11 Most Expensive Vans of All-Time (With Pictures)

With a lot of outstanding pieces of street-style classics, Vans is acknowledged as one of the most unique and excellent brands on the planet. Since its appearance in the market, Vans has been releasing ready-to-wear shoes, clothes, and fashion accessories at an affordable price ensuring the pleasing design, brilliant layouts, and standard quality.
Vans x Supreme Authentic Pro Red Checker Logo
Based in Costa Mesa, California, Vans is an American brand established in 1966 by Paul Van Doren. Over the years, its popularity is expanding worldwide and it is mostly famous for superior shoes purchasable at a regular price.

However, some Vans shoes are much more expensive and superfluous than others. Specifically, Vans has produced some editions of shoes with the collaboration of some other fashion and innovative industries to bring a new era in the shoes and attract customers. And truly, these collaborative works have been widely celebrated and people loved them very much.

Hence, I’m here going to leash some of the most expensive and luxurious Vans Shoes on the earth. Most of them are collaborative works and innovation. Therefore, let’s go through the article attentively.


11 Most Expensive Vans of All-Time

11. Vans x KAWS x The Simpsons Chukka Boot – $700
10. Supreme x Vans x Comme des Garcons Sk8-Hi Reissue sneakers – $800
9. The Supreme x Authentic Pro ‘Checkered Blue – $825
8. SK8-HI REISSUE Damien Hirst – Polka Dots – $830
7. Vans Old Skool Mindseeker Lightning – $955
6. Vans Old Skool Mindseeker Fire – $1,030
5. ERA 95 DX Fear Of God – $1,070
4. Vans x Supreme x Public Enemy Sk8-Hi – Black – $1,280
3. Vans Robert Williams Canvas Era ‘Instant Sanctity’ – $1,340
2. Vans x Supreme Authentic Pro Red Checker Logo – $2,140
1. Vans ERA 95 REISSUE Fear of Gods – $2,575

Vans x KAWS x The Simpsons Chukka Boot

Price: $700
Vans x KAWS x The Simpsons Chukka Boot 
The first expensive one on my list is the Vans x KAWS x The Simpsons Chukka Boot. With a collaboration of KAWS, Vans released this pair of shoes in 2007. Since then, it has become one of the most sought-after shoes in the ages.
The shoes look impressive with a fantastic texture. Some popular cartoon characters are outlined with KAWS’ distinctive classroom-style drawings on lined paper on the display of the shoes. Besides, they are smooth and provide fair easiness.
The price of this pair is also noteworthy. It is accessible at $700.

Supreme x Vans x Comme des Garcons Sk8-Hi Reissue sneakers

Price: $800
Supreme x Vans x Comme des Garcons Sk8-Hi Reissue sneakers 
Again, This pair of shoes is a collaborative innovation of Vans, Supreme, and Comme des Garcons. It is an edition of the SK8- Hi that was produced in honor of New York City skateboarding legend Harold Hunter.
These premium sneakers offer an authentic quality with a guarantee. Each product of this edition is rigorously evaluated by competent authorities ensuring a comfortable worn-out effect in favor of customers.
In particular, these Reissue sneakers feature some amazing characteristics including a flat rubber sole, a round toe, a lace-up front fastening, an ankle length, a Jazz stripe, a multi-print design, a logo patch at the tongue, and a quilted effect.
In terms of price, it is another expensive pair of sneakers holding the price tag of $800.

The Supreme x Authentic Pro ‘Checkered Blue

Price: $825
The Supreme x Authentic Pro 'Checkered Blue 
Teamed up with Supreme, Vans produced these sneakers in honor of the brand’s 50th-anniversary in 2016. And they were Designed by Paul Van Doren.
The design features a combination of the navy blue and white checkerboard pattern throughout. As a result of this wonderful sketch, the pair look simply excellent and gorgeous.
The upper sole is made of canvas and the lower top is also designed from Supreme branding materials. All the upper come with a navy blue lining and white metallic eyelets. Besides, a chunky white midsole is added and Vans branding is inlaid at the heel.
However, these sneakers are sold at $825 for the combination of beautiful outlines and top-notch quality.

SK8-HI REISSUE Damien Hirst – Polka Dots

Price: $830
SK8-HI REISSUE Damien Hirst - Polka Dots
One of the most iconic artworks is the SK8-HI REISSUE sneakers. These are adorned with a collaboration of Vans and Damien Hirst. Because of the vividness and a huge demand, these sneakers are also at the center of customer’s choice.
SK8-HI REISSUE Damien Hirst features a polka dot pattern throughout the exposure that is multicolored and multi-sized, as well. Besides, an all-white canvas and suede are embellished to showcase the famous pattern of the British contemporary artists found on the many spot paintings. That means the pair is an ideal one for them who is a pop of colors.
Henceforth, there are also some other essential features such as an ankle length, a lace-up front fastening, a round toe, and a flat rubber sole. Moreover, the logo of Vans is patched at the tongue of the shoes.
Well, the price of the SK8-HI REISSUE Damien Hirst – Polka Dots is almost the same as the previous one. They are available at $830.

Vans Old Skool Mindseeker Lightning

Price: $955
Vans Old Skool Mindseeker Lightning 
Vans Old Skool Sneaker is another pair of shoes that is highly expensive and truly a name of exclusive art. Released in 2018, it has become one of the most popular and hard-to-find sneakers among buyers.
With a mixture of multicolored leather, suede, polyester, and canvas, the Old Skool sneakers are quite aesthetic. They are embellished with a tonal checkerboard lace-up front fastening, a round toe, a stripe detail to the side, and a contrasting heel counter.
Vans Old Skool also includes a flat rubberized sole and a lightning print to the sides. The print is of the storm with the slogan “Protect Your Brain” that is written at the lower level of the shoes. Moreover, the model ‘Mindseeker’ is embossed on the backside.
In respect of awesome artworks, the price of Vans Old Skool Mindseekers is outrageous. This pair is purchasable at $955.

Vans Old Skool Mindseeker Fire

Price: $1,030
Vans Old Skool Mindseeker Fire 
Another figure of Mindseeker edition, these sneakers have been in the market since the successful launch of the previous one. Like the Mindseeker Lightning, Mindseeker Fire is also very excellent and remarkable with extraordinary characteristics.
These sneakers bring a print of fire on both sides under the Old Skool’s iconic jazz stripe. And following the Lightning edition, the logo of Mindseeker is enframed at the tongues and heels. Again, the slogan ‘Protect Your Brain’ is also adorned at the outer midsole.
However, these sneakers are truly expensive and you have to pay an unusual amount to bring them. The price tag is $1,030.

ERA 95 DX Fear Of God

Price: $1,070
ERA 95 DX Fear Of God 
The next costly pair of shoes is the ERA 95 DX Fear Of God. Designed by Jerry Lorenzo, Vans released this collaborative sneaker in November 2017.
Prominently, the sneakers come in shiny red corduroy fabric at the forefront and the heels, with a combination of black-and-white branding on the body of the shoes. Under the body, it features a sticky gum-rubber sole of the original. On one side of the texture, the logo of Vans is composed of black color.
Along with the red edition, the sneakers are also available in white, and marshmallow canvas. After all, these iconic sneakers are duly a fantastic combination.
Regarding the details of the shoes, the price is also extravagant. They are accessible at $1,070.

Vans x Supreme x Public Enemy Sk8-Hi – Black

Price: $1,280
Vans x Supreme x Public Enemy Sk8-Hi – Black 
This one is another iteration of Vans’ collaboration with Supreme and Public Enemy of the Sk8-Hi edition after their successful black-yellow design in 2006. Now, it is an all-black colored design.
With a black canvas upper and suede, the shoes have Public Enemy’s crosshair logo on the side panel that is intersected by a black leather jazz stripe. Moreover, the white vulcanized midsole is inscribed with the title of the group’s studio album ‘It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.’
In addition to the logo and side stripe detailing, there is the logo patch of Supreme printed on the tongue. Besides, the sneakers also include a round toe, branded insole, flat rubber sole, front lace-up fastening, ankle-length, etc.
In concern of excellence and integrity, the price tag of these sneakers is highly obsessive. They are sold for more than $1,280.

Vans Robert Williams Canvas Era ‘Instant Sanctity’

Price: $1,340
Vans Robert Williams Canvas Era ‘Instant Sanctity' 
Outstanding artwork of Robert Williams, the world-famous artist, and designer, these canvas sneakers are extremely rare and limited. Because of charm and elegance, they are one of the most sought-after and celebrated sneakers in history.
Only 13 pairs of these sneakers were hand-made, speaking more specifically, hand-painted by Robert. It was also hand-numbered at the sole. With a medley of light blue and yellow, Robert drew an impressive art sketch on the texture of the sneakers. As a result, it looks simply impressive, splendid, and aesthetic.
Featuring the rubber and waffle sole, the sneakers carry out the logo patch to the sides. The signature of Robert is also adorned on one side. The logo of ‘Instant Sanctity’ is encrusted on the inside. Plus, having a round toe, they also feature the front lace-up fastening.
However, considering a wonderful combination of creative artwork, these sneakers demand a huge amount of money. If you wish to have them, pay more than $1,340.

Vans x Supreme Authentic Pro Red Checker Logo

Price: $2,140
Vans x Supreme Authentic Pro Red Checker Logo 
The second most expensive pair of shoes on my list is the Vans x Supreme Authentic Pro Red Checker. It is another edition of Authentic Pro in the Red checkerboard that is produced by Vans teaming up with Supreme following their grand collaboration to produce a new and innovative masterpiece. One edition of this collaboration was blue checkered and it was placed in the 9th position in my list.
However, although the blue checkered and red checkered look the same, this edition is much more adorable and sublime in terms of quality and beauty. More high-end materials are used in the production of these sneakers.
As usual, with the checkerboard print throughout the body, the logo of Supreme is printed all over. In addition, with a rubber and waffle sole, the sneakers also include a round toe and front lace-up fastening.
When it comes to mentioning the price, this pair is just superfluous and skyscraping. The price goes for nearly $1,340.

Vans ERA 95 REISSUE Fear of Gods

Price: $2,575
Vans ERA 95 REISSUE Fear of Gods 
In the long run, it is time to allude to the most expensive pair of Vans shoes for which we are waiting so far. And this one is the Era 95 Reissue Fear of Gods, one of the most prominent sneakers of the brand history of Vans.
In the celebration of Vans’ 50th anniversary, the brand brought out this classic pair of shoes in partnership with Fear of Gods. And this teamwork is now the most durable and expensive collaboration of Vans.
Designed by Jerry Lorenzo, the sneakers are embellished with an off-White upper that is covered with black Fear of Gods logos throughout. With limited editions, they are very rare to find in the market.
In terms of price tag, it is simply the luxurious one of Vans. This pair claims around $2,575 for its versatile design and wonderful artwork.
Final Statement:
Well, these shoes are some of the most expensive Vans Shoes found in the market. Familiar with an uncompromising and iconic street-style brand in the world, Vans is committed to provide top-notch ready-to-wear classics and satisfy customer’s demands. In consequence, the brand has brought out several editions of magnificent shoes in favor of them. Hopefully, you enjoyed the great one.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What makes Vans so special?

The most praiseworthy feature of Vans is that it is a reliable and uncompromising brand. All the shoes produced by Vans are extremely durable and lovely. Every part of the components used in the making is integral and versatile. The shoes are composed of widely liked designs. They are fashionable, wearable, and comfortable too. So, the outstanding quality, viability, and uniqueness have made Vans so special and prominent.

Q2: Why are vans shoes so expensive?

As I said earlier, Vans is sincere and firm in its service. Therefore, the shoes of  Vans are made from high-end materials and fashionable artworks to capture the attention of customers. One of the most-used elements of the Vans Shoes is the vulcanized rubber construction that confirms the integrity. Besides, the shoes have to go through several processes to be made perfectly. As a result, they demand a high price tag when they are accomplished and brought out in the market.

Q3: Is vans a luxury brand?

Of course, Vans is a luxurious brand and one of the most luxurious ones in the world. Vans maintains its every term with solid and tough hands. Having an extraordinary sense of luxury, fashion, style, and aristocracy, it is very conscious of fulfilling its target to attract customers for a long time, overwhelming them with classical accessories. In this case, it has also succeeded to retain the marketplace since its birth. Therefore, it can be defined that Vans is a luxury brand with a resolute movement.

Q4: Which vans shoes are the best?


From the beginning of the brand, Vans has been marketing different kinds of shoes that are truly awesome and great. Amongst them, Vans Sk8-Hi Black and White might be recognized as the best and greatest work of Vans. Vans Sk8-Hi is a popular edition of the brand and this specific one comes with a combination of black and white color. Made from viable materials, the shoes include a textile and suede black upper and a rubber midsole. Over time, these easy-to-fit shoes are still in customers’ demand for excellent features.

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