Top 10 Most Expensive Plants In The World (With Pictures)

Can you imagine our surroundings without plants? Ah! I’m pretty sure the answer is no! A big NO, right?
Definitely, plants are the most ambrosial gift that mother nature has given to us.
Plants are like ornaments of nature. They beautify our nature with vibrancy and serenity.
Monstera Obliqua
And most importantly they exhale oxygen without which we human beings can not survive for a nanosecond. In fact, every moving creature directly or indirectly depends on plants to ensure their existence.
Somewhy We can not overlook the importance of plants. Surprisingly in recent decades gardening activities have become so trendy around the world.
Certainly, it’s a good initiative but this increasing popularity is turning into luxury day by day.
The desire to own exotic and eye-catching plants is consequently raising the expense. Some of them are so insanely expensive that they may be costlier more than your house. Yes, you heard it right.
Even so many plant enthusiasts spend such an amount to compensate for their fascination. Truly speaking, Some beauties really worth the expense.
In this article, I’m going to tell you about those bizarre luxuries that you can not afford so easily. Let’s dive into the greenery.

Here is a list of the Ten Most expensive Plants.

Bless your eyes by knowing about them.
◑ Juliet Rose
◑ Shenzhen Nongke Orchid
◑ Gold Of Kinabalu Orchid
◑ Saffron Crocus
◑ Variegated Philodendron Minima
◑ Hoya Carnosa Compacta
◑ Semper Augustus Tulip
◑ Variegated Monstera Deliciosa Albo
◑ Monstera Obliqua
◑ Half-moon Philodendron Pink Princess
Now let’s have a complete discussion about them.

Half-moon Philodendron Pink Princess

Value: $1,299
Half-moon Philodendron Pink Princess
Half-moon philodendron pink princess is a perennial climber that belongs to the family Araceae. This stunning pinkish houseplant is being loved by plant Influencers a lot since 2019.
This plant has large waxy dark green leaves with crescent-shaped pink blotches. This unique color combination makes this plant identical. The pink princess can grow up to 2′-4′ long. Sometimes the stems are also stained with variegated pink color.
This plant does not require a lot of attention to grow. It is an easy-to-care plant. People who grow this plant mainly want solid pink leaves, for this maximum coloration needs to provide good light.
As a vining plant, it grows nicely in pots or in hanging baskets.
The half-moon philodendron pink princess named as “Must-Have Plant of 2019”
Along with the overwhelming popularity, its price also increasing.

Monstera Obliqua

Value: $3,000
Monstera Obliqua
Monstera obliqua is a pretty little climbing aroid. It is one of the rarest and highly demanded ones among all monstera species.
The main attractive thing that captured the heart of green lovers is its extremely fenestrated leaves that look like fabric lace.
These dark green leaves can grow up to 10-25 cm in size. Leaves are super smooth and full of holes. Sometimes there is more hole than leaf, large holes demolish the leaf frame and give a wavy appearance.
Generally, Monstera obliqua grows only a few meters long. This little beauty is so sensitive and requires proper management to grow healthy.
This unicorn plant is definitely not for everybody, if anyone is ready to pay $3,000 then okay.

Variegated Monstera Deliciosa Albo

Value: $5,000
Variegated Monstera Deliciosa Albo
Variegated Monstera Deliciosa Albo is another striking kiddy of the genus Monstera, also known as “Split-Leaf Philodendron”.
This luscious, exotic indoor plant get viral in 2020 after being featured on many plant blogs and vlogs.
Though it doesn’t have a beautiful bloom or not even any pleasant fragrant, its highly diversified foliage mesmerized people’s eyes. These large heart-shaped leaves are so variegated that you won’t find any duplicate leaf within them. Some are fully white, whereas some are evenly painted with dark green and creamy white or some have white blotches on green leaf.
This plant is not that easy to maintain. They require more sunlight as the white portion of the leaf is lack of chlorophyll, they also need regular watering with proper drainage and high humidity.
As variegation in plants is rare to find they must be expensive, so it is. Right now Variegated-Albo costs $5,000

Semper Augustus Tulip

Value: $5,700
Semper Augustus Tulip
Semper Augustus was the most expensive and desirable tulip bulb during The Tulipmania, in the 17th century. It was the time when European people insanely obsessed with tulips.
This botanical luxury is still remarkable for its unique hue. It was a striped, multicolored flower rather than a single solid color.
Its snowy white petals with crimson red streaks give a flame-like appearance.
Astonishingly, this coloration occurred because of the infection of a tulip-breaking virus. That is why they also called Broken-Bulb Tulip.
Semper Augustus was the combination of beauty and rarity but unfortunately, it doesn’t exist today anymore. Even so, this delicate flower still admires as King Of Tulips.
It was priced 10,000 guilders(approximately $5,700) for a single bulb at that time. So pricey!

Hoya Carnosa Compacta

Value: $6,500
Hoya Carnosa Compacta
Hoya Carnosa Compacta Commonly known as Hindu rope plant belonging to the family Apocynaceae. Because of its tightly packed and contorted leafy vine, it seemed to resemble thick ropes.
This semi-succulent twiner looks so delightfully perfect with its fleshy, twisted, wavy foliage. These leaves are solid dark green in color and always glossy.
Carnosa Compacta produces numerous round balls of clustered flowers. Each cluster contains 30 to 50 small, star-shaped bloom. Flowers are creamy white or pale pink in color, sweet-smelling, and have a smooth waxy appearance.
Without any doubt, this bewitching vine is easy to care for and looks pretty good on shelves or hanging pots.

Variegated Philodendron Minima

Value: $8,150
Variegated Philodendron Minima
Philodendrons are well-known for their peculiar split foliage. Variegated philodendron minima is one of them. But this one is extremely rare in nature because of its stunning yellow variegation on the leaf.
This plant has deeply lobed shiny leaves with inexpressibly pleasing half and half variegation on them. One side splotched with a smooth yellowish hue and the other side with a light green hue.
Variegated minima needs enough attention to grow as this one is sensitive than the non-variegated species.
It requires well-drained soil, indirect sunlight, and balanced humidity to grow perfectly.
Surely, Variegated Philodendron Minima is a satisfying one that plant lovers would love to keep in their collection.

Saffron Crocus

Value: $1,500(per pound)
Saffron Crocus
We all heard about saffron, the priciest spice in the world, right? Do you know from where it comes? Okay, let me tell you.
Basically, saffron is the stamen of the flower Saffron Crocus.
Saffron crocus is a small, lilac or white autumn blooming flower. Its golden orange or red-colored stamen is removed after the flower blooms. Then dries out and used as an organic dye, organic flavor, seasoning, or for other purposes.
Around 4,000 flowers need to make only one ounce of saffron. Growing saffron plant means huge luxury.

Gold Of Kinabalu Orchid

Value: 6,000(per stem)
Gold Of Kinabalu Orchid
Gold Of Kinabalu Orchid or Rothchild’s Slipper Orchid is an endangered species belonging to the family orchidaceae. Kinabalu orchid is also extremely rare in nature and now this living beauty is protected by the Malaysian Government. It found only in Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia.
It prefers to grow beside running stream, hill cliff. It has a long,sub-erect,yellowish-green leaf and pubescent inflorescence with large showy bloom. All at once, its pale green to creamy-yellow or red-colored petals with dark purple strip or dots looks like a flying aphid.
This stunningly beautiful orchid is too hard to grow even it takes 15 years to bloom.
However, currently, this endangered orchid is not allowed to sell openly.

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

Value: $226,301.92
Shenzhen Nongke Orchid
Undoubtedly, Shenzhen Nongke Orchid is the most valued one. In 2005, it was first displayed in China and auctioned for 1.6million Yuan ( nearly $226,301.92).
You will be astonished to know that this orchid is not a naturally growing species. It took 8 years of an experiment to grow this cultivar. After a long attempt in 2005, Chinese agricultural scientists developed this new breed in Shenzhen Nongke University, China.
These elegant and super fragrant flowers bloom once in 4 to 5 years. Moreover, this orchid is quite difficult to collect.

Juliet Rose

Value: $15.8 million
Juliet Rose
Roses are highly admired by people across the world because of their beauty and variety. But the Juliet rose is something divine, it has won the heart of rose lovers and trumps them all.
To create this unreal breed it took David Austin almost 15 years of hard work. In 2006, it was first exhibited at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show by rosarian David Austin.
The flower has glowing apricot color petals and petals are neatly arranged in the heart of the flower. It looks ethereal when fully opens and spreads an elegant strong tea rose fragrance.
The first breed was priced at $15.8 million. Whatever the cost is, this flower will surely satisfy your heart.
Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the rarest plant in the world?

There are so many rare plants in the world. Some plants are rare by born whereas some became rare because of biodiversity degradation.
Here I am providing the name of some rarest plant in the world.
~Dragon’s Blood Tree:
Dracaena cinnabari is a rare endemic species found only in the Socotra Island, Coast of Yemen.
The Socotra Archipelago is commonly known as the “Galapagos of the Middle-East” and approximately 37% of its native plant species found nowhere else in the world.
Because of its bizarre umbrella shape, it looks like a green mushroom in a stony desert. This tree produces vermilion sap- for that it is mostly called Dragon’s Blood Tree.
~Suicide Palm:
Tahina spectabilis commonly known as suicide plam because of its monocarpic habit, means this plant blooms only once in its whole life and after flowering, it dies completely.
In 2005, this towering palm tree was discovered by a cashew nut cultivator in Madagascar Island.
This unique palm is extremely rare in nature and found only in remote parts of Madagascar.
~Erysimum menziesii:
Erysimum menziesii is a biannual or perennial herb that belongs to the mustard family brassicaceae.
This wallflower is endemic to Northern and Central California and found only in beach sand dune areas of Humboldt, Monterey & Mendocino.
Menziesii is a pretty little plant and rarely grows more than 15 cm. It has thick, straight, dark green leaf and on the top of each stem it holds a cluster of fairy yellow blooms.
~Middlemist Red:
Middlemist red is a pretty red colored camellia apparently looks like a bloomy red rose.
Around 200 years ago middlemist Red was so abundantly found in nature but today it has become completely disappeared from the wild.
This plant was native to China. Presently it conserved only in two places, a Botanical Garden in New Zealand and in the Chiswick House Gardens in London.
~Pennantia baylisiana:
Pennantia baylisiana familiar as Kaikomako Manawa Tawhi is the world’s loneliest plant belongs to the family Pennantiacea.
This multi-trunked shrub or small tree bears broad, curly, glossy green leaves.
Sad thing is, kaikomako has almost become extinct in the wild.
There is only a single surviving plant in the Three Kings Islands, coast of New Zealand.

What is the most expensive house plant?

People are crazy about houseplants. Decorating house with unusual and beautiful plants has become a trend nowadays. Everyone wants to own their own exotic plant.
Some houseplants are extremely rare in nature, some are difficult to collect, some are hard to breed and propagate and obviously, all are so perfectly beautiful, these factors are carrying out the exorbitant price of them.
Both the genus philodendron and Monstera are well-known for their highly diversified species. Including the striking beauty, some become pretty expensive too.
Among all, Monstera adansonii variegata is the hyped one. This variegated species is extremely rare in wild. It is a climbing or trailing plant with fenestrated leaves. These leaves are not normal solid green colored, they are plane dark-green with creamy white variegation.
What is the most expensive house plant?
Recently this exceptionally polished plant was sold for $38,000 on eBay.

What is the rarest house plant?

It is quite hard to pick one name. However, here I’m mentioning the name of some rarest houseplant.
Adenium obesum widely known as Desert Rose is native to Africa, Asia, and Tanzania desert region.
This is an evergreen succulent shrub or small tree with bewitching red or pink flowers.Leaves are arranged spirally and clustered towards the swollen stem tip.
Desert rose produces poisonous sap.
Philodendron Melanochrysum commonly known as Black Gold Philodendron is famous for its big heart-shaped dark-green foliage.
Gradually, Its large leaves start out pink with a velvety texture. Melanochrysum prefers higher humidity to grow well.
Because of Crassula Umbella’s oddly cup-shaped leaves, it is often called Wine Cup Plant.
This fascinating pretty little succulent is difficult to find in nature. Its stems are unbranched, erect and the glossy green leaves are fused together at the tip of each stem.
It produces adorable red to yellowish flower.
Anthurium Veitchii is another striking beauty of the Araceae family. This epiphytic plant captured the heart of plant lovers by its large, pendulous, ruffled leaves.
The king Anthurium is extremely rare in the wild and endemic to the South American Rainforests of Columbia.
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