12 Most Expensive Supreme Items (With Pictures)

Launched in 1994 by James Jebbia, Supreme is now one of the youngest luxurious brands known for its presence in the fashion world with its exclusive products and hip-hop culture. Its iconic outputs can be characterized by the aura of exclusivity, secrecy, simplicity, value, prestige, and coolness.
With one store located on Lafayette Street in downtown Manhattan, Supreme started its journey as a skateboarding brand. But very soon, it has turned into making streetwear classics and become one of the most top fashion industries in the world as a result of its outstanding performance.
Supreme x Spalding Basketball
Besides its line of clothing, it also has non-clothing items in the past such as bags, bricks, bicycles, and other accessories. Moreover, Supreme has regular collaboration with some other renowned brands such as Louis Vuitton, The North Face, Nike, Levi’s, Vans, Timberland, etc. With their partnership, Supreme has released different types of accessories that gain worldwide reputation and popularity.
However, Supreme items are truly a name of expansiveness and luxury. Some of them are very costly and most-hyped. Some are impressively rare and unavailable to attain. So, a few of the most expensive items of Supreme are enlisted here to illustrate their magnificence. Hence, take a glance and go through the article.

12 Most Expensive Supreme Items:

12. Supreme x Damien Hirst Skate Decks – $8,500 – $12,000
11. Supreme x Fender Stratocaster – $ 15,000
10. Supreme x Everlast heavy bag – $17,000
9. Supreme Original Donald Trump T-shirt – $ 23,000
8. Supreme x Spalding Basketball – $ 25,000
7. Supreme x Artek 400 Tank chair – $30,000
6. Supreme x Louis Vuitton backpack – $35,000
5. Supreme x Stern Pinball Machine – $ 38,000
4. Supreme ‘Monogram’ Deck Set – $50,000
3. Supreme x Louis Vuitton Skate – $ 88,200
2. Supreme x Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear – $ 110,000
1. Supreme x Louis Vuitton Trunk – $ 125,000

Supreme x Damien Hirst Skate Decks

Price: $8,500 – $12,000
Supreme x Damien Hirst Skate Decks
The first one on my list is the Skate Decks that are a collaborative work of Supreme and Damien Hirst, a British host. Designed by Damien Hirst, Supreme released these Skate Decks in 2009. Since then, it has become one of the most astonishing works of art.
Comes in a pack of three or five pieces, the design of the set of three decks is glossed with a colorful splash that looks impressively unique. Besides, the set of five decks also has an excellent outlook with polka dots of different colors. On the backside of the decks, there is a screen printed in black and white along with the signature of Supreme.
Due to the wonderful artwork of Damien Hirst and Supreme, these skate decks are a choice of collectors rather than professionals. In respect of uniqueness, the price of the decks ranges between $8,500 and $12,000.

Supreme x Fender Stratocaster

Price: $ 15,000
Supreme x Fender Stratocaster 
Then, it is a guitar that comes for the next expensive item of Supreme. The guitar is also a product of collaboration between Supreme and Fender. And it was brought out in the market in 1994, soon after the birth of Supreme.
Although the Stratocaster has no extra superpowers for providing more outstanding sounds and rhythms, it is still popular for the simple design that includes Supreme’s classic BOX logo and a matching strap.
Plus, the production of the guitar is very limited and very few of them are now left in the world. Therefore, it is a collector’s hobby to grab it at any cost of money.
Hence, the price is also superfluous. It will set you $15,000 back.

Supreme x Everlast heavy bag

Price: $17,000
Supreme x Everlast heavy bag 
After that, Supreme and Everlast heavy bags are another outcome of partnerships. Produced in 2016, the bag is truly an ideal accessory for any fitness-oriented individual.
The bag consists of high-grade leather. Because of the resilient shock absorbency and triple-reinforced ring tabs, it holds both functionality and durability. Glossed in red color, Supreme branding is plastered horizontally in the middle of the bag. Moreover, a chain and swivel assembly are provided to carry it.
In the past, Supreme and Everlast had released more other accessories in collaboration but this bag is the most significant and expensive project of them. The price of the bag lies at $17,000.

Supreme Original Donald Trump T-shirt

Price: $23,000
Supreme Original Donald Trump T-shirt 
This product is an exceptional offspring of Supreme so far. With a partnership of a Russian conceptual artist Andrei Molodkin, Supreme released a number of Box-logo T-shirts in 2003. The rarest one among them was the red-colored one that covered a picture of President Donald Trump on the rear of the T-shirt.
At that time, Trump was an eccentric and half-crazy real estate man famous for his reality show The Apprentice. Molodkin designed this T-shirt whether out of jokes or being serious. Nevertheless, it has become so famous and distinguished among people over the decade when the election of 2016 was going to happen.
After years, the price of this T-shirt was increased lucratively. The retail price of it was raised to $23,000.
Price: $25,000
Supreme x Spalding Basketball 
One of the greatest illustrations of Supreme is the Basketball that is an outcome of the collaboration with Spalding. Aged nearly 25 years, this basketball was released in the market in 1996, after 2 years of Supreme’s foundation.
However, only 70 of these basketballs exist throughout the world. This extreme rarity has increased the value of this basketball and is one of the most sought-after things around the globe. Therefore, collectors are pleased to own one of them.
Comes in Supreme’s iconic red color, the basketball combines white stripes yellowed by time. The logo of Supreme is embossed at the front and center, and a tonal Spalding logo is inscribed at the rear. Besides, you can find slogans like
dressed in silver.
In terms of value and price, this basketball has found a high place on account of scarcity. Nowadays, it is seen that one of these basketballs is appraised at a ridiculous price tag. And the amount is $25,000.

Supreme x Artek 400 Tank chair

Price: $30,000
Supreme x Artek 400 Tank chair 
Now, this is a piece of furniture brought out by Supreme in friendship with Artek, a well-known brand that has been abbreviated from the beauty of ‘art’ and functionality of ‘technology’, and for which the brand is distinguished in the furniture world. Consequently, the 400 Tank chair is a part of the Artek and Supreme 2017 collaboration, and this product is their second collaborative work.
Based on Robert Indiana’s iconic Love artwork, the 400 Tank chair consists of a custom-made fabric. Besides, the chair also features sculptural and wide armrests that are formed from a bent plywood frame. Apart from these, there are cushioned backrests and seats which are upholstered in a piece of custom-made jacquard fabric, too. In addition, the whole body comes in red color.
Particularly, the design of this chair is a distinctive feature of Aalto’s Artek furniture design. As Artek is inflexible in focusing on essential quality and fashions, the chair is a wonderful innovation of the brand together with Supreme.
Therefore, the price of this stunning chair is simply superfluous and invaluable. It goes for more than $30,000.

Supreme x Louis Vuitton Christopher backpack

Price: $35,000
Supreme x Louis Vuitton Christopher backpack 
Supreme’s partnership with Louis Vuitton has been widely acclaimed and greatly appreciated by fashion lovers throughout the globe for the unique combination of styles of the brands. In consequence of the collaboration, Supreme and Louis Vuitton released the Christopher backpack in 2017 in the world market.
Regarding the characteristics of the bag, it is red-colored and structured dripping in style. The bag is made of solid Epi leather that was firstly introduced in Louis Vuitton’s first permanent leather collection in 1985, and it goes through a specific dying process for which it carries a vibrancy of the color. So, the durability and functionality of the leather are deductible easily.
Henceforth, carrying adjustable leather shoulder straps and a leather top handle with silver links, the Christopher backpack also has a flap opening, external flap pockets with belts and silver buckles, press stud, and drawstring closure, as well as multiple pockets inside.
Moreover, it conveys a crafted Louis Vuitton signature along with a striking white SUPREME logo in Futura Heavy Oblique font on the front surface.
Considering the wonderful combination of several materials, the price of the Christopher backpack is so outrageous. It is accessible at $35,000. Thus, it is also one of the most expensive backpacks in the world.

Supreme x Stern Pinball Machine

Price: $38,000
Supreme x Stern Pinball Machine 
Another product of collaboration, this Pinball machine was unveiled in the market in 2018. This time, the partner of Supreme was Stern, one of the prominent industries of expensive and custom-made machines.
The classical design of Supreme is quite conspicuous in the design of this machine also. Featuring the brand’s box logo design, traditional red and white colors are combined in components uniquely. The cabinet is wrapped up in white while a redback box is included with the logo backglass and playfield.
The texture of the machine is accomplished with a customary LED scoring screen flanked by stereo speakers. Besides, it also involves two flippers, slingshots, and a three-pop bumper array.
After all, the pinball machine is truly outstanding and it is a must-have item of Supreme collectors. Hence, the price is quite extravagant and ludicrous. The retail price was estimated at around $9,000 when it was brought out in the market for the first time. But, now its price goes for $38,000.

Supreme ‘Monogram’ Deck Set

Price: $50,000
Supreme 'Monogram' Deck Set 
Supreme has collaborated with Louis Vuitton since 2017, but it used the monogram of Louis Vuitton a long year ago. Using the famed monogram of Louis Vuitton, Supreme designed a set of three skate decks, box-logo t-shirts, beanies, stickers, and hats, and released them in 2000 in the market. Within a short time, they had become so popular among the fans of Supreme.
Needless to say, the incidents got Louis Vuitton furious. Instantly, this French house made Supreme pushed to formulate immediate removal and destruction of the remaining products using their monogram.
As a result, most of the products were destroyed by Supreme, including these decks.
Therefore, whoever had bought these in the meantime, they are still lucky. That is why the price of the remaining decks of Supreme using the monogram of Louis Vuitton is so high and expensive. Recently, a set of them has been seen in the online shops holding the price tag of $50,000.

Supreme x Louis Vuitton Skateboards

Price: $88,200
Supreme x Louis Vuitton Skateboards 
Again this product is an offspring of the collaboration Supreme and Louis Vuitton and the product is also skateboards. To be unworried, they are brought out with the consent of Louis Vuitton using its famous monogram, but in red color, after 17 years of conflict.
These skateboards come with decks and trucks in a trunk. They are printed with the serial number, fabricator name, familiar monogram, and also the location of manufacture. Consisting of coated fabric, they allow cowhide leather trim with man-made lining. Moreover, they also include wheels, tool kit, shoulder straps, and linen bag.
The rarity from the abrupt discontinuation is perhaps the main reason to increase the value of the boards. Dramatically, only 10 copies of this Supreme and Louis Vuitton collaborative work were produced. Hence, the price of them is just unbelievable and ridiculous. The price goes for nearly $90,000.

Supreme x Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear

Price: $110,000
Supreme x Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear 
And this one is also a product of Supreme and Louis Vuitton’s friendship. Teaming up, Supreme and LV introduced an extremely limited 1-of-1 teddy bear at the end of 2017.
The 71-centimeter bear is fashioned from premium denim. It is covered with a white Supreme x Louis Vuitton box logo T-shirt and a red bandana over the head. Besides, all the body carries out the logo of Supreme and the famous monogram of Louis Vuitton.
And the most interesting and praiseworthy matter of the bear is that it is the only one on the list that contains the word ‘Charity’. That means, the obtained price of the bear will be given to aid the ‘BBC Children in Need’, an organization that aspires to ensure every child leads a safe, happy and secure environment in which he grows.
Therefore, the official auction of the bear has ended up with a hefty price of around $110,000. Thus, it is the second most expensive item of Supreme that ranks in my list.

Supreme x Louis Vuitton Trunk

Price: $ 125,000
Supreme x Louis Vuitton Trunk 
The collaboration of Supreme and Louis Vuitton intends always to take a luxury place in the brand’s market of the world by tagging a superfluous amount of money on their products. Eventually, the final one and the most expensive item of Supreme is a Trunk, another joint payoff of Supreme and Louis Vuitton.
In terms of features, the trunk comes with an ostentatious print conveying the monogram of LV in white on the entire trunk in the red-colored background. The logo of Supreme is printed in the front and center of the trunk. Apart from these, it also includes silver-colored metal details and white interior lining.
However, at the time of release, the retailed price of this trunk was around $78,000. Over time, the price has been just increasing. And finally, it received an unbelievable price tag of $125,000 at Christie’s auction house in 2017.
If you are unwilling to approve this hefty and excessive price of this trunk, bear in mind that only three of these trunks are now recognized to exist in the world. As a result, it is not only the most expensive Supreme item but also one of the rarest items on the planet brought out by any brand. So, isn’t it very reasonable to claim such a huge amount of money?
Final Thoughts :
In the conclusion of the article, it can be mentioned that Supreme is one of the most luxurious street wear brands on the earth. The brand has released so many expensive and luxurious items so far.
But amongst them, the products of collaborative efforts have been more famous, well-known, and thus expensive all the while. Specifically, the partnership with Louis Vuitton is the most successful one that has created a new era in the history of the brand. However, this article, hopefully, will be very conducive to know several exclusive items of Supreme.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Why are supreme items so expensive?

Once, Supreme was just a brand of skateboards, but now it is an ideal brand in the fashion houses. Supreme itself, with collaboration as well, has released various kinds of items in the market. And the price of these items is so expensive and some of them are truly extravagant.
The fundamental reasons for being so expensive are the high quality, rare collections, limited editions, brand value, marketing, worldwide demands, etc. In particular, Supreme items are widely popular, and wealthy people love to shop from the brand.

Q2: Is Supreme a luxury brand?

Supreme, of course, is a luxury brand on the planet. Without certain types of items of the brand, almost all the accessories are quite expensive and pricey. For example, their box-logo t-shirts come with a simple design in one color. But the price of these t-shirts is so costly.
Besides, Supreme items are so rare and unique in their design to keep pace with the modern and fashion world. Thus, Supreme has become one of the luxurious brands in the world and its items have been keeping a classy status and fair prestige among the other brands.

Q3: Are Supreme products worth it?

Supreme is recognized as one of the most successful labels for different kinds of exclusive products. If you are a die-hard fan of Supreme, you will always be eager to buy its products at any cost. In comparison to several other brands, it can be stated that Supreme products are worth the money. Supreme products have an aesthetic appeal and demand greatly around the world.
The quality of the products is truly uncompromising, and thus the products are long-lasting and durable. Besides, with a unique presentation of a box-logo, Supreme products are simply impressive and attractive. Therefore, it is a comprehensible fact that Supreme products are truly worth it.

Q4: Why is Supreme clothing so popular?

Supreme is nowadays hugely popular for its streetwear classics and fashionable clothes. Specifically, the t-shirts, jackets, and hoodies of the brand are at the zenith of popularity. The most remarkable reason is the iconic logo of the brand, written in simple white, italic lettering over a plain red background.
The logo is used in the front of all t-shirts without any other design and colorful appearance. With this simple design, they become outstanding and eye-catching. And for a mysterious reason, people have been liking this design and buying them.
Besides, the limited edition of the clothing items is another circumstance in the case. Supreme releases just a few amounts of the clothing items and it is seen that, within a few days after release, the items are sold. Apart from these, high-end materials are used in the making of clothes.

Q5: What is the rarest supreme item?

The rarest Supreme item is the Harmony Korine “Kill Whitey” Deck, N/A. Designed by Harmony Korine, the deck was never released in the market for whatever reason.
It is said that the reason was perhaps the backlash that Supreme may have received after the production of the decks. However, some still hope that a set of the deck may exist somewhere, whether it is not sure. For this reason, this item can be considered as the rarest one of Supreme.
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