12 Most Expensive RVs In The World (With Pictures)

Traveling on the road by car feels like home! How does it sound? Really! An RV is a kind of motor vehicle that carries a usual home inside the car. It is a mobile vehicle on wheels by which one can travel on the road feeling that he is in his home.
Nowadays, RVs are one of the most amazing wonders of the modern world. These giant motorhomes give a different journey experience for travel lovers. While traveling, you will not feel that you are in a car. What’s not in it? From bedrooms, washrooms, kitchenette, and housework accessories to the recreational resources, everything is here to take the feel of home during a long journey.
EleMMent Palazzo Superior
Whatever, how wealthy you are, buying an RV is a tough and a biting matter. Although some RVs are available at a reasonable price, most of them are pricey. And the price is almost skyscraping. If you want to get a pleasing, adjustable, and expedient motorhome, you have to pay a huge amount of money.
Consequently, here in this article, some of the most expensive RVs of the world are described for you with particular details. Get through the article and be surprised at the unique matters of these wonderful innovations.

Most Expensive RVs At a glance :

12. Newmar King Aire 4553 – Around $1 Million
11. Vario Signature – $1.3 million
10. Volkner Mobil Performance Perfection – $1.4 million
9. The Foretravel IH-45 motor coach – $1.4 million
8. EarthRoamer XV-HD – $1.7 million
7. Anderson Mobile Estates – $1.8 million
6. Prevost H3-45 VIP – $2 Million
5. 2019 Newell Coach P50 – $2.2 million
4. Marathon Coach 1319 – $2.5 Million
3. Saint-Germain – $2.5 million
2. The Furrion ELYSIUM – $2.6 million
1. EleMMent Palazzo Superior – $5 Million

Newmar King Aire 4553

Price:- Around $1 Million
Newmar King Aire 4553
At the very beginning of the list, I’m starting with the Newmar King Aire 4553 RV. Newmar, an American RV manufacturer which has been producing for 50 years, produced this heavenly motorhome in 2020. This is an impressive RV that comes with some fantastic features.
Newmar King Aire RV is very prominent because of its modern technology and high-end luxury. This motorhome is embellished with a unique style and design. King Aire has a spacious living room with sufficient beds, an ample kitchen, and a dining area as well as enough bathrooms and storage space. The Kitchen room is employed with immaculate steel advantium, microwaves, Harward cabinetry, cooktops, and refrigerators, etc.
There is a dual side canvass with LED lights, a keyless outdoor, and a camera monitoring system at the entry door of the car. Besides, it also includes a Samsung UHD 4K LED television, a Bose Solo5 Sound Touch bar, a Sony Blu-Ray player, luxurious furniture, and so on for entertainment.
However, this kingly palace is an expensive one on account of its multiple characteristics. One must pay nearly $1 million for this elegant vehicle.

Vario Signature 1200

Price:- $1.3 million
Vario Signature 1200
Vario Signature is one of the most fascinating motorhomes on the market. It was manufactured by a German company VARIOmobil with first-class substances.
The technical equipment of the Vario Signature is very exclusive. Featuring the deluxe extras, the vehicle comes with a long-sized living room. Almost six beds can be placed inside this giant car. The length is almost 40 feet and it can hold up to 26 tonnes. There is a slide-out section that can be extended to get more space.
In the case of decoration, a color palette of cream and dark walnut wood is used to make the inside eye-catching. The furnishing is so praiseworthy and gorgeous. In addition, Vario Signature is affluent with some other landmarks such as leather-covered doors, multifunctional kitchen room, various washrooms, a dryer, and so on.
Furthermore, it is highly technological. There is a 360-degree camera to monitor the surroundings, a mineral stone sink, a touch-controlled induction stove, Bose Audio system, a colorful lighting system, etc.
In terms of cost, this traveling home offers an exorbitant price tag. Though it has a base price of $948k, now it goes for around $1.3 million.

Volkner Mobil Performance Perfection

Price:- $1.4 million
Volkner Mobil Performance Perfection
Manufactured by the German-based company, Volkner Mobil, this is another splendid creation among the RVs. It also appears with a massive volume of space that is almost 40 feet long. The hydraulic garage compartment inside the vehicle can fairly carry your private car also with you.
Even if space seems to be insufficient for you, you can expand it to an extra 20% by switching the slide-out section. Plus, the temperature of the inside is just wonderful. It is quite pleasurable and tranquil.
This luxurious motorhome is rewarded with some other top-notch features. Along with an extensive room, it provides several bathrooms. A comfortable kitchen room is also here with the best appliances including a Japanese hob, a washer, and an espresso machine. A wine cabinet is also provided to keep drinking bottles accordingly.
Volkner Mobil Performance Perfection is also beautified with advanced technology. So, considering all of the factors, it is an obsessively pricey RV, too. It is sold for around $1.4 million.

The Foretravel IH-45 Motor Coach

Price:- $1.4 million
Foretravel IH-45 Motor Coach
The Foretravel IH-45 Motor Coach is also a giant motor vehicle assigned with 45 feet long space. The interior of the coach provides a substantial room with different kingly beds.
This Motor Coach is empowered with an endurable engine system. Besides, it has independent front suspension and an HWH active air system. The graphics, paint colors, and design inside and outside the car are perpetrated by prominent artists with attractive craftiness.
In particular, The Foretravel IH-45 Motor Coach is prosperous with more other classical features. The coach specifies Custom Laminate Cabinetry, Electric Floor Heat and Air conditioning system, Solar System, Pneumatic Pocket Doors, Security system, Carbon monoxide detector, Stainless steel kitchen, baths, Refrigerators, Washer connections, and so on.
To provide entertainment regarding high technology, it has an iPad with A/V and Silverleaf control, flat-screen TVs, a Satellite system, HD DVR receiver, Road i-Q camera system, Stereo sound system, Single Blu-ray player, Remote Control, and CAT6 network cabling. The whole inward is illuminated with an LED lighting system. Moreover, it has GPS, CD Sirius/XM, Bluetooth, USB, and iPod compatibility, too.
However, owing to all of these qualities, this motorhome is sold at an extravagant price. It goes for $1.4 million.

The EarthRoamer XV-HD

Price:- $1.7 million
The EarthRoamer XV-HD
One of the most enduring motorhomes, The EarthRoamer XV-HD can run in the toughest environment. With a strong base, a hydraulic leveling system, and self-sufficient extras, the car can lead you even on the rugged and rough road for longer. And for this particular thing, the car is just exclusive.
While the outside of the car is simply ordinary, the inside shows luxuriousness. With beautiful and eye-catching decorations, the interior looks sleek, flashy, and soothing. It holds an outstretched living room with multiple master beds. Besides, a slide-out exterior kitchen, a washing machine, a dining space, an exterior shower, washrooms, freeze, are also contributed to the car.
The EarthRoamer XV-HD RV is an eco-friendly motor vehicle. It has a Solar System, lithium battery bank, and heavy-duty fuel and water tanks. Because of the underfloor radiant heating, the interior will always be warm and temperate.
Over and above, the car is befitted with more other modern technologies. It has TVs, Auto Charging System, LED lighting, a PTO-driven Hydraulic generator, Sound System, etc.
In terms of price, it is just fabulous. This one can be yours at spending $1.7 million.

Anderson Mobile Estates

Price:- $1.8 million
Anderson Mobile Estates
This luxurious motor vehicle is credited with world-famous celebrity Will Smith, Vin Diesel, Brad Pitt, and Jim Carrey. Will Smith bought this wonderful one at $1.8 million worth in 2000. Thus, it has become a premier custom coach of Anderson.
Anderson Mobile Estates encompasses a two-storeyed trailer concept. It is a gigantic motorhome that comes with multiple floors, sufficient seats, a master bedroom, various additional rooms, and bathrooms. Besides, every corner of this car is customizable according to your appetites.
The car comes with whatever you want. It is augmented with high-end technology. It has remote-controlled devices to facilitate every benefit of the car. With audio and visual equipment, and a full music studio, Anderson Mobil Estates is an example of a great roaming car. Moreover, it carries rich wood cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, a stylish bar, and so on.
Therefore, Anderson Mobile Estates is another invaluable car on the earth. It is made of solid components. The materials of the car include a kind of exotic wood and leather. So, it is an all-good motor car and you can often wish to have it.

Prevost H3-45 VIP

Price:- $2 Million
Prevost H3-45 VIP
Prevost H3-45 VIP car comes for the next position. This one is another magnificent RV that is called a VIP car. People relating to this car are much more wealthy and epicurean. However, it features some of the exclusive capabilities to remark honorably.
This car is one of the tallest and biggest RVs ever made in history. The inside of the car holds a huge floor and underground. And because of a slide-out option, space can be extended to get a superfluous room and make the journey more comfortable with a bunch of luggage.
The whole design is just impressive at any angle you look. The sound system of the car is also praiseworthy in the sense that it detaches outside noise and keeps the interior serene and peaceful. This car is also attributed to a wonderful lighting system that can control the climate and make the room pleasurable. Some large windows are also embedded to get air circulation.
Moreover, Prevost H3-45 VIP features more recreational elements such as TV, Audio and Video visual system, and so on. Therefore, this is a manifestation of high-end luxury with these footnotes.
Regarding the price, Prevost H3-45 VIP reaches the $2 million milestone. At this expensive price tag, this car is only for a few chosen people.

2019 Newell Coach P50

Price:- $2.2 million
2019 Newell Coach P50
Newell is a world-popular RV company that produces its coaches from luxury materials. And it has a longtime experience of crafting top-notch RVs for more than fifty years. So, if you are looking for a car with amazing details and faultless functions, then Newell Coaches are here that suit your desires.
This one, namely Newell Coach P50 is another giant car that appears with stunning features. The body of the Newell Coach P50 is made of custom-engineered chassis which are so precise and firm. For this reason, this wheelbase home is endurable, strong, and functional.
The car allows spacious capability. It conveys more space to store your commodities fairly. With large floors, the inside of the car delivers a distinguished bedroom, several bathrooms, a dining room, and a restroom with adequate chairs and sofas. The kitchen proposes some of the most valuable household appliances and layouts for giving easeful privilege.
In particular, Newell Coach P50 features a keyless entry, superior graphics, dashing exterior, Laminated maple cabinetry, etc. It is also thoroughbred with the latest technology including LED TV, smart TV, projectors, sound speakers, whirlpool washing machine, dryer, GE Monogram refrigerators, freezers, and so on.
After all, evaluating these fantastic pieces of equipment, Newell Coach P50 is a great creation of the company. So, on account of every landmark, the price tag of the car is also incredible. It goes for more than $2.2 million in total.

Marathon Coach 1319

Price:- $2.5 Million
Marathon Coach 1319
Taking the Prevost H3-45 Chassis level at another height, the Marathon Coach #1300 RVs have started an incomparable era in RV history. Among the other coaches of Marathon, this particular model of no.1319 is the best of all models ever produced by Marathon.
Prevalent with the first-hand convenience, Marathon Coach 1319 underlines some of the most wonderful features of the RVs. It offers a plentiful space inside with multiple access. It has a generous master bedroom that gives reclining chairs, sofas, and an extra bed. Again, it also preserves several washrooms, a large shower, and a full bath.
The kitchen is prospered with numerous tools including microwave, oven, handmade glass sinks, freezers, washers, dryer, porcelain tile flooring, etc.
Moreover, the coach is equipped beautifully with unique smart-home technology. It holds LED lighting and keeps the ground warm and temperate. The whole area of the car is covered under a camera system to ensure security. Furthermore, the coach includes two 49-inch 4K LED TVs, two satellite dishes, and more advanced technology.
Therefore, Marathon Coach 1319 is a five-star hotel on wheel-base. This fabulous motorhome is purchasable at spending a superfluous amount of money. It is sold for almost $2.5 million.


Price:- $2.5 million
Saint-Germain rv
Saint-German is a model of Featherlite Coaches and one of the finest RVs in the world. It is a luxurious one that appeared with a more exquisite feature than most other motorhomes. It ensures an elegant design, the latest technology, and quality performance.
This extraordinary motor vehicle comes with four slide-out sections. As a result, it can be amplified to be congenial to your desire. It conveys a sumptuous living room with a master bed and offers many sofas for relaxation. These sofas can also be transformed into beds to have additional reclining space. Again, it has multiple wardrobes, a dressing bench, a cabinet, a washing machine, and a dryer.
The kitchen is affluent with smart accessories including your necessary appliances. Separately, it includes a dishwasher drawer and an induction hob.
Afterward, with the Samsung 4k TVs and a Sonos sound system, Saint-German RV authorizes a recreational layout. It has touch-sensitive controls, 360-degree exterior cameras to verify safety, and an LED light system overall.
Considering every particular, the price of the Saint-German car is also impressive. It goes for more than $2.5 million each.

The Furrion ELYSIUM

Price: $2.6 million
The Furrion ELYSIUM
Now It’s the Furrion ELYSIUM, one of the most magnificent and gorgeous RVs that is simply unparalleled to nothing. It brings out some unbelievable characteristics to provide a luxurious mobile lifestyle and traveling experience.
Furrion is widely renowned for its glamorous vehicles and motorhomes. Accordingly, this one is a superb outcome of the Furrion. With a gigantic space inside, this motorhome provides 45ft long ground. It also has multiple seats and a balcony to enjoy nature at the time of travel.
The most advanced feature of the Furrion Elysium is that it comes with a private rooftop helipad. So, there is a helicopter and a hot tub included in the vehicle apparatus. This exclusiveness has enhanced the beauty and profundity of the car.
Over and above, this car allows some other fundamental elements including sufficient beds, wardrobes, sofas, washrooms, dryer, etc. In particular, its kitchen is simply exceptional than most other kitchens of the RVs. It is affluent with some wonderful modern housework appliances.
Furthermore, the Furrion ELYSIUM is highly technological. It has a staircase to mount the roof and to access the helicopter pad. Regarding the entertainment system, the car maintains 75-inch TVs, surround sound system, atmospheric mood lighting, etc.
However, the price of the Furrion Elysium is also skyscraping. Because of its multiple advanced characteristics, it demands a ridiculous amount of money. Therefore, it is sold for $2.6 million weighing its rate.

EleMMent Palazzo Superior

Price: $5 Million
EleMMent Palazzo Superior
And finally, EleMMent Palazzo Superior stands for the most expensive RVs around the globe. Produced by Marchi Mobile, this overwhelming mobile mansion is just a name of wonder. With some top-notch outlines, it is the best and greatest creation of the company ever made in RV history.
With a huge lounge, the mansion provides a big bedroom with a king-sized bed, a long sofa with the access of converting into a bed, a bathroom with the Aqua Cleaning Hygiene system, rainfall shower, a dressing table, reclining chairs, large closets, and so on. It is also equipped with a wine cabinet, ice machine, and kitchenette. The kitchen comes with high-end accessories.
No other motorhome is as recreational as the EleMMent Palazzo Superior. On the top of the roof, this car has a Sky lounge for enjoying the panoramic view of surroundings. A staircase is embellished to climb up the top. Plus, a large screen TV is here for amusement.
The exterior and the interior of the motorhome are fairly fantastic with sleek design and craftiness. With curved walls, maximum ceilings, yacht-style windows, and chrome trims, this mobile car is quite eye-catching. Moreover, with the help of a remote system, the whole car is controllable.
In addition, another fantastic landmark of the EleMMent Palazzo Superior is its driver’s cab. It is decorated with a round window so that the driver can look and observe his surroundings. He can see his passengers because of the navigable door.
Therefore, Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo Superior is the most luxurious RV that is prolific with modern and sophisticated technology. In other words, everything is here to provide impressive benefits and convenience. So, regarding its master-class features, the price is extravagant and it is unbelievable. Now, it is accessible at nearly $5 million.
Final Thoughts :
Hence, these are the most expensive and invaluable RVs in the world. All of these motor vehicles are elevated with top-rate qualities. That is why every car on the list is ridiculously pricey. Whoever, indulged with a fantasy for having an exclusive RV of his own, can think of buying one of these. But, surely, you have to be a millionaire for this. Are you? if you are not, just be happy at looking at the pictures.
Frequently Asked Questions:

☛ What are the high-end RV brands?

RVs are always expensive and come with high-end features and technologies. So, the brands that produce these motorhomes will also be expensive. Amongst them, Marchi Mobile is the most high-end RV brand overall in the world. This great brand has manufactured the world’s most expensive RV which is the EleMMent Palazzo Superior. With the exclusive features, this mobile car is a wonderful creation of the brand.
After that, some other high-end RV brands are Newmar, Newell Coach, and Tiffin. Newmar is especially mentionable for its fantastic King Aire RV. Thereafter, the Newell brand has been producing RVs for more than fifty years. And this is now one of the most luxurious RV brands with its advanced coaches. Tiffin is another popular brand renowned for its high-end motorhomes with slightly lower prices.

☛ Are RVs worth the money?

You have an RV means you have full freedom of traveling wherever you want to go and whenever you feel like going. You are self-sufficient and able to make nonstop adventures. Besides, you can feel that you are actually in your home though you are on the roads. And this is the most worthy benefit of having an RV. So, are not RVs worth the money?
Moreover, every RV comes with high-end features and modern technology. All of them are embellished with endurable materials which are expensive.
Plus, RVs make the journey more easeful and pleasurable. They provide you everything close to the hands. As they have a spacious room, baths, and kitchen inside the car, you can sleep, take a rest, bath, and enjoy nature with a complete view. They also have recreational compromises including TVs, Sound systems, Wifi, etc.
So, it is deducible that RVs are worth the money considering every benefit provided by them.

☛ Why are Class B RVs more expensive than Class C RVs?

Regarding the price per square foot, the Class B RVs are more expensive than the Class C RVs. The first and foremost reason is their manufacturing process. While the Class C RVs are produced with a labor-free process, the Class B RVs are manufactured with an extremely hard-labor process, and it is time-consuming.
Secondly, they are not manufactured from the same materials. The Class B RVs are made of van chassis and that is much more efficient than the Class C RVs. Thereafter, the Class B RVs are very popular among the buyers. So, it has become a more sought-after RV than the other. Consequently, on account of distinct advantages as mentioned above, the Class B RVs are more expensive than the Class C RVs.

☛ What is the cheapest RV?

If you have a tight budget in buying an RV, there are several options for you under $10,000. Particularly, you can purchase the Oregon Trailer Do Drop RV for just $6150. Now, it is the cheapest RV on the market.
Although the car is cheap and inexpensive, it is not fragile. Instead, it also comes with some expedient characteristics. This dynamic car is customizable according to your demands. With a lightweight and affordable size, the car looks simply outstanding. It provides almost 5feet of ground inside and comes with necessary equipment such as beds, washrooms, kitchen, etc. Overall, this accessible RV can be a perfect option for you at a reasonable budget.
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