4. Bling H2O’s The Ten Thousand – $3,880 per bottle
3. Exousia Gold water bottle – $24,000 per bottle
2. Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani – $86,000 Per bottle
1. Beverly Hills 9OH20 Luxy Collection Diamond – $1,43,000 per bottle

Veen water bottle

Price: $30 per 750ml bottle
Veen water bottle
I’m starting with the lowest expensive water bottles on our list. And it is the Veen water bottle. It is honestly one of the freshest waters in the entire world. It ensures the utmost purity and liveliness.
Veen water flows from different sources. Primarily, it comes from Finland, near a village called Tengelio, at Lapland, where the spring is located. Another source of Veen water is the Himalayas in Bhutan.
It is filtered through pure icebergs and is meager on mineral content. And that’s why it results in a loving texture. Moreover, its bottle is also gorgeous with amazing designs and colorful sketches.
However, the price of the Veen water bottle is expedient according to its flavor. Per 750ml bottle goes for $30.

Berg water bottle

Price: $34 per liter
Berg water bottle
The next one is the Berg water bottle. Berg is a world-famous brand that provides a high-end quality water bottle throughout the globe.
Berg water springs from the Icebergs which flows down from Greenland. Then, the water is melted on the shore of eastern Canada. Hence, it is filtered, purified, and refined for drinking.
After that, the water is bottled in distinctive glass bottles. These bottles come with their signature, advertising the brand. Overall, it is trustworthy drinking water, and you can try it.
Regarding the cost, Berg is one of the costliest water bottles in the world. It presents $34 per liter. Though the price seems to be expensive, it is worth its money.

BLVD water bottle

Price: $40 per liter
BLVD water bottle
Jon Monsir, a luxurious accessories company, brings out this extraordinary water bottle. BLVD is a premium water bottle versatile with so many attributes.
BLVD water is sourced from an ancient natural
cascade of Tasmania, Australia. This is an environmental source of water. As a result, the water is dainty and pretty to drink.
After completing several purification methods, the water is bottled in solid ultra-flint glass. It ensures purity as well as integrity.
The price of the BLVD water bottle is noteworthy. Per one-liter bottle is sold for $40.

ROI Water bottle

Price: $48 per liter
ROI Water bottle
ROI water is produced from a natural spring in Slovenia. It is situated in a regional place of Lower Styria namely Rogaska Slatina.
A renowned story goes for this ROI water Spring. It is said that the spring was founded by Greek Mythological Winged Horse Pegasus, instructed by God Apollo. So, this centuries-old water spring is also a holy place for many devotees.
Geologically enriched, ROI water offers a fresh and luscious taste. Since it is prosperous in minerals, it is clean and refined. Moreover, calcium and magnesium levels are combined to adjust the hardness of the mineral.
In terms of price, it claims $48 per liter. Thus, it is one of the most expensive water bottles in the world.

Iluliaq water bottle

Price: $50 per bottle
Iluliaq water bottle
Iluliaq Water comes from the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier which is 190 miles away from the Arctic Circle on the west coast of Greenland. The glacier was announced as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2004.
The source of Iluliaq Water is Icebergs. The ice is cultivated by the Kalaaleq people of this certain region. They harvest three particular types of ice such as the Basal ice, Blue ice, and Glacial ice.
Then, with some convenient processes, the ice is melted skillfully to substantiate its integrity. Consequently, it is packaged in crystal bottles. The bottles are also beautiful, elegant, and gorgeous.
In particular, the Iluliaq water bottle is very extraordinary. Its taste is far superior to most other waters in the universe.
Considering the customer’s concern, it is a pricey water bottle. It will set you $50 for a liter.

Lofoten Arctic water bottle

Price: $56 per liter
Lofoten Arctic water bottle
Lofoten arctic water bottle is another remarkable creation of the water brand. It is sourced naturally from the pristine snow of the Lofoten Islands in Norway. Therefore, it affirms the magnificent quality of the water.
Due to lots of filtration strategies, Lofoten arctic water is unpolluted and healthy. It comes in two varieties likely the Still and the Sparkling water. The Still water bottles are unique and clean because of having no distillation. To get a flashy texture and savory taste, the Sparkling water is carbonated.
Lofoten Arctic water comes with aluminum and glass bottles. Aluminum bottles are made of award-winning screw caps designed by a leading manufacturing brand. These bottles are environmental and recyclable. On the other hand, glass bottles are also award-winning because of their several advantageous services. They are produced from flint glass, ensuring durability and adaptability.
In brief, the Lofoten Arctic water bottle is more exceptional than many other water bottles in the world. With distinguished sense and flavor, the water is very different. In terms of price, it is sold for $56 per one-liter bottle.

Bling H2O Frosted Glass

Price: $105 per liter
Bling H2O Frosted Glass
Started by a Hollywood producer, Bling H2O is a well-known water brand in the world. It contributes a lot of high-end pure and clean water bottles with a bold price. Though they are expensive, they are practically accessible.
The water of Bling H2O is derived from a smokey fountain of Tennessee, England. But now, it is also produced from a spring in California. However, it comes by filtering with 9 different steps to be purified and authentic. As a result of these formulations, it changes its taste and flavor and becomes more enjoyable.
The design of the water bottle is also attractive. It is outlined with frosty crystals which enhance its beauty.
The water bottles of Bling H2O Frosted collections start from $40 for per 750ml bottle. It sells a one-liter bottle at $105.

Svalbardi water bottle

Price: $165 per 750ml bottle
Svalbardi water bottle
The next one is the Svalbardi water bottle. Its origin is Norway’s Svalbard which is almost 1,000 km far away from the North Pole. This water also comes from the Icebergs.
Svalbardi water is produced with a lot of purified procreation. The fresh Pristine ice with intact quality turns into clean water after melting. Then, it is packed in colorful bottles. The bottles are made of premium flint glass designed with ice reflection on the surface of the bottle.
The prettier thing is that these bottles are environmental as they are recyclable. It is the reason that Svalbard is one of the most remarkable places for global warming research. A certain amount of money from the sale is donated to the fund of climate research.
Hence, Svalbardi is an exclusive drink water bottle. The price of these water bottles starts from $85 with a maximum of $165 per 750ml bottle.

Nevas water bottle

Price: $190 per liter
Nevas water bottle
Nevas water is a production of the famous German-based company Nevas GmbH. It is a newcomer water company established just a few years ago in 2017. The water is harvested in Germany’s Rhineland. Most probably, it is also attainable from a fountain of Spain.
This German-originated water springs from the hundred-years old two artesian wells. It comes with a premium quality relishing like a Champagne. Its pearly texture and sparkling bubbles enhance its freshness and desirability.
In the case of taste, Nevas water is highly elevated. It provides an indisputable tasting experience. Thus, this water is used as one of the most renowned beverages in the world.
Nevas water appears in dark bottles. With splendid color and a flashy design, it looks aesthetic. In addition, the bottles are available in different sizes.
Because of its inclusive features, the price of the Nevas water bottles is also luxurious. It is enjoyable by spending $190 for a one-liter bottle.

Fillico Jewelry water bottle

Price: $345 per bottle
Fillico Jewelry water bottle
Fillico Jewelry water bottles come with top-notch art and design. Its matchless design is illuminated with Swarovski crystals and some other stunning materials. If you are a chess player, you can recognize the unique and unparalleled bottles of Fillico. These bottles look like the King and the Queen pawns of chess representing aristocracy.
Fillico started its journey in 2005 in California. Gradually, Japan has become the home of Fillico water. But, this water is now available throughout the world.
This water originates from a Spring namely Nunobiki near the Rokko Mountain at Kobe in Japan. Running through the granite of the hills, the water melts itself with absorbing oxygen and becomes neat and refined.
Fillico offers grand quality water bottles with their elegant taste and flavor. It is a worldwide popular water beverage due to its exclusive landmarks. For this reason, the price of Fillico water bottles is extremely extravagant. According to its different types of bottles, it goes for between $300 to $345.

Kona Nigari Water Bottle

Price: $575 per bottle
Kona Nigari Water Bottle
One of the expensive water bottles of Japan, Kona Nigari is cultivated 2,000 feet below the Pacific Ocean of Hawaii. On account of this, Kona Nigari water complies with multiple processes. During purification, the water is desalted. So, it contains a lot of health benefits.
Moreover, as it is produced from the deep of the Ocean, it is naturally prosperous and more elevated. For this reason, this water is very popular among the Japanese people.
In particular, Kona Nigari water is reputed for losing weight, improving the beauty of skin, and activating the organs of the body. The water offers a more satisfying taste to quench thirst and is rich in electrolytes.
After all, it is one of the most pricey water bottles in the world. According to different types of bottles, the price varies from one to another. Most often, it starts from $400 per bottle. But, you must spend nearly $575 to get a 750ml bottle of Kona Nigari.

Bling H2O’s The Ten Thousand

Price: $3,880 per bottle
Bling H2O’s The Ten Thousand
Another item from Bling H2O, the Ten thousand is an incredible water bottle. It is the most expensive and precious water bottle of the Bling H2O company. Even, it is the best and most distinguished water bottle that is a breakthrough for Bling H2O.
While other water bottles of Bling H2O are accessible at a modest price, this one goes for a tremendous amount. The price is around $3,900 per bottle. Apparently, it is just for the elite society.
Ten Thousand water bottles appear with eye-catching elegance. It is embellished with 10,000 Swarovski crystals inlaid on the bottle and that is why it is named the Ten Thousand. So, it looks simply excellent and gorgeous for its design and pleasant color. In point of fact, it is truly a name of luxury and beauty.

Exousia Gold water bottle

Price: $24,000 per bottle
Exousia Gold water bottle
One of the most luxurious water bottles in the world is the Exousia Gold water bottle. It is a reputed water beverage because of its exceptional characteristics. And the matter is that it derives from 24k pure gold. Seriously, it is true. The name itself reveals this truth.
Exousia Water is saturated with stress-relieving and anti-aging components. It is healthful and offers a wonderful drinking experience.
The beautiful bottles of this water also evolve its excellency. It is packed in a classic glass bottle that shows luxuriousness and aristocracy. Absolutely, this water bottle is only for the rich and majestic people.
The Exousia Gold water bottle is highly expensive and skyscraping. The price is even far beyond the touch of the middle-class people. One bottle of Exousia Gold is sold for almost $24,000, honoring its nobility.

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani

Price: $86,000 Per bottle
Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani
In the second position, there comes the Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani water bottle. It was the most expensive water bottle in the world for a time. The price tag of this water bottle is very entertaining. It was sold for a record $60,000 in 2010. Then, it has become more expensive. Now, it costs more than $86,000.
Why does it charge such an incredible price tag? Well, this water comes in a 24-carat gold bottle. And this packing process is one of the most sophisticated systems in the world. Moreover, it is hand-crafted and conveys a fabulous layout. Amedeo Clemente Modigliani, a world-famous Italian artist, has modernized its figurative paintings with an exclusive sketch.
Acqua di Cristallo water bottle is harvested from three corners of the world. It comes from a mixture of glacier water from Iceland, and natural spring water from Fijian and French Iceland. After some research and purification, it goes to be packed.
The taste of Acqua di Cristallo is simply distinctive and adorable. After drinking a drop of it, one will surely submerge in another world. Hence, it certainly justifies this tremendous price.

Beverly Hills 9OH20 Luxy Collection Diamond

Price: $1,43,000 per bottle
Beverly Hills 9OH20 Luxy Collection Diamond
Now, it is time to outline the most expensive water bottle in the world. This one is just unbelievable. And this is Beverly Hills 90H2O Luxy water bottle. The price tag of this water is outrageous and exorbitant. It claims $1,43,000 per bottle. Can you accept it?
The prime reason for proposing an excessive price tag is that it is a diamond edition water of the luxury collection of the company. Each bottle of this water is featured with 14-carat gold, 250 black diamonds, and 600 G/VS white diamond.
Moreover, the water bottles are limited. There are only 9 bottles of this diamond edition on the globe. Thus, it is rare, and its scarcity has made it the most desirable and venerable water bottle in the world.
In addition, Beverly Hills is always considerate about luxury and style. Accordingly, its 90H2O water bottle is designed with outstanding artwork. It is sketched by Mario Padilla, a prominent Jeweler of Beverly Hills. Finally, it comes with a pretty and impressive outlook.
In terms of production, this water is sourced from the springs of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. To uphold its unique flavor, it is instilled with potassium, calcium, minerals along with some other necessary ingredients.
After all, Beverly Hills 90H2O Luxy collection Diamond water bottle alone could elucidate its price. Considering the production process, taste, and some other objects, it affirms its supremacy. And drinking this water is just a dream for some people.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are water bottles so expensive?

In spite of being a substantial element on the earth, a water bottle costs a lot. Whereas this life-giving product should be cost-free for everyone, this is so expensive. But why does it happen? There are so many reasons which matter in this concern.
Most water comes from natural sources. They are cultivated from either springs or icebergs. So, this doesn’t matter very much. Instead, it is mainly because of the production strategies. The drinking water emerges with so many systematic organizations. They are refined and purified through different machines. In this case, it needs huge mechanical instruments and modern technology.
Besides, after purification and packaging, water bottles are transported to different places to be easily accessible for people. It also requires so much labor and takes a lengthy duration.
Briefly, in manufacturing bottled water, a company has to pay a huge amount of money. It has to advertise for sale and for this reason it spends a lot of money. So, water bottles are so expensive regarding their production, manufacturing, materials, transportation, advertisement, and some other necessary expenses.

Are expensive water bottles worth it?

As I said above, some water bottles are expensive because of their widespread manufacturing techniques. These are bottled after a laborious process of purification and formulation. These processes are modern, and high-end advanced technologies are used to maintain the production.
In short, on account of the production policies, these water bottles are pure, tasteful, healthy, and nutritious. So, the expensive water bottles are worth it.

Why is Acqua di Cristallo so expensive?

Acqua di Cristallo water bottle is one of the most precise and expensive water bottles in the world. It has been illustrated taking the second position in my list. Here, it is described enough. To tell in a few words, Acqua di Cristallo water bottle is so expensive due to its valuable materials like gold used in the bottle, luxurious packing system, polished design, production and purification methods, pleasurable taste, etc.

What is the most expensive water bottle brand?

It is difficult to mention a particular brand. There are so many brands that rank the supreme positions. Amongst them, Voss has somehow ranked top as the most expensive and high-ended water bottle brand around the globe in 2021. Voss water is extracted from an artesian spring in Norway. It is filtered through numerous systems to be clean, pure, and immaculate.
The Voss is an eminent environment-friendly water brand. Providing 100% neutrality, Voss favors green climates and is congenial to nature. However, Voss is a leading brand of water bottles.
Final Thoughts :
So, here you have an idea about the most expensive water bottles in the world. These marvelous water bottles are very wonderful regarding their sources, tastes, and prices. They come with a lot of natural and artificial purification processes. So, they are refined, clean, sacred, and healthful. According to their transportation, marketing, and reservation, they authorize a superfluous price tag. Over and above, these expensive water bottles remain a matter of wonder, and they are adorable.
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