Top 10 Most Expensive Projectors (With Pictures)

Technology is developing day by day and the demand for those technologies is also increasing. At present, a projector is such a demandable and essential technology in the modern world. The use of projectors in different fields is increasing rapidly.
Basically, a projector projects an image or video image on a surface or a projection screen by a small transparent lens. Many projectors also project the image directly by lasers. There are so many projectors available in the market for different uses such as video projector, movie projector, slide projector, handheld projector.
Casio XJ-S400UN WUXGA Laser DLP Projector
With this growing demand of projectors, more advanced and newer projectors are being made constantly. Some of those are very expensive and may well be the best ones for your need. The price of a projector usually depends on the projector lenses, LCD panels, and bulb or lamps.

So when it comes to buying a projector, first you have to consider what kind of projector you need and whether it is affordable or not. In this article, today I will show you the world’s 10 most expensive projectors.

Most Expensive Projectors At a glance :

10. Sony VPL VW870ES Projector
9. Christie D16 HD-HS Laser DLP Projector
8. NEC PX1005QL 4k Laser DLP Projector
7. JVC DLA RS3000 4K Projector
6. JVC DLA NX7 4K Projector
5. LG CineBeam HU85LA 4K Laser DLP Projector
4. Panasonic PT-VMZ60U WUXGA Laser 3LCD Projector
3. Epson Home Cinema 5050UB 4K Projector
2. Casio XJ-S400UN WUXGA Laser DLP Projector
1. BenQ CinePro HT3550 4K DLP Projector

Sony VPL VW870ES Projector

Price: $34195.00
Sony VPL VW870ES Projector
This 4K projector is a perfect choice for your home cinema room. The VPL-VW870ES features Sony 4K SXRD panel technology and a laser light source with 2200 lumens for high brightness which shows the movie or video with cinematic detail, contrast, and color.
The ultra-pure laser light source serves bright images for more than 20,000 hours of uninterrupted operation and the 4K SXRD panel technology delivers (4096 x 2160 pixels) resolution images with full HD details. The sony VPL-VW870ES features an ARC-F lens that ensures the edges of the image for a clear and vivid image. The motion flow of the video processor reduces blur, maintains brightness, and gives a smooth motion to your content.
It contained nine calibrated picture modes, Store lens, shift settings formats, and two 18Gbps HDMI for smooth expressions and offers 3 Years Return to Base Warranty.

Christie D16 HD-HS Laser DLP Projector

Price: $31995.00
Christie D16 HD-HS Laser DLP Projector
The Christie Digital D16 HD-HS is a DLP laser projector. The D16 HD-HS features Christie BoldColor technology that enhances vibrant saturation, color fidelity, and standard laser projection. It has a long-life laser light source with 14000 ANSI lumens and 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution.
The Christie D16 HD-HS designed to operate on a single 15A, 110V circuit with full brightness. The long-life laser light source offers you 20000 hours of free operation and virtually maintenance. The laser projector also contains an automated camera for alignment solutions, a blending engine for compatibility with Christie Mystique, and a built-in Christie Twist warping.
Christie DLP projector provides Virtual Remote 1DLP so you can control your projector from any smartphone. The Christie offers you three-year labor and a limited warranty on the projector.

NEC PX1005QL 4k Laser DLP Projector

Price: $24000.00
NEC PX1005QL 4k Laser DLP Projector
The NEC PX1005QL is a 4K UHD Professional Installation Laser phosphor Projector that delivers pixel-free visualization with 4K UHD resolution and 10,000 ANSI lumens brightness. The projector features pixel shift technology that takes it to a whole new level. The laser light source provides more than 20,000 hours of maintenance and free operation with Lower TCO.
This 4k projector has an outstanding picture quality with high brightness and (3840 x 2160) pixels resolution. The projector also features multi-display capabilities that can display quad and dual images with 3G-SDI and other input terminals.
With this high resolution and outstanding picture quality, it will be a perfect projector choice for any large corporate or educational institutions

JVC DLA RS3000 4K Projector

Price: $17999.00
JVC DLA RS3000 4K Projector
The JVC DLA RS3000 projector is designed for home theater. The DLA RS3000 features 8K e-shift technology that shifts pixels diagonally and reproduces image quality. This is the world’s first 8K e-shift projector created for home theater.
The DLA RS3000 projector delivers 2,200 Lumens brightness and 4K resolution (4096 x 2160) with 100mm diameter of high resolution. The high-power lamp (PK-L2618U) offers 4,500 hours of free operation within Low Mode.
This premium projector contains Auto Mode MPC/Multi Pixel Control (MPC) w that works with 4K60P (4:4:4) signals. It is capable to realize an 8K image resolution of over 35 million pixels and the projector works with three native 4K D-ILA devices. This is the best projector for home theater.

JVC DLA NX7 4K Projector

Price: $8999.95
JVC DLA NX7 4K Projector
JVC DLA NX7 is the latest projector designed for home cinema theater. The projector delivers high-definition native 4K resolution (4096 x 2160) images with an all-glass 65 mm diameter lens system. It features Auto Tone Mapping function that can adjust settings for optimum HDR10 image quality automatically and when HDR10 signals are received the projector switches to HDR picture mode.
The JVC NX7 can produce 1,900 lumens and the lamp source provides 4,500 hours of free operation with low mode. The projector has a high contrast ratio of 80,000:1 and a DCI-P3 range of wide color gamut covering. It can accurately reproduce images closer to the original by the Multiple Pixel Control image processor.
The projector also features Motion Enhance technology that can reduce image blurring and residual images by optimally controlling the drive of D-ILA devices. It also offers you a Wireless transmission option for 3D viewing. So if you are looking for the best home theater projector within your budget it will be a perfect choice.

LG CineBeam HU85LA 4K Laser DLP Projector

Price: $4999.99
LG CineBeam HU85LA 4K Laser DLP Projector
The LG HU85LA is a UHD Ultra Short Throw Laser DLP Home Theater Projector. It can provide 2700 lumens brightness and can perform a 120″ image from just 7.2″ away from your screen. The projector contained XPR processing technology that creates UHD images and provides HDR10 compatibility brightness.
The HU85LA features two HDMI inputs, two USB ports, two 5W speakers. The HDMI inputs provide wired connectivity for Blu-ray players or cable boxes and the USB connects compatible drives to use a mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals.
The projector has Bluetooth audio output so you can hear movies and other content via Bluetooth speakers easily. It contained a high-power laser light source that provides up to 20000 hours of free operation. The LG HU85LA offers a three-year warranty and labor on the projector.

Panasonic PT-VMZ60U WUXGA Laser 3LCD Projector

Price: $3199.00
Panasonic PT-VMZ60U WUXGA Laser 3LCD Projector
The Panasonic PT-VMZ60U is a 4K laser projector. Panasonic claims that the PT-VMZ60U is basically designed for corporate and educational establishments. It has WUXGA (1920 x 1200) native resolution and 6000 lumens brightness.
The long-life laser light source of this projector provides 20000 hours of free operation and maintenance. It can throw 1.09 to 1.77:1 of Ratio and create a large image even in a small space. It features a Daylight View Lite, which is designed to enhance sharpness by optimizing detail reproduction in dark areas of the image and a sensor ambient light that optimized the color and brightness.
With its high dynamic contrast ratio, it can show more defined details and adds depth and realism to video when bright and dark scenes frequently interchange. The projector has a Quick Start / Quick Off, Standby Mode so images can appear almost instantaneously and there is no need to cool down required, so you can turn the unit off at any time.

Epson Home Cinema 5050UB 4K Projector

Price: $2999.00
Epson Home Cinema 5050UB 4K Projector 
The Epson Home Cinema 5050UB is a 4K PRO-UHD projector that delivers 2,600 lumens of brightness and (1920 x 1080) pixel resolution. It features advanced 3LCD technology that can display 100% RGB color signal and maintain an outstanding color gamut brightness, without any color brightness or rainbowing issues.
The 5050UB Projector has an advanced pixel-shifting processor which controls millions of pixels of information of LCD chips to parallel process. The HDR processor accepting 100% color processing of the HDR source information with Full 10-bit color processing.
The ELPLP89 lamp life provides 3,500 hours to 5,000 hours of maintenance and free operation. The projector features pixel-shifting technology that enhances the image details and it can throw a 2.10:1 lens ratio. Epson offers a 3-year warranty with 2 years of repaying replacement.

Casio XJ-S400UN WUXGA Laser DLP Projector

Price: $1800.00
Casio XJ-S400UN WUXGA Laser DLP Projector
The XJ-S400UN is a high WUXGA resolute DLP projector. It features a non-replaceable laser light source that provides 20000 hours of operation. The XJ-S400N delivers 4000 lumens brightness and (1920 x 1200) Native Resolution.
The projector features a Lamp Free solid-state light engine that covers the full-color gamut with its red LED, blue diode laser, and phosphor wheel. The wheel can balance the improving color and brightness. The XJ-S400UN has two HDMI inputs, two VGA, a built-in 16-watt speaker, and an RCA composite video.
With the powerful brightness of 4,000 lumens, the XJ-S400UN can project a big image on the screen. The Casio offers a five-year warranty for the classroom with Casio’s Educational Solutions package of management. This projector can connect 40 devices at one time and display 4 devices on-screen at a time.

BenQ CinePro HT3550 4K DLP Projector

Price: $1499.00
BenQ CinePro HT3550 4K DLP Projector
The BenQ HT3550 4K HDR CinePrime Projector features CinematicColor technology that displays 95% of DCI-P3 color space and gives you the visual experience of image or video. It has a very sharp and clear picture quality with a 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution. It also features a six-segment RGBRGB color wheel, four-phase pixel shifting, 30,000:1 contrast ratio with and a Wide Color Gamut setting.
The HT3550 can perform well even on the low just below the screen or in the ceiling mount above it. The projector has 2000 ANSI lumen brightness with the Dynamic iris setting. The 245-watt lamp gives 4,000 hours of free operation and maintenance.
The all-glass lens of the projector is an array and contains a 1.3:1 zoom which offers enough flexibility. So, for better cinema or movie experience this cine prime projector will be the best one. The HT3550 also offers a 3-year warranty on the projector and a 1-year warranty on the lamp.
Frequently Asked Questions:

➤ Which one is the most expensive part of the projector?

Projector lamps or bulbs are considered to be the most expensive part of the projector. A projector lamp or bulb works to create a bright enough and high-quality image on the screen so this is the most important part also.
Many components are used to make a projector lamp including the ultra-high pressurized mercury vapor, electrical wiring, ARC tube, a fastener, a quartz globe or reflector, and a spoke. These features are the most expensive elements used in bulb technology. So the price of lamps also increases based on their price

➤ What is the most expensive mini projector?

Mini projectors are also very popular in the market nowadays. The projector is very small in size but much brighter and easier to set up or carry. These mini projectors are available in the market at very low prices so anyone can afford one within their limited budget.
Numerous brands in the market now supply mini projectors. Some of the latest most expensive mini projectors are LG Minibeam PH550G, Philips PicoPix Micro 2TV PPX360, Epson EB-S41, large Anker Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector, Asus ZenBeam E1.

➤ Which one is the most expensive projector screen?


For getting high-resolution picture quality with proper brightness and visual you must need the best quality projector screen. The common questions you may be worried about are what kind of projector would be good, what size should be taken, whether it will be budget-friendly or not. There are so many expensive projector screens are available in the market. Currently, the most expensive projector screen is the Elite Screens Spectrum, Electric Motorized 4K/8K Ready Drop Down Projector Screen.

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