10 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards (With Pictures)

Originated in 1996, the Pokemon Trading Card Game or Pokemon TCG has gained a worldwide reputation and appreciation. The game is very popular because of its wonderful Cards. The famous characters of the Pokemon Cartoon are depicted there. Moreover, the special design and beauty of these cards make them exceptional and valuable.
As some of these cards are very rare and a few have prevailed in the world, they are incredibly expensive. Even, the price is too much that you will be stunned at knowing the amount. Okay! Then, let’s go know the price!

Here, we have enlisted 10 of the most expensive Pokemon Cards in the world:

10. Pre-release Raichu – $10.5k
9. Master’s Key – $21k
8. Tamamushi University Magikarp – $27k
7. Ishihara GX Promo – $50k
6. Japanese Charizard – $60k
5. Kangaskhan Family Event Trophy – $100k
4. No. 3 Trainer Trophy – $100k
3. No. 1 Trainer Trophy – $150k
2. Holographic Shadowless Charizard – $226k
1. Pikachu Illustrator – $250k

Pre-release Raichu

Value: $10.5k
Pre-release Raichu
Prerelease Raichu is probably the most questionable and speculative Pokemon Card in the world. This card is so rare that only a few of them now exist. Even the existence of this card is also skeptical.
It is said that this card was printed mistakenly issuing the word ‘prerelease’ in the right corner of the card. The manufacturer of the card wanted to abolish those cards but accidentally some of the cards were spread out in 1999. Since then, the cards are now considered the rarest of all time.
In 2006, a rumor was raised that a card was found dramatically. Then in 2009, one of the cards was literally sold for $10.5k. But, this happening is also ambiguous and doubtful.
The real price of this card is still unknown. Because it has not sold yet at any auction or any public custody. Hence, its existence is suspicious yet.

Master’s Key Card

Value: $21k
Master’s Key cards are relatively recent, nonetheless, very rare as they are only 36 in number. These items were given to the winners of the World Championship Tournaments held in Hawaii in 2010.
This card comprises startling and fantastic artwork. The name itself indicates the illustration of the card. A Key is portrayed in the surface part of the card.
In November 2019, a copy of these pieces was sold for more than $21k.

Tamamushi University Magikarp

Tamamushi University Magikarp
In 1998, a two-day competition was held at Tamamushi University in Osaka, Japan. It was known as the Tamamushi University Hyper Test.
To attend the competition, the children had to complete a primary test. Then, the winners of the test could participate in the two-days main competition. Afterward, the finalists of the hyper test were awarded these Magikarp Promo Cards.
It is let out that almost 1000 cards might have been created at that time, but the exact number is so far mysterious. However, the prevailing cards are now considered valuable Pokemon cards.
In June 2020, a Magikarp card was sold, costing almost $18k. But, most recently, the price has been raised for $27k at an auction.

Ishihara GX Promo

Value: $50k
Ishihara GX Promo
Ishihara GX Promo is another valuable and excellent Pokemon card that has ever emerged. This card is unique for its fantastic artwork. The artwork of this promo card is of Tsunekazu Ishihara, the CEO and President of The Pokemon Company. He has pleasingly been portrayed in this card.
Almost 30 to 60 copies of the cards were given to the employees of the company in 2017. It was given as the 60th birthday gift from the President.
Now, the cards are very rare. So, they claim a high price. One of them has been sold at an auction in April 2020 costing $50k. This huge price has enlisted it in the chart of the most expensive Pokemon cards.

Japanese Charizard

Value: $60k
Japanese Charizard
‘No Rarity’ Japanese Charizard Card is an impressive piece of Pokemon card. It contains a no rarity symbol in the left corner. This makes it exceptional. It achieved a 10 grade from PSA.
The card emerged in 1996 in Japan. Now, being a rare card, it demands a high price. In September 2018, a card was sold for almost $21k.
At an auction in October 2010, the price goes for the highest $60k.

Kangaskhan Family Event Trophy Card

Value: $100k
Kangaskhan Family Event Trophy
It is a family tournament in Japan called Kangaskhan Parent-Child Mega Battle. This matter is very fetching.
An aristocratic family of Japan used to play this tournament. Only the members of that family could participate in it. The children and parents of the family were the opponents of the tournament. In 1997, this promo card was reserved and provided to the winner.
Now, a dozen of these cards prevail in the world. From them, one has been sold for $100k just a few days back.

No. 3 Trainer Trophy

Value: $100k
No. 3 Trainor Trophy
No. 3 Trainer Trophy is another trophy card given to one of the winners of the World Pokemon Championship. A few versions of 1997-1998 now survive throughout the world. So, it is another one of the rarest and highly-priced Pokemon cards in the world.
This valuable card was bought by eBay, figuring $60k in 2018. Now, the price of this rare card is more than $100k.

No. 1 Trainer Trophy

Value: $150k
No. 1 Trainer Trophy
No. 1 Trainor Trophy card was given to the winner of the First Pokemon Tournament held in Japan in 1997. Besides it, there were two more Trainer Trophy cards for the winners of the 2nd and 3rd place awarded each year.
A Pikachu lifting a trophy cup is wonderfully exhibited in this card. Awarded to the winners only the cards are limited, and just a few of them now exist. Therefore, the No. 1 Trainer Trophy card is considered one of the rarest Pokemon cards in the world. For this reason, the price of the card is also expensive.
A 1998 version of the No. 1 Trainer Trophy was sold for $90k in 2020. But, the first-place winner of the 1997 version has just been sold for $150k. It is presumed that the price is going to exceed within a few years.

Holographic Shadowless Charizard

Value: $226k
Holographic Shadowless Charizard
The Holographic Charizard is another costly and desirable Pokemon Card in the world. The first edition of this 1999 base card is shadowless, meaning it lacks the shadow underneath the Fierce Dragon. Thus, it makes the card more exceptional and iconic.
Some of the First edition Shadowless Holographic Charizard cards are worth the money.
A 10-Grade Charizard card was sold for $55k in August 2017. Then, in October 2020, the card was sold making a new record. The figure of the amount was $183k. After the buyer’s 20% premium, the amount reached $226k.
But most recently, there raised a whisper that this Charizard card can be sold for $500k. It is a matter of stunning. Wait to see whether it is going to be sold at this price or not!

Pikachu Illustrator

Value: $250
Pikachu Illustrator
A Japanese Comic Company ’CoroCoro’ arranged a Promo Contest in 1998. At that time, the winners of this contest were given Pikachu Illustrator as the award. It is asserted that 39 copies of this card were made and presented to the winners.
The architect of the Pikachu Illustrator card is Atsuko Nishida. The artwork of the card is different from any other Pokemon card in the world. A Pikachu holding art equipment is interpreted there. This has made the piece very unusual and exceptional.
Now, 10 of these cards are thought to have existed throughout the world. In 2016, one of them was sold for $55k. But since then, the price of this card is incredibly increasing. One of them has been sold for a record $195k at an auction in 2019. Including the buyer’s premium, the price goes for $225k.
225k US Dollars! Can you believe the price? But that is not the end. You have more to wonder. The most recent sale crossed all the records. In 2020, a Pikachu Illustrator has been sold for more than $250, and that is listed in the Guinness World Records.
Frequently Asked Questions:

☞ What is the most expensive Charizard card?

Among the Pokemon cards, Charizard is one of the topmost and highest cards. There are only some Charizard Pokemon cards left in the world. So, the price of the Charizard cards is boosting day by day.
The Charizard cards have numerous versions. Every version has a specific price according to its quality. But the title of the most expensive Charizard card goes to the 1999 base 1st edition #4 Holographic Shadowless version. As I have already discussed this Charizard card, you may have conceivable knowledge about it.
At present, the price of this Charizard is more than $220k. But, the upcoming price of this Holographic Shadowless Charizard may be uplifted up to $500k, according to a report of the British media. Hence, it will be not only the most expensive Charizard card but also the most expensive Pokemon card ever sold in the world.

☞ Why is the Charizard card so expensive?

It has already been affirmed that the Charizard card is kind of the highly-priced Pokemon card in the world. Most recently, the Shadowless Charizard has become the talk of the Pokemon Trade Game world.
Now the question is why is the Charizard Card so expensive? The answer to this question is very rational. The main reason, for being so expensive, is having some unique characteristics of this card.
This Charizard card is Holographic. It has a gleaming and shining light that pleases the spectators. This Holography makes the card aesthetically delightful and eye-catching. This quality pushes the card to be the most expensive Charizard card.
Moreover, this card is succeeded from the 1st edition Pokemon card. For this reason, it also becomes a rare card in the world. Only a few of this 1st edition is prevailing in the world. Therefore, it becomes extremely desirable to hobbyists. Using this advantage, the price of this card is going up day by day.

☞ What is the rarest Pikachu card?

It is considerably articulated that the Pikachu Card is the most valuable and expensive Pokemon card in the world. There are some editions of the Pikachu card. But the rarest Pikachu Card is the Pikachu Illustrator.
There is no obvious evidence that how many of these cards now exist in the world. But, the number is certainly very low. Following a reliable source, only 10 of these cards are now certified by the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA). Thereafter, the Pikachu Illustrator card is one of the rarest and even extravagant Pokemon cards.

☞ How much is 1st edition Pikachu worth?

The 1st edition of the Pikachu card emerged in 1995. This card was in two colors. One was the red cheeks and another was the yellow cheeks.
The price of the 1st edition Pikachu card is reasonable. On the world-famous website Amazon, the price is given $280. On some other websites, the price goes from $200 to $400.

☞ How much is Ancient Mew worth?

The Ancient Mew card is a rare Pokemon card. It was released in 2000. But it was prohibited immediately after its appearance. The reason behind the ban was its language. The depiction of the card was in a medieval foreign language that was not understandable for everyone.
Now, this rare card is found on some websites including Amazon, eBay, etc. The tagged price is $100 to $200.
Final Thoughts :
So, these cards are the most expensive and valuable Pokemon cards. Most of them are very rare; only a few of them exist. These cards hold some unique characteristics which make them more desirable than the other pokemon cards. Thus, besides the listed Pokemon cards, there are some other Pokemon cards that are also expensive and claim a high price.
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