10 Most expensive NFL Stadiums In The World (With Pictures)

In today’s world, the NFL or the National Football League is one of the most celebrated sports leagues that was founded in 1920. The NFL has millions of fan bases across the globe.
While some enjoy the matches live, staying in the stadium, some enjoy them from their home. It is a blessing for the people who watch the matches from their homes, as they do not have to spend any penny for that. But one can never deny that the pleasure we get watching a match sitting in the stadium is unparalleled to that of the feeling that we get watching them from home.
To enjoy a match from the stadium is sometimes very costly and expensive. Some NFL Stadiums cost a lot of money for a fan to enjoy a live game. The cost of ticket, parking, and food of such stadiums is highly excessive that may leave an NFL lover dumb.
But, why is the cost so expensive? The answer is that these stadiums are costly. On account of their location and other inevitable costs, their construction expenditure was skyscraping which makes them thus overpriced.

Here, we have enlisted the world’s top 10 most expensive NFL Stadiums:

10. Lincoln Financial Stadium – $650 million
9. Lucas Oil Stadium – $735 million
8. Soldier Field – $802 million
7. US Bank Stadium – $1.1 billion
6. Levi’s Stadium – $1.3 billion
5. AT & T Stadium – $1.48 billion
4. Mercedes-Benz Stadium – $1.6 billion
3. Metlife Stadium – $1.7 billion
2. Allegiant Stadium – $1.9 billion
1. SOFI Stadium – $5.5 billion

Lincoln Financial Stadium

Value: $650 million
Lincoln Financial Stadium 
Okay!! I’m starting with the least expensive NFL stadium on our list named the Lincoln Financial Stadium, situated in Philadelphia. This stadium is now used as the home ground of the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League. Moreover, Temple University’s Temple Owls Football teams also play in this stadium.
The Linc is the local name of this stadium. The capacity of Lincoln Financial is almost 69.000 people.
The construction of this arena was started in 2001 and after two years, it was opened for the public. The architects were NBBJ and Agoos Lovera. They spent $650 million to complete the construction of this stadium.

Lucas Oil Stadium 

Value: $735 million
Lucas Oil Stadium
Located in Indiana in the United States, Lucas Oil Stadium is one of the most expensive NFL stadiums in the world. This stadium is used as a multi-purpose venue including Indianapolis Colts, Super Bowl (XLVI), Monster Jam, and American Grand National Championships.
The authority of this stadium was HKS, A2so4 Architecture, and Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf. They started the construction in 2005. Spending $735 million, they set off this stadium for the public in 2008. Almost 70,000 spectators can enjoy a game sitting there.
An Oil Company, Lucas Oil purchased the ownership of this stadium for 20 years with a total of $121 million. For this reason, it is named after the company.

Soldier Field

Value: $802 million
Soldier Field 
Soldier Field is the oldest NFL stadium in the world. It was launched in 1924 and is situated in Chicago, America. In 2003, the stadium experienced a major renovation. And then it took almost $802 million for the construction cost.
This the most expensive NFL stadium regarding the cost of the viewers. The average cost of a single viewer is almost $350.
Having a seating capacity of more than 60,000, Soldier Field Stadium is the home ground of the Chicago Bears of the NFL. The stadium is a tribute to the American Soldiers who have sacrificed their lives in wars.
The architectures of this expensive stadium were famous engineering firms Holabird & Roche, Lohan Caprile Goettsch, and Wood + Zapata, Inc Architects.

US Bank Stadium

Value; $1.1 billion
US Bank Stadium
Another American Stadium, the US Bank Stadium is located in Minneapolis, America. It is the home ground for Minnesota Vikings. The Super Bowl Arena of 2018 was arranged in this stadium.
US Bank Stadium is one of the most modern Stadiums launched in 2016 after three years of construction. The building design is so exclusive that it is built with total translucent roof and wall panels. It holds the five largest pivoting doors of the world. The fan’s capacity of this stadium is 66,000.
Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority now owns the property of this stadium. It is deduced that it will be the host of the World Cup 2026.
This stadium is also an architectural illustration of HKS, Inc. The cost exceeds $1 billion and lies at $1.1 billion. Thus, it becomes one of the most expensive NFL stadiums in the world.

Levi’s Stadium

Value: $1.3 billion
Levi's Stadium
Another wonderful stadium, the Levi’s Stadium is situated at the Bay of San Francisco in Santa Clara, California. It is the ground of the San Francisco 49ers. It is also the host of the annual Redbox Bowl and the Pac-12 Championship football games. Moreover, there are some events held in this stadium including Super Bowl 50, the NHL stadium series of 2015, and WrestleMania 31.
The distinguished architectural company, HNTB designed this stadium. This stadium was initiated in 2014. Before the inauguration, Levi bought its naming right in 2013. The cost went for $1.3 billion to construct this expensive NFL Stadium.
It is an open stadium with a natural field. Because of the splendid design, it is one of the precocious stadiums in the United States. The capacity of holding people is 68,500. But on some special occasions, it can hold almost 80,000 people thoroughly.

AT&T Stadium 

Value: $1.48 billion
AT&T Stadium
Previously known as the Cowboys Stadium, AT&T Stadium is a $1.4 billion stadium located in Texas, United States. AT&T took the ownership of this arena for 25 years dealing with $500 million.
AT&T was launched in 2009 after taking 4 years of construction. In 2010, through the Cotton Bowl Classic, this stadium started its hosting. Now, the Dallas Cowboys hold this stadium as the home ground.
It is one of the biggest and largest stadiums in the world containing more than 100,000 people on particular occasions. However, 80,000 fans can sit accordingly during periodic events.
AT&T Stadium is noteworthy for its incredible design and exclusive luxuries. Per viewer, it takes almost $330. Therefore, the construction cost of this stadium is $1.48 billion. Famous Architectural firm HKS along with Blue Star Development and Jack Hill worked for this stadium.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Value: $1.6 billion
Mercedes-Benz Stadium
Sponsored by Mercedes and Constructed by HOK, Mercedes-Benz is one of the most technologically advanced NFL stadiums in the world. It was initiated in August 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Mercedes-Benz is a multi-purpose stadium. It is the host of Atlanta United FC and Atlanta Hawks. Besides, it hosts some other games like The Peach Bowl, SEC Championship, Super Bowl, Celebration Bowl, etc.
This stadium carries a marvelous and stylish technology. The architectural beauty has enhanced its reverence and given it excellent perfection. Its retractable roof is entirely outstanding and thus, has made it one of the most beautiful and expensive NFL stadiums.
Although its construction cost was estimated at $700 million, it was completed after spending $1.6 billion. Consequently, it becomes wholly luxurious. The Sponsorship of this stadium was sold to Mercedes costing nearly $900 million.

Metlife Stadium

Value: $1.7 billion
Metlife Stadium 
The third name in the list goes for Metlife Stadium. He who has visited Metlife stadium or has given a closer look at it can easily understand the luxury of this stadium. It took $1.7 billion as the construction cost. Enjoying a live match sitting in this stadium will take more than $300 per head.
Metlife Stadium began its journey in 2007 and after three years it started hosting in May 2010. Metlife owned the naming rights in 2011.
The location of Metlife Stadium is in East Rutherford, New Jersey of the United States. It is the home for the New York Giants and The New York Jets. Also, it executes many other event games such as Super Bowl, WrestleMania, International Soccer, etc.
The luxurious management of Metlife Stadium was manufactured by 360 architecture. Amongst them, Rockwell Group, Bruce Mau Design were the leading companies.
The stadium provides a huge expanse and seating capacity. Around 82,566 fans can enjoy live matches sitting there at a time. Thereafter, besides being the most expensive NFL stadiums, it is one of the largest stadiums as well.

Allegiant Stadium

Value: $1.9 billion
Allegiant Stadium
Allegiant Stadium secures second place on the list of the most expensive NFL stadiums in the world. It is another latest NFL stadium located in Las Vegas, Nevada of the United States.
The construction of this stadium started in November 2017 and was completed in July 2020. It is the host of Las Vegas Raiders who is struggling to get a home ground for them. Now, this stadium is their home ground. Besides the Las Vegas Raiders, the UNLV Rebels Football Team will also have the opportunity to host the stadium.
Furthermore, Allegiant Stadium is going to be the new host of several other game events. From them, the Pac-12 Football Championship, Las Vegas Bowl, Final Four, WrestleMania, Super Bowl, etc are prominent.
Allegiant Stadium is one of the latest and most advanced NFL Stadiums that carries out several unique technologies. The whole edifice of this stadium provides an outstanding view. Its retractable windows, roll-in glass, and more advanced features have given the stadium more attribution. On account of these features, the construction cost of Allegiant Stadium goes for $1.9 billion.
The amount of seats in this stadium is 65,000. Sometimes, it can be expandable to 72,000.

SoFi Stadium

Value: $5.5 billion
SoFi Stadium
The construction cost of the SoFi Stadium is just skyscraping. The figure is $5.5 billion. Can you believe it? Yes, this is the amount.
SoFi Stadium is situated in California, United States. It is inaugurated in September 2020, after a prolongation due to the Pandemic. The construction was started in 2016. SoFi has obtained its naming right in 2019 with a deal of 20 years ownership at $30 million costs per year.
SoFi stadium is the home ground of the Rams and the Chargers. It is also the host of many other international sports events including Super Bowl, WrestleMania, 2023 College Football National Championship, World Cup 2026, Summer Olympic 2028, etc.
The ground was designed by HKS. From several latest technologies of this stadium, the most stunning feature is its double-sided 4k video board which is known as the Oculus.
Furthermore, 70,000 seats are provided for the regular NFL games whereas it can be expandable to 100,000 during special events.
Frequently Asked Questions:

☛ Why are NFL Stadiums so expensive?

Every NFL Stadium has been constructed with a large amount of cost. There are different reasons for it.
NFL stadiums are manufactured with high technology and the latest architectural technique. Unique design and management take extra costing expenditure. Moreover, the labor of the workers is also another issue contributing to the huge expenses. The construction period may go for many years which is another reason for the stadium being so expensive.

☛ Who has the most expensive NFL stadiums?

It is very loud and clear that the United States has the most expensive stadiums in the world. Looking closely at our above list, it is evident that the US occupies most of the expensive stadiums. Even the most top stadium SoFi is also situated in the US.

☛ Why is SoFi Stadium so expensive?

As mentioned above, SoFi Stadium is the world’s most expensive NFL stadium. This California-based stadium took more than $5 billion as an investment.
The reasons behind this being the most expensive NFL stadium are many. Amongst them, the most striking aspect is that it has an Oculus video board which enables the audience to see the interior and exterior surfaces more vividly.
Besides, this oval-shaped stadium is constructed with numerous advanced technologies. It provides an open-air plaza and a theatre inside it. It is quite easy for 70,000 people to have seats to watch regular events and 100,000 people during special events.

☛ What is the least expensive NFL Stadium?

Besides innumerable expensive NFL Stadiums, there are some least expensive stadiums to enjoy a match at a sufficient cost of money. The Cincinnati Bengals Game at Paul Brown NFL Stadium is the least expensive stadium on the list.
This Stadium is named after Paul Brown who coached both Bengals and Browns. This stadium offers the cheapest cost for the spectators. The price of the ticket goes for $40. And the whole expenditure to enjoy a match is possible within $130.
Final Thought :
Finally, it is worth mentioning that NFL stadiums are really expensive. The latest technology and modern manufacturing technique have made these stadiums extraordinarily exorbitant. Enjoying a match sitting in these stadiums is entirely thrilling and exciting. The world’s prominent sports events are going to be held at these particular stadiums. Let’s spend a large sum of money and enjoy the matches from the arena.
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