10 Most Expensive Rubik’s Cube (With Pictures)

Invented in 1974 by a Hungarian artist, Erno Rubik, the puzzle Rubik’s Cube is one of the most enjoyable games in the world that has different kinds of mental benefits.
People around the world incredibly love this puzzle game due to its multiple uniqueness and functionalities.
YJ MoYu's 13×13×13 Cube
Following its worldwide popularity and huge demand, the price of the cubes is increasing remarkably.
Apart from the regular price, it is seen that some editions of them are so ridiculously expensive that their price tag may surprise anyone.
However, in this article, some of the world’s most expensive Rubik’s cubes are enlisted and discussed in detail.

Therefore, let’s dive into the depth of the article

The top 10 Most expensive Rubik’s cube:

Here, 10 of the most expensive Rubik’s cubes are enlisted to be elaborated. The short list is here
10. Valk 3 Elite M Cube – $45
9. Gan 356 XS – $50
8. Gan 11 M Pro – $65
7. YJ MoYu’s 13×13×13 Cube – $250
6. Petamoid Cube – $375
5. Mirror 7×7×7 cube – $400
4. Shengshou Cube – $500
3. Over the Top Cube – $2650
2. Greg Pfennig Cube – $18,000
1. Masterpiece Cube – $2.5 million
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Let’s get into the details of the top 1o most expensive Rubik’s cube in the world

Valk 3 Elite M Cube

Price: $45
Valk 3 Elite M Cube
Among the most expensive Rubik’s Cube, the first one is the Valk 3 Elite M. The Valk Speedcubes of QiYi is one of the most celebrated lines up of the brand that was marketed in 2017.
Following its popularity, the brand brought out Valk 3 Elite M in 2019.
Still, its popularity is admirable due to its amazing stability and fantastic quality.
Valk 3 Elite M cube comes with a total of 3 particular spring sets enabling one to feel how tight the puzzle is.
It also has 3 center cup sets which are necessary to change the magnet strength wonderfully.
On account of its remarkable features, this unique cube stands as the most expensive cube in the world.
The given price of the cube on several online shops is $45.

Gan 356 XS

Price: $50
Gan 356 XS
Then, it is the Gan 356 XS cube that comes for the next expensive one.
Gan is a leading brand for outstanding cubes.
It has released so many editions of different cubes attributed with excellent qualities.
Consequently, Gan 356 XS is a very recent one that is an upgraded version of the 356 X puzzle.
Being a customizable cube with 72 different configurations, 3 magnetic strength directed by switches, 6 possible tension levels, and 4 levels of center-piece range, this puzzle provides a wonderful performance.
Besides, its high quality, flexibility, and overall stability are the other impressive characteristics.
What is more, it is the fastest average solve the cube and the second-fastest single solve cube in the world.
Both of these records were performed by Feliks Zemdegs.
In terms of price, it is another expensive cube in the world. The price goes for more than $50.

Gan 11 M Pro

Price: $65
Gan 11 M Pro
The next one is also a product of Gan that is a quite new release of the brand.
Come with several upgraded features, it is really impressive.
This new release includes a corner-core magnetic positioning system enclosing 64 magnets.
On account of this feature, it is customizable with free movement.
Besides, it provides adjusting tension to perform exact algorithms.
However, it is a phenomenal cube and wonderful for players who love the smaller design and want compact gaming.
Therefore, the price of this cube is more expensive. It is sold for $65.

YJ MoYu’s 13×13×13 Cube

Price: $250
YJ MoYu's 13×13×13 Cube
One of the most complicated cubes in the world is the YJ Moyu 13×13×13 cube.
Although it has had different editions since the innovation, it is the most expensive and popular one among them.
Basically, it is not a gaming cube, rather, a good gifting option.
Because of its big size, complexity, and multiplicity, it is quite arduous to solve by everyone.
For this reason, only real and affectionate players can play with this cube.
Some world-class players try to solve its 7×7×7 edition. Thus, this upgraded one is truly ponderous to solve.
Nevertheless, the price of this incredible cube line is extravagant. It goes for more than $250 naturally.

Petamoid Cube

Price: $375
Petamoid Cube
Petamoid is another one of the most complex Rubik’s cubes.
Pentamix is a very popular lineup of Rubik’s cube designed by Andrew Cormier.
Inspired by this edition, Nathan Wilson designed Pentamoid and it was released in 2016.
With adjustable layers and particular parts, this is a massive cube puzzle.
However, very little is known about the puzzle.
Only it can be said that Petamoid is really a complicated cube that is enduring to solve by any player.
It needs lots of patience and calmness.
In terms of price, Petamoid is an exorbitant cube.
The price is nearly $375.

Mirror 7×7×7 cube

Price: $400
Mirror 7×7×7 cube 
Mirror 7×7×7 is also one of the most complex Rubik’s cubes on the earth.
Due to being a handcrafted cube, it looks eye-catching.
It was designed by Jgom, a Mexican artist, and marketed by Xalapa, Veracruz.
With several parts and alternating patterns, this Rubik’s cube is also customizable.
It is slightly curved and for this reason, it is really very difficult to solve the puzzle easily.
It is actually a challenge for the players to complete the task.
Concerning the price, it is costlier than the previous one.
It goes for $400 fairly.

Shengshou Cube

Price: $500
Shengshou Cube
Quite unbelievable to see, it is one of the largest and most complicated Rubik’s cubes in the world.
This mass-produced cube reflects 17×17.
Shengshou Cube was released in 2019 with several editions by ‎LEEEC.
It comes with a lightweight design and impressive outlook. Featuring vibrant color, it looks really beautiful.
On account of a complex pattern and a clean twist, it is quite difficult to link the layers flawlessly.
Thus, it is only for the real cube players and a valuable piece for collectors.
If you want to buy this incredible cube box, you need to spend more than $500.

Over the Top Cube

Price: $2650
Over the Top Cube
The third one on my list is the Over the Top Rubik’s Cube that has a world record.
It is one of the most difficult cubes in the world. It is not easy for players who don’t have deep knowledge about Rubik’s Cube.
They must have eager concentration, finger efficiency, and sufficient patience to accomplish a solution.
Designed by Oskar Van Deventer, the cube was produced in 2011.
With 3-D printing technology from Shapeways, its size is 17×17×17.
Regarding prices, the Over the Top cube is still an expensive one.
It goes for around $2,650. Until December 2017, it was the most expensive cube in the world with this hefty price tag.

Greg Pfennig Cube

Price: $18,000
Greg Pfennig Cube 
The second most expensive Rubik’s cube in the world is the Greg Pfennig cube invented by Gregoire Pfennig, a French puzzle maker.
It is perhaps the largest cube so far with a massive 33×33×33 dimensions.
It weighs 3.5 kg, which is almost 22 times heavier than normal cubes.
Made with more than 6150 particular components, the puzzle provides insurmountable complexity.
It is quite arduous to solve it that expert speedcubers may take days or even weeks to solve.
Greg Pfennig features a 3D-print using an SLS machine, Pfennig’s sponsor, and 3D Print Fabriek.
Moreover, it has some other innovative characteristics that make it a real mechanism.
However, in terms of price, this giant cube demands an honor of $18,000.

Masterpiece Cube

Price: $2.5 million
Masterpiece Cube 
And finally, the most expensive one for which we are waiting eagerly.
It is the Masterpiece Rubik’s cube known for its unique landmarks.
Invented by Diamond Cutter International in 1995 to observe the 15th anniversary of the puzzle becoming celebrated globally, the Masterpiece Cube is a part of the Beyond Rubik’s Cube exhibition.
The coolest fact is that the Masterpiece cube is made from 18 karats yellow gold and 185 karats precious gemstones like amethysts, emeralds, rubies, etc.
It took hours of labor to design and produce precisely.
The dimension of this excellent cube is 3×3 and due to this size, it can be solved easily.
However, it is necessary to handle it carefully because rough use may damage it.
When it comes to talking about the price, it is just unbelievable.
This remarkable puzzle goes for $2.5 million, standing for the most expensive Rubik’s cube on the earth.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Is an expensive Rubik’s cube worth it?

worth the money and price
It completely depends on what types of Rubik’s Cube you purchase.
There are several companies and thousands of variations and editions of this puzzle available in the market.
Thus, an expensive Rubik’s cube is definitely worth it because of its versatile features.
It is functional and adjustable. The unique quality, remarkable potentiality, and excellent outlook are mostly mentionable.
It can provide easy gaming with multiple options. Some of the expensive cubes are also soluble easily.

Are Rubik’s cubes good?

confuse, how to tell, asking, question

Obviously. Rubik’s cube is one of the best-selling toys around the world. It has various benefits that make it very good.
Playing this game can provide a number of useful benefits like improving problem-solving skills, patience, speed, and stability, keeping your mind active, making your memory strong and prolific.
It also enriches knowledge to fix any complexity. Besides, it helps develop determination and concentration.
Moreover, it offers entertainment alleviating boredom.

What should I look for when buying a Rubik’s cube?

consider, think, what to check

Before buying a new cube, one must consider some factors to get a perfect and better toy.
First of all, notice the screws and tensions carefully since screws keep the toy attracted to the core and tensions allow easy turning.
Springs and Compression should also be observed because they determine how useful the pieces are.
Then, look out for the Corner Cutting that is another significant fact to get an accurate solution.
After that, magnets help stabilize the cube making it fluid to run. After all, think of the cost according to your budget.

How to buy a Rubik’s cube cheaply?

Which is cheaper

In contrast to various expensive Rubik’s cube, there are so many also, at the same time, which come with an affordable price and eventually are cheap.
If you want to buy cheaply, you can look for discounts offered by sellers.
Several online shops also offer discounts and reduce the price tag significantly.
Moreover, you should buy a small-sized cube that is comparatively cheaper than the big ones.

Which is the best budget Rubik’s Cube?

considerations, what to check

Amongst different types of Rubik’s cubes, Yuxin Little Magic 3×3 is arguably the best budget-friendly cube at the moment, according to players.
With striking features including great corner cutting, high-end parts, and strong functionality, it can provide excellent performance.
The price is affordable at $5 only.

Which Rubik’s Cube to buy for beginners?

How do I choose

QiYi MS Magnetic 3×3 Speedcube is probably the best cube for beginners.
It is budget-friendly also. Available in different colors and designs, this cube looks simply beautiful.
With smooth spinning, attached magnets, and easy control, it offers excellent performance.
It is easy to solve without hassle.

What is the lowest price of Rubik’s Cube?

Why expensive, how to save money

The price of Rubik’s cube varies from one to another according to different sizes and quality.
Basically, it is seen that the starting price of a small cube can be $1.
Besides, the regular price of a normal-sized cube can range from $3 to $10.
For example, a Magic Cube 5.6 cm 3x3x3 is purchasable at $3 on several online shops.
Moreover, the next lineup of the lowest cube can range from $10 to $20.
Final Thoughts:
Okay, some of the most expensive Rubik’s cubes are elaborated in this article.
From the discussion, it is realized that the most expensive puzzle, the Masterpiece cube, is made from gold and invaluable gemstones that make it highly exorbitant.
On account of this unique landmark and outstanding features, this cube is also the most expensive toy in the world.

However, aside from this particular one, other Rubik’s cubes of the list are manufactured from quality components to ensure better performance.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed the article very much!

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