5 Most Expensive Toothbrushes In The World (With Pictures)

If luxury is in everything of your life, so why not in your daily toothbrush? How about brushing your teeth with the world’s priciest toothbrushes from the top brands with flawless standards. The world-class toothbrush brands took dental hygiene to new heights which are very astounding.

Well, this article will blow your mind because after reading this you will discover that your luxurious toothbrush can cost beyond your imagination. Because billionaires don’t compromise with anything let alone their oral health.

now let’s raise your desire one step ahead to have the best of the best. Get ready to be introduced with the world’s top 5 most expensive and luxurious toothbrushes in the world.


Oral-B Genius X 20000 

Value: 250 USD

Oral-B Genius X 20000

This American brand brought a new dimension in electric toothbrushes and introduced this latest version in the market to give you the ultimate comfort with luxury. No doubt that we are talking about the number one dentists recommended brand. 

Here you will get four colours to make your choice. This beautifully advanced toothbrush is powered by motion sensors and artificial intelligence to guide you in the best way. The new Gum Guard technology, 360 SmartRing and Pressure  Control all are provided well for your superior cleaning and healthier gums to maintain your balanced brushing routine.

It provides you with the 6 brushing modes – (Daily Clean, Pro-Clean, Sensitive, Whitening, Gum Care, Tongue Cleaning) . The  3D brushing action is done by 40,000 pulses per min. Last, but not least, after a  full charge you can easily go 14 days for its super quality lithium-ion battery.  

But still, the box contents, travel case, cleaning mode icons, Bluetooth and Al technology are below expectations while Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart gives you more. 

It seems a more feature-rich and expensive toothbrush than you really need. So if  you expect to own one of the smartest and top-performing brushes available in the 

the market today then this would be sure a good choice to pay the amount you saw above.


Oral-B iO Series 9 

Value: 299.99 USD

Oral-B iO Series 9

When you are looking for the expensive and also the most efficient electric toothbrush in the market, probably Oral-B’s new tooth sheriff – the iO – is what you really want. This offers you real-time feedback with daily, monthly and  yearly chasing. 

It’s really amazing to explore what this new-gen toothbrush can do to be your  reliable tooth-guard.  

It helps you to monitor your mouth over 3D tracking via the Oral-B app. Even it’s  quite playful for kids as they get 2 minute timer- with rewards upon perfect  completion. Here you find LED colour display for the first time in Oral-B’s line  models. Again the smart visible pressure sensor, 7 smart modes of brushing,  magnetic charger (charges in 3 hours) and A.I Brushing recognition gum guard and  refill reminder all these are good enough to pay $299.99 for this all-rounder  toothbrush.

Here you will have some better features such as better premium design, new  frictionless motor, enhanced AI and 3D tracking, micro-vibrations against  pulsations as compared to Oral-b Genius X. 

As Philips should have a competitor in the market ,Oral-B thus stepped up  developing the cheaper versions of sonicare toothbrushes .When the Oral-B iO  performs the brushing action through oscillating-rotating , DiamondClean Smart  uses sonic cleaning action .Again the iO provides better battery life and smart  technology as compared to the DiamondClean Smart . 

There are huge things which make Oral-B iO a really robust competitor for other  models and a superior, expensive one for you to buy .So you can certainly think to  pick this one from your drugstore.


Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9700 

Value: 329.99 USD

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9700

When choosing a luxurious toothbrush really becomes a headache, Philips always  offers you the best. Philips released the DiamondClean Smart which is very close to your all desires for perfection with luxury indeed. You are really getting a  superb electric toothbrush if you ignore the high price tag. You can say, ‘‘the best  toothbrush to buy if money doesn’t matter.’’ It’s the ultimate electric toothbrush  with all the best features even with bit more you could ask for. 

The DiamondClean Smart 9700 in Lunar Blue looks like a Ferrari or Lamborghini.  Two colours are available to make your choice. Philips presents sonic technology  activating powerful sonic vibrations which is very unique to this brand. 

This premium brush comes with 2 sets of 8 replacement brush heads and provides  you a revitalizing deep cleaning , tongue care for effective removal of stains and  obvious discoloration on the surface of your teeth .Moreover the pressure , location  , and scrubbing sensors , multiple intensity levels for cleaning mode , long battery  life , timer features , unique glass charger sonicare app all are just incredible  enough to remove your plaque and protect you gum with maximum care , giving  your teeth a shinier and whiter look .  

It doesn’t provide you separate brush head refill storage and the price is too high  compared to other premium electric toothbrush competitors .Again Oral-B line of  premium power toothbrushes offers you artificial intelligence while brushing and  

the features are quite comparable with DiamondClean Smart . Actually it depends  upon your specific needs and preference while selecting a brand you are seeking  for .The question is that if you are really ready to spend that much money for a  toothbrush to meet your demands.


Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9750 

Value: 339.99 USD

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9750

$339.99 is really a big amount to pay for a toothbrush while you may get an entire  pack even spending less dollars. For this the toothbrush has to perform something  out of ordinary.  

The previous one was the cheaper version of this. But this represents you the best  form of all the sonicare models. It takes your toothbrushing into the 21st century as  a part of your deluxe life. 

This is the best ever toothbrush from Philips for your complete oral care to gain  100% confidence. It features sonic technology, pulsing at 40,000 vibrations per  minute, 5 brushing modes and 4 different smart brush head mode pairing  technology.

This elegant toothbrush delivers up to 10x more plaque removal, 100%  more stain removal in just 3 days and improves your gum health up to 7x in just 2  weeks in more advanced manner reaching beyond traditional cleaning in every  possible ways .The visual pressure sensor, scrubbing sensor, customizable 3  intensity settings and the app’s TouchUp features all are well enough for the amount you are going to pay behind this crazy toothbrush. 

Though there is no much difference between Philips Sonicare DiamondClean  Smart 9700 and 9750 besides the Exclusive Brush Head Holder Accessory which  9750 gives you. 

So you must pay for this extravagant toothbrush if sophistication is your dream.


Reinast Titanium Luxury Toothbrush 

Value: 4200 USD

Reinast Titanium Luxury Toothbrush

Is your head spinning already? Well, read the price tag again because it really  exists and not even an electric toothbrush too! The German brand Reinast raised  the dimension of luxury into a new height that the world stood staggered. This  brand is still on the track to change your daily objects into the most lavish form  with the touch of ultra-modern technology and precious metals. But this is  ridiculously unbelievable that a toothbrush can cost $4200. This was introduced in  2012 and still ruling as the number one most priciest toothbrush in our planet. 

So who are those buyers to remunerate this large amount of dollars? Well, the  answer is given by Reinast itself,‘‘The type of client we have in mind and are  currently selling to are those with an incredibly high net-worth ,’’ Chief  Technology Officer Dr. Djorde Djokovic told Gizmodo . ‘‘People who have their  own yachts, people who have their own private jets-it’s for people who can spend  this amount of money on a product they deem beautiful and one that doesn’t exist  on the market elsewhere.’’ 

This 74g toothbrush is really not an ordinary brush and took 4 years to develop.  This is available in Titaneum, Champagne, Rose or Matt-Black forms being the  boss of all toothbrushes you find in the market. 

This premium package includes a full-body top-grade titanium holder, one anti-slip pad, hygienic, trademarked, antibacterial coating for medical advantages, six brush heads with soft or medium bristles , guaranteed biocompatibility with  unparalleled durability , one bumper for an accustomed brushing sensation and fresh service for three years.  

The unique, never – existing ergonomic design, fine accessories and beauty of this masterpiece really deserve its hefty price tag. The marvellous combination of technology and elegance and exceptional functionality make this toothbrush highly appealed to pay $4200.


Actually the options are pretty much endless to make any verdict for a perfect, desired toothbrush. But now you have all the world-class, swanky choices in front of you to pick the right one according to your preference and need. Do your own research and then go to the market to experience the best. Hopefully, after reading this article a pristine, opulent, best-performing toothbrush will be in your hand as you are craving for and your dollars won’t be wasted.



What toothbrush to buy? 

As a rule of thumb, the fundamental dental health care routine includes brushing,  flossing and regular dental checkups. The most common question among people is what toothbrush to buy as it seems so confusing. Your online assessment and website browsing may show you numerous recommendations which are so baffling.  

So choose a perfect toothbrush that could ensure you with beautiful, strong and healthy oral care for your complete smile makeover. There! You are in the right place cause this article will show you the best options according to your desires. 

Is it worth buying an electronic toothbrush? 

When you upgraded almost everything around you, a toothbrush is not also beyond your concern. Recent findings from the Journal of Clinical Periodontology shows that electric toothbrushes resulted in 22% less gum recession and 18% less tooth decay over the 11-year period. Even the Oral Health Foundation says that less the one in two (49%) British adults currently use an electric toothbrush.  

When you decide to maintain a holistically healthy lifestyle, you must have to purchase an A1 standard rechargeable electric toothbrush to fix your dental hygiene. It cleans your teeth using sonic or ultrasonic vibrations through the clockwise  and counterclockwise rotation. Thus it reaches all the corners in your teeth that no germs and dirt left behind to feel fastidious.

Electric toothbrushes reach all nooks and crannies providing the brushing motion and pressure even with a broad range of customizable settings including Bluetooth connectivity and mobile app. The top brands available in the market have already provided you with the best-advanced models with all the bells and whistles to give you comfort and fun while brushing. 

Electric toothbrushes are the best solution for the very old members with arthritis or unsteady hands and younger members of your family who have difficulty holding or gripping a manual toothbrush with no concern of mobility. Just hold it and move gently in your mouth and let the brush do its own job with perfection. It helps the kids and olds to maintain their hand-eye coordination so easy to build a  strong oral hygiene habit. 

So now it is enough to make you understand the necessity of keeping electric toothbrush at your home for your whole family for healthy, beautiful, durable,  stunning and pearly white teeth.

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