Top 12 Most Expensive Tractors (With Pictures)

Whether you are a farmer or not, and wherever you belong, you are very well-known of how necessary a tractor can be. This equipment is widely familiar as it is a fundamental piece of technology used in the agricultural and construction industries.
A tractor is an inevitable machine for pulling or pushing agricultural machinery, hauling materials, as well as for plowing, logging, harrowing, tilling, disking, and planting. Overall, it has versatile uses but is mostly used in the agricultural sector and farming.
The New Holland T9 700
As a result of different fields of functions, the tractors come in different sizes and shapes such as crawlers, bulldozers, and regular farms. As they are widely used and their demand is increasing, their price is also getting expensive. Some manufacturing industries are renowned for producing and designing expensive tractors around the world.

So, in this article, I am going to let you figure out some of the most expensive tractors in the world. Therefore, move on to the context and be astonished at knowing their ins and outs.

12 Most Expensive Tractors In The World:

12. Minneapolis Moline UDLX – $200,000
11. Massey Ferguson 8737 Dyna VT – $280,000
10. Challenger 1042 – $360,000 – $420,000
9. Case IH Steiger Quadtrac 600 – $440,000
8. 1050 Fendt Vario – $450,000
7. John Deere 9560RT – $454,000
6. 2021 VERSATILE 610DT – $540,000
5. The New Holland T9 700 – $547,900
4. The John Deere 9620RX – $548,000
3. The Case Quadtrac Triangular Caterpillar – $600,000
2. The Case IH Quadtrac 620 – $616,000
1. The 16-V 747 Big Bud – $1.3 million

Minneapolis Moline UDLX

Price: $200,000
Minneapolis Moline UDLX 
Probably, the oldest and rarest tractor on my list, Minneapolis Moline UDLX was built in 1938. Then, it was called a comfortractor because of the combination of a streamlined cab and a set of fenders on a tractor chassis. That means, it is a hybrid vehicle that combines a regular car with the utility of a tractor.
At that time, the UDLX tractor was renowned for its innovative approach, and for this reason, it was superfluous. After years, it has maintained the same value on account of exceptionality. In 2016, this one was sold for $200,000 at Mecum Auctions in Michigan, holding the rank of the top seller in the auction.
In respect of characteristics, the UDLX tractor delivers fast speed. It can go more than 40 HP with overdrive fifth gear and a 4 cylinder gasoline engine. Some other noteworthy features of the tractor are Disc wheels, a three-paneled windshield, tip-out windshields, chrome bumper, five-speed transmission, headlamps, and driving lamps, etc.

Massey Ferguson 8737 Dyna VT

Price: $280,000
Massey Ferguson 8737 Dyna VT 
The next most expensive tractor in the world is the Massey Ferguson 8737 Dyna VT series. Every year, a model is brought out in the market with new and innovative features. Its 2021 model has broken away traditional red color and came in black with an excellent look.
However, Massey Ferguson 8737 is capable of reaching a maximum 400HP with a six-cylinder 8.4L engine under the bonnet. This outstanding power of speed is, of course, the extra quality of this tractor. Besides, it has 25mph CVT trans, 480/80R50 rear duals, 420/85R34 fronts, 4 remotes, 54 GPM hyde, and 3pt with TopLink.
Moreover, some other components should be mentioned here. It includes a datatronic 5 performance monitor, power beyond couplers, Cat 4 drawbar, autosteer ready, super lux air ride seat, engine block heater, pivoting front fenders, and so on.
Because of such magnificent aspects, the price of the Massey Ferguson 8737 Dyna VT is also extravagant. You have to pay more than $280,000 if you want to bring this powerful machine.

Challenger 1046

Price: $360,000 – $420,000
Challenger 1046 
It is one of the strongest models of the Challenger 1000 series, a brand of the world-famous AGCO Corporation. Among the various models of the series, Challenger 1046 is one of the prominent tractors. It provides 476 HP whereas the HP range of this series moves between 400 to 520.
The engine displacement of Challenger 1046 is 12.4 L with six cylinders. The Diesel capacity of the tractor is nearly 800 liter. Besides, it has the stepless Accu-VT Transmission that is continuously variable along with infinite forward and reverses. Its front and rear dimensions are 650/65R38 and 750/75R46 respectively.
Additionally, the tractor involves some brilliant landmarks which are six Hydraulic control valves, 1000 rear PTO, Electro Hydro linkage control with shock load stabilizing and standard load compensation, free-floating, sensor system, etc.
Regarding every detail, it demands a significant amount of money. The price moves between $360,000 and $420,000.

Case IH Steiger Quadtrac 600

Price: $440,000
Case IH Steiger Quadtrac 600 
Another luxurious tractor of the world is the Case IH Steiger Quadtrac 600 comes from the Steiger Quadtrac series, a production of the CNH Industrial. Having a Tier 4A Iveco 12.9L 6-cyl diesel engine that weighs 22 tonnes, it features a two-stage turbo and newly-developed cooling system. Besides, this powerful tractor offers 600 hp with a maximum of 670 hp.
In particular, Case IH Steiger Quadtrac 600 tractor is much more supportive with adjustable control panels that include backlit buttons, AccuGuide auto-steering, ISOBUS implement operation, etc. Again, it delivers a comfortable working experience with low noise, smooth ride, armrests, ventilated seat, and electronic climate control.
Moreover, it has a 16/2 Powershift PS4 Transmission. Besides these characteristics, some other mentionable features of the automobile are Diff Locks, High Capacity Drawbar, HID Lights 6 Front/4 Rear/4 Side, Pro 700 Monitor, Decelerator Pedal, Nav Controller and 372 Receiver, Dual Beacons, Front Bumper, Luxury Suspended Cab, Performance Monitor, electro-hydraulic wet discs, and more.
However, the price of the Case IH Steiger Quadtrac is excessive. It claims $440,000 in respect of its multiple accessibilities.

1050 Fendt Vario

Price: $450,000
1050 Fendt Vario 
One of the most splendid and powerful tractors, 1050 Fendt Vario is a flagship of a German brand. Appeared in 2015, it was elected as the tractor of the year in the same year on account of its prolific quality.
In terms of specs, the engine of this tractor is a potential one that features a six-cylinders 12.4-liter engine with 380 kW power. It delivers up to 517 hp along with a top speed of 60km/h.
Besides, the dimensions of the back and front tires include IF 710/75 R42 and IF 650/65 R34. Its chassis comes from a steerable and off-road front axle. Besides, the cabin is standard with air-conditioning and mechanical suspension.
Henceforward, it also carries out Detachable wheels, Air brakes, wet disc brakes, independent rear, drawbar power, etc.
As a result of the combination of marvelous landmarks, it is sold for around $450,000.

John Deere 9560RT

Price: $454,000
John Deere 9560RT 
Now, this one comes from John Deere, the world’s one of the most dominant manufacturers of agricultural machines. From numerous collections of the brand, it is a model of 9560RT.
In terms of qualities, it is technologically elevated and tremendous. With a 6-cylinder Cummins QSX15 13.5 L engine from the PowerTech PSX model, it holds 412 kW and can deliver up to 560 hp. Besides, having full powershift transmission and hydraulic wet disc brakes, it can go for a maximum of 18 forward and 6 backward. Plus, its maximum speed is 40 kph on the road.
It also features a hydrostatic power differential steering, as well as a CommandView II cab standard with air-conditioning. Again, it allows turbocharged diesel and a Cooling system.
Therefore, because of its magnificent features, the price of John Deere 9560RT is high. It goes for $454,000 regarding particular distinction.


Price: $540,000
A very recent one, this tractor is manufactured by Versatile holding 610 DeltraTrack models. It is one of the most distinguished tractors on the earth.
With a 6-cylinder, it has a QSX15 Cummins Fuel type Diesel Engine that is powerful, responsive, and very efficient while working. In terms of speed, it provides 605 HP along with a transmission of 16 forward and 4 reverse. And its road speed is up to 22mph. The transmission type is full power shift Caterpillar TA22.
Some other noticeable features of the tractor are Versatile HQ Cab, Leather Seats, Rear View Camera, VPAS Steer Ready, HD Front & Rear Diff Lock, ISOBUS Connector Harness, AM/FM/CD/WB XM RADIO, 6 electro Rear Remote Hydraulics, Cab Suspension, and Hydraulic Disc Brakes.
Concerning the characteristics of the machine, the price is very expensive. If you want to have it, you must pay a large sum of money and the amount is $540,000.

The New Holland T9 700

Price: $547,900
The New Holland T9 700 
Manufactured by the US agricultural engineering group CNH Industrial, the New Holland T9 series attracts the customers’ attention because of its high-end technology and modern specs. Every model of the series including T9 645, T9 670, and T9 700, ensures satisfactory efficiency with their fantastic features. But this one, T9 700 model is the most powerful and proficient among them due to drawbar fuel efficiency, drawbar horsepower, and maximum pull.
This tractor is powered by an FPT Cursor 13 engine with a two-stage turbo. It can release an indomitable 682 hp that confirms continuous transmission, strength, and power. For this reason, it was evaluated and certified by Nebraska Tractor Research Laboratory.
Again, it gives remarkable displacement alongside fluid performance. The tractor has also a CVT option with UltraCommand powershift transmission. Overall, you will get unlimited torque, power, stability, and comfort while operating this automobile. Moreover, it is also efficient in reducing your labor cost and energy.
However, the New Holland T9 700 is a luxurious tractor demanding a huge amount of money. It is sold for nearly $548,000 in respect of brilliant distinction.

The John Deere 9620RX

Price: $548,000
The John Deere 9620RX 
Another outstanding tractor of John Deere is an edition of the 9620RX model. Powered by a Cummins QSX15 6-cylinder in-line engine with a 1490 CC displacement, John Deere 9620RX is an excellent tractor to work with. It releases a maximum speed of 620 hp. Besides, it has e18™ PowerShift Transmission with 25 mph speed.
The Command View III cab offers impressive comfort and visibility to drivers to stimulate working. Moreover, it is controllable because of the 3point hitch along with a Command Center. The systems are much more compatible with the controller.
In addition, the tractor includes bull gear, double idler with floating pinion, Full-locking electrohydraulic with draft sensing, Hydraulic power-steering, 4100 Generation 4 Command Center with 7in. display, Active Command Steering (ACS), Comfort Command seat, AM/FM stereo with weather band, remote controls, auxiliary input jack, four speakers and external antenna, etc.
In short, John Deere 9620RX is a wonderful creation of agricultural technologies. It is advantageous, expedient, and efficacious in providing essential utility.
Hence, the price is also striking. It claims more than $548,000 for its versatility.

The Case Quadtrac Triangular Caterpillar

Price: $600,000
The Case Quadtrac Triangular Caterpillar 
This tractor is also a model of the Case Quadtrac series. And it is another mighty and sturdy tractor renowned for its fantastic characteristics. It is built with a six-cylindered fifteen-liter engine that can produce up to 600 hp.
The most attractive feature of the tractor is its four-track design instead of wheels. The tracks retain continual contact with the ground and soil compression, and give the operator a great ride, optimal pressure, outstanding flotation, and promising traction. Besides, it provides a vibration-free drive with a super tight turning radius.
Moreover, it has a time-tested and fuel-efficient PowerDrive powershift, as well as the intuitive and new CVTDrive which is easy to operate continuously with a variable transmission. Plus, the full-cab suspension and superior 360-degree visibility ensure a wide view to simplify during work.
Henceforth, this innovative device has every facility that is necessary for the field. Therefore, the price is outrageous. To purchase it, you need to spend a large amount of $600,000.

The Case IH Quadtrac 620

Price: $616,000
The Case IH Quadtrac 620 
After that, the second most expensive tractor on my list is the Case IH Quadtrac 620. This powerful and efficient tractor is powered by a six-cylindered 12.9 L Tier 4B/Final common-rail diesel engine with a two-stage turbocharger. It can generate a maximum of 682 horsepower with a rated 620 hp regular and has a top speed of 37 km/h, along with a speed of 16 Forward and 2 backward.
What is more prominent to mention is that the HI-SCR emissions and a live independent PTO system of the tractor. As a result of these features, it ascertains safety, fuel efficiency, as well as stable transmissions. Plus, the four-point cab suspension delivers stability from every direction while riding.
In particular, the seat is much more comfortable and friendly. It is expedient for long hours working at a stretch. And you won’t get languished anyway.
The tractor also features some other essential characteristics including PowerDrive Powershift Transmission, Hydraulic fan drive, Wet disc Brakes, 3-Point Hitch, Frame Articulated Steering, Automatic Productivity Management (APM), Skip Shifts, Shuttle Capability, etc.
By virtue of these qualities, the Case IH Quadtrac 620 demands an extravagant price tag. It is accessible at spending $616,000 fairly.

The 16-V 747 Big Bud

Price: $1.3 million
The 16-V 747 Big Bud 
Finally, the most expensive, luxurious, and invaluable tractor on the earth is the Big Bud. This one is sometimes considered the biggest giant among the tractors with 27 feet in length, 20 feet in width, and 14 feet in height.
The Big Bud was brought out in the market in 1977 by Northern Manufacturing, an American industry. Over the years, it has been upgraded several times with advanced technology. For this reason, it has become more powerful and efficient.
With a 16-cylinder turbo diesel V-engine designed by the American engine manufacturer Detroit Diesel type 16V92T, the Big Bud can produce around 900 to 1100 horsepower. Think about the power and efficiency of this giant. No other tractor in the world is capable of producing such power so far as this one. With this excessive speed, it can work above one acre per minute. In addition, its Forward speed is 6 and Reverse speed is 1.
The Big Bud also features Air conditioner, heater, Load-sensing system, windshield wipers, 8-track stereo system, swivel bucket seat plus buddy seat, CLARK D-85840 Axles, AM/FM radio, 24 volts Starter, and so on.
At the time of appearance, it was sold for $300,000. Then, it has found so many owners from time to time. Eventually, it returned to its farm in 2020 where it once belonged. But nowadays, the price of the Big Bud is just skyscraping and ridiculous. The price is nearly $1.3 million.
Final Statement:
In a nutshell, as a very essential equipment of the agricultural field, tractors have a worldwide demand. So, tractors are being widely sold and thus sought-after as a result of their necessity. Besides, with the consistency of the advanced world, they are manufactured with high-quality technology. That is why the price of tractors is increasing gradually and they are becoming luxurious and expensive. Amongst the most expensive tractors on the globe, 12 of them are illustrated here in favor of you and all the customers to whom it may concern. Hopefully, you are delighted and satisfied by knowing these wonders among the typical tractors.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Why are tractors so expensive?

A tractor is an essential machine in the agricultural industry. So, it can be regarded as an investment behind your work which will return greater efficiency or productivity. Therefore, it is sold at a high price that sometimes seems very expensive.
Hence, tractors are very expensive on account of their high-end technology and manufacturing complexity. They are encrusted with modern technology to provide proficient experience and to handle the heavy workload. They are greatly versatile to accomplish their work with satisfactory execution.
Moreover, they take a huge amount of cost during manufacturing. The raw materials, technological expenses, production costs, labor costs, are concerned in this case. Their engines should be designed with powerful, sturdy, and endurable instruments of technology. Hence, due to these reasons, the price of the tractors is very expensive.

Q2: Why are John Deere tractors so expensive?

John Deere is a well-established, celebrated, and renowned name in the agricultural industry. As a result of their fame and reputation around the world, their tractors along with other appliances are also expensive.
The first and foremost reason behind this is the use of high-end parts in manufacturing the body of the tractors. Every part including the engine, wheels, tires, axles, seat, etc, comes from high-quality technology. Their tractors are Eco-friendly, durable, efficient, and competent. So, a tractor of John Deere is capable of delivering wonderful work experience according to your needs. Therefore, the quality of John Deere tractors is the supreme reason for being expensive.

Q3: What is the rarest tractor?

Probably, the rarest tractor on the earth is the Minneapolis Moline UDLX which was manufactured in 1938. Because of the rarity of the tractor, it is called the Holy Grail of the tractors.
Minneapolis Moline UDLX is powered by a four-cylinder gasoline engine that can generate 42 horsepower. The striking features of the rarest tractor are a shift-on-the-fly five-speed transmission, tip-out windshields, windshield wipers, high and low-beam headlights, taillights, heater, speedometer, and even a cigar lighter.
In 2016, it was sold for $200,000 at an auction for its rare quality and scarcity.

Q4: Which is the most powerful tractor in the world?


Indisputably, the world’s most powerful tractor is the Big Bud 16V 747. This wonder of the tractors can produce a maximum of 1100 horsepower with a 16-cylinder turbo diesel V-engine that any other tractor in the world is unable to create such horsepower. The Big Bud is the only one that has reached the grand milestone of 1000 hp among the tractors. Besides, it is also well-known as the biggest tractor with magnificent measurements.

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