13 Most Expensive Ovens (With Pictures)

If you are a food lover and have a deep affection for cooking on occasions, you must worry about the nuisance of the kitchen. Cooking seems to be troublesome to many men. So, an oven, in this case, can be an essential option to avoid unsought inconvenience in the kitchen.
The oven is a marvelous kitchen appliance as it is much more auspicious in lessening your unease while cooking. There are different types of ovens such as wall ovens and microwaves. You can choose your preferred one regarding your choice, and, of course, budget.
La Cornue's Chateau line
However, so many ovens in the market are very expensive, and the price is somewhat ridiculous. These ovens demand such a huge amount of money on account of their high-end characteristics.

While a normal oven is capable of delivering typical cooking service, these expensive ovens can offer unimaginable benefits. They come with smart and improved technology, provide easy cooking, lessen times, and make the dish delicious.

However, among the most expensive ovens around the world, some of them are illustrated in this article. So, go through the lines and be surprised at knowing their ins and out. Let’s move-


The list of the top 13 most expensive Ovens in the world:

13. GE Single Gas Wall Oven – $1,800
12. LG Single Electric Wall Oven – $1,800
11. KitchenAid Single Electric Wall Oven – $2,250
10. GE Profile Smart Electric Wall Oven – $2,700
9. GE Double Electric Oven with Microwave – $2,900
8. Cafe Smart Double Wall Oven – $3,600
7. Cafe Smart French-Door Wall Oven – $4,100
6. La Cornue Rotisserie – $10,000
5. ILVE’s M90FDMP Freestanding Cooker – $11,100
4. Wolf M-Series Professional Single Oven – $14,000
3. Gaggenau 400 Series BS48 Combi-steam Oven – $15,000
2. Molteni Ovens – $30,000 – $226,000
1. La Cornue’s Chateau line – $170,000 – $500,000
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Let’s get into the details of the top 13 most expensive ovens in the world

GE Single Gas Wall Oven

Price: $1,800
GE Single Gas Wall Oven
Providing a standard cooking process, GE Single Gas is an excellent Wall oven particularly run by natural gas. But, a converted LP gas with a conversion kit that is found in the market can also be used to operate the oven. With a space of 24 inches, the oven is capacious and fits your kitchen perfectly.
The oven contains two adjustable racks where you can accommodate your baking and roasting necessities fairly. Besides, there is a bottom storage drawer to keep your broiler pan.
Moreover, the electronic touchpads confirm the security as you do not have to touch any knobs or buttons.
In particular, GE Single Gas Wall Oven is a self-cleaning one. For this reason, this one is a preferable oven to the maximum number of chefs. Plus, the oven looks pretty with a simple outline including a frameless design.
However, regarding the cost, GE Single Gas Wall Oven is an expensive one. This oven will cost you almost $1,800.

LG Single Electric Wall Oven

Price: $1,800
LG Single Electric Wall Oven
Then, it is the LG Electronics Single Electric Wall Oven that follows the list. Bigger than the previous one, it provides 30 inches of space inside the oven. Due to faultless control, it is effortless to regulate. This one is operated with electricity.
Besides, this one is one of the greatest ovens in terms of providing a convection cooking process. It conveys two convection modes and there is a fan that circulates the hot air inside the oven. As a result, foods broil quicker in short order.
Moreover, the oven comes with the necessary instruments and instructions for the beginner. So, anyone can adjust the oven with an incompetent hand. In cleaning the oven, the process is very simple and one can complete the task within just 10 minutes.
When it comes to the cost, this one offers almost the same price as the previous one. It is sold for more than $1,800.

KitchenAid Single Electric Wall Oven

Price: $2,250
KitchenAid Single Electric Wall Oven
Another electric wall oven, KitchenAid also provides a cooking process of convection. So, whatever you keep inside it, the food is cooked quite early and evenly and the taste is, of course, faultless. And that is why this oven remains on the list of choices of most chefs.
KitchenAid Single Electric Wall Oven releases a large cooking area with five cubic feet. As a result, you can cook several items at a time. Plus, it has a temperature probe. So, you can fix the temperature without opening the door according to your need as a particular dish requires a specific temperature.
This beautiful oven is also a self-cleaning one and on account of this, it is adjuvant. Appearing with a glass lock display, it looks pretty enough and suits your kitchen harmoniously.
Taking every specialty into consideration, the price of this oven is somewhat exorbitant. If you want to buy this, you need to pour out 2,250 dollars.

GE Profile Smart Electric Wall Oven

Price: $2,700
GE Profile Smart Electric Wall Oven
GE Profile Smart Electric Wall Oven is also run by electricity and its cooking system is convection based. It is a highly technological wall oven that arrives with hands-free convenience.
The most wonderful technology of GE Smart Electric Wall Oven is its voice control assistant which works with the help of a WiFi system. So, you can control it with voice command and think about how it can be convenient because of this feature. Moreover, to operate the oven, an app is also authorized by the company to the users.
There is no preheat option in the oven. Thus, it accomplishes your cooking faster and saves your time. Besides all of these, the oven comes with outstanding touch screen control making the operating system more favorable.
However, the price tag of this oven is stunning. Because of its high-end technology and attributes, it goes for more than $2,700.

GE Double Electric Oven with Microwave

Price: $3,000
GE Double Electric Oven with Microwave
An oven with a microwave, GE Double Electric, features such a remarkable aspect. Offering a standard cooking process, this one is a spacious oven with 4.3 cubic feet of room.
The oven looks very professional owing to different practical characteristics and multi-functional efficiency.
Moreover, GE Double Electric Oven has a 10-pass bake component for instant baking and an 8-pass broil element for faster cooking.
More than that, it allows a steam clean option by which you can easily clean your oven. Plus, the oven includes high-end racks for containing dishes.
In addition, the microwave of this oven is a fantastic attachment for extra convenience. It heats the food in a short time and regulates the temperature with the help of a sensor system and power levels.
Overall, GE Double Electric Oven with Microwave is an incredible device for cooking. On account of stunning amenities, the price of the oven is also noteworthy. It is sold for more than $3,000.

Cafe Smart Double Wall Oven

Price: $3,600
Cafe Smart Double Wall Oven
Thereafter, it is the Cafe Smart Double Wall Oven that takes place in the next position of the list. As it is a double oven, you can choose the preferable one for cooking food. Besides, this oven is a huge one that comes with almost 10 cubic feet in a double oven.
This oven is a piece of smart technology. You can control it with the help of a smartphone or Google Assistant. An LCD is also here to provide you trouble-free access as you can observe your cooking dish while heating.
Moreover, it carries a built-in crisping mode that will help you to prepare numerous food items like the restaurant environment including chicken nuggets, fries, and so on.
Particularly, smooth-gliding rolling racks of the oven let you have easy access as they are customizable according to your needs. When it comes to cleaning, the oven has a self-cleaning option. So, you don’t have to feel worried while it requires cleanliness.
So, concerning every particular feature, Cafe Smart Double Wall Oven demands an excessive price tag. To have this, you must spend $3,600 fairly.

Cafe Smart French-Door Wall Oven

Price: $4,100
Cafe Smart French-Door Wall Oven
Now, this is another Cafe Smart Wall oven that appears with a single stove and French Doors expedience. Again, this one features some wonderful modern technologies for which it is quite appreciated.
Mentioning the features, its delay bake and start, and gliding racks are highly noteworthy. In particular, this smart oven is more compatible as it has Bluetooth access and smartphone assistance. As a result, it can be a better option for you if you are looking forward to getting a trouble-saving oven.
Thereafter, the most remarkable landmark of this oven is its French doors. These doors come with a fantastic appearance and look sleek and mellifluous. There is a digital display panel and large windows over the doors to observe your dishes and avoid unusual casualty.
Cafe Smart French-Door Wall Oven is also a capacious one having five cubic feet of space. It is another convection-based oven. And it also has a self-cleaning function to reduce your messes.
However, the price of the Cafe Smart French-Door Wall Oven is superfluous. It goes for nearly $4,100 and sometimes more than that. Thus, this is one of the most luxurious ovens in the world.

La Cornue Rotisserie

Price: $10,000
La Cornue Rotisserie
La Cornue is an aged-old French company that has been manufacturing different household appliances since 1908. In course of time, its materials are worldwide and popular.
However, La Cornue Rotisserie is one of the greatest ovens of the company for roasting meat. Whoever wants to have a heavenly taste of meat at home, this one is only for him. It comes with some top-class landmarks which are worth mentioning.
The Rotisserie oven has two rotisserie spits along with an exact tray. That is why one can roast different dishes at the same time, and this advantage will lessen your cooking time. As the oven has a heat circulation control, it allows the cook to roast whatever he likes.
In terms of the cost, La Cornue Rotisserie claims an obsessive amount of money. The oven is available at $10,000.

ILVE’s Majestic Freestanding Cooker

Price: $12,000
ILVE’s Majestic Freestanding Cooker
Thereafter, the next one is the M90FDMP Freestanding Cooker. It is produced by ILVE which is an Italian brand, and one of the most popular freestanding oven makers in the world.
This brand has experience of 60 years of producing handmade ovens with extraordinary qualities.
Regarding the features of the oven, it is a versatile one. The whole oven can be separated and again pulled together. Every part of the oven is flexible and so customizable.
Moreover, it is available in different colors and comes with brass, chrome, or bronze fittings. The sizes are also different.
The cooking process of the Majestic Freestanding Cooker is primarily gas. It is controllable with a control panel and there are catalytic oven liners for Self-cleaning.
Moreover, the oven provides a large cooking space. It also includes an Electronic programmable timer, Cool touch athermic door handle, door cooling fan, Triple door glazing, Storage and warming drawer, Deeply recessed spill trays, and so on.
In terms of price, it is another expensive oven in the world. Because of its intelligent expedience, it costs more than $12,000 fairly.

Wolf M-Series Professional Single Oven

Price: $14,000
Wolf M-Series Professional Single Oven
One of the most distinguished cooking equipment builders, Wolf is a USA-based brand. It has been making kitchen appliances for more than 80 years. And because of its high-end quality and satisfactory products, prestigious people of the world choose the brand.
Even, Wolf products occupy their places at Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Bloomberg Tower in London, etc.
In consequence, the Wolf M-Series Professional Single oven is a splendid offspring of the brand. It involves a Dual VertiCross system for which this oven is simply mind-blowing.
Its dual convection process is more precocious and it enables the oven to heat earlier and faster. It accomplishes difficult dishes with its exceptional guesswork.
Another noteworthy feature of the oven is its 50 presets for controlling the device automatically. Hence, it delivers a trouble-free cooking experience.
On account of multiple options, it indulges to circulate the right temperature, adjusts rack positions, and maintains proper cooking mode.
However, its cost is also unprecedented for the outstanding privileges. Whoever has the desire to get this oven must offer almost $14,000.

Gaggenau 400 Series BS48 Combi-steam Oven

Price: $15,000
Gaggenau 400 Series BS48 Combi-steam Oven
Gaggenau is the most ancient brand on this list. It is a German brand that was established in 1683 and from that time, it has been innovating world-popular domestic and kitchen appliances.
Gaggenau BS48 Combi-steam is one of the most recent ovens brought out in 2015 following their 400 series.
The most outstanding landmark of this oven is its five humidity levels. For this reason, the oven is capable of working wonderfully. It can heat with the necessary temperature and create up to 230°C on condition.
Moreover, it affords some control systems including an automatic shut-off system and door opening for undisturbed access. Besides, it contains new Timer functions to estimate cooking time and cooking time end, as well as a stopwatch.
This Combi-steam is a multifunctional oven with 13 particular functions. Being a capacious oven, it provides four rack levels. Again, it is helpful with its automatic cleaning system to reduce the extra nuisance of the cook.
Regarding several characteristics, Gaggenau 400 Series BS48 Combi-steam Oven asserts a significant amount of money. It is sold at nearly $15,000.

Molteni Ovens

Price: $30,000 – $226,000
Molteni Ovens
Now, the second most expensive oven in the world is the Molteni Oven. This French origin brand is well renowned for magnificent kitchen accessories which are very unique and uncommon. World-famous Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie also own Molteni ovens for their home.
Molteni Ovens are produced from the highest materials such as cast iron, brass, stainless steel, and enamel. They fluctuate in their options as it includes rotisseries, gas or electric induction plates, electric solid top, vacuum sealers, and special grills. Almost all the ovens of Molteni take more than 500 hours of labor to be produced.
Taking multiple features into consideration, Molteni Ovens are sometimes called the Rolls Royce of Ovens. They are classics, functional and fantastic. They combine all the qualities of other ovens and for this reason, you will find every convenience you are looking for by using Molteni ovens.
So, Molteni Ovens vary in their prices regarding their sizes, shapes, qualities, and various characteristics. The price ranges from $30,000 and goes up to $226,000 respectively.

La Cornue’s Chateau line

Price: $170,000 – $500,000
La Cornue's Chateau line
And finally, the most expensive oven on the planet is the La Cornue Chateau Line oven. A French-origin luxurious brand, La Cornue is always the best for hand-made housewares and it is a symbol of aristocracy. Consequent upon the productions, the Chateau line is a masterpiece and the crown jewel of the company.
The Chateau series comes in different sizes and colors. And they are highly customizable according to your requirements.
Consequently, it is an excellent offspring of the series. Every point of the oven is affluent with powerful attributes as it has become very unique and gorgeous.
In particular, it is a two-vaulted oven. While one is operated with gas, the other is electric. Two large hotplates are provided and so different dishes can be cooked at the same time. Besides, all other fundamental factors are included to deliver healthy amenities.
The most exclusive aspect of the Chateau is its heavy-duty brass burners. For this reason, it can reach more than 30,000 BTUs without creating any damage which you would with aluminum ovens.
The price of the Chateau Line is different. It starts from $170,000. And the maximum price of one oven is $500,000. This exorbitant price tag is truly ridiculous.
Final Words:
In conclusion, these ovens are not only expensive but also quite impressive because of their exceptional quality. Appearing with first-class features, they fit your kitchen fairly. Accordingly, you can rely upon one of them on account of your condition and budget.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it worth buying an expensive oven?

On examining several things, an expensive oven is worth its money. If you have an expensive oven that means you will get more convenience from it.
In most cases, a costly oven provides a satisfactory cooking experience. It comes with smart organs that make your cooking easier, faster, and smoother.
Moreover, handsome technology is also included in the expensive one. So, taking every characteristic into mind, an expensive oven is worthy of remark.

What’s the difference between expensive and cheap ovens?

If you are looking forward to buying an oven, you will notice that some ovens are accessible at only $50, and some over $2,000. Thus, some ovens are quite cheap and some very expensive.
There are few factors for which the price of an oven becomes different. First of all, the technology of the oven matters in the case of their worth. The expensive oven has a more advanced technological system than the cheap one.
Again, the capacity, power, features, sizes, construction materials, brand name are also some other differences between the cheap and expensive ovens.

What is the best brand for ovens?

It is always difficult to mention only one as the best. As various high-end brands throughout the world produce wonderful ovens as well other necessary domestic appliances.
Consequently, it is also tough to find out the best brand for ovens. Nevertheless, it can be said that Panasonic is the best brand for microwave ovens.
Although Le Cornue is the most expensive brand, it is not for all types of consumers. Rather, only a few chosen people can afford the high cost of ovens. In this case, Panasonic offers some masterpiece ovens at an affordable budget. And they are also prolific in terms of modern technology.

Who makes the best high-end kitchen appliances?

Kitchen appliances are always in demand because of their everyday necessity. For this reason, the brands which produce household and kitchen appliances are quite flourishing. They make every necessary appliance including freeze, washer, dryer, ovens, racks, and so on.
Nowadays, on account of several factors like market value, demands, and product quality, Whirlpool is considered the best for manufacturing high-end and smart kitchen appliances. It has been positioning top places in the market for several years as producing reliable accessories.

Therefore, the brand has gained a noticeable appreciation from the consumers for making top-class products.

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