Top 11 Most Expensive New Balance Shoes (With Pictures)

Founded by William J. Riley in 1906, New Balance is now one of the greatest sports footwear brands in America based in Massachusetts. It is even one of the most popular brands in the world.

New Balance designs and manufactures sports shoes as well as regular sneakers. It has introduced a line of luxurious shoes that are widely celebrated because of their magnificent features. These shoes are really unique, excellent, innovative, enduring, and long-lasting.

Now, In this article, I’ll be showcasing the 11 most expensive shoes that New Balance has ever produced. Some of these shoes are distinctly made by the brand itself, while others are collaboratively manufactured. Either way, they’re all incredibly stylish and definitely worth the price tag.

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So without further ado, let’s take a look at the most expensive New Balance shoes on the market today.

Most Expensive New Balance Shoes

11. New Balance 992 Kithmas Low top Sneakers – $1100

10. New Balance 550 Multicolor Sneakers – $1120 

9. New Balance v Casablanca 327 Sneakers – $1300

8. New Balance Bodega Sneakers – $1400

7. New Balance 992 Jjjjound Sneakers – $1450

6. New Balance Purple X Stray Rats 990 Sneakers – $1600

5. New Balance 990V2 Sneakers – $2060 

4. New Balance 997 Sneakers – $2390

3. New Balance X Packer Sneakers – $2400+ 

2. New Balance X Wtap Sneakers – $3000

1. New Balance M992 Sneaker – $3000+ 


New Balance 992 Kithmas Low top Sneakers

Price:- $1100The first one on my list is the Kithmas Low top Sneakers 992 which is one of the most popular creations of the brand. This pair of shoes was released in December 2020.

Ronnie Fleg, a well-known designer in New York, in collaboration with New Balance, designed these sneakers combining and reflecting different colors.

That is why it looks simply aesthetic and is available in multiple colors. Several logos are entrusted and embroidered in the shoes.

In terms of quality, this pair is really outstanding. Its sole is made of complete rubber and the outer is made of suede and fabric. It can be long-lasting.

Regarding price, it can cost ranging from $650 to more than $1100.

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New Balance 550 Multicolor Sneakers

Price:- $1120 

With the collaboration of Aime Leon Dore, New balance has brought out this pair of sneakers under the shadow of International Friendship Through Basketball. Since its appearance, it has gained worldwide popularity due to its fantastic design and outlines.

The sneakers are embellished with a combination of multiple colors including white, green, and yellow providing an excellent outlook. On the body of the sneakers, various logos and logo patches have increased the elegance.

Made from a composition of mesh, textile, leather, rubber, and fabric, these sneakers are genuinely strong, enduring, and durable. You can wear it for several years constantly.

However, its price is also expensive. It can range between $750 and $1120.

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New Balance v Casablanca 327 Sneakers

Price:– $1300

After the release of Casablanca, one of the most popular movies in history, New Balance stepped in to collaborate with the movie’s concept in order to release its new shoes. Consequently, it brought out this edition with a wonderful outlook.

Beautified with numerous color combinations, the shoes contain a logo on the left side. It also features a logo patch at the tongue, a round toe, a lace-up front fastening, branded heel, etc.

The sole of the sneakers is made of rubber and the outer side is made of leather and suede.

It is one of the most expensive pairs of shoes of the brand. Its price goes up to $1300 fairly.

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New Balance Bodega Sneakers

Price:- $1400

Another excellent pair of shoes introduced by New Balance is the Bodega sneakers. Adorned with fantastic features, these sneakers have become widely sought-after and one of the most hard-to-find products.

New Balance Bodega Sneakers are designed with different color compositions. It includes grey and purple suede and also adds white and blue.

Featuring a flat heel, a lace-up front fastening, a round toe, and a color block design, Bodega sneakers look aesthetically gorgeous.

In terms of price, it is accessible at almost $1400.

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New Balance M992 JJJJound Sneakers

Price:- $1450

This pair of shoes was introduced by New Balance in 2020 with the collaboration of a Montreal-based design studio, JJJJound. Actually, teaming up with this studio, New Balance has already brought out a few models of shoes.

However, this particular edition of sneakers is one of the most sophisticated shoes of the brand. Due to its aesthetic color composition and entrusted logos of the two groups, the sneakers provide an awesome outlook.

The original body is of green color but there is a smooth detail in navy blue color. The fastening lace-up front comes in white color.

Made from different high-quality materials like rubber, polyester, and suede, the sneakers ensure durability.

Considering its various features, the price is also exorbitant. It can cost almost $1450.

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New Balance Purple X Stray Rats 990 Sneakers

Price:- $1600

Now, this one is another outcome of teamwork between New Balance and Stray Rats. This pair of sneakers is also attributed to numerous outstanding features.

New Balance X Stray Rats 990 Sneakers come in a combination of purple, green, grey, and white color. It carries a logo patch of the Stray Rats and the usual N sign on the sides. It also features a round toe, smooth panel detail, and a front lace-up fastening.

The sole is rubber-made and the outer lines are fabric and suede. The overall quality is impressively long-lasting.

Its price is nearly $1600.

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New Balance 990V2 Sneakers

Price:- $2000+ 

One of the most demanding and popular pairs of shoes, these 990V2 sneakers were brought out by New Balance teaming with Aime Leon Deox in 2019. These two groups have already made an excellent partnership in manufacturing versatile sneakers.

This pair is adorned with upgraded materials that ensure high quality and durability. Along with a dark green suede mid-panel, a grey suede toe cap and heel, and the blue suede overlays, the sneakers are perfectly combined. They also feature yellow outlines and white soles.

On the body, there are logo patches of the companies. Overall, their appearance is good-looking and impressive.

Regarding the quality and every feature, the cost of this pair of sneakers is more than $2000.

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New Balance Homme 997 Sneakers

Price:- $2390

This beautiful pair of sneakers is also a collaboration of two teams, New Balance and Comme Des Garcons. Considering everything, these sneakers are really amazing and in the highest demand.

Appearing in a clean black design and grey-hued outlines, the sneakers are made of leather and rubber. Around the body, there are some logos and logo patches of the companies.

The sneakers also feature a round toe, a lace-up fastening, branded insole, and rubber sole.

If you want to buy these sneakers, you have to spend a huge amount of money. Meanwhile, the cost goes nearly $2400.

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New Balance X Packer 992 Sneakers

Price:- $2400+

The third expensive one on my list is the New Balance X Packer 992 Sneakers, another collaborative work of these two groups. Based on 992’s excellent configuration, this pair of sneakers has several landmarks.

Entrusted with different outlines and color combinations of yellow, white, brown, and pink, the sneakers carry an elegant signature. In a sense, it simply looks splendid, aesthetic.

On the two sides of the shoes, there are embroidered logos of the brands. Along with contrasting and reflecting panel details, they also feature a round toe and a front lace-up fastening.

These sneakers are made from high-end materials such as mesh, rubber, fabric, and suede. Thus, it provides high-quality and a long-lasting lifespan.

Well, regarding the cost, it is one of the most expensive shoes of the brand. And it goes for more than $2400.

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New Balance X Wtap Sneakers

Price:- $3000+ 

The second most expensive shoe of New Balance is the X Wtap sneakers. This pair is even one of the most sought-after and demanding products of the company.

In terms of outlines, these sneakers are beautifully designed with remarkable configurations. With a color combination of grey, green, white, and ash, they look aesthetically excellent.

The quality of the sneakers is also incredible. Embellished with polyamide, rubber, and suede, they are capable of lasting a long life.

Following the quality, design, and other magnificent features, the price of this pair is exorbitant. It goes for more than $3000.


New Balance M992 Sneakers

Price:- $3000+ 

And the final one which is the most expensive pair of shoes of New Balance is the M992 sneakers. These sneakers are also teamwork of New Balance with Joe Freshgood’s brand, Don’t Be Mad, based on the 992’s Anatomy of a Heart configuration.

Blessed with so many specifications, these sneakers are a name of wonder. When it comes to talking about the design, it will simply be mesmerizing due to the different color combinations. The combination of red, brown, white, and pink colors has given them an aesthetic appearance.

In terms of materials, the sneakers are made from rubber, suede, polyester, and also leather detailing. That is why they are also long-lasting and prolific.

And the price of these sneakers is extravagant indeed for which it ranks the first position. It can cost up to $3000 which can reach almost $3200 regarding some facts.

Common Questions About: Most Expensive New Balance Shoes

These are the common questions regarding Most Expensive New Balance Shoes

Why Are New Balance Shoes So Expensive?

New Balance is one of the most popular and renowned shoe brands in the world. Its shoes are highly expensive because of their excellent manufacturing quality, amazing design, and top-notch service.

These shoes are made in the USA where the manufacturing and labor cost is very high. That is why New Balance has to spend a lot of money to produce the shoes in its homeland. Moreover, New Balance is a luxurious brand, worn and advertised by many celebrities around the world.

Which New Balance Shoe Is Most Popular?

So far, New Balance has introduced a good number of quality shoes in the world market. Among them, some have gained a worldwide reputation due to their magnificent features.

According to consumers’ demand and reviews, the most popular and iconic New Balance shoe is the 990v4 sneakers. This pair of sneakers come with an outstanding design which is widely known as the Dad shape design.

It provides excellent comfort and easiness. In terms of quality, it is sure to last for a long time and tolerate rough use.

What Are the Coolest New Balance Shoes?

Among New Balance’s various shoes, one of the coolest shoes is New Balance 993 sneakers. Entrusted with different colorways, these sneakers are outlined so beautifully that offer a timeless coolness.

Its classic appearance makes it aesthetic that can go with any outfit. Another coolest shoe of New Balance is its 754 Classic Grey which is perfectly combined with different colors.

What Do the Numbers Mean on New Balance Shoes?

If you are looking for New Balance shoes, you will notice a number in their model. Actually, the number in their models indicates the type of shoes based on their quality and other features.

To understand clearly, if the number ranges from 40-to 60, it means the shoes have outstanding stability in running. Then, if the numbers are 70 or 80, it means that the shoes are neutral and have light stability and speed for running.

And finally, if the numbers are 90 and 00, it means that the shoes have superior and better ride speed and control while running.

For example, the model New Balance M990BK5 indicates that these sneakers are for Men and they can provide supreme stability and speed control while running.

Are New Balance Shoes High Quality?

Obviously, New Balance shows are high quality in every term. This brand is one of the most luxurious brands in the world-renowned for distinctive models of shoes and sports running.

Ita shoes are manufactured from high-end materials such as fabric, suede, mesh, leather, polyester, etc. With the combination of these materials, the shoes are perfectly sketched to ensure the supremest and best quality. Consequently, they are enduring and long-lasting.

What Are the Best Men’s New Balance Shoes for Walking?

New Balance shoes are truly outstanding for walking and running. Several editions of new Balance shoes are specially made for walking purposes that provide amazing comfort and easiness.

One of the best pairs of men’s shoes for walking in the New Balance Fresh Foam 1365. Designed with excellent outlines and made from top-notch ingredients, the shoes are highly comfortable and easeful. You can wear them all day long without pain or difficulties.

Which New Balance Shoes Are Best for Orthotics?

New Balance 940 V4 is the best shoe for orthotics because of its distinctive features. It is an upgrade of its V3 model.

Embellished with a soft cushion and midsole, innersole, and outer, this pair of shoes provides brilliant stability and compatibility.

How Do Hoka Shoes Fit Compared to New Balance?

Hoka shoes are known for their superior cushioning and supportive design, making them a great choice for runners looking for a comfortable ride. Compared to other popular running shoe brands like New Balance, Hoka shoes tend to have a wider toe box that allows your toes to splay naturally when you run. This helps to reduce strain on the foot and prevent blisters, while also providing more stability and control.

Additionally, Hoka shoes often incorporate varying levels of cushioning in different sections of the sole, which helps to absorb incoming shock and reduce joint pain over long runs. So overall, compared to New Balance shoes, Hoka shoes tend to be a better choice for runners who want comfort and protection from impact injuries.

Final Thoughts On Most Expensive New Balance Shoes

In the long run, it can be said that New Balance shoes are really luxurious, expensive, and only for elegant and classy people. They are designed excellently and manufactured from high-quality ingredients.

As a result, they are roughly wearable and long-lasting. Consequently, the most expensive New Balance shoes, described in the article, are some of the best shoes in the world market which are remarkably exceptional due to their manifold features.

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