12 Most Expensive Nike Shoes In The World (With Pictures)

Whenever thinking or talking about shoe brands the very first name that pricks into our minds is Nike, Inc. However, apart from shoes Nike also produces other sports equipment.
Nike has always been in the limelight in the world of sports since its birth. In the matter of shoes, the company has always been focusing on quality, longevity, performance, comfort, and public demand.
Besides, the branding strategy of Nike is quite interesting. To grab public attention Nike makes the high profile athletes wear their shoes in return for a big amount of money. Watching their favorite icon wearing the brand’s shoes, people start purchasing them no matter how pricey the sneakers are.
Today, In this piece of writing we are going to share with you some of the most expensive Nike shoes in the world that are really not meant for common people. Some of the shoes are definitely going to make you think how such cheap and worn-out shoes can be so overpriced. Are they even worth it?
Actually, it is not the products themselves but the popular faces, putting on the shoes, that contribute more to the pricing.
Without any further ado let get into the article-

Have a quick view of the most expensive NIKE shoes below:

12. Zach Myers’ Attention Attention
11. Nike SB Dunk High “FLOM”
10. Big Boi’s Nike Air Force1 Sneakers
9. Nike SB Dunk Low “Paris”
8. Air Jordan silver shoes
7. Back to the Future Shoe
6. Kanye’s Nike Air Yeezy
5. Nike Air Jordan 12
4. Diamond Studded Nikes
3. Nike 1972 “Moon Shoes”
2. Michael Jordan’s record-breaking shoes
1. OVO x Air Jordan golden shoes

Zach Myers’ Attention Attention

Value: $35,000
Zach Myers’ Attention Attention
Shinedown is an America-based rock band and the Attention Attention is the sixth studio album of the band that was released in 2018.
In celebration of their new album “Attention Attention” release, the band received a pair of Air Jordan 1 which was created in accordance with the album.
It was Zach Myers, the lead guitarist, who first revealed this Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG.
The shoes feature premium leather with a black, yellow, and white color scheme. On the heels, there were the exclamation marks of the album’s cover.
Only 23 pairs were released for friends and family. The shoes were not made available for the public.

Nike SB Dunk High “FLOM”

Value: $35,000
Nike SB Dunk High “FLOM”
The Nike SB Dunk High “FLOM” is currently one of the most expensive Nike SB shoes. They were designed by Leonard Hilton McGurr aka Futura. Futura created only 24 pairs most probably in 2004 or 2005 for the opening of his Fukuoka store. Out of 24 pairs, he sold 3 pairs in Hong Kong and kept the remaining 21 pairs for his friends and family.
The shoes feature white swoosh and leather trim of brown color. Besides, it has a unique design featuring different currencies of different countries across the globe.

Big Boi’s Nike Air Force1 Sneakers

Nike SB Dunk High “FLOM”
Antwan André Patton aka Big Boi is an American rapper who is the owner of this stunning pair. The sneakers contain 13K champagne diamonds and gold. Collaborated with P&C Diamonds, Ernel Dawkins of sneaker boutique Laced Up fixed the pearls to the shoes. The pair fetched a cool $50,000, but the rapper did not have to bear the cost.

Nike SB Dunk Low “Paris”

Value: $51,950
Nike SB Dunk Low “Paris”
At present, this pair is so far the most expensive Nike SB shoes on the market.
The shoes were particularly made for the “White Dunk”. White Dunk is an art exhibition which was presented in collab with Nike. On 1st March 2002, about 202 pairs were released. Each pair is unique and features the artwork of Bernard Buffet who was a French painter.
Unfortunately, the sneakers were not released at the exhibition because a large number of people were waiting and trying to get a pair. Later they were sold from a few stores in Paris, and Opium and Colette were among them. You won’t believe people had to wait several days to make a pair their own!!
In 2020 the shoes were sold for $51,950 on StockX.

Air Jordan silver shoes

Value: $60,000
Air Jordan silver shoes
The next most expensive Nike Shoes are the magnificent Silver Shoes of Air Jordan. If you don’t know let me inform you that Air Jordan is the subsidiary brand of Nike.
The cutest thing is that Michael Jordan himself got the Air Jordan silver shoes as a gift on his 32nd birthday. It was his wife who gave him the pair. The original model was manufactured with sterling silver which was handcrafted.
When the shoes were introduced only 10 pairs were released. Later a pair was auctioned off by a seller called ‘eaglesbyfly’ that fetched $60,000. It was the shoes’ unique design, Jordan’s signature on them, and the limited release of the shoes that add more value to them.
The other versions of the sneakers were kept at Jordan’s restaurant, at a golf course where MJ used to play, and at the Chicago Science Museum.

Back to the Future Shoe

Value: $92,100
Back to the Future Shoe
Michael J Fox, a Canadian-American actor, wore this shoe in the sequel ‘Back to the Future’. According to the information collected from the BBC news website, recently in 2018, only a single shoe has been sold for $92,100, and the shoe was of the left foot. It was said that the money would be used for Parkinson’s research.
The most astonishing feature of the shoe is its power lace. Apart from this, it has a sole of blue-flecked foam and LED lights in the heel part. On the strap, there is a glowing logo of Nike.

Kanye’s Nike Air Yeezy

Value: $100,000
Kanye’s Nike Air Yeezy 
First of all, let me inform you that Yeezy is another name of the famous American rapper Kanye West. So we can easily guess that the shoes are directly connected with Kanye West.
Well, On 10 February 2008 the rapper first turned up with these shoes during his performance on the Grammys stage. There the sneakers catch the attention of shoe lovers.
Later, In 2009 the Air Yeezy was officially released in 3 colorways which were quite different from those of the original version.
In 2017, being sold at 100,000 dollars, it became one of the most expensive Nike shoes.

Nike Air Jordan 12

Value: $104,765
Nike Air Jordan 12 is also known as ‘Flu Game Shoes’. The shoes were worn by the famous basketball player Michael Jeffrey Jordan aka MJ at a match between Utah and Chicago. It was the final NBA match that took place in 1997.
Nike Air Jordan 12
Why is the pair called Flu Game Shoes?
Well, during the match MJ was suffering from dehydration and exhaustion; and all the symptoms were pointing towards having flu. Despite having ill-health, Mj played the match wearing these shoes; and from there the pair got its name.
After the game, MJ gave the shoes to a former ball boy named Preston Truman as a gift.
Later, Preston auctioned the pair off. It was at the Grey Flannel Auctions where the sneakers fetched $104,765.

Diamond Studded Nikes

Price: $218,000
Diamond Studded Nikes
Luisa Di Marco, a famous designer, designed these shoes for Nike. The renowned football player John Terry put the pair on which made them more expensive. Apart from the fact, there is another thing which adds more value to the shoes. That is these most expensive Nike shoes are encrusted with 7,444 diamonds. Besides, there are sapphires, black diamonds, and gold in white.

Nike 1972 “Moon Shoes”

Price: $437,500
The pair that holds third place in the queue of the most expensive Nike shoes is the “Moon Shoes”.
Bill Bowerman, the co-founder of Nike, created the ‘Moon Shoes’ back in 1972. The sole of this pair was made by drawing inspiration from the waffle iron of Bowerman’s wife.
Nike 1972 “Moon Shoes”
Bill Bowerman made the shoes to be worn in the Olympic Trials held in the same year the pair was created.
You might be wondering why the pair is called the Moon Shoes.
Well, while being put on, the shoes left marks on the ground which seemed very similar to that of the astronaut’s moon print. That is why it was named the “Moon Shoes”.
Sotheby’s auctioned the shoes with the other 100 sneakers where the pair alone fetched $437,500. But the estimated value was only between $110,000 and $160,000.
Miles Nadal was the name of the purchaser. The owner kept the shoes in his museum for exhibition.

Michael Jordan’s record-breaking shoes

Value: $615,000
Michael Jordan’s record-breaking shoes
Michael Jordan aka MJ is a renowned former basketball player from America. Michael wore these Air Jordan 1 High shoes at an exhibition game held in Italy in 1985.
Recently, in 2020, Sotheby’s auctioned this pair online where it was sold for a whopping $615,000 which is 3 times more than the price being estimated. Sotheby’s keeps the purchaser’s name secret.
The most fascinating thing about the pair is that it comes with MJ’s autograph.

OVO x Air Jordan golden shoes

Value: $2 Million
OVO x Air Jordan golden shoes
Ok, these are not only the most expensive Nike shoes but also the most expensive shoes ever.
Rapper Drake collaborated with Nike and Jordan brands, made these custom-made golden shoes for himself. The sneakers were designed by famous artist Matthew Senna. They look more like statues than sneakers.
This pair is coated with 24k gold, each weighing 50lbs. They are not wearable.
Frequently Asked Questions:

☛ Why are Nike shoes the best?

When Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight founded Nike in 1964, the company was named “Blue Ribbon Sports”, and it became “Nike Inc” in 1971.
NIKE, Inc is an American multinational corporation that manufactures sports equipment viz athletic shoes, apparel, etc. Adidas, Under Armour, and Puma are the major competitors of Nike. All the brands produce high-quality products. Every brand is best in its own way.
But Nike always applies some strategies to be in the limelight. And surprisingly it always succeeds in gaining public attention more than the other companies.
Nike is always in the pursuit of being innovative with the evolution of their shoes. The company embraces new materials and technologies to make their shoes lighter, well built, and sturdier for example Flyknit.
Moreover, Nike has innovated a shoe named Nike Air Vapormax that has airbags in the replacement of foams. They further developed a shoe that can be connected to an i-pod through which you can trace the pace and distance of the user.
Well, according to me, Nike always does not produce the best footwear. Actually, it is the brand’s fame not the product that forces people to give a try of their products.
However, according to BBB (Better Business Bureau) Nike has an A+ grade. In 2017 its brand value was $29.6 billion.

☛ What is Nike’s most popular shoe?

I am providing you a list of 10 of the most popular shoes of Nike:
• Nike Air Force 1
• Nike Air Max 1
• Nike Air Max 90
• Nike Air Max 95
• Nike Dunk
• Nike Blazer
• Nike Mag
• Nike SB Dunk
• Nike Cortez
• Nike Air Jordan 1

☛ What is the most expensive Nike air max?

At present, the most expensive Nike air max is the Air Max 90 Eminem Charity Series which is now available at ebay at $24,999. The shoes were designed and autographed by rapper Eminem himself.
After the Air Max 90 Eminem Charity Series we have:
• Friends & Family Air Max 1 “Master” – $9000
• Nike Air Max 1 Kid Robot( Hyperstrike) – $9000
• Air Max 1 “Powerwall ” in aluminum pink – $9000
• Air Max 90 Kaws Black Volt -above $3000
Hope you enjoy our writing on the world’s most expensive Nike Shoes.
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